Happy-Making Yool Kart Magic

“What is it?” The smallest bunling asked and sniffed the rectangular piece of cardboard curiously.

“‘s yule card!” The Bunling Who Knows Letters declared proudly.

“Yool-kart,” repeated the smallest bunling and nudged the cardboard up with his nose, then tilted his head as it fell over. “‘s all colourful on this side!”

“What does it do?” One of the squirrels picked the card easily up and held it on the side, then peered forward to try and see the colours better.


“It’s a picture!” The smallest bunling hopped up and down, then paused, tilted his head and took a few side hops to prevent tumbling down. “‘s upside down picture.”

The squirrel turned the card around and everyone gathered to look at it.

“I think they’re waving,” said the younger of the squirrel brothers and waved back at the card.

“He has a carrot-nose!” The smallest bunling kept on hopping up and down excitedly.

“He looks like he’s made of ice cream scoops.” Addler, the otter butler, nodded knowingly.


“The Ladybun said he’s a snow-man, ‘n the red person is a tonttu,” The Bunling Who Knows Letters pronounced with authority. “‘n that people give each other yule-cards to wish them happy festive yuletime! ‘s a trad-ishon.”

“Why doesn’t the snow melt?” The squirrel holding the card pressed his nose against the picture. “It’s not even cold!”

“‘s a picture, like a kamera-picture! ‘n doesn’t have to be snow-men, can be happy winter things of any sort.” The Bunling Who Knows Letters nodded for emphasis, ears flopping. “Then you give them to people and they are happy!”

“Happy-making yool-kart magic!” The smallest bunling turned to his wiser friends. “Let’s make some!”


“The Ladybun did say that Matshan has a big big tree on the Other Island, ‘n people bring all sort of treats and warm wishes under it.”

“We are people!” Addler declared after hearing the word ‘treats’. “Let’s bring wishes there, ‘n yool karts, ‘n see if the others have brought there noms. We could trade!”

A lengthy oooohhh-sound escaped the gathered critters: a fair trade of warm wishes for noms was a brilliant idea!


“I know a jackalope who could take pictures of us! So they can see us wishing well!” The Bunling Who Knows Letters started planning the process. “‘n then we can scribble yeys on the other side and and… someone needs to bake a cake and we need some lights and…”

The critters did manage to make some yool karts and they can be found in a small box under the tree in Selidor, free to take with their warm wishes. There will soon be much more gifts there as the traditional Giving Circle begins, the critters just got a bit over-excited and went over to sniff for possible treat trades early.


Studio Skye – Snow Formations
Kalopsia – Santa’s Bag of Toys at Tannenbaum
*Shai* Snowman Chibi (Rez me) – gift at The Arcade
dust bunny . berry cake . arcade gift 2015 – gift at The Arcade
{vespertine}artistic mess.
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Palette (light)
*LODE* Headwear – Fleur d’hiver [white] at The Arcade
[ keke ] snow jar – snow hares


!Ohmai: Sea Otter Pet [Onyx Pelt]
!Ohmai : Steampunk Chestnut Squirrels
!Ohmai: Mochi Bunny
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope Baby – The Little Artist (rez) RARE at The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope – Photographer (rez) at The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Bunny helps with the Decor (Snow)

Zodiac: Virgo

There’s another round of the Zodiac event going on, this month obviously themed around Virgo. I am highly partial to these logical, analytical and practical people. They make sense. They communicate in ways I can understand, exchanging facts and information back and forth in an organized, interested manner.

If you want to imagine nutshell stereotypes for them, there’s librarians, archivists, secretaries, scientists, I’d even put detectives in here. They have highly analytical minds, perseverance nearing stubbornness and great attention to detail. If you want a job done in a professional, organized, thorough manner, you call a Virgo.

All this logic and using their brains for detail analysis does have a side effect of being somewhat oblivious to feelings, including their own. There’s so much more interesting things distracting them in the world that introspection doesn’t occur to them and over-emotional people feel like a headache. Combined with the Virgo trait of perfectionism this usually heralds some problems in romantic relationships.

As friends Virgos are reliable, kind and helpful. They prefer to show their friendship with actual deeds instead of words, practicality over emotions. If you like logic and rationality, if you like it when things make sense, there’s no better people to hang out with than Virgos. Being down to earth yields a bountiful harvest of results, after all.

I had to dress my Virgo girl in a practical manner and set her in a library, there was no way around it. The skin by Essences, the satchel by Casa del Shai and the clock by Conspiracy Theory are all from the Zodiac event. The shirt that is practical while dancing at the edge of quirky is by *Perception* and the boots that several of my Virgo friends love to bits are by lassitude & ennui. The library of awesome is by Garden of Dreams: 423 prims, 40×40 footprint, poses for all your research needs!

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Library* | Clock: Conspiracy Theory – Maxwell – Astrological Clock – Postal | Books: BP* antique books/Drowsy

Body: Skin: {.essences.} – Virgo Brunette | Hair: Love Soul – Hair*055*Jet Black | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eyeliner: {.essences.} Eyeliner V2.0

Outfit: Shirt: *Perception* – Flutter-Sleeve Top — Earth & Sea Damask* | Pants: Sn@tch – Community College Capris (black) | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust Brown Duotone* | Bag: Casa del Shai – Virgo Satchel Chestnut | Glasses: Air – Cresta

Poses: D.Luxx – Secrets 03 / Del May – Brain Ache / Olive Juice – Here Comes the Sun (+ book pose)