Early Shop Catches the Goth

So there I was, making creepy carnival characters for Bronxie when I got an urge to blog them, too. This is all about that urge. This is also all about why I was making the said looks. See, there will be World Goth Fair in May (15-31) and the sims are themed around dark carnival. The fair is about all things goth, not just carnival, but there was a need for creepy posters so I poked my inventory until these characters fell out.

This is obviously not any sort of official poster, just my own fiddling to have fun with the looks. For any official information, please keep an eye on the News from the Loft. As for the title of the post: I know this is too early a warning for shoppers, but this is prime time for the shops to sign up for the fair. The booths are running out fast, especially the bigger ones, so you might want to hurry! Your shop doesn’t have to be gothic to sign up, only the content you bring to the fair has to be appropriately dark. Oh, there’s also a related hunt for the whole of May and for that your shop should be gothic.

The poster is obviously photoshop filtered and since I was just having fun with character creation some items might not be available any more, but I’ll list the credits regardless.

Ringmaster: Hat: Squeek! – Kuroshitsuji hunt gift | Hair: lamb – Bang Bang Ink | Outfit: Crimson Shadow – Black Latex n Top Hat Set | Skin: The Plastik – Lionheart Pale Serial Killer | Lip stripe: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Red Makeup | Tights: Bad Juju – Burlesque Fishnets | Pose: !bang – Stand 135

Clown: Skin, hair, hat, nose: Djinn & Tonic – Killer Clown | Eyes:  Nuuna’s Skins – Creepy black eyes | Blood: The Plastik – Macabre tattoo bloody body | Outfit: Deviant Girls – Spa | Cleaver: Illusions – Halloween Cleaver 2011 | Pose: Olive Juice – True Blood Lafayette Renolds

Dolly: Skin: LAQ – Ebba Ivory | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Cherilyn Faded | Eyes: Kunstkammer – Button Eyes | Stitches – MiaSnow – Ragdoll Autopsy Stitches | Dress: Rotten Toe – Hypnotic Dress Bloody | Nail: Pinkmare’s House – Sweetmares Stomach Nail | Pose: Creative Insanity – Ballet Pose

Future’s So Dark, I Gotta-

-wear cybernetic eye implants? Not such a good song title, I fear. I’ve been feeling like it’s October suddenly. The grid is so full of dark themed hunts that I was tempted to call this post Macabre May. There’s Dark Future Hunt, The Macabre Hunt, Zombie Killer Hunt and I saw several other posters for dark hunts while running about. I’ve also been meaning to poke at the Supernatural Hunt more.

The hunts brought me to absolutely delightful little skybox-pose-setting shop called Lievens. Below is their take on the Macabre Hunt’s theme: Pandora’s Box. I had so much fun playing with the little skybox-dressing rooms and props that for once I traded shadows for that. They were not modifiable so I couldn’t do my usual little cheat of turning parts transparent to let the sun and shadows in.

The cyber siren latex outfit is by Sassy!, the gearhouse hand implants by Malfean Visions, eye scanity implant by Grim Bros. and the bar code arm tattoos by Gaea Designs. All of these are from the Dark Future Hunt. The eyes and the slight cracks around them are a part of Souzou Eien’s Macabre gift that I was so fond of I used them in all of these pictures. Skin is Sonya’s usual League one and the hair is by Mirror. I worship their scifi hairs, yes I do. ❤

