Summer Sailing

I was tempted to call this post Sailor Cute, but I actually never watched Sailor Moon so my ability to make connections would have ended at the names. Regardless, this bikini by katat0nik is seriously the cutest sailor outfit ever while also being the most standout bikini of this summer. So much love.

My magical familiar companion is played by my meepet Lumi, modelling various funny Hair Fair gifts. The colour-change-scripted sailor hair is by Tameless, also a fair gift. Hair Fair is one of the best events for freebie-hunters, almost every booth has gifts to spoil us. My favourites tend to be the silly ones, it’s like a mini Crazy Hair Hunt.

The shed is a freebie by L2 Studio from the hunt at The Gallery Gift Shop. The decor is a mix from those hunt loots, the temporary closing sale at Concrete Flowers and this delicious drink by Poche from Okinawa Summer Festival.

I think in the end Sailor Cute decided that magical familiars do not need wigs to perform their sidekick duties, but I’d like to remind you that children do. Hair Fair is of course about several sims worth of new hair releases and gifts, but it is also about Wigs for Kids. By now the lag should have calmed down on the sims, so go buy all the things!

Credits – Scene: Building: L2 Studio – Rustic Garden Shed (30 prims + 1 prim flower box) (TGGS Hunt) | Fish bowl purse: *MiuMin* – Kintoto Lovers (TGGS Hunt) | Vase: Concrete Flowers – Dandelion Love Vase | Drink: Poche – Tropical Drink (Okinawa Summer Festival) | Snuggle Birds: Concrete Flowers – Throwable Snuggle Birds

Credits – Sailor Cute: Skin: Pink Fuel – Alena <Sugar> Classic (dkbrow) | Eyes: Amacci – Hair Fair 2 big (HF Gift) | Hair: Tameless – Anita All Colors (HF Gift) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eye makeup: Tableau Vivant: Blue makeup (TGGS Hunt) | Bikini & Hat: katat0nik – Sailor Bikini (blue) | Necklace: Concrete Flowers – Cherry Necklace (freebie) | Poses: WetCat – Modeller 3 /Estetica – Down by the Bay / LAP – TC-Timid Girl PR4 (+ holding pose from bird tray)

Credits: Roo Hairs: 1) Hinako Hair – an&subomi Hair Fair 2012 Mocha | 2) +LALA Moon+ Dachs Hund | 3) Bliensen + MaiTai – Darjeeling Hair (All three Hair Fair gifts.)




The Days of Our Loots

Stop the data deliverers, there’s a flash sale in Port Seraphine! This means PixelDolls, .( bewildebeest )., Gallactic, Romance and Bilo. Selected items for 10L for 48 hours that have been ticking away already, so you have time until Thursday morning to raid the place bare! To be precise: until 9 AM SLT Thursday. Since this involved both .( bewildebeest ). and Gallactic, I sort of went crazy. The result was a cyber magpie. …I mean a futuristic treasure hunter who has just scored lots of loot and decide to wear them all at the same time! =D

See, a cyber magpie! All the jewelry — rings, necklaces, bindi, hair ornaments — are from .( bewildebeest ). and I just kept adding and adding and adding while squeeing like a lunatic. Shinies sometimes do this to me. They bring out my inner xmas tree. *coughs* The make-up consists of lash-and-lines by Miamai, red fairy eyes by Souzou Eien and a dark lip stripe by The Plastik. The actual eyes are fittingly red tech eyes by The Eye Factory. The pose is one of mine~

The cat suit and the boots are by Gallactic and just one of the many slinky cat-, plug- and who-knows-what-suits I raided. The armwarmers are a part of the outfit, the boots were sold separate for that huge 10L price. Who knew future looked so colourful and skintight? Raid-pondering pose by Olive Juice.

The skin is my default android one by Oralune and I really don’t get enough excuses to wear it. The hair is another old scifi-look favorite of mine by Mirror, both shops handily under the same roof in Cyber Bunker. The pose is by Estetica. As for the sim where the cyber magpie ran around, that’s called Hangars Liquides and it’s definitely worth an exploration trip, loots or no!

