Fallen Fish

Apparently October is a contest month, here’s another that I sent a picture to: Fallen God and Goddess Election 2011. Since I had reached my costumes-creatures-mermaid folder in my marathon of inventory sorting, the decision was easy. I made a goldfish!

The resolution is different than my usual one, but the contest asked specifically for 3:2 ratio, so there it is. There was no mentioning if it had to be a straight snapshot in-world (if it had to, I’m automatically disqualified since I cropped in photoshop and sent a texture) nor did it say anything about if photoshopping otherwise was allowed or not. To play it safe I didn’t touch the picture beside cropping, although I had to take gazillion shots to get one where the square bug didn’t appear so I could manage to pull off a completely untouched picture.

 The other pics are just for fun and blogging, so this one got some curves-lightening on it. I took all the pictures under water in Selidor. It wasn’t a requirement, but felt appropriate. I played around with windlight and water settings and had a blast. I was also greatly amused by a random passerby who wandered over and thought I was a part of the landscape, then startled when I changed the pose and apologized.

As for the look itself, the skin and the scales and goldfishy parts are all by Fallen Gods Inc., all the jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). — pay extra attention to the fun lantern that I had to add to mimic deep sea fishies. It’s actually supposed to be sideways, but… fishy needs to see where she’s swimming! I added two separate head crown jewelry decoration things and a ring to the mix, too. So much ❤ Coyo. Hair by Alice Project (mesh), eyes by Repulse, tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and the poses in order are mine, Niqotine Poses and Di’s Opera.

PS. I just put the pose used in the first picture and the original companion shape for the Queen Bee on Marketplace as a freebie. The blog hit over 10.000 so I had to do something other than faint, after all. ❤