Critter Adventures in the Fairelands: Bunlings Are Not Lost

“Do you think we’re lost?” The smaller bunling asked.

“Nope, we’re right here!” The slightly bigger one wiggled his nose knowingly.

“But I thought we should be elsewhere!” She peeked over the petals of the floating chrysanthemum they were using as a traveling device.

“Ohyas.” The bigger bunling scratched his ear thoughtfully. “Ladybun said we’d recognize it from the scent of waffles. ‘n gud arts on the walls.”

Smaller bunling peeked over another petal. “Dunsee any arts.” She sniffed the air. “‘n the air smells gudforesty. All leaves ‘n growing things ‘n flowers ‘n happicritters ‘n that nosetickling whiff!”

“‘s Faireland scent. The magic tickles.”

Smaller bunling examined her paws ‘n then patted her nose with them. “All tingly, too.”

“We couuuld land ‘n have a picnic!”

“But but… Ladybun said ‘s important to go to the waffle place.”

The floating chrysanthemum slowly moved onward, leaving bunlings staring at the forest with wiggly noses and tails.

“…when we have waffled, let’s come back.”

“Yas. But first we’ll waffle!”


Fantasy Faire is open, and welcoming all the Fairelanders home. There’s fifteen whole regions for you to explore, a quest with treasures in the end, roleplay, dance performances, Literary Festival, endless DJ parties and of course shopping!

Bunlings are traveling on a 14)Air_Flower Lantern_Water lily cream_TM from a gacha by Air, available in Erstwhile. The stunning forest they are flying over is Astrid’s Nemeton, which houses the One Team Initiative and the second performance stage. (Yes, there are so many performances that two stages were needed for scheduling.) Bunlings themselves are by Ohmai.

Fantasy Faire website | Shopping Guide | Events Nutshell
Fairelands Junction SLurl

Zodiac: Virgo

There’s another round of the Zodiac event going on, this month obviously themed around Virgo. I am highly partial to these logical, analytical and practical people. They make sense. They communicate in ways I can understand, exchanging facts and information back and forth in an organized, interested manner.

If you want to imagine nutshell stereotypes for them, there’s librarians, archivists, secretaries, scientists, I’d even put detectives in here. They have highly analytical minds, perseverance nearing stubbornness and great attention to detail. If you want a job done in a professional, organized, thorough manner, you call a Virgo.

All this logic and using their brains for detail analysis does have a side effect of being somewhat oblivious to feelings, including their own. There’s so much more interesting things distracting them in the world that introspection doesn’t occur to them and over-emotional people feel like a headache. Combined with the Virgo trait of perfectionism this usually heralds some problems in romantic relationships.

As friends Virgos are reliable, kind and helpful. They prefer to show their friendship with actual deeds instead of words, practicality over emotions. If you like logic and rationality, if you like it when things make sense, there’s no better people to hang out with than Virgos. Being down to earth yields a bountiful harvest of results, after all.

I had to dress my Virgo girl in a practical manner and set her in a library, there was no way around it. The skin by Essences, the satchel by Casa del Shai and the clock by Conspiracy Theory are all from the Zodiac event. The shirt that is practical while dancing at the edge of quirky is by *Perception* and the boots that several of my Virgo friends love to bits are by lassitude & ennui. The library of awesome is by Garden of Dreams: 423 prims, 40×40 footprint, poses for all your research needs!

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Library* | Clock: Conspiracy Theory – Maxwell – Astrological Clock – Postal | Books: BP* antique books/Drowsy

Body: Skin: {.essences.} – Virgo Brunette | Hair: Love Soul – Hair*055*Jet Black | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eyeliner: {.essences.} Eyeliner V2.0

Outfit: Shirt: *Perception* – Flutter-Sleeve Top — Earth & Sea Damask* | Pants: Sn@tch – Community College Capris (black) | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust Brown Duotone* | Bag: Casa del Shai – Virgo Satchel Chestnut | Glasses: Air – Cresta

Poses: D.Luxx – Secrets 03 / Del May – Brain Ache / Olive Juice – Here Comes the Sun (+ book pose)



52 Colours: Jonquil

Jonquil seems to be sort of duller base yellow, very challenging to locate. Most yellows that came close were just a tad too strong and bright. In the end I decided on one of Nuuna’s crayon skins, after which I just had to make a bumbly bee.

I searched for body tattoo stripes for the bee for a long time and totally in vain. I wanted just actual thick black bee stripes on her body, but in the end I went with this outfit that I found in the marketplace. ‘s cutesy and gets the concept through, at least.

The ancient oak fae bed is by Mystique and it provided perfect relaxation and resting place for Her Beeness. The leaves that form the bed are on top and come with various sleeping, reading, writing and lounging animations.

The mask by Air is from the Rebel’s Playground Hunt and it’s simply gorgeous. It also made me think of aristocratic insects for some reason, so it’s perfect for this occasion.

Scene: Mystique – Ancient Oak Fae Bed*

Body: Skin: Nuuna’s Skins – Yellow (Crayon Pack) | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Cat Eyes (black) preview | Makeup: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Makeup Black & Azen Makeup Black | Hair: *Plume* – Exotica/Onyx

Outfit & Shoes: Dark Midday Designs – Honey Baby Bee | Mask: Air – Predictor Gold 

Poses: LAP – SU-HandsUp4 / tree / Sparrowtree Studios Poses – daringdiva3