52 Colours: Bronze

This is one of those colours where I knew immediately exactly what my Miss Bronze would be. Clockwork doll, no way around it. I’ll take this opportunity to also remind you all that Steam Hunt has started again, although the things Miss Bronze wears are old and not from this hunt. Still, it’ll take a while before I’ve dug myself through Twisted loots and will have the time to hit the Steam properly, so thought I’d mention it already!

And so, without further ado: “Once upon a time there was a clockwork doll…”

The marvelous bronze-toned doll skin and mechanical head are actually from the last spring’s round of Steam Hunt, by Secret Shelf. So perfect, so fitting.

“When no one was looking, she exchanged her gears for a human head, hoping to see the world better this way.”

The golden face tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc., and seemed perfect for the little dolly. I also added make-up tattoo layers for dark eyes and a lip stripe, both by The Plastik. The clockwork eyes are by Frick. The mechano-guts are by Grim Bros.

“Behold, the world was a marvelous place, full of exciting shiny temptations everywhere…”

The dress is also by Frick and although it’s mostly more brass, the darker accents were rather clearly bronze and worked well with the clockwork concept. The stunningly surreal hair is by The Stringer Mausoleum.

“Try as she might, she was trapped on her pedestal, unable to find a way to the glittering city of promises.”

The mechanical hand is an old hunt prize by Yellow Jester and the butterfly key is by CFF — unfortunately SL had eaten the creator name, so I’m unsure which shop that actually is. Alas.

“In the end, there was only one way out of the tower.”

The shoes are by Grim Bros as well, and my absolute favorite steampunk shoes. The poses used were by Creative Insanity (1 & 3), Niqotine Poses (2&4) and Estetica (5). Miss Bronze’s Glittering City is in Omega Point. If you’ve never been there, do visit and explore. It’s rather breathtaking.

52 Colours: Olive

I actually found several olive things in my inventory, some of them were even labeled olive! I find this surprising. Another surprising thing is that Miss Olive told me in no uncertain terms that she would be kicking some serious behind and would not be sitting pretty in a skybox. So, off to S.I.C49 we went!

Miss Olive is also the first of my colour-girls to get two pictures. She told me she needed two and I didn’t dare to object! The outfit is mostly by Mimikri, except for the velvet tanktop by Sn@tch, fishnet gloves by DV8 and torn fishnet tights by Sheer. The glaring green eyes and the eye make-up are by The Plastik. The fantastic armband with letter-change script nametag (three letters) is by Yabusaka. Skin is by League and lashes by Redgrave, as usual. Pose by Estetica.

Her hair with the headband and skulls is by Urban Assault. The facial piercings by Virtual Insanity are all linked into one item. The shorter necklace is by Loulou&Co and the longer by Little Pricks. Earrings are by Silver Wheel. The face stripes are by YaYo. All of these are old hunt items. Pose by Niqotine Poses.

There’s more windlight and other enhancement play than usual, but the environment just forced my hand! Nothing to do with Miss Olive glaring at me at all! <.<

Frick for Fantasy

But not for long anymore. Sadness. Frick is closing, at least for now. You might have noticed that I use her skins a lot in various fantasy shots. I’m especially fond of her grey tones. There’s also a lot of lolita style cuteness in the form of dresses, and skins ranging from steampunk to drow and geisha to neko.

Everything in the shop is at least -50% until 1st of April, after which the shop will be gone. Obviously I had to go over and yoink more things!

I did say I like her grey tones, right? *coughs* Oh, and the cracks and tears and ouchies on the right are a separate tattoo layer. Finally I can do the broken doll look on any skin! (Hair by Sky Everett, eyes by Poetic Colors, poses by LAP.) Frick’s always been famous for her dollarbie wearable demos, so even if you’re really, really low on budget, there’s tons of fun fantasy skins for even more ridiculously cheap than the sale offers.

