52 Colours: Tea Green

The busy life of Miss Tea Green! There’s all the flittering to do and bird tea parties to arrange and decorative leaf arrangements and flower therapy and and… the work of a fairy is never done!

Every time I transform into a petite I think that I should really do this more often. Such fun! Arranging scenes of appropriate size could keep me entertained for hours. Oh wait, it did! Miss Tea Green was brought to life by the hands of Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc., she’s one of his crystal petite line.

I went on a fairy shopping trip to the Petite Avatar Kingdom where you can find all the things a petite could possibly want from hair to make-up and from mounts to furniture! I grabbed the outfit by Bare Rose and hilarious sky-tickle hair by Fantavatar from there to complete the look. Oh, and psst: #6 of the Great SL Photo Hunt,  you dancing in a field of flowers and butterflies: check!

Having magic makes pouring tea so much easier! Mr. and Mrs. Flitwing are of course from Happy Mood. The stump by Sway is from Home and Garden Market Hunt. The tray and associated noms are by Poche and the tea pot is by Love Soul. I set up the tea party in Ely’s home since she has fitting sim-prettifying magic galore~

Credits: Petite fairy: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Crystal Musk Natural* | Hair: Fantavatar – Petite SkyTickle Green Light | Outfit: Bare@Rose – Petite Bouvardia Outfit | Birdies: Happy Mood – Little Birds Green | Tray with noms: Poche – Roasted Green Tea Parfait Set | Tea Pot: Love Soul – Tea Pot Pose | Stump: Sway – Sway’s Stump [Birds] | Butterflies: Alirium – Butterflies Yellow & Blue | Poses: Olive Juice – Swept Away / Niqotine Poses – Water 14 / Frooti – Reach for the Stars 2

* complimentary copy

52 Colours: Dark Raspberry

Miss Dark Raspberry provided surprisingly much trouble for me. I found out early on in the week that dresses categorized as ‘pink’ in Evie’s Closet are pretty much perfect for this colour, I located some berries from the Marketplace, found an orchard/vineyard sim and took some pictures… and hated them the next day. In addition to some technical difficulties I won’t go into, they lacked the spirit. So, I logged back on and went to Alirium instead. I feel better about these, although I still feel like something is missing…

I knew Miss Dark Raspberry would wander around in summery locations barefooted, though, so Alirium was perfect for this.

The carelessly stylish hairdo is one of the first mesh ones by Exile, a subscribo-gift back in the day. The earrings are by Zaara — I should remember to wear her stuff more often, they are gorgeous.

It’s a shame flutterbies don’t eat berries — she’d share!


Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Shiva – lovestruck | Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Bella Vetro Gloss [Nightshade] | Lashes: Redgrave – 39- Luscious | Hair: Exile – Mesh GG Brown/Purple | Earrings: Zaara – Anjami Chandelier Gold | Dress: Evie’s Closet – Nathalie Pink | Poses: Olive Juice – Betty / aDORKable Poses – 16 of 25 / Diesel Works – Julie 13 | Berries: Spazztastic Creations – Meeroo Pink Berry Bunch Nom


I’ve been playing Glitch lately so much that this was pretty much inevitable. If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s flash-based browser-mmo of random quirkiness, amusement and awesome. Hop over to the site to check it out!

The painting is a screenshot of my Glitch-character, all fancy in her red autumn coat and a top hat. Obviously she’s making her way from the 2d-world of Glitch to the more 3d world of Second Life there, squirming through the painting. The frame and the accompanying pose are by On The Cover.

Dressing Sonya in similar gear was easy: I grabbed the latest Project Themeory coat by ISON in red, added old promo tights by Le Look and an awesome top hat by Illusions to it as well as my favorite autumn boots by Lassitude & Ennui. I also located a cutely blushing grey skin by Pink Fuel, hair by Lamb, eyes by Poetic Colors and lip gloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics to complete the Glitchling look. The watering can is by RC Cluster and the pose by Es’cusi.

Squeeze all the chickens! That’s how you get grain, by the way. You squeeze chickens. I couldn’t find appropriately cutesy cartoony chickens, so I just grabbed a random freebie chicken from the Marketplace. The squishing pose is by Niqotine. The adorable piggie is by Intrigue Co. You get meat by nibbling piggies. Oh, and dairy products are butterfly provided: you milk butterflies. But only after a massage, of course! These butterflies are by Alirium.

Ommm… Focusing orbs are girl’s Glitch’s best friend. Keeps you on your feet! I made the orb here myself, just a quickie sphere with some colour, transparency and glow. The egg plant (that is where eggs come from, naturally) in the background is by Herbalys, as are the rest of the plants and crops. I love their things, so full of strange, quirky cuteness. They were pretty much perfect for Glitch-scenery, too. The meditation pose is by Purple Poses.

That said, I have more planting and squeezing and exploring to do! If you decide to give a Glitch a chance, do remember that you should say no to No No Powder!

52 Colours: Lemon

Did I mention already that this has been a lazy week? I did? Oh. Well. Miss Lemon got to suffer take advantage of it and just lounge about in the sun with her namesake fruit. As obvious and easy as you can get, ‘m afraid, but at least she seems to be enjoying herself.

The fruit fetish pose setting is a freebie by (*chanimations and it comes with various lemon-lime pieces attached to the skin. Miss Lemon is noming a lime by Nordari, though.

The yellow-orange beach outfit is an old hunt prize by DG Innovations. The shoes are an old subscribo-gift by Shiny Things. The fruit hat was a freebie by Enigma Hair from Hair Fair. Bracelet is a freebie from .( bewildebeest ). and the ring is an old hunt prize by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. Skin is by Pink Fuel, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by Elikatira. The teacup with lemon is by Rusalka Writer and the pretty flittering butterflies are a part of the group gift from Alirium Gardens. Otherwise there’s pretty shrooms by New Trail and garden flowers by Happy Mood in the background.

