Krampus the Yule Yak

It’s almost time. All the signs are there: the shifting colours to very specific spectrum of reds and greens, the emergence of lights in the middle of the darkness, the mistletoe and holly and all other words ending in -olly.

krampus1csWe’ll leave the reindeers to more commercial types and instead set out with yaks. Nobody expects the yak acquisition! Acquisition and re-delivery, that’s the name of the game. The Great Yak Company: bringing smiles and laughter around the world since the… era that you’ve never heard of but is surely there. Yes.

krampus2bsLittle Krampus here is a perfect candidate, ready for hours of work to find things that were lost and to bring them to people who miss them. Sometimes it’s the same people, sometimes different. We don’t mind, we’re creative about the whole distribution. It’s not about who throws money around the most, it’s about how to make the most people smile in the end.

krampus3bsSo when you have a moment to sit down in all the commercial stress and rush, listen to the clip-clop of tiny yak hooves and prepare to enjoy the spirit of Gothmas: accept yourself with all your misgivings, accept the people around you with all of theirs, take a deep breath and simply smile.

Most of the look can be found in Gothmas by Gaslight: the dress by :{MV}:, the earrings by House of Rain, the eyeshadow by Beautiful Freak and the liner by Pin Me Down are available in Cursed. The ribbony Batty necklace by lassitude & ennui is available in Sium. The delightful stripes in the hair are from the new Winter HUD by Alice Project, colouring your favourite hairdos to new tones. The yule antlers by Cerridwen’s Cauldron are available in the current round of We Love Role-play. The skin by Al Vulo is from The Dressing Room: Fusion, the house by Scarlet Creative from Collabor88, the eyes by Adoness from her Christmas Market and the rocking chair by Atelier Visconti and the yak by +Half-Deer+ from The Garden. The dresser by DIGS, the crown by Schadenfreude and the tree and wreath by Trompe Loeil can be won at The Arcade.

Scene: House: Scarlet Creative – Trilby | Chair: Atelier Visconti – Mont Blanc Rocking Chair | Krampus: +Half-Deer+ Winter Yak Black | Dresser: DIGS – Geary Dresser Moon RARE | Crown: Schadenfreude – Storybook Royalty: Crown of Skulls | Tree: Trompe Loeil – Star Tree | Wreath: Trompe Loeil – Branch Wreath 

Body: Skin: Al Vulo – Mimi Dk dark brow cleavage milk | Eyes: Adoness – Lignum Eyes Weed* | Eyeshadow: Beautiful Freak – Lua Eyeshadow Blood Red* | Liner: Pin Me Down – Julie Eyeliner 8 | Lashes: Redgrave – Luscious | Hair: Alice Project – Bella II* | Horns: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Yule Antlers*

Outfit: Dress: :{MV}: Translate Dress Crimson* | Shoes: Has Been – Betsy Bow Pumps | Stockings: ~Cannibelle~ Gothic Lace Suspender Tights | Necklace: lassitude & ennui – Batty Necklace Black* | Earrings: House of Rain – Melt Earrings Garnet/Silver* 

Poses: N/A | Kirin – Nina Pose 4 | Part of the chair.



Petites Like Shinies, Too

Who wouldn’t? In this case I’m referring to the Crystal Hunt in the recently opened Petite Kingdom. I was tempted to take pictures in the sim because it’s gorgeous, but the lure of playing with the prizes and other shinies won. The crystal that seems so big in this picture is the hunt object. They glow blue and every participating shop has a hint, so it’s really not that difficult. More a fun way to explore the sim than a torture method.

The hunt will clothe and accessorize your petite rather well and provides plenty of furniture, but you do have to have a petite first. If you don’t, the first floating castle has plenty of them for sale. This particular petite is obviously a teenager princess, lounging on the alcove by {Mole End}, wearing G Field’s outfit and Wasabi Pills’ Noriko hair. All three are from the hunt, but the extra jewelry she plays with is not. Those are normal avatar sized shinies by ::: Krystal :::.

Roawenwood had plenty of fun petite furniture in the hunt and this little flower parasol by *Epic* was to squee for. The leaf-and-branches outfit is by Fallen Gods Inc., perfect for tiny dryads. The small skunk by D-Lab is from The Arcade’s gacha event, he just plopped on the chair and refused to move. Would you try to remove a skunk, no matter how cute? Yeah, me neither.

I could not resist. I’m sure you’re all surprised. Anyways! The petite kimono by Naminoke and the hair by Wasabi Pills are from the hunt. The Tee*fy camera that floats because magic — duh — and the ASO! alphabet bracelets spelling bunny are also from The Arcade. Happy Mood bunnies are just their squeetastic selves. Non-specified parts of the scenery are Ely’s awesome landscaping.

