Eleven Days of Enchantment

The transition was smoother this year. No lands were lost and the amount of magical energy required to form the Fairelands was at such high levels that the continent grew to the size never seen before.

welcome2bsThe Fairelands are awake now and like all living things, reaching toward the spring light, basking in it, full of life and promise. Full of magic and enchantment.
welcome3bsAll is prepared, the feasts have been set, the portals polished, the welcoming fairy dances practiced, the dragons pre-lectured about not eating any visitors.
welcome1bsThe Fairelands are here, the magic has arrived. You have eleven days to step through a portal and join the Faire Folk before the spells anchoring the Fairelands into reality fade once more. Eleven days to live in the fantasy world continent, eleven days to be all you want to be. Eleven days of enchantment. 

Fantasy Faire 2015 has just opened! You can begin your journey here in the Fairelands Junction, which has portals to all the other sims. This year there’s ten shopping sims and three additional ones: Fairelands Junction, Poseidon’s Abyss (Arts & Entertainment) and Ravenshold (The Lost Land Hunt). There’s Literary Festival, dance and particle shows, DJs, roleplay groups, May Day Ball, jail & bails, auctions… the eleven days are packed. Read more about it all in the Fantasy Faire website.

You can find The Muses and Analog Dog Hair in Tangleshimmer Grove, [Gauze] in YoZakura, [MUSE] and Stitched in Spires of Andolys and .:Soul:. and Cole’s Corner in Ichi-go Ichi-e. The tattoo by Fallen Gods Inc. is a hunt prize in the Fairelands Hunt: The Lost Land.

Scene: YoZakura in Fantasy Faire 2015 | The Muses – Titania’s Feast & Chaise*

Body: .:Soul:. Davina (F4) Violent Toned FB* | Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes Leonine | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Analog Dog – Sola Splash* | Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ammonite Full 100%*

Outfit: Dress: The Muses – Coil* | Shoes: .:Soul:. Cthu Shoes* | Bracers: Stitched – Astraea Bracelets* | Collar & Crown: [MUSE] – Maiden of Tuatha Gold* | Staff: [Gauze] – Alchemist Staff Animated Mana* | Sprite: Cole’s Corner – Water Faerie Companion* |

Poses: {NanTra} Eternal Beauty 6M | Picture This! Magi 2 | (*chanimations – alchemy_look

They Wait

They wait. Between the worlds, in the space of silently slithering thoughts and ancient memories they bide their time. Their time never runs out, nor their patience.


The realms shift, aeons pass, shadows slide in like the tide. They embrace the oldest of mysteries, the best-kept secrets: embrace and absorb before they retreat.


The shadows breathe the secrets into the night air, into flickers at the corner of your eye, into the certainty of someone watching. They dance with every dark story you’ve ever heard, whisper so low that your ears cannot hear, so low that you feel it at the base of your spine: it is all true.


They wait. The worlds turn, years vanish like blinks of an ancient eye. Enticed imaginations reach for them, feel them, fear them: feed them.  


Every primal fear of the dark, every gasp of a frozen prey, every moment of fierce denial of the truth we feel curling around our throats like the slow dance of the python, every held breath of the child within hiding in a corner knows the truth older than our small world: it is true.


They are true. They exist. They wait. There are moments within the world-turns when the doors open, the barriers vanish, the realms merge. Moments that arrive exactly when we wait for them the most.


You better have your very own Cthulhu statue to appease (in vain) these particular Halloween guests, yesyes. The altar is a new release by Cerridwen’s Cauldron for Halloween. The naga-parts, accessories and trident are from gachas by !deviousMind, available in the main store.

Scene: Surroundings: Garden of Dreams – The Tomb* | Statue & Braziers: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Cthulhu Altar Statue, Bonus Tentacle Braziers*

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Scales Terra Egypt* | Eyes: !Chop Shop! – Rabben Red | Hair: MINA Hair – Lena | Hands: Slink | Nail Polish: Pale Empress – Severina* | Tail: !dM deviousMind – NagaTail Garter Carnelian 

Outfit: Body Leaves: !dM deviousMind – Thyia Fancy Foliage Poison Ivy | Crown & Side Fins: !dM deviousMind – NagaQueen Crown & Fins Viper Colors | Trident: (*chanimations – NagaTrident Tentacle Seaweed

Poses: Kirin – Florence Pose 5 | (*chanimations – Alchemy | Picture This! – Jewelry Model 1 | an lar [poses] – Being Miss Red Three-B (m)

Black Trees, Red Skies

The black trees of Mourningvale Thicket tell a dire story of death and decay, the whole forest is dark and mostly lifeless, only the occasional red splatter of life in the trees or flowers drawing in the eye of the wanderer.


