52 Colours: Thistle

Hello, this is Sonya’s Astral Clone posting for her from the past. Or some such. This is to say that no, I’m still not back, but I just set wordpress into posting this on Sunday. (Edit: apparently -failed- to set wordpress right, and am now back!) Complete lazy colour post about what I am most likely doing at the moment: reading. I packed the Hunger Games trilogy and A Dance with Dragons with me, after all.

Thistle was one of those pastel purples that are more common as skins than clothing in my inventory. Except for the awesome Prudence-boots by Lassitude & Ennui! They are at the moment available in Jungle Bungle in Fantasy Faire.

I’ll be back in a few days, go buy all the fantasy in the meanwhile!

Fantasy Faire: Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Prudence Boots Lavender

Other Credits: Skin: Heartsick – Deity Unseelie | Eyes: The Plastik – Oni Cumulus Lilac | Lingerie: SAKIDE – Everyday Lingerie Pink | Hair: Truth – Brenna Pearl | Book & Script Pose Prop: Glitterati – People will read again

Fading into Blue

Remember the Blue Fairy? She was so miffed about Cousin Sparklewing being in the FF poster that she swore she’d buy all the wings from the Faire! Fortunately she didn’t have to, because Vaengi is giving out pretty-shiny wings in Meandervale and changing their gift every day, go check! I tried to tell her that there are more petite-sized wings for sale, in several shops, but did she listen? Nooo. She wanted the biggest wings EVER. So that’s what she got.

With that I shall also take my leave for a week. RL trip of no internet connection is hugely disturbing my Faire-blogging plans, but what can you do. While I’m gone I’m expecting you all to shop the Faire empty and rescue the world! There’s a quest involving the Faire beginning today, after all…

Fantasy Faire: Wings: Vaengi – Free Ragged Fairy Wings, Combo Jewel 01 

Other Credits: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Crystal Azure Natural | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amendine Petite Mesh Hair Crystal Azure | Dress: Adoness – Lilabellis Baby Blue | Pose: HDL – Muack

The Magic of Noms

Fair warning: do not go to Jungle Bungle if you’re feeling peckish. There’s chocolate lake and paths of candy drops and all sort of noms everywhere!

However, if you do end up there you can find this Chocolate Delight dress by Simply Fae in there! What better way to wander through candyland than dressed in chocolate, hmm?

I decorated the nomness with a celtic heart necklace by T R I D E N T Jewelry and chocolate matching Hawk2-hair by Wasabi Pills. The necklace can be found in Shadow’s Claw and the hair in The Tides. The extra noms I excavated from my inventory and they are most likely old hunt gifts, but they felt so very appropriate for this that I couldn’t resist the sweetness.

Fantasy Faire: Dress: Simply Fae – Chocolate Delight | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk2 Chocolate | Necklace: T R I D E N T Jewelry – Celtic Heart Necklace II [Silver/Sapphire]

Other Credits: Skin: Mynerva – GG Milena Cream Preview | Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Summertime Reflections DBrown The Woods | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champagne [lip/lash/eye], Opal Lipcolor Puce & Clear Lipgloss | Bunny-on-a-stick: Loco Pocos – Chocolate Bunny | Magic Candy Stash (creator not visible anymore) | Poses: PurplePoses – 404 / E.inK – Umbrella/Balloons

Semeret and Bunny

Semeret is the name of this silk set by ~Illusions~, available in the Shifting Sands of Fantasy Faire. Since I’ve always loved ancient Egyptian myths, I simply had to create a fantasy look involving all of that.

The collar and bracelets are sold separately and the earrings are actually from a Faire freebie by Tekeli-li. Speaking of which, the Hathor hair is by them as well. You can find Tekeli-li in The Tides during the Faire. Both the ~Illusions~ and Tekeli-li use colour-change scripts, so you can create pretty much any look you wish and make them match each other.

I started by taking pictures in the Shifting Sands, exploring the sands of time and the surrounding bazaar, but then I allowed Semeret to return to her tomb to rest.  Of course she has a tomb, what else? Does she look like an ordinary woman to you? No, didn’t think so.

This particular tomb is by T R I D E N T and it is one of their RFL-vendor items. I fully admit that I squeed when I saw it. All the hieroglyphs! You can get your very own tomb from their place in Shadow’s Claw.

Here we have the second part of the title: a bunny hieroglyph! Let me repeat this in case it didn’t sink in properly: BUNNY HIEROGLYPH. I do not have the words to describe the amount of awesomeness this entails. I want to move in and live in a tomb now. It’s a sign!

