The Scarab of Infinity

When dryads grow old and the millennia wear them down, their joints creak and mind wanders, the Scarab of Infinity appears to them. It hovers near, almost out of reach, giving the wood spirits a choice: reach out for life or continue fading until the gradual degradation turns them into trees.

regeneration1csMany consider life a nuisance at that point, the pulse of the world feels too hectic and the peace of not being aware is tempting enough for them to simply smile and turn away, let their minds drift until it slumbers for good and the body slowly becomes a nearly normal tree.

regeneration2csBut for those who still yearn for more, those who feel the heartbeat of the other lifeforms around them, those who do not want to give up the sense of wonder; they reach out for rebirth and begin the cycle anew all the more wiser.

It’s time for this year’s Fallen God and Goddess Contest! If you enjoy your second life in one of the skins of Alia Baroque or love creating beings out of the ordinary, take a picture and join in! Contest information can be found here and pictures are accepted until October 18th, after which the voting will soon begin.

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Arboreal Sacred Green Peace | Outfit: Fallen Gods Inc. – Arboreal Moss Outfit | Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Glowing Eyes | Hair: Curious Kitties – Elementia v2 | Birdy: Happy Mood – Little Bird Green | Particles: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ring Particle Maker | Scarab of Infinity: Fallen Gods Inc. – Edited from the silks in the Scarab Fortune Teller prize | Pose: Astalianda – Up 2