They say the trees drink in the blood of the unwary traveler, they say the blood red skies are visible only to those with eyes to see such, to see the vision, to see the truth beyond the darkness.


And yet there is life, hopefully clinging to rocks, entwining with the black trunks, trees themselves drawing in what sustenance they can, fighting on despite the conjured darkness.


Conjured, for such darkness is not natural, such complete withering not a part of the Circle. Someone or something is responsible for it and that something might still be present in the Thicket.


Unless of course looks deceive and what might seem as a conjuring might in fact be a cure. Sometimes it takes dark measures to battle the darkness, harsh energies to bring light to the dark red skies, destruction to clear the disease.

Mourningvale Thicket is of course a part of the Fairelands in Fantasy Faire, where most of the look is also from. The dress by Senzafine and the jewelry by House of Rain can both be found in the same Thicket, the collar, headdress and feather hair by Unzipped are located in Asperatus, the dragon flying dwarfin shoulder pet in Hope’s Horizon (they have dwarfin and human sized flying dragons, too) and the special effects in hands are by Solarium in Medhir Woods.

Scene: Mourningvale Thicket

Body: Skin: De La Soul – Candace Ceredil Dark Chameleon | Eyes: Pin Me Down – Vibrant Eyes Blue | Hands: Slink

Outfit: Dress: Senzafine – Aes Sidhe Gown Hope* | Headdress, collar & feather hair: Unzipped – Fantasy | Necklace & Earrings: House of Rain – Melt mother of pearl/black* | Shoulder Pet: Dwarfins – Flying Dragon Shoulder Pet w/ female rider – Dark* | Hand Spell Effects: Solarium – The Enchanter Essence Hand Aura

Poses: an lar [poses] Being Miss Red Three-A (m) & Being Miss Red Two | (*chanimations – alchemy


The Tinderling Song

You might not notice them at first, walking in the woods. An oddly shaped old birch, some grass, perhaps a fallen tree. Not worth notice, not until it moves, stands up and stares you right in the face.

tinderling3bsDid you wander too far, step too close to the fae waystones, breach their territory? Is it a guardian, a protector, …surely not a predator?

tinderling1bsA moment of frozen panic later you realize the tinderling does not care that you are in the woods, no more than it objects to wintry creatures slumbering underneath the tree roots. 

tinderling2bsInstead it invites you to the waystone: not to protect it, but to share its strength with the traveler, to join in the tinderling song of crackling frost and whispers in the wind.

Tinderlings are a new avatar release by Cerridwen’s Cauldron. They come in three different environmental looks, this particular one is boreal, the one that lives in arctic and boreal forests. They come with a handy HUD for better customizing your tinderling and are also available in tiny size for all the saplings out there.

Scene: Forest: Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods v2 | Fae Stone: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Fae Waystone Broken* | Underbrush: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Winter Underbrush Flat Irreg/Grass* 

Tinderling: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Boreal Tinderling Avatar*

Poses: aDORKable Poses – Smart 5m | (*chanimations – alchemy_look | aDORKable Poses – 12 of 25 2012 

The Alchemist

It’s all about secrets. Secrets and uncovering them. Truths beyond the known and mundane. Most of all it’s about the burning curiosity to learn, to see, to understand. Often also about the power that the knowledge brings, no matter which face the power wields: security, wealth, control, ambition, longevity, life.

alchemist1bsThere are books, tomes, legends of old to form the first steps: to detail what others before you have learned. It is faster than trying to do every basic process yourself, leaning on the curiosity and wisdom of others for the groundwork.

alchemist2bsBut in the end the book-knowledge will reach its limits and the only way forward is to experiment further yourself. Find and map new ways, test and define, draw new parameters after every failure until you can pinpoint the exact method for success.

alchemist3bsLike here: developing the most soothing bath system for mermaids and their cephalopodian friends. Just a touch more sea salt and a little pinch of powdered coral and it’s ideal.

An Alchemist’s Tale set with the armoire, magic circle, poses and the kettle (without the mermaid) are by (*chanimations, available in the new round of We Love Role-play. You can also find the Amarthiel dress by Senzafine, Ysandre piercings by .:ellabella:. and Malynda hair by :esk-imo: in the same event. The mermaid who is honestly just taking a peculiar bath is Phoebe de la Mer by Culprit. She and a lot of the Alchemist’s surroundings (medicine cabinet and bottles by [ keke ], tables by {vespertine}, poetry book by Lark, knick-knacks by O.M.E.N.) are loots from the Arcade.