In the event of a zombie attack: be sure you’re carrying a big sword. Having a bike with dual machine guns and retractable blades won’t hurt, either. At least it won’t hurt you. <.< The bike is by M&M Celtic Designs and the sword is called Grim Punisher Broad Sword and was given in the same prize as the first fifty slurls for the Zombie Killer Hunt. The bike is obviously from that hunt as well. The shelter is by Snow Bound and the skybox used as the base setting is by Lievens, both of them from the Dark Future Hunt. The Apocalyptic Annie Leather Outfit is by Evil Bunneh and comes with the hair/helm/goggles combo. The shop was new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outfit and the shape of the prim clothes. Usually putting a prim top on Sonya is painful, but this one fit snug very easily. I added several tattoo layers to the look: Rasetsukoku’s from Macabre Hunt and two by Souzou Eien. I mentioned the cracking one earlier and I added Fairy Eyes – Flame from the Supernatural Hunt as well. Necklace is by Blaspheme, also from Zombie Killer Hunt. As for old, non-hunt things: skin by League, boots by COCO, lip piercing by Mariposa, pose by Niqotine and the burning rolled-up mock-cigar money by Djinn & Tonic. That’s all money’s good for when the zombie apocalypse comes!

Some future folks welcome the dark, though. Here’s the obvious and obligatory villainness lounging about. The helm, collar, bracelet and hand implants with the nifty circular saw are all by Bad Juju. The red latex outfit is by DV8, all of this from Dark Future Hunt. Much to my surprise the red boots by Beauty Killer (from an old hunt) fit with them perfectly. I mentioned this shelter by Snow Bound earlier, just showing it from another angle now. I changed into the Djinn & Tonic skin just for the matching, luscious lipstick. Pose is by Poise. Do not try this at home, children! Posing with circular saw is better left to virtual pixel professionals. (And villains. It’s in their 101.)

The Evolution of Sonya

It’s Sonya’s rez day today! She logged onto the grid as a clueless newbie on April 19th, 2008. There’s been breaks from SL during that time — usually to give a new mmorpg a go — but somehow I always seem to return and find new things to squee about. Everything changes so fast and on the other hand, some things never do. Enough familiarity to return to, but enough novelty to intrigue.

I originally compiled these pictures for The Evolution of an Avatar thread in the SLUniverse Forums, but decided to wait with blogging them until now. They were so perfect for a rez day post.

This pretty much covers the first half a year, easily. The small top one on the left is the very first picture I took. Behold the noobness! I was roleplaying in a Vampire: the Requiem game at the time, so white skin was the obvious choice. When the game ended and I stuck around on the grid, I gradually shifted into an ooc-avatar with a human skin from the same maker (Bodies by Oh!).

I found Sky Everett and became addicted to the hairs. (The top right one is Curious Kitties, though.) I also found Evie’s Closet and added her fantasy outfits into my growing addiction list. I learned to use colours! Gothic colours, I admit, but colours nevertheless. This skin carried me from late 2008 to December 2009, after which I felt like I wanted to update it somehow…

Which I did when I found this skin by Djinn & Tonic. My SL style began mixing vintage and rock moments into the fantasy and goth. I also found bobs by various makers — Lamb’s top left and LOQ Hairs’ bottom left. LeeZu, Miamai and Aoharu got their shares of squees as well as Mandala, who continues to kill me with jewelgasms. The lotus chain bracelet combos are probably the most worn piece of jewelry I’ve worn, ever.

When the tattoo make-up layers became widely available, I began twitching about wanting a skin with less make-up. It took actually months of searching and eventually waiting before the skin I wanted was released. I bought League’s Sia almost precisely a month ago and it still astonishes me with its quality.

I thought that I’d wear more make-up with it even on daily basis, but instead I’m actually really happy with the fresher look. Combined with the bobs that are these days my favorite, it feels like Sonya has grown up.

Picture 1, Bodies by Oh! skin in white: (too long ago for proper credits, but let’s see what I remember) Hairs by Cake, Random and Gurl6 (top left, top right, bottom). Top right: ankh choker by Bastchild, stockings by LaPointe, hand jewelry Celtic Myst, no idea of the rest. Bottom: fur shawl thing by Crave, ankle pearls by Bonita’s and the couch by Relic! …yeah, no idea of the rest.