Let’s hope the lemons keep her awake, dozing off in the sun can be so very unhealthy.

Midsummer Melancholia

Midsummer Eve is on Friday and like the majority of Finland, I’ll be traveling to the countryside for the holiday. It’s the Other Big Holiday in Finland: one for summer, one for winter. Both of them have a sort of seclusive feel to them. In the winter you’re supposed to spend Christmas with just your family and in the summer you’re supposed to go in the middle of nowhere, back to the nature and just breathe. Well, there’s drinking, barbequeing, sauna, swimming in lakes, hanging out with friends, bonfires and such related as well, but still!

It’s strange, no matter how rainy the Midsummer days might be, the image I have of it is still pretty much this:

I love this little island in Alirium Garden. The moment I saw it I thought it looked like Finnish summer. Sufficient amount of green and white surrounded by huge amounts of blue. It’s not really summer unless the sky and lake are the same surreal blue and you can see the forests reflected on the surface in perfect mirror. Midsummer is hugely romanticized in Finnish minds. It’s the most popular wedding day of the year and every women’s magazine in the country will publish the ancient folkloric Midsummer magics about finding out your future husband, in addition to countryside sauna relaxation and beauty tips. Oh, and the countryside dances that probably don’t even exist outside Nordic countries… I must point out that I’m sure that in the old times if a girl went to roll around -naked- in a dewy field she would get a husband within a year. Not necessarily because of any magic though~

There’s certain melancholia attached to it all, too. Not the bad kind. The kind you get when you’ve stayed up with the sun all through the night, seen it not set, you’ve talked and laughed with your friends so much that there’s nothing bubbling up anymore and there’s just comfortable silence and the nightless night. It’s both surreally intoxicating and mind-clearing at the same time, those silent moments in the flow of distractions that is life when you have the time to realize that you are here, now, aware. Guess there is magic in the Midsummer Night, after all.

Even in the more realistic form of it.

More casual take to what very well can be a rainy night, although the sparkling wine and noms belong to the party, no matter the weather. For me the best part of any party has always been the stage when the rambling has ceased, everyone has calmed down and it’s time to talk about True Things. It’s easy to list things you’ve been doing, less so when you try to define how you really feel and why.

That said, here’s another rambly Midsummer explanation in case you’re curious and to those who don’t need any explanation: Happy Midsummer!

The last picture has furniture from Dreamscapes Art Gallery, their prize in the Too Hot For You Hunt. In the first pictures Sonya’s wearing a lace mini-dress by Sn@tch, perfect for Midsummer romance, complete with the peonies by LaGyo and her hair let down in a Lamb-hairdo. The more casual look has top by Ducknipple, hair by Elikatira and a hairband by u.f.o. The top pose is by Essential Soul, the other poses are a part of the furniture. As always there’s the skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.

Season of Hair

When I was brainstorming about seasons, which is the theme in the Hair Fair 2011 Flickr Contest I of course had the usual four seasons in mind. I wanted to make snow fairies and summer spirits, harvest maidens and spring fauns. While pondering I was busy cursing the Finnish summer for being too hot! Then it struck me. That’s the seasons as I know them: in the winter it’s too cold and in the summer it’s too hot and they sneak upon me like predators and always catch me wearing either too much or little!

As you can see, I ported back to Alirium Garden for this. I shoved Waka & Yuki’s adorable little black bob with a colour-change wool hat on Sonya’s head, dressed her in Aoharu’s poncho cardigan and even added mittens by VC Designs (from Zombie Popcorn Hunt). No wonder she gained a blush (by Exile) with all that wool. Pose is by TERHO from the time they were still Lazy Places. The glower she’s giving me for this avatar-torture is accidental and I’m sure very genuine.

Then I dressed her in a bikini and hopped on the winter side of Alirium Garden. I’m sure she appreciated the cooling off after all that wool in the sun! …she’s going to kill me, isn’t she? The hair is by LoQ Hairs, flowers by LaGyo and the rose ring by December. Pose is by Striking Poses. Skin is by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave in both pictures.

Disclaimer: Hair Fair 2011 is not, I repeat NOT, open yet. It opens July 2nd.

Summer Blues

In my continuous efforts to battle my inventory in a valiant manner, I decided to put together a couple of summery blue looks from three things either going on at the moment or just about to end. Since I didn’t have new furniture things to show you I instead ported to Alirium Gardens to indulge in summer prettiness.

Summers have never been about beach to me, summer means green forests and blue sky and lakes. Beach is something that happens when you go on a winter holiday to Southern Europe!

As a self-admitted peqe-a-holic I of course had to pick up this little dress from CHIC Management’s first birthday event, CH1C. The astonishing jewelry set is actually a dollarbie by R.A. Crystal and available in the Accessory Fair that started today.  Oops, the bracelet doesn’t belong to the set, it’s a part of a Ganked! set that I picked up during their secret sale. Hair by Waka & Yuki, pose by LAP.

Then the thing everyone’s been talking about: the sale in Zaara. I’ve been running around in this shirt, shorts and bracelet pretty much ever since.Who said casuals need to be boring? The sale is marked as upto 13th June – 12 AM SLT so if you haven’t yet been there and the clock hasn’t yet struck midnight: run! Hair by LOQ, skin by League and eyes by Poetic Colors. Eyes and skin are the same in the upper picture as well. Pretty firefly prop by LAP. This time I’m not an evil sorceress capturing them, so they get to fly free instead~