Fantasy Faire: Tomb: T R I D E N T – Egyptian Tomb II | Silks: ~Illusions~ Black Semeret Silks | Jewelry: ~Illusions~ Khepra Necklace & Bracelets | Hair: Tekeli-li – Hathor Black | Earrings: Tekeli-li – Mesh Ankh Earrings

Other Credits: Skin: The Plastik – Ataciara Elven Valah Dark Void | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Summer Wheat Special Hunt Freebie | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Poses: aDORKable Poses – 21 of 25 / TeaSoup – and without it I fall / E.inK – fwee3 / Diesel Works – PoE F3

Three Little Birds

Well, possibly quite not so little. Strictly speaking also not actually birds. But definitely three avian looks showing off the new Fallen Gods Inc. skins now available in The Tides of Fantasy Faire.

The skin-line is called feathers and is further divided into hawk, raven and dove, who all have different base skin tone options as well. Not to mention the possibility of making them PG. Obviously the base skins are not PG, but it’s delightful to be able to cover the parts that need to be covered for a flight in public.

The birdy-heads are covered in feathers so in theory you could even fly around bald, if you wanted to. Obviously such thing is a no-go for Sonya who would rather fly around completely naked than without hair, but it’s still excellent thinking! All of these birds are using Teeloh-hair by Wasabi Pills. It’s a new release available in The Tides and they do come with their own hairbase layers. The birdies don’t use them since I wanted to show the scalp feathers, but rest assured: the hair has its own as well.

As for the gorgeous mesh wings, they are by [europa] and the moment I saw Alia’s new skins I knew I had to have them. The feathers demanded actual bird-like wings, not angelic back-attachment. I blame Orcsy for this, what with her constant wing flaunting. Flaunting, I tell you! ❤

All the birdies fluttered about in the Ruins of Nu Orne.

Fantasy Faire: Skins: Fallen Gods Inc. – Hawk Flame, Raven Silver, Dove Ghost | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh  Cinnamon, Night Shadow, Ethereal 

Other Credits: Wings: [europa] – Nyxus Wings Phoenix, Crow, Blank | Eyes: Repulse – Mystic Eyes (aqua) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss | Poses:  Frooti – Reach for the Stars 3 / Star Poses – Kneeling, one knee up /!bang – Stand 130

Frills and Feathers

Oh, and ribbons, but they don’t alliterate with the others, so no title for them! Seriously, when I saw these Prudence boots by Lassitude & Ennui, that’s all I could think of. More ribbons! They made me think of dark gothic slightly period style, but I assure you that they go perfectly well with cutesy modern ones, too!

To my great delight Blue Blood has a -50% sale on all the non-RFL items in her booth in Jungle Bungle. This Coppelia-dress was one of them. Why yes, the theme was ribbons and feathers. I sauntered into Shadow’s Claw in the Faire to take the pictures. All the engraved stones and runes and obvious darker side of magic worked perfectly for this character.

Lounging against the sacrifice stone to show off the boots better. Admire the ribbons! There are obviously several different colour options available in Jackal’s Faire booth in Jungle Bungle and lavender ones in the RFL-vendor. The boots will be available in her main store after the Faire.

The Hawk-hair is one of the new releases by Wasabi Pills, available in the Faire in The Tides. It crowned the look without needing anything as obvious as actual metallic objects. We all know that vampires surely have long, flowing, perfect hair, right? It’s practically in the manual.

Fantasy Faire: Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk Mesh Hair Night Shadow | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Prudence Boots Black | Dress: Blue Blood – Coppelia Purple 

Other Credits: Skin: LAQ – Elena 01 Pale | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Raspberry Twilight (eyeshadow), Saffy Violet Lip Gel Redux & Clear Lipgloss | Poses: Olive Juice Dramatically Sexy / Olive Juice – Kaira / D.Luxx – Vogue 04

Captain Ferret and the Jungle Bungles

Never enough time to bang your drum? Bored and lonely? In desperate need of a good laugh? Worry not for the answer is here! You can get your very own set of steel drums at Fun For All in Jungle Bungle in Fantasy Faire!

Xavian Starsider: “While you’re enjoying the soothing music folks, allow me to shill shamelessly! These steel drums are paw-crafted by a specialized team of underpaid hamsters, made of stainless polished plywood, and have a 50,000 mile warranty. They contain 21 songs and are expandable when I release more songs, they synchronize with all nearby drums regardless of owner or version (tinies, humans and petites can all play together as you can see), and you can put out multiple copies to share with your friends. All this for only 325 lindens, in Jungle Bungle. And that’s not all because that 325 lindens is all going to Relay for Life! Those underpaid hamsters won’t see a dime of it.”

