Black and White

Sometimes they are both red. Every story has at least two sides to it and often one is painted black, the other white. Fairytales do this, many books and movies do this, presenting the side that the main character is not on in simplistic unlikeable hues. One can always recognize a more realistic story from having more than two sides, none of them truly evil or good, but with more developed agendas of their own.

blackandwhite1bsDespite all this we all enjoy a story with clear cut division. We were raised on fairytales, with heroes and villains, with arch-enemies worth an epic struggle. There are many such pairings in fantasy, but one of the more popular ones in recent years has been vampires and werewolves. Both traditionally evil, simply different viewpoints to their supernatural existences. Vampires tend to at least pretend to be urban, civilized, cultured and decadent. Werewolves are seen to represent nature, uncontrolled passions, rage and brutality.  Maybe that is why they have been so popular lately: a step away from black and white, both dancing in their own shades of grey, always ready to be covered in red.

blackandwhite2bsNo matter which side of the red you favor, both skins by Fallen Gods Inc. are currently available in the We Love Role-play event and you can locate the werewolf’s scale pauldrons by [HANDverk] in there as well. Both outfits are new releases by [ SAKIDE ] and both hairdos are by Alice Project, the vampire’s curls can be found in the current round of FaMESHed.

Vampire: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ghost xx War SB* | Hair: Alice Project – Serena* | Eyes: Repulse – Mystic Eyes Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Sarah Jane’s Bloody Lipcolor | Blood: A Netherworld – Mmmm Blood! | Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] – Prima Outfit & Voulez-vous Corset* | Necklace: [HANDverk] Pearl Necklace Black/Silver*

Werewolf: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Fur xx Red/beast runner* | Hair: Alice Project – Sari* | Eyes: Repulse – Lacerated v2 Green | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] – Lush Top Black, Lush Leather Shorts & Appeal Boots Black* | Pauldrons: [HANDverk] Scale Pauldrons Black Small*

Poses: aDORKable Poses – Melancholy 4&4M | Exposeur – Call the Shots 3&3M

Resting Place

Pulse’s Halloween games have been my favourites for years. They’re like horror movie experiences with gifts scattered about, some more hidden than others. In this year’s game you play the role of an assistant to a certain Dr. Krol in a clinic called Resting Place. It’s your first day and the patients are missing… time to solve the mystery! Read: time to get in serious brainbreaking trouble.

Most of the look is formed from the gifts found during the game, like the outfit by [ SAKIDE ], skin by Adore & Abhor, makeup by Pin Me Down, spider hair clip by A Netherworld and poses with knives by HopScotch. The Reema-hair by *Alice Project* is available in this month’s FAIR and I adore the attitude the bangs gives to it. The bangs, hair and the braid are all separate parts and can be tinted differently. I chose to turn them blood red to go with the suede boots by lassitude & ennui, available in Cinema’s Fantasy section.

You can read the rules and instructions of the game here and begin it by porting here to sign in at the clinic and to pick up your HUD. Click everything, look everywhere, read everything, have a dark windlight and your sound on and try not to startle! Obvious horror movie and gore disclaimer is obvious~

Scene: Resting Place Halloween Event 

Body: Skin: Adore & Abhor – Pulse Black | Eyes: IKON – Witch Eyes Rage | Makeup: Pin Me Down – Vilde | Hair: *Alice Project* – Reema*

Outfit: Top, Pants, Gloves: [ SAKIDE ] – Leather Top, Bloody Zipped Latex Leggings Opened Black, Skulls Gloves Red w Nails | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Suede Boots Red* | Spider Hair Clip: A Netherworld – Crystal Spider Hair Clip Black

Poses w Knives: HopScotch – Hell Hath No Fury Set



52 Colours: Amaranth

Amaranth meant two things to me: 1) a Nightwish song 2) diablerie, the act of drinking all the vitae (blood) of another vampire and consuming their undead soul in the World of Darkness games. Apparently in some of them the victim-to-be was sent the amaranth-flower a week before the crime. Obviously the flower is where the name of the colour comes from, but like I could resist the temptation to make a vampire gone bad… even more bad than default, that is.

Just one picture, because as much as I liked the story behind the character, I really didn’t have much anything near the colour of dull red with pink tone and you know me and pinks… I’m not shopping for these. Fortunately the base of this hair by esk-imo had the right tone, complete with pink highlights.

