That’s the theme of this year’s Hair Fair Photo Contest. The rules are pretty flexible: only new pictures, hair can be any old thing or even self-made and the contest runs until June 30th. The Hair Fair itself will be in July, 14th to 29th.

I know it’s a cliche and an obvious association, but it’s such for a good reason. Flying is freedom, at least for me. Thus wings are the perfect symbol for it. I wanted a picture of flying, of long hair blowing in the wind and picked one of the Diva hairs from [ 69 ], probably not available anymore. There really should be much more editorial hairs on the grid, they’re wonderful for this kind of things.

Freedom is also about cutting ties and sailing wherever your imagination leads you. I originally wanted this one to be about cutting your hair — since sometimes it feels like I’m one of the few spokes-avatars for short hair on the grid — but what worked well as an idea looked like a beheading in the pictures. So symbolic pretty ribbon it is! The short hair is one of my favourite default ones from Waka & Yuki.

Freedom Wings: Hair: [ 69 ] DIVA – Dark Noir | Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Feathers xx Raven Carbon + PG Cover* | Eyes: Repulse – Callous Eyes (Grey) | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Smokey Licorice Kisses | Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings Magpie | Eyeliner: Pin Me Down – Darkside 2 (ZP Carnival) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Pose: Astalianda – Freedom Wings

Freedom Cut: Hair: Waka & Yuki – AGATA Model 02 | Outfit: Mimikri – Patty Neptune | Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lips: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss | Liner: Sorry.Asia – Drama.Eyes (black/blue) | Jewelry: .( bewildebeest ). – Alma Set – Silver & Blue Spinel (not available anymore) | Scissors: *YEN* – Scissors | Ribbon: lassitude & ennui – Ophelia | Pose: Astalianda – Freedom Cut | Sim: The Epic Toy Factory 


Sometimes I feel medieval. Not in the historically correct dirt-and-misery kind of way, but in the fantasy version way. Medieval sword-and-magic fantasy has always been my favourite, despite how many times it’s been done and done again. I have a soft spot for scifi, steampunk and gothic characters, but medieval fantasy is the bread and butter. That in mind, I was delighted when Dima Plessis approached me with a review packet full of such goodies! So I give to you Celeste by Cazimi Designs.

I especially liked the cut of the robe, the golden trims coming together and parting again. There were several ways to wear the dress — shorter, sexier versions of mostly black or this blue robe over the gown, also in different lengths and volumes. This slim robe was my absolute favourite.

I took Celeste into ImagiLearning and wandered around admiring the build and playing with windlights. I kept Sonya’s default League-skin and Redgrave-lashes, but I exchanged her usual eyes into hematite gemeyes, also by Cazimi Designs.  The jewelry and the hair ornament are by .( bewildebeest ). (not available anymore), except for the pearl decoration in her hair. That and the hair are both by Sky Everett. The poses in order are by Niqotine Poses, TeaSoup and [69].

Waiting to see a ship in the horizon…

Lucrezia’s Shadow

I was sorting my inventory and happened to almost coincidentally combine some of these things. The moment I did, I knew I wanted to blog it. This is also a reminder that the closing sale in Sweetest Goodbye ends in a few days, so if you want this outfit, you better hurry! It’s called White Shadow and it’s simply breathtaking in its eccentric sophistication. There’s fantasy, there’s danger, there’s class, all in perfect match together.

Why yes, I went back to one of my favorite sims on the whole grid — World’s End Garden — for these pictures. The place never ceases to amaze me. It’s gothic, it’s dramatic, it’s melancholic and heartbreakingly beautiful. The skin that forms such a gorgeous contrast with the clothes is from the Platinum Hunt 2 and is by Glam Affair, like the eyes. They’re from an older hunt, though. The classy updo is by Sixty-Nine.

Why Lucrezia, you ask? That’s the name of the earrings and ring by .( bewildebeest ). that Coyo sent my way a while ago. With such a name one simply has to create a lethal femme fatale, even though my colour palette hardly matched the historical figure. The dagger is by Tekeli-li and we all know it is exactly what she is hiding behind her back in the first picture.

Such deeds leave their marks and this prim shadow by Likka*House was so fitting that I had to use it to match the mock-innocent attitude. All the poses are by yours truly and I must confess I made them specifically for Lucrezia. I wanted to show off the rings, I wanted to curtsey and preen and play innocent. So I did.