Starlet and the Space Trade

It is more than slightly alarming to be approached by tiny green men in a flying saucer in the middle of the shooting of your latest pre-historical film. What do they want? Where’s the security? Surely they’re not a part of the plot, the ancient records state there was no hover-technology yet at the time!

cyberstarlet1bsOhh, they are fans wanting a picture and an autograph! Very well, guess it’s alright this once, although the security is still getting fired afterwards, these perfectly historically accurate looks are expensive, cannot let just any-being fly in on the set.

cyberstarlet2bsThey are definitely forgiven since they brought a present: a special breed of space hedgehogs, mutated into ice cream. Now the question is whether to keep it around as a pet or to eat it… Thank you, tiny green fan, perhaps we could come to an agreement about more ice cream animals for more pictures?

cyberstarlet3bsThe aliens by *MishMish* flew in from The Garden, the buildings by L2 Studio can be found from The Gallery Gift Shop, the seat by Digs/Di’s Opera and the ice cream hedgehog can be purchased in the Atelier Kreslo’s Festival and the dress by :{MV}: is from the current round of Genre. The character-defining hairdo is a new release by Zibska.

Scene: Buildings: L2 Studio – Kowloon Memory | Seat with Poses: Digs/Di’s Opera – Read & Rest Seat Pearl | UFO & Alien Fan: *MishMish* – UFO & It’s Aliens Holding Photo | Hedgehog Ice Cream: Atelier Kreslo Festival: anc’s Bubble gum

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley Opaline Lid 03 dkbrow B | Eyes: Pin Me Down – Aniara* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eye Stripe: +Nuuna+ – Azen makeup Aqua | Lipstick: Zibska – Anya Nine* | Lip Stripe: Pin Me Down – Lip Markings 6* | Hairdo: Zibska – Bibi Black* | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant | Nails: Pin Me Down – Neons*

Outfit: Dress: :{MV}: Dragon Lady Teal | Tights: GALLACTIC – Sheer Circuit Cyan* | Boots: GALLACTIC – Circuit Knee Boots Cyan* | Jewelry: MetaTheodora – Rainbow Format Bracelets & Earrings* 

Poses: Part of the seat by Digs/Di’s Opera.

A Piece of History

Port Seraphine is closing. This means PixelDolls along with the brands Gallactic, Chroma and Romance. The sim and the shops are still available until January 1st and all the items except the latest — and last — release by PixelDolls are on 50L sale.

This latest and last release is called Farewell, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of work. The skirt, sleeves and collar are mesh (sleeves and collar adjustable) and as always when shopping for mesh, please try the demo first.

I don’t usually buy brown-beige-bronze tones, but this one practically screamed of steampunk to me. Not just any steampunk, but sort of futuristic slightly Asian-influenced steampunk. In a very lady-like fashion~ The moment I saw this dress I knew I wanted to go to Omega Point with it and be all dramatic and pretend it’s a futuristic vintage take on qipao.

The updo with the huge flower is from Exile’s retirement sale, several walls of 50L hair, do go and loot your favorites before they’re gone for good. (Exile is not going anywhere, just retiring some of the older hairs.) The steampunk tights are an old hunt gift by C&D Benelli.

I had to play with filters a little and smudge the look just for fun and amusement. The jewelry set is an old subscribo gift by .( bewildebeest ). and fit perfectly with the stunning vintage feel of the dress. The make-up is by Nuuna’s Skins, prim lashes by Redgrave, skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors. The poses in order are by Di’s Opera, Miamai and Niqotine Poses.

As you can see, the dress has both pencil- and mini skirt lengths and a separate cropped jacket of awesome. Owning one of these (there’s three colours to choose from) is owning a piece of SL history. Make sure to hop to Port Seraphine for your xmas shopping, it won’t be there anymore come the next year.

Fallen Fish

Apparently October is a contest month, here’s another that I sent a picture to: Fallen God and Goddess Election 2011. Since I had reached my costumes-creatures-mermaid folder in my marathon of inventory sorting, the decision was easy. I made a goldfish!

The resolution is different than my usual one, but the contest asked specifically for 3:2 ratio, so there it is. There was no mentioning if it had to be a straight snapshot in-world (if it had to, I’m automatically disqualified since I cropped in photoshop and sent a texture) nor did it say anything about if photoshopping otherwise was allowed or not. To play it safe I didn’t touch the picture beside cropping, although I had to take gazillion shots to get one where the square bug didn’t appear so I could manage to pull off a completely untouched picture.

 The other pics are just for fun and blogging, so this one got some curves-lightening on it. I took all the pictures under water in Selidor. It wasn’t a requirement, but felt appropriate. I played around with windlight and water settings and had a blast. I was also greatly amused by a random passerby who wandered over and thought I was a part of the landscape, then startled when I changed the pose and apologized.