Frick also has four small, cutesy skyboxes for sale. I had to grab two, this is one of them. And when have I ever been able to resist the combination of black, red, corsetry and garters? Yeah, exactly. (Hair by Waka & Yuki, pose by Estetica.) Oh, and the valentine hunt skins and dress are still around in little dollarbie hearts, too.

You have until the end of March, here’s your destination!

Catching Up With Colours~

A year full of colours, perfect excuse to dig into your inventory and play dress-up, different colour every week. That’s more or less the nutshell of LunaJubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. She lists a new colour every week. I didn’t even know there were 52 colours, yegads. My colour perception is practically male: light brown, dark brown, what’s the difference? Fortunately she provides a colour sample every time so I can try and match that! And hey, it’ll be randomly educational, too! Not to mention fun. ^_^

It’s week fifteen of the challenge now, which meant I had fifteen looks to cover. To make the post less picture spammy I actually used a photo studio and then just snip-copy-pasted three in one. Since I was lacking in my usual environment creation fun, I challenged myself in another way: matched the styles of the colours per picture. Can’t make it too easy on myself, right?

The first three colours — grey, blue and goldenrod — turned out to be manga-ish school girl characters. Although I think Miss Blue might be a teacher. I started with flailing about if I’d find anything in goldenrod, going ‘That’s a colour? O.o’ a lot until I finally located that shirt. It called for school girlness, so Miss Grey and Miss Blue just had to live with it. All of their poses are from Ks2cool.

Grey: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair & scarf – Curious Kitties, tattoo – Moloko, gloves & top – The Loony Bin, leggings – Aoharu, lip piercing – Virtual Insanity, armlet – Zenith Fashion, coffin purse – DV8, belt – Gauze

Blue: skin – M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, eyes – Umedama Holic, hair – Wasabi Pills, dress – Miamai, tattoo – Schadenfreude, stockings & garters – Vinyl Cafe, butterflies – Minajunk, bird ring – KUE!

Goldenrod: skin – Imabee, hair – Red Queen, eyes – Poetic Colors, top – Paradisis, skirt & gloves – League, boom box – katat0nik, aether headphones – Belle Belle, socks – Rotten Toe

Plum was another tricksy one until I did a search for it and found this exact colour sample match hair from my anime hairs folder! Much rejoicing. ^_^ Then I poked around in my lolita folder and found a dress with exact same hue whales on it. Obviously Miss Sepia and Miss Yellow weren’t that difficult to dress up once I had the lolita style decided.

Plum: skin – Violent Seduction, eyes – Rita Eyes, hair – Little Heaven, dress & tattoos – katat0nik, necklace – Pink Fuel, pose – Lazy Places

Sepia: skin – Imabee, eyes – Sn@tch, hair – Curious Kitties, monocle – E&D Engineering, orchid – Orquidea, collar – Steam Powered Nuts, Inc., dress – Frick, pose – Estetica

Yellow: skin – Pink Fuel, eyes – Glam Affair, hair – Fatal Error, dress – Dilly Dolls, tattoo – Curious Kitties, cyber arm implants – Fatal Error, pose – Melancholia Lilliehook

Cerise was one of those ‘This is a colour? Yegads, it’s dark pink!’ moments. I did a search for ‘pink’ and tried everything on and much to my surprise found this vintage lingerie -and- shoes in exact colour sample tone! Who knew~ Miss Green and Miss Silver got to wear lingerie just to match lil Miss Cerise. You can’t really see the shoes on Miss Green and Miss Silver that well, but all three are wearing Grim Bros’s fantastic curlique filled wonders. There’s just something so delicate, decadent and debaucherous in those details. And other d-words.