Picture 2, Bodies by Oh! skin in human pale: Top left: dress by Mimikri, gloves by Atsuki Kayo, pearls by Ztique, rose hat by G Field. Top right: dress & gloves by Discord, jewelry by Perturb/ation. Bottom left: outfit by Cynful. Bottom right: dress by Evie’s Closet, boots by J’s. All the hairs are by Sky Everett except the top right from Curious Kitties.

Picture 3, Djinn & Tonic skin: Top left: hair by Lamb, dress by Miamai, jewelry by Mandala. Top right: hair by Sky Everett, dress by Rotten Toe. Bottom left: hair by LOQ, roses by Sn@tch, fur coat by Aoharu. Bottom right: hair by Sky Everett, jacket & tights by LeeZu, mini skirt by League, hand jewelry by Mandala.

Picture 4, League skin: Hair by Waka & Yuki, eyes by Poetic Colors, dress by Miamai, hand jewelry by Mandala, butterflies with the pose by Lauria, orient express skybox by Blue Sky.

French Bird

I brake for birds! In this particular case, I paused my fervent running around the grid after red cubes of DOOM for these birdies~ After all, Twisted and Steam will be here for the whole March, but the birdies won’t.

I’m talking about the BUZZURL!! 49L$ event, full of awesome Japanese cuteness, all priced 49L each. It’s around only until March 7th, so hurry~ Another short-timed event that you might wanna poke at is The French Touch Hunt. It’s short and sweet and has some nifty things~

The birdie skybox and birdie lamp by Aju, strawberry mousse by Poche, all three from BUZZURL 49L event. The blue chaise by MaMia and the adorable mime outfit by Adoness are a part of the French Touch Hunt. Hair (Waka & Yuki), skin (Djinn & Tonic) and shoes (Maitreya) are not a part of either~

And now to hunt down more red cubes and resist the temptation to go back to shopping for cute things…

Brief Burlesque~

~Show a little more, show a little less, add a little smoke, welcome to Burlesque~

The movie came only recently to Finland so I know I’m late with flailing about it, but flail I shall! I love the whole fifties-pin-up, burlesque, cabaret vibe — feathers, pearls, diamonds, corsets, hats, striped socks, fishnets, garters, fans and a lot of attitude — very different from modern regrettably bimbo-vibe of sexy.

I got home, put this song on repeat and went dance shopping. Dances are my second big vice in SL, along with hairs. If I find something that’s awesome, it’s coming home with me immediately. Four dance purchases later I managed to escape before my linden wallet got me a restraining order. Then I whipped out this awesome sparkly dazzly skybox from A.D.D. Andel! — old hunt prize — dressed up and started taking pictures~

It was fun to dig into my cabaret/circus folder in the depths of my gigantic costumes folder, had forgotten all the nifty things I have! All the violet parts — skirt, hat and gloves — are from (*chanimations. They are specialized in cabaret and burlesque poses and props, awesome stuff! The feather fan and the -other- hat (yes, I’m wearing two) are from -mika- and their shop is full of feathers and burlesque clothes. The boa is from VLW (Vicarious Lee’s Wildthings) and the body suit is from L.Fauna. The stockings with the garters are from League, a recent purchase and I absolutely adore them and need more excuses to wear them. The colourful face tattoo is from Para Designs, hair from Waka & Yuki, skin from Djinn & Tonic and eyes from Poetic Colors. Oh, and the pose is actually a burlesque dance from Ministry of Motion, I took the picture in the middle of the dance.

~So get your ass up, show me how you burlesque~

The Year of the Bunny

Ozimals and Magic of Oz are organizing a new hunt to honour the starting year of the rabbit in Chinese calendar. The hunt system is similar to their previous ones: pick up a basket, click spawning things (this time gold coins) until your basket is full, then pick a shop from a blue menu and once you have gone through all of them (there are sixteen), you can start locating the shops on the sims. Some of them are in Magic of Oz, some in Ozimals. Once you have found the right shop, wear the Chinese Good Luck symbol that you got from the blue menu and click it to receive your prize.