As for the look itself, the skin and the scales and goldfishy parts are all by Fallen Gods Inc., all the jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). — pay extra attention to the fun lantern that I had to add to mimic deep sea fishies. It’s actually supposed to be sideways, but… fishy needs to see where she’s swimming! I added two separate head crown jewelry decoration things and a ring to the mix, too. So much ❤ Coyo. Hair by Alice Project (mesh), eyes by Repulse, tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and the poses in order are mine, Niqotine Poses and Di’s Opera.

PS. I just put the pose used in the first picture and the original companion shape for the Queen Bee on Marketplace as a freebie. The blog hit over 10.000 so I had to do something other than faint, after all. ❤

52 Colours: Chartreuse

Ohey, it’s been a week already and it’s time for another colour! This time it’s chartreuse. The colour is apparently named after a French liqueur. It’s between yellow and green and very, very bright. I pondered between cyberwear, bright club-disco outfit and then I thought that for a name like Miss Chartreuse, neither of them would be good enough.

Miss Chartreuse needed to be French, fancy and just a touch on the intoxicating, almost poisonous side. The hair by MiaSnow is hardly traditional court ‘do, but I figured that Miss Chartreuse is wild and dangerous enough to pull off the green sorceress look. The dress is by Evie’s Closet and the jewelry by .( bewildebeest )., much love sent to Coyo’s direction again. She poses in a a bloody mess skydome by Fallen Gods Inc., my go-to for dark stone wall backgrounds.

I also got this image of her tapping men with her fan and going ‘La, sir.’ It doesn’t really mean anything, I’ve just got stuck with both the phrase and the image thanks to Nanny Ogg explaining to Magrat that that’s what mysterious ladies do at the balls. Um. In the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. The fan is from one of the old Steam Hunts, but SL had eaten the creator’s name. Sadness. Eyes by The Plastik, mask tattoo layer by Random-Onics & Pink Wolf and skin by League. First pose by Di’s Opera, second by LAP.

Xmas in June!

Christmas came early yesterday when Coyote Momiji, the mastermind behind .( bewildebeest )., dropped a folder of boxes on me as a blogger packet. Plenty of squeeing ensued! I adore her ability to match quirky-funny with gorgeous, unique ideas with flair. Thus I spent today trying on everything and taking pictures!

Curlicues! It’s a wonderful word, it conveys exactly the right amount of beauty combined with the quirk. This Vine-series comes in necklaces, earrings and rings. I love how big they are, the earrings are perfect for updos like this Tukinowagama’s. I’ve been on a big-ring phase for a while now and having all these curves cover half of the hand is a definite squee-factor. I changed Sonya’s eyes into these violet ones by The Plastik, just to match the amethysts better. What little you can see of the gown by Evie’s Closet worked well with the set. Pose by Di’s Opera.

Oh, I also have to mention the Summer Event going on at Kozmetika! Full of the latest make-ups for summer, plenty of freebies and definitely worth a visit. It lasts until July 8th. I added basic eyeliner by cheLLe and and a blush by Grixdale to this look.

Fancy a cup? Short and Stout-series is both delightfully amusing and breathtakingly pretty. I think the pretty pots are supposed to be tea, but whenever I wear them they shall be coffee. Ah coffee, the sweet soothing nectar of life~ The big tea pot with the pose is by Love Soul, from the Black Butler Hunt. I wish I had had a teapot hairdo to match, but since I didn’t, I added this bunneh-hairdo by Milestone Creations instead. I couldn’t possibly wear something serious for this! Changed the blush from Grixdale to a.e.meth while going through the Kozmetika freebies. What little you see of the vintage dress is by L’Abel.

In case you were wondering, the first two pics were taken in Japan Tempura Island. If you’ve never been there, do go! Better yet, take someone with you! This last picture, however, is back home when I was pondering what to wear next and then went ‘EVERYTHING!’ and piled up as many things as I could. Well, almost. The Cascade earrings and hair ornament were begging for something more exotic so I added the bindi, and then I simply had to show off one of the Arabesque rings and then there’s this Along Came a Spider ring that is full of amusement and and and… oh, and check out the fun colours in the make-up by *BOOM*! I used an old freebie body suit by L. Fauna for this, along with one of my favorite Sky Everett hairs. Pose is by Poise. Skin is by League and lashes by Redgrave in all three, eyes by Poetic Colors in the lower two.

Psst, Coyote will raise the prices in .( bewildebeest ). next week, so this week is absolutely perfect for shopping! Also, if you’re not yet in her subscribo, go hit it! Pretty necklaces and regular gifts ahoy~