The Seasons of Persephone: Winter

Summer was always too short. The time to return took her by surprise every year despite the signs beginning to appear: her skin paled, her hair lost its vibrant colour, the summer greens changed to darker winter tones.


The butterflies transformed to small spirits, twirling around her, eager to return back to Hades. Flower decorations became chains and bones, metals and gemstones. 


The blooming lines across her body sharpened into a strong mask befitting the Queen of the Underworld, the one whose name was barely whispered aloud in fear it would call her attention. Call the attention of the one carrying into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead.


As the nature quiets into its winter hibernation, Persephone returns to Hades: the realm and the god. She returns and she rules by his side until the awakening spring calls her back to the warmth of summer.

The dress by Fallen Gods Inc. & [FAIDA] is one of the exclusives in The Epiphany. You can acquire the exclusives by redeeming in your gacha prizes, that way you can get rid of the commons you don’t want and get exclusive shinies in return! The halo by Cerberus Xing is a gacha prize in the same event. The tattoo by Fallen Gods Inc. is available in Create Your Own Tarot event, the skin by Fallen Gods Inc. is from Wayward Carnival, the hair by EMO-tions from Hair Fair and the necklace by !deviousMind from the current Underworld round of Genre.

Scene: Annon

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Pure Ivory* | Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – The Emperor Complete + Gold Filigree* | Hair: EMO-tions – Stephanie | Eyes: IKON – Immortal Eyes Parchment | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands & Feet: Slink | Body: Maitreya

Outfit: Dress: Fallen Gods Inc. & [FAIDA] – Jour Reveur Diabolique* | Crown: Aisling – Savage Winter Crown (snow) | Halo: Cerberus Xing – Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Gold + B) | Necklace: !deviousMind – Lasombra – Vampire Necklace Gold/Silver* | Bracelets – Bliensen + MaiTai – Mano Bracelets Gold* | Spirits: Cole’s Corner – Mana Comet Companion, Mushi Chain Companion, Water Faerie Companion*

Poses: Picture This! – Jewelry Model 3 | {NanTra} – Eternal Beauty 8M | {NanTra} – Eternal Beauty 1M

The Tower

Sometimes it’s all about security, of strong walls and gates, of narrow staircases leading higher, easily defensible positions.

queen2csSometimes it’s about the vantage point, of being able to see further than others, to have the whole picture in one glance, to enjoy the vision.

queen3csSometimes it is a test, of having the perseverance to climb all the way to the top, to reach the treasure. We all know instinctively that only the most cherished things are kept there, protected by the whole of the tower.

queen1csThe one thing we often forget is that sometimes the towers are not places to escape from or to break into. Sometimes they are the foundation of our strength, enhancing our ability to see far and true, keep unwanted matters away from us. Princesses might be locked in towers, but queens stroll as they please up and down because they know better. 

The gown set by Senzafine (the dress and the overcoat are two separate pieces) and the jewelry by .:ellabella:. are available in the current round of We Love Role-play. The crown by Remarkable Oblivion can be won in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Location: Annon

Body: Skin: Jalwa – Zahida Coven Salt* | Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes Leonine | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Exile – Dream of Paradise | Hands: Slink – Elegant 

Outfit: Gown & Overcoat: Senzafine – Solveig Gown Set: Overcoat Onyx, Gown Silver* | Jewelry: .:ellabella:. – Nahimana’s Winter Necklace & Earrings* | Crown: Remarkable Oblivion – Sylver Crown

Poses: {Imeka~} Reika-Pose 2 | aDORKable Poses – Sunny 3m | {Imeka~} Katie-Pose 1


There are days when no amount of polite diplomacy will do. Rainha is experienced enough to know that any good queen needs both armour and a weapon sometimes.

rainha1bsShe did not get where she is by laying about in beds waiting for a random prince to come over to kiss her or losing her slippers. She might appreciate partnership and company, but no one needs to save her: she already saved herself.

rainha5bsThere’s no laws about warrior queens having to look manly: Rainha certainly doesn’t. Impeccable outer appearance has always been an important part of leadership, after all. Don’t believe the vile rumours coming from her fortress lair, all lies and slander! Just because she likes huge updos and the colour red doesn’t mean she’d be a villain. Stereotypical propaganda!

rainha2bsRainha is a combination of armour and leather dress and it’s a new release by The Muses. The dress and the cape are rigged, the armour is made out of garment layers and the rest of the attachments are non-rigged for re-sizing.

Scene: Annon

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Hair: Sky Everett – Sovereign Black | Eyes: IKON – Utopia Eyes Dark Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hearts Desire Makeover Daytime | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Eyes Red*

Outfit: The Muses – Rainha Black & Red* | Earrings: Finesmith – Noir | Sword: Tekeli-li – Bloodlight Twohander

Poses: aDORKable Poses – 19 of 25 2012 | PoseMonster – Behind 1 | Exposeur – Advent Gift 15

Of Demons and Pixies

Often near the opposite ends of the fantasy scale, those two. Dark and light, decadence and innocence, indulging in selfish desires and whims in contrast with selfless wish to aid other beings. That is the classic fantasy scale on which we place human personality traits and wrap them in creatures easier for us to comprehend and understand.

Genre Pixie 1Both forms of fantasy are very popular. In fact, fantasy itself is the default shape of being for a great part of the grid. For those who have never spent a moment in a human coloured skin and for those curious to try on a pair of wings, Genre focuses on fantasy this month. The event just started and will run until February 12th.

Genre Demon 1Both Pixie and Demon outfits by Fallen Gods Inc. are available in Genre and include outfits for both normal sized avatars and petites for both genders. Both looks come with wings, I just preferred this particular demon with more room for hairstyle. Speaking of which, it’s by Analog Dog and also for sale in Genre. Why don’t you hop over and see what else they have to offer?

Scene: Annon

Pixie: Body: Fallen Gods Inc. –  Petites Crystal Violet* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine Petite Crystal Violet | Outfit: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Pixie Violet* | Pose: WetCat – F4

Demon: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. –  Onyrica Mimic Black* | Eyes: Repulse – Mystic Eyes Violet | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Zibska – Mitzi Purple* | Hair: Analog Dog – Wound Up Purple | Outfit: Fallen Gods Inc. – Demon Moonlight* | Pose: aDORKable Poses – 1 of 25 2012