And without further ado, here are some of my favorites~

There’s an adorable little bunny sales skyboxish thing from +mocha+, I took both pictures there. The I Love Bunnies photo prop is from Jolly Farm. The red lapine frock coat is from Silent Sparrow and the cute rabbit drawing that you can hold in your mouth is the result of Sanu’s calligraphy pen (another mouth item). You can click it to receive the drawing. Schadenfreude gifted two pairs of bunnyflake eyes, wearing the green ones in this one and brown ones in the lower one. Bodysuit (Sn@tch), leggings (COCO), skin (Djinn & Tonic) and hair (lamb.) are not a part of the hunt.

And then to something completely different! I had to even change the shape for it to work with this dress, it’s obviously designed for more lithe, girlish figures than what Sonya usually has. The dress, fun boots and the colourful bunny sleeve tattoos are all from katat0nik, who had two separate gifts in this hunt. The bracelet is from Frippery and the bunny bench is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations. Skin and hair are not a part of the hunt. The hair is from Curious Kitties, another funny Year of the Bunny gift. I’m foreseeing this to be a good bunny year, yesyes. <.< The skin is from Plastik and it’s just 75L for this weekend’s Lazy Sundays. Its price will hop back up after that.

Go forth, hunt and enjoy~

Twisting Away~

Yes, it’s September again. Yes, that means there’s another Twisted Hunt going on. Yes, it’s almost October and I’m late with blogging. *coughs* I blame FFXIV beta. In fact, I foresee a lot of non-bloggingness in my future. <.<

But I simply -have- to post something about Twisted! So here, my favorites from this round…

This time the cubes are orange! Yes, that means a lot of orange in clothes and accessories and whatnot. And in this curiously enchanting skin from Leonine. It had tattoos on it and despite being orange it was strangely beautiful. The eyes are from MaXeyes. The hair is from Waka & Yuki and not a part of the hunt. The small dress with enough sheer option to let the body tattoos show through is from DragonLady’s Closet. The choker of skeletal hands is from Goth & Beautiful Designs (and a part of an another outfit). The monocle is from Tree House Treasures and the bone umbrella from Yellow JesteR. The picture is taken in a haunted house from A Netherworld.

The theme of this round’s was Spooky. There were plenty of haunted houses and some ghosts, but of course also witches. The skin from F’ed Up isn’t really that green, I admit having played with the light, but it just worked so perfectly with the look. The eyes are from Nightshade’s gift and the small cobweb tattoo on her cheek from Sassy Kitty Designs. The facial piercing is from Virtual Insanity, hair is from Waka & Yuki (not a part of the hunt) and the hat is from Federschneider. The wings are from Favole, the broom with the kitty from Deviant Designs and the outfit and the boots are from DV8.  The eyeball is a part of a Fleshcrafter’s Sentinel tree from Malfean Visions and the picture is taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

And this is of course the spookiest thing ever. We all know there’s nothing scarier than clowns. Absolutely wonderful avatar from Djinn & Tonic and .44 Caliber. Killer Clown avatars for both genders: skin, shape, eyes, hair, clothes and axe! I’m using Sonya’s own shape in the picture, though, she complains if I change it. <.< Oh, and the rings & nails combo is from Virtual Insanity, the pose from Del May and the picture is taken in a twisted cottage from XIII. On that note, I used lashes from Butterfly Kiss Boutique in all of the pictures. I think they were a part of the Endgame prize.

And that’s all, folks. For now. *grins* I’m not doing any hiatus announcements since knowing myself, I’d get a sudden irresistible urge to blog exactly one week after that, but… if I’m silent for a long time here, you know why!

Time for More Popcorn!

“Did you hear? The second Zombie Popcorn Hunt has started! Oh, I finished it already, it’s full of awesome stuff. 84 shops, hints provided on the website as well as more sneak peeks and there’s a helpful in-world group to guide your shuffling steps, too!”