Even if you’re not interested in the hunt, Petite Kingdom is well worth the visit for breathtaking views. Go explore and have fun!

Picture 1: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Elf Pale Natural* | Eyes: al vulo! – Petite2 HeadB Eye rose | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Noriko Petite Crystal Pink | Dress, Wings & Hair Ornament: G Field – Fairy Dress Stella B | Alcove: {Mole End} – Garden of Light Alcove (Petites) | Jewelry: ::: Krystal ::: – Sabina Necklace Silver & Sheltered Heart Earring Platinum*

Picture 2: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Elf Pale Natural* | Eyes: al vulo! – Petite2 HeadB Eye rose | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique Petite Seafoam | Outfit: Fallen Gods Inc. – Fleurs Petite Female | Parasol: *Epic* – -P- Cartoon It! Strange Daisy [Raining] Parasol -Yellow- | Furniture: Roawenwood – Rinky Dink Chunky Rocker & Woodland Stove Set | Skunk: D-LAB – Skunk-head-brown | Pose: LAP – TC-Timid Girl PR4 (+ parasol hand position)

Picture 3: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Elf Pale Natural* | Eyes: al vulo! – Petite2 HeadB Eye rose | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Noriko Petite Crystal Pink | Outfit: Naminoke – Botan Hagire | Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck  Black | Bracelets: ASO! – AlphabetBrace | Bunnies: Happy Mood – HPMD* StandingRabbit & HPMD* SleepyRabbit white | Pose: LAP – TCM-Oldskool Glam PR4




Cute, Cuter, Albero

Disclaimer: This amount of cuteness might give you diabetes from just viewing it! Proceed with caution.

Albero has Kawaii Hunt going on. Port in here, pick up a HUD for free and locate sixteen lil treestumps based on picture hints and after the HUD is full, port all over the sim to pick up your prizes~ Oh, and try not to bankrupt yourself while at it. Damn you, irresistibly adorable things! *shakes fist* I shall resist you! …some year. Right after one more round of D-Lab gacha. Honest. …anyway!

I know. There’s colours, and there’s colours, and then there’s this. Where to even begin? Oh, I know. First note of the post: the shape is different than the usual default Sonya-shape. Not only was she giving me a Look about the pink, all the clothing was made for lithe, girly figures with empire waistlines and midriff prims which… yeah. Don’t work with the default shape’s curves. On another note: all the hairs are from Curious Kitties (not a part of the hunt) and only one of the skins was a part of the hunt.

The dandelion pulling our pink-haired heroine after it is from No Strings Attached. The house is by Modest House, sofa by Cleo Design, table by True Love Never Dies, chairs by Second Spaces and Pinku there wondering who would turn a poor, defenseless penguin pink is by D-Lab. Not a hunt prize, but a gacha. Flowers by Still Life GARDEN. The cardigan is by FIR & MNA, the pearls by DECO and the feathery earring by Willow. The skin by Al Vulo and skirt and socks by Silent Sparrow are not a part of the hunt~

These panda dolls by Naminoke are probably LETHAL in their cuteness. Death by Cute. Playing there and ignoring the quirky tv by Tasty completely. The rest of the nicknacks on the desk are a part of it, it’s by Cheeky Pea and so adorable. I mean, who wouldn’t want a laptop with chibis? I know I do! The shelves are by Cleo Design and the cupcake seats that I piled into a Tower of Nom are by Saturnine Dreams. The shirt is by Cat’s Eye and the skin is by Les Petits Details (the only skin in the hunt prizes). Oh, and check out the owl patch by Croire on the shirt. Every shirt needs random owls added to it, yesyes.

Pingu and I are flying to the moon! ^_^ The rocket is by Sway’s and it has three possible colours with different smilie faces. The grass is by Zigana and Pingu is another gacha-result from D-Lab. Dress is by Mocha and decorated with one of those owl patches from Croire. Skin is one of Sanu’s.

After a refreshing trip to the moon and back it’s time to go to sleep. The bed is by Cool Beans and has been taken over by the Naminoke pandalettes for vitally important play purposes. The wall decal is a part of the house (Modest House). The dress (and the huggable vegetable? thing) are by Tiny Bird. The rings are by Awesome Blossom. The skin (Pink Fuel) is not a part of the hunt.

Although on that note I must say that the Pink Fuel and Al Vulo skins are a part of A hunt, more specifically Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2, which lasts until April 11.

Nutshell credits: 1) all the pictures were taken in a house by Modest House (a part of this hunt) 2) all the hairs are by Curious Kitties (not a part of the hunt) 3) all the eyes are by Poetic Colors (not a part of the hunt).

The Kawaii Hunt lasts until April 2, so hop over and enjoy the cuteness~