Scene: Building: Garden of Dreams – The Library* | Alchemist’s Armoire, Magic Circle, Kettle, Poses: (*chanimations – alchemyArmoire (highDetail)* | Mermaid: Culprit – Phoebe de la Mer Tentacle | Medicine Cabinet & Bottles: [ keke ] – Dreamer’s Medicine Cabinet | Small Tables: {vespertine} – Attic Table Set & Treasure Cabinet Red | Book with Flying Pages: Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Poetry | Decor on Small Table: O.M.E.N. – Fairytales

Body: Skin – Pink Fuel – Harley Opaline Lid 03 dkbrow B | Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes Green | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 10 | Tattoo (face & body): Fallen Gods Inc. – Sanctum Split Sides Full Tintable | Hair: :esk-imo: – Malynda Red 01* | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 | Nails: Orc Inc – Goth Gloss*

Outfit: Dress: Senzafine – Amarthiel Elvish Gown Crimson Noir* | Cuffs: Zaara – Prata Silver Cuff Onyx | Piercings Necklace: .:ellabella:. – Ysandre Raw Rubies & Amethyst Gold* 

Poses: Part of the Alchemist’s Tale set by (*chanimations.

The Power of Words

The temptation to bring forth creatures from other realms with the power of words, the call of unknown, the intoxicating surge of power, the feel of complete control in your hands…

summoning1bsOr perhaps it is not a summoning, but transformation. Four guests arrived for dinner, but no one saw them leave. The remarkably exotic and strange menagerie of the marquessa did grow overnight, though…

summoning2bsThe power of words can also be in the lack of them. The lack of accusations, judgment, proof. No words, no problems. If an extraordinarily large amount of locals have suffered tragic (interplanar) travel accidents or decided to settle down into a simpler existence (in kennels), surely no one can point a finger at the richest woman in the march.

summoning3bsBesides, a simple life consisting of carrots or chasing fireflies solved all those pesky little problems they were complaining about. They should be grateful, truly.

The magic circle with books, spells and poses by (*chanimations, the skin, makeup, the horns and their accessories by The Plastik, the dress by The Lounge and the shoes by Bliensen + MaiTai are all from the current round of We Love Role-play Event. The torque and accompanying bracelets by lassitude & ennui can be purchased in this very last round of Zodiac.

Disclaimer: The summoning and/or transformation might or might not result in meeroos, bunnies, otters, ancient gods or prim-cube-headed newbs. None of the credited creators nor the writer are responsible for the outcome or the lack of it.

Scene: Building: Garden of Dreams – The Dining Room* | Furniture: ~Libertine~ The Marquis Set* | Magic Circle, Books, Spells & Poses: (*chanimations – Sourceress Set – Power of Word Update v.2.5* | Unfortunate Guests: Ozimals Bunnies, Meeroo & Ohmai Otter

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Astrali Skin Moon Elf* | Makeup: The Plastik – Soul Ink Reloaded Liner-Smudge & Ataciara Lip Stripe* | Eyes: IKON – Kaleido Eyes Day | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Sky Everett – Cerdwin Rococo Black

Outfit: Dress: The Lounge – The Marquessa Medieval Split Skirt & Ruffled Bodice Carnelian* | Necklace & Bracelets: lassitude & ennui – Lion’s Paw Torque Gold* | Horns, Earrings, Circlet, Lip Piercing: The Plastik – Camael Horns Black* | Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai – Griselda2*

Poses: Part of the magic circle by (*chanimations.

Sea Sorceress

Does she summon storms or calm tsunamis? Do you feel dubious when watching her on the platform temple raised from the sea, casting her spells? Do you sigh of relief when someone makes sure the waves won’t swallow the island whole?

seasourceress3bsThe truth is in the eye of the beholder, at least until it’s too late. One chance to either interrupt her casting or let her complete it. When it’s over there’s no turning back.

seasourceress2bsIs your first instinct to trust or doubt? Are you prone to act first, think later? Will the destruction be on your head, no matter if you acted or not, simply based on if you trusted or not?

seasourceress1bsThe world is how we see it: how many sea sorceresses do you judge and interrupt daily, how many do you trust and thank? It’s all a matter of perception.

The gazebo imagined as a temple by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, the magic circle with poses and colour-change spell effects by (*chanimations, the skin and eyes by The Plastik, and the outfit by ~The Library~ are all available in the new round of We Love Role-play Event. The crown by GSpot and the necklace by [The Forge] can be won in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Scene: Structure: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Jellyfish Gazebo Reduced Size Green Basalt & Jellyfish Lamp Green Basalt | Magic Circle, Poses, Effects: (*chanimations – Sourceress Summon and Spell Update v2.5*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Astrali Skin Basic High Elf* | Eyes: The Plastik – Vaele Coll Mesh GlazeGreen* | Hairdo: Alice Project – Melissa* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Eyes Green & Girl Poison White* 

Outfit: Dress & Vest: ~The Library~ Margaery Dress Green* | Necklace: [The Forge] – Boadicea’s Necklace RARE Silver* | Bracers & Armlets: [The Forge] – Boadicea’s Bracelets Silver* | Crown: GSpot – Suncrown Dawn

Poses, Spells, Magic Circle: (*chanimations – Sourceress Summon and Spell Update v2.5*

Bang in Blue

…what? I’m talking of Bangladesh DuPree, a chaotic evil incarnate pirate from Girl Genius, one of my favourite comics. Bang is usually wearing a red sweater and white-red sailor outfit, but this version came in blue, so!