The amusing brick cell phone that I’m calling from is from Soap. The couch is from Kosh and the fun photo box is from Slash Me Poses. I used it for all the pictures in this post. This particular gossiping zombie girl is made of skin by Garage, eyes by Glam Affair, hair by Exile and rings & nails combos by Virtual Insanity. She’s wearing a dress and gloves by Acid & Mala, leggings by Leaks and necklace by Loulou&Co.

“Hunting? But I barely just managed to find my heart! I’m not leaving this room until I get it stitched back! Every morning same damn thing and I’m not even dressed yet! …oh, and have you seen my eye anywhere? No? Dammit.”

This little zombie didn’t go to market, but she has an awesome heart and ripping wound on her chest by Olive Juice. The pose is a part of the photo box, though. She has skin by Djinn & Tonic, eyes by Repulse and super fun zombie hair by CriCri. It has bloody bandages! She’s wearing a classy lingerie set by Glam Affair — once you clean away the blood layer it’s practically pin-up! She also has a lip piercing by Plastic Flowers and a mouthie chain by Calypso Giano. It has a script to change the letter on it so you can make a mental note on who to nom next~

“I’d love to hunt, but I’m sort of pinned down right now… gimme a moment to wiggle through this voodoo pin and I’ll be right over!”

I know, I know, I have a strange liking to demented ballerina doll looks. This little golden zombie dolly is made of skin by !Imabee, eyes by MADesigns and hair by Zanda. I really like that hair, despite it leaving most of her skull bald — something that I usually run screaming away from. It has awesome vintage feather hairpiece and it’s just so quirky combination that it’s practically irresistible. She’s wearing a dress by Rotten Toe, jewelry set (earrings & necklace) by Caroline’s Jewelry and mouthie thingie by Acide. The y-stitch on her chest is by Love Zombie and the voodoo pin with the pose is a part of Del May’s voodoo pin collection.

“Bloody excuses! I’m getting us out of here and then you’re all coming with me. Then we hunt. …oh, and maybe pick up some of those prizes, too.”

No box can keep a determined zombie down! …I mean in. Anyways! The chair and the pose with it are also a part of the Slash Me Poses hunt prize. Oh, and see the crack in the glass? Also a part of it. You can choose between the broken glass and a screen. She’s made of skin by Djinn & Tonic, eyes by Repulse, tattoos by Para Designs and hair by MADesigns. She’s wearing a dress by Bubble, but the socks are by Rotten Toe and not a part of the hunt. I just had to add them since they matched so well. Her shoes are by hoorenbeek, bracelet by Blitzed, necklace by Loulou&Co and piercings by Acide (more or less all over the face). Oh, and she has a brain kabob by Concrete Flowers as a future snack with her, holding it in her mouth.

Zombies have escaped! Your turn to hunt them down now~

Summer Is All About Strawberries~

At least here in Finland. We have a strawberry season for about two months, if we’re lucky. Foreign strawberries don’t taste as good and are a poor substitute, thus no amount of importing will fix this matter. Summer is about strawberries and Finns are like kids in a candy store, buying boxes of strawberries and just noming them as they are. ^_^ …because who could -wait- to make something out of them, seriously? <.<

Anyways! Magic of OzOzimals have a Strawberry Festival going on! It’s not really a hunt since all you need to do is pick up your strawberry basket from Magic of Oz sim, go to for example the little mall area in the same sim and click the strawberries that keep respawning. After every six strawberries you get a blue menu asking which shop’s fork you want. There’s 16 shops involved altogether. When you have a fork (although I’d recommend getting all the ones you want first), you visit their shops in either of the sims, wear the fork and click it when standing near a cake in their booth. Then you get the prize. All of course strawberry themed.