Cerise: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – BettiePage Voyager, lingerie – Dominion Fashon District (creator: pisi Ruby), shoes – Grim Bros, stockings – Lapointe, gloves – Sn@tch, pose – Natasha Martov

Green: skin – Heartsick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Sky Everett, jewelry – Ganked, lingerie – Style by Kira, stockings – Dilly Dolls, gloves – The Black Canary, pose – Niqotine Poses

Silver: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – lamb, nightie – A&A Fashion, shoes – Grim Bros, jewelry – Mandala, pose – CnS E-motion

Two browns in one picture! I divided them in order and when I realized that I’d have two separate browns in this one, I just knew it’d be steampunk. I mean… my inventory is sort of black, black, black, red, black, blue, black, green, lots of browns in the steampunk folder! black. I am so miffed I couldn’t use hya-blue (Silent Sparrow) for the middle girl, but I just could not match it to the colour sample with good conscience. Fortunately I had Sparrow in sienna!

Sienna: skin – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, dress – Silent Sparrow, goggles – Belle Belle, steampunk headset – Londinium Gearworks, hat – Illusions, pose – Olive Juice

Indigo: skin – Frick, hair – Waka & Yuki, eyes – Mynerva, hat – Perturb/ation, gloves – Atsuki Kayo, necklace – Mariposa, dress – Evie’s Closet, pose – Niqotine Poses

Taupe: skin – Sn@tch, make-up – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, gloves, skirt & stockings – League, top & necklace – Sn@tch, pose – LAP

When I realized my last picture had emerald, black and red I more or less squeed. …and then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a fantasy picture or a ballet picture. So I made both! It’s like a joke: ‘A dryad, a drow and a demon walk into a ballet class…’ Obviously the demon is more interested in inviting others to dance and the drow claims she can’t dance without daggers, it’s apparently a part of her cultural heritage. The dryad was at least somewhat happy~

Emerald: skin – Sn@tch, eyes – Plastik, hair – Curious Kitties, dress – DV8, necklace – Fallen Gods Inc, pose – EverGlow

Black: skin – Ho Wear, eyes – Kosh, hair – Exxess Designs, dress – Mocha, ears – Illusions, necklace – Deviance, lip spider – EarthStones, knives – ODB, pose – Niqotine Poses

Red: skin – Red Queen, hair – Deviant Kitties, eyes – Plastik, tattoos – Fallen Gods Inc, dress – Evie’s Closet, horns – Trap, jewelry – Mandala, lip piercing – Nightshade, pose – Niqotine Poses

Whew. Next week I’ll start blogging colours one per week like everyone else… guess I have to come up with something else for extra challenge… maybe to match furniture or other props, too…

Quick Plat~

In case you live under a virtual rock and haven’t heard, the Platinum Hunt has started! It lasts the whole of August and features 100 high quality designers. To collect such an amount of awesome obviously came with a price tag — every hunt prize is 10L. I recommend blog-window-shopping before you poof 1k lindens accidentally. However, there -are- insanely breathtaking things involved, so don’t consider it a hunt-with-price, consider it a gridwide sale convention or some such. A bit like 50L Fridays, except it’s just for one month and much cheaper~

Above my favorite things from the hunt: skin by Mynerva, dress by PurpleMoon Creations and the skybox by III. However, the skybox also featured one of my biggest pet peeves: no-copy, non-linked. Which means that after you rez the said skybox once to take pretty pics in it, you get to pick it back up in pieces. If it was no-transfer, I wouldn’t mind at all, it’s just a few more deletes at that point and a fresh re-rez later when I want to take more pretty pictures in it, but… *sighs* Why do you do this to me, skybox designers? *wails* Regardless, the skybox is gorgeous and quirky~

The dress is breathtaking. It has random… ribbony wire things on the back, there’s longer and shirter skirt versions included and the necklace comes with the collar or without. I’ll be honest: that collar is one of the main reasons I got the dress. It screamed of photoshoots and shiny black-and-white couture ❤

The skins come with several different make-ups, dark elf ears and kajal — a definite must-have if you like running around as a dark elf sometimes. I know I do. <.<

The hair (Sky Everett), bracelets (Ganked), eyes (Vision) and pose (Estetica) are not a part of the hunt~