The sweater, coat and cap are the Steam Hunt prize by Contraption. I showed them to a friend, who immediately went ‘It’s Bang!’. After I stopped squeeing, I began plotting this photoshoot, because yes, yes it is.

The magnificent ship is the Steam Hunt prize by The Epic Toy Factory, one of the most entertaining places to explore and hunt in ever. I warmly recommend visiting even if you weren’t interested in hunting.

I completed the pirate look with white pants from Somnia and the Wanderlust boots from Lassitude & Ennui. I even found the perfect skull bindi tattoo from the Marketplace! It’s important to look good when you run around doing horribly violent things on a whim, after all.


Steam the Hunt: Ship: The Epic Toy Factory – Jug-O-Nautalis AirShip | Coat, cap, sweater: Contraption – Maritime Division Uniform Coat & Sweater

Skin: Cupcakes – Dahlia Mocha Sanguine | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes Charcoal | Lashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious | Hair: LOQ Hairs – Mischa Onyx | Skull bindi tattoo: Black Eden – Skull Bindi | Pants: Somnia – Tweed Waders White* | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Wanderlust Boots Black* | Earring: +plus – Circles Earring in Dark Gold | Gun: Wretched Dollies – Steampunk Gun | Knife: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Dismemberment Tool | Poses: TeaSoup – Little Miss Sunshine / Olive Juice – True Blood: Lafayette Renolds (Girl) / Chanimations – (*cane2_kneel

*complimentary copies

52 Colours: Lemon

Did I mention already that this has been a lazy week? I did? Oh. Well. Miss Lemon got to suffer take advantage of it and just lounge about in the sun with her namesake fruit. As obvious and easy as you can get, ‘m afraid, but at least she seems to be enjoying herself.

The fruit fetish pose setting is a freebie by (*chanimations and it comes with various lemon-lime pieces attached to the skin. Miss Lemon is noming a lime by Nordari, though.

The yellow-orange beach outfit is an old hunt prize by DG Innovations. The shoes are an old subscribo-gift by Shiny Things. The fruit hat was a freebie by Enigma Hair from Hair Fair. Bracelet is a freebie from .( bewildebeest ). and the ring is an old hunt prize by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. Skin is by Pink Fuel, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by Elikatira. The teacup with lemon is by Rusalka Writer and the pretty flittering butterflies are a part of the group gift from Alirium Gardens. Otherwise there’s pretty shrooms by New Trail and garden flowers by Happy Mood in the background.

Let’s hope the lemons keep her awake, dozing off in the sun can be so very unhealthy.

Brief Burlesque~

~Show a little more, show a little less, add a little smoke, welcome to Burlesque~

The movie came only recently to Finland so I know I’m late with flailing about it, but flail I shall! I love the whole fifties-pin-up, burlesque, cabaret vibe — feathers, pearls, diamonds, corsets, hats, striped socks, fishnets, garters, fans and a lot of attitude — very different from modern regrettably bimbo-vibe of sexy.

I got home, put this song on repeat and went dance shopping. Dances are my second big vice in SL, along with hairs. If I find something that’s awesome, it’s coming home with me immediately. Four dance purchases later I managed to escape before my linden wallet got me a restraining order. Then I whipped out this awesome sparkly dazzly skybox from A.D.D. Andel! — old hunt prize — dressed up and started taking pictures~

It was fun to dig into my cabaret/circus folder in the depths of my gigantic costumes folder, had forgotten all the nifty things I have! All the violet parts — skirt, hat and gloves — are from (*chanimations. They are specialized in cabaret and burlesque poses and props, awesome stuff! The feather fan and the -other- hat (yes, I’m wearing two) are from -mika- and their shop is full of feathers and burlesque clothes. The boa is from VLW (Vicarious Lee’s Wildthings) and the body suit is from L.Fauna. The stockings with the garters are from League, a recent purchase and I absolutely adore them and need more excuses to wear them. The colourful face tattoo is from Para Designs, hair from Waka & Yuki, skin from Djinn & Tonic and eyes from Poetic Colors. Oh, and the pose is actually a burlesque dance from Ministry of Motion, I took the picture in the middle of the dance.

~So get your ass up, show me how you burlesque~