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Roza The Arcade Gacha Events 08 | Eyes: Repulse – Rotten v2 Eyes (Red Sclera) | Eye-shadow: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Glitter Pop eShadow (Lilith) | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 6 | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Blood: A Netherworld – Mmmmm Blood! | Hair: esk-imo – Fraya CLR 02 

Outfit: Miamai – Anais Shirt Black

Twisting Away~

Yes, it’s September again. Yes, that means there’s another Twisted Hunt going on. Yes, it’s almost October and I’m late with blogging. *coughs* I blame FFXIV beta. In fact, I foresee a lot of non-bloggingness in my future. <.<

But I simply -have- to post something about Twisted! So here, my favorites from this round…

This time the cubes are orange! Yes, that means a lot of orange in clothes and accessories and whatnot. And in this curiously enchanting skin from Leonine. It had tattoos on it and despite being orange it was strangely beautiful. The eyes are from MaXeyes. The hair is from Waka & Yuki and not a part of the hunt. The small dress with enough sheer option to let the body tattoos show through is from DragonLady’s Closet. The choker of skeletal hands is from Goth & Beautiful Designs (and a part of an another outfit). The monocle is from Tree House Treasures and the bone umbrella from Yellow JesteR. The picture is taken in a haunted house from A Netherworld.

The theme of this round’s was Spooky. There were plenty of haunted houses and some ghosts, but of course also witches. The skin from F’ed Up isn’t really that green, I admit having played with the light, but it just worked so perfectly with the look. The eyes are from Nightshade’s gift and the small cobweb tattoo on her cheek from Sassy Kitty Designs. The facial piercing is from Virtual Insanity, hair is from Waka & Yuki (not a part of the hunt) and the hat is from Federschneider. The wings are from Favole, the broom with the kitty from Deviant Designs and the outfit and the boots are from DV8.  The eyeball is a part of a Fleshcrafter’s Sentinel tree from Malfean Visions and the picture is taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

And this is of course the spookiest thing ever. We all know there’s nothing scarier than clowns. Absolutely wonderful avatar from Djinn & Tonic and .44 Caliber. Killer Clown avatars for both genders: skin, shape, eyes, hair, clothes and axe! I’m using Sonya’s own shape in the picture, though, she complains if I change it. <.< Oh, and the rings & nails combo is from Virtual Insanity, the pose from Del May and the picture is taken in a twisted cottage from XIII. On that note, I used lashes from Butterfly Kiss Boutique in all of the pictures. I think they were a part of the Endgame prize.

And that’s all, folks. For now. *grins* I’m not doing any hiatus announcements since knowing myself, I’d get a sudden irresistible urge to blog exactly one week after that, but… if I’m silent for a long time here, you know why!

Telltale Ravens

The Macabre Hunt is going on again and this time the theme is the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The hunt is relatively short, only 52 shops (of which three are sort of awol and one apologized for being late and promised to send the gift later), so it’s really an evening run.

Annabel Lee was one of the popular inspirations and here we have a full-fledged sepulchre from Bambi’s. The dress is by A Netherworld, skin by Rasetsukoku, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing, necklace from AZE Designs and the hair and the earrings from Sky Everett (not a part of the hunt). The pose (by Essential Soul) is called Tiptoe, but it had this lovely eerie ghost-reaching-out quality to it when combined with the look.

This burlesque Lenore outfit set called for a very different style of macabre… it’s by Violent Seduction and absolutely gorgeous. The tophat is from Dead Designs, bloody knives from ODB (Ol’Dirty Bastards) and telltale heart attachment from Grim Bros. Skin is from Nightshade and the red glowing prim eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing. The hair is an old Starlust Valentine Hunt gift, since there were no hairs in this hunt at all. Sadness. ;_; The bed is from Tree House Treasures.

There were two different crypts to entomb Fortunato in, this one is by Saturnine Dreams. The strangely cute crow bone tophat has a birdie caught in it and is from Forsaken. Hair by Curious Kitties is not a part of the hunt. Skin and eyes from Not Button’s. Little Pricks provided several versions of this telltale heart necklace, pulsing and not. The dress is from Rotten Defiance.

The Oval Portrait received several interpretations as well, both in painting and otherwise. The strange building by Daallinii’s Creations was one of them. You are invited to walk around a room and as you walk, the story appears on the floor until you finally stand in front of a door. When you enter the story ends with this sentence on the floor and the painting facing you. The raven from MadPea is awesome and defaults to sit on your shoulder. Dress is from Gehenna, the mask from Othrive and the writing tattoo from Little Pricks. Skin from Tacky Star, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing and the hair is by Sky Everett and not a part of the hunt. I used an old full-perm ‘lay dead’ pose for this, the building itself has no poses.

There were plenty of interesting and quirky things in the hunt, now go out there and find your own favorites~

Strange Brew – Will You Give It To Me?

Yes, it’s time for another Twisted Hunt! This time the theme is Strange Brew, aka all kind of poisons, absinthe, toxic — mad scientists, witch cauldrons and toxic waste galore! (The shop list and SLURLs and other information about the hunt can be found in their website. There’s no hint lists since the prize locations change so often. I warmly recommend joining the hunt group.)