The super cutesy strawberry outfit is from katat0nik, except for the socks and wristlettes from Silent Sparrow. The barrettes are from Blackberry Jam and the cute tag with a red ribbon is from Scribble. The tree with a strawberry light on the left is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations, the barrels from veLveteen and the flower arrangement from ~Houses For You~. Hair from LOQ and skin from Djinn & Tonic are not a part of the hunt~

Random close-up is random! Sanu had provided adorable earrings (and a necklace and a crayon ^^) and Evie had this wonderful wreath. Eyes from Poetic Colors ❤ (not a part of the festival)

There’s cute and there’s cute and then there’s Risusipo. ^.^ They had this bunny tiny with a strawberry dress, a chipmunk tiny with a strawberry dress -and- a normal human woman sized strawberry dress as well! Kahlua is balancing a finch from Schadenfreude on top of her head. They’re really shoulder-pet-birdies, but the dress was rather busy as it was! Cute non-festival related Happy Mood things on the background! (Stump, bunny, birdies~)

I didn’t show off everything, but these are my favorites. Remember, all the shops are in either Magic of Oz or Ozimals sims. Easy and fun — as long as lag doesn’t hit you~

Shameless Plug for Niceness~

I love lucky chairs. Who wouldn’t? If there’s things I’d wear — and I am horribly picky, I admit this — I often stand in front of one for hours while handling other things at the same time, leaving just the chair bit and the chatbox visible on the screen. Yesterday Athelia had informed me of the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles and after I had picked them up and hit the shop’s subscribo, I looked around, blinked at the awesomeness and quality and set myself in front of the lucky chair while handling the bunny records.

Then, out of the blue, the shop’s owner IMs me and asks if I’m after something specific in the lucky chair. I had barely looked since I knew by the general quality of the store that whatever I’d manage to get would be great. I quickly checked what the chair had eaten and mentioned something that sounded cute. She gave me a fatpack of them. I blinked and boggled and tried to recover and we chatted on. While we talked, she gave me several more things out of the blue. She said that to some it might seem like a bad business move to give out freebies like that, but she thinks it’s all fine and good if people see other people wearing her jewelry.

I am still so shocked (in a good way) by this that I decided that instead of only wearing her jewelry — which I so will, squee! — I shall make a blog post about the pretties. Not only because they are awesome, but because niceness should be rewarded and encouraged and there is never enough of it in the world. ❤

The shop is called Mariposa and here are some of my favorites…

This set of necklace, bracelet and earrings is very summery and can also be worn with more native looks.  I make various fantasy / historical looks all the time, these things are important! The necklace came with both chest and spine attach versions and immediately sat well without zillion twists and turns in edit mode. Too many necklaces are made for shoulders so wide that no matter how you set it, there’s extra space. This was just perfect at one go.

None of my girl bunnies were awake for a casual jewelry picture and thus poor Frappe had to pose. He’s trying to hide his horror, but his ears were twitching. The dress is from Salire and if you’ve never visited, I warmly recommend. Cutesy little dresses in ridiculous low prices. Hair Sky Everett, skin Djinn & Tonic, eyes Poetic Colors.

This is the fatpack of jewelry (plus bracelet that is not in the picture). Oh so many different gems and colours in either bronze or silver. I used to wear a necklace like this in red in RL a lot at one point in my life and I squeed when I unpacked all of this, I assure you. The silver-blue combo will become a staple. *nods* Just wanted to show the bronze-orange one because it matched the background so well. Hair is from Waka & Yuki (old lucky board), eyes from Poetic Colors and for once the Djinn & Tonic skin is without the lipstick!

I have to show the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles as well, right? They are awesome and spiky and punksy. Thus I couldn’t really take casual shots out of them either. …and as I was building a look around them, I sort of went overboard. You know how I am. *grins*

Awesome freebie bangles are awesome, hmm? Oh, and the lip piercing is from the lucky chair! Hair is from eXceSs (Hybrid Hunt gift, going on until 1st July), skin from Red Queen, eyes from Urban Dare and the vest from Aoharu. Pose by Niqotine (closed down).

There are also more girlier pretty freebies, but these were simply breathtaking in the awesome level. Now go and visit, check out the rest of the things and enjoy the shinies!