Now, I’ll be honest. Green isn’t Sonya’s colour. Perhaps in some dark leaf tone, or some velvet, but screaming poison green? Yeahno. However, the days I spent hunting were completely worth it for two reasons. 1) This is Twisted Hunt, the hunt of the hunts. You don’t do this for the prizes, you do this for the hunt alone, to prove yourself that you can! It’s the trophy hunt of all the grid-wides out there! *grins* 2) I had so much fun doing this photoshoot that it alone would have made all the cam-until-your-eyes-bleed hours worthwhile!

I mean… just look at the madness! It’s awesome! *grins* Del May had these absolutely wonderful poses with steaming green bottles and vials to hold with them… this one was called Jekyll. V. appropriate. The green lament boxes twirling and whirling around her are a part of Burning Chrome’s gift, the amazing mystery potion belt is from ~Sa-eela~ and the dress is from Dark Water Designs. It’s really topless with an underbust corset <3, but I added a top from A Netherworld’s dress so I’d at least pretend to keep the pictures properly rated. The bone wings are from !ReToX!, the skin a part of Sn@tch’s gift, hair one of the two hairs in several colours Pop Tart & Urban Assault offered and the eyes are Ooze Eyes from MaXeyes. The necklaces are from Lolapop! (shorter one) and Goth1co (longer one). The picture was taken in Urban Forge’s Witch Hazel house, complete with a cauldron and fireplace!

You can’t have green strange brews without absinthe. The seductive little fairies whispering in your ear, telling you want just a sip… and another… and one more… Sn@tch’s gift was this lovely little absinthe fairy – skin, wings, ears and dress. (Hair is not a part of the hunt, it’s an old Hair Fair freebie from Tekeli-li.) Eyes are from MaXeyes and necklace from Wild Style Fashions. The piercing with ‘poison’ text beneath the lip is from Virtual Insanity. I don’t often squee for piercings, but this was pretty full of win and awesome. The hilariously brilliant cocktail glass with insane amount of poses is from Dare Designs. The cave in the background (with a monster in it) is from Stone Misery.

And here we have some darker tones with quirky umbrella of awesome. Now, let’s discuss umbrellas. ^_^ I love them. Especially crazy steampunk umbrellas or gothic lace construction parasols. This one is made by Weather! or Not? and it rains dark depression within it. Absolute must have for dead dolls and Victorian goths! The coat is from Nightshade, the skin is from Heartsick (a part of Burning Chrome’s gift), eyes from MaXeyes and the hair is an old Twisted Hunt prize from DV8, not a part of the hunt this time around. The twisted topper hat is by Burning Chrome as is traditional by now (they’ve made similar toppers for all the Twisted Hunts) and the collar is a part of DV8’s gift. The picture was taken in the monochromatic picture box by MH Creations.

And then to a more modern toxic tones of the green brew spectrum. The outfit is from DV8 and came in several colours, but I obviously picked the green one for this post. The hair is from Pop Tart & Urban Assault, eyes from Del May and skin from Heartsick (part of Burning Chrome’s gift). The bracelets, earpieces and the lament cube within the heart construction are all from Burning Chrome. The cute little twisted mouth decoration thing is from ~*D’s*~. The deadly cocktail leg strap is from Virtual Insanity. As for the props, the chair with a lot of awesome poses is from Nocturna, the green fairy statue is from Malfean Visions and the skybox is from Sugar.Snap.Me. It’s appropriately called Monster by Mar, and it’s alive, aliiiiiiive. As in it’s a dark skybox with awesome tentacles coming into the room from everywhere.

This is one of those wonderful creepy poses from Del May again, this one called Hag – Potion Thief. The steaming potion bottle she’s reaching for belongs to the set. The outfit is DV8’s male gift, except for the belt from Rasetsukoku and the oriental spine attachment from Secret Shelf’s Nihon Dreams outfit. Boots are from Heart and Sole, gasmask from DV8, hair from Pop Tart and Urban Assault, eyes from MaXeyes and skin from Heartsick (part of Burning Chrome’s gift). On her upper arm is the DV8’s end prize you get after you find your way through the maze, it’s called Zydrate Fix. The cyber blood scan bracelet is from Wild Style Fashions. The picture was taken in Abandoned Toxicity House by Firefly Fashions and the toxic waste and barrels on the left are from PQD.

There was oh so much more that I could have screenshotted and rambled about, but I figured five looks is enough. I also wanted to keep it green for this post, for fun and amusement. There -were- other colours present, honest. Now get out there and start hunting, you have the whole March to finish!