The free calypso hats and many wondrous outfits can be found in the store as well. My steampunk bunny look was complete with goggles, but… hat! Matching hats are important for a band. Except apparently for Captain Ferret, but he can be forgiven. After all, he put the band together.

The tiny toy drum and xylophone are from there as well! I cannot speak for other band members and what they were otherwise wearing, I was too busy banging drums to ask!

No matter if you have paws or hand or other appendices, get theeself new drums to bang!

Fantasy Faire: Drums, instruments, tiny clothes, other miracles by Fun For All (Jungle Bungle Sim)

Tiny Bunny Avatar: WynxWorks

Squid Punk

It almost sounds like a band-name, doesn’t it? This particular piece of mer-attitude rose from the sea determined to prove that you don’t have to make any sort of unpleasant deals to gain legs. Learn the spells yourself!

“It’s all very well and fine, floating about in the sea, summoning jellyfish to play with, but eventually it gets boring.” The summoning horn is by T R I D E N T Jewelry and you can gain the possession of it in Shadow’s Claw of Fantasy Faire. The squid shell that I absolutely had to get is by Panda Express and available in Siren’s Secret. Goody-two-fins mermaids can keep their tails!

“Even the fact that your perfect hair matches with your shell brings you no joy, shiny lights seem dull…” The hair is one of the RFL-items by Wasabi Pills, Hawk2 in crystal violet. Hawk2 and Hawk (without the braids in front) were released for Fantasy Faire, both the RFL crystal versions and the normal colours can be found  in The Tides.

“The shinies of the world above are much more intriguing!” Obviously when a creature of such attitude as the squid sorceress gains legs, she adorns them with kick-ass wanderlust-boots by Lassitude & Ennui. You can grab these purple ones from her RFL-vendor in Jungle Bungle. The summoning horn has been changed into a belt version to keep it easily available.

“And now this jungle is mine! No, I will not cackle. ‘s bad manners.”  The punksy Teeloh-hair is another new release by Wasabi Pills, also available in the Faire. Perfect for those kick-ass moods. The wisteria-skin by The Plastik is one of the exclusive elven ones she has in her booth in the Ruins of Nu Orne and I decorated it with an awesome freebie tattoo by Favourite Genes. You can find the gift in Siren’s Secret.

The squid sorceress swam about in the seas of Siren’s Secret, then rose to land to conquer the jungle of Nu Orne.

Squid Sorceress:

Fantasy Faire: Skin: The Plastik – Aleria://Elven-Wisteria;Hellish | Eyes: The Plastik – Aleria Collection;//Hypnotique-Pur | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk2 Crystal Violet | Shell: Panda Express – Nautilust Violence | Horn: T R I D E N T Jewelry – Trident Triton Horn II F | Tattoo: Favourite Genes – FF Arcane Tat Body 

Other Credits: Pasties: Cynful – Skull Pasties | Poses: Olive Juice – Sassy 4 / D.Luxx – Vogue 10

Punk Sorceress: 

Fantasy Faire: Skin: The Plastik – Aleria://Elven-Wisteria;Hellish | Eyes: The Plastik – Aleria Collection;//Hypnotique-Pur | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Orchid | Belt: T R I D E N T Jewelry – Trident Triton Horn II Belt F | Tattoo: Favourite Genes – FF Arcane Tat Body | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Wanderlust Purple

Other Credits: Pasties: Cynful – Skull Pasties | Pants: Sn@tch – Backstage Croc Pants Purple | Poses: Astalianda – Up 2 / Niqotine Poses – KMGM18 (Point)

Come Get Your Fantasy!

Yes, Fantasy Faire is finally open. As I was squeeing my way through the sims I couldn’t help wondering how to make people see that you really -can- make anything you can imagine in here, how our pixel world does not have to be formed of clunky prims from 2006 textured pre-shadows, how it can be so beautiful that it beats any game environment ever, how… you get the idea. So. I took pictures!

The Tides (Alia Baroque): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Ruins of a lost seafaring civilization, a visual delicacy for those favoring classic Greco-Roman aesthetics.

Siren’s Secret (Elicio Ember): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Sea creature refuge for all the little mermaids, squid sorceresses and deep gods.

Devil’s Locket (Lauren Thibaud): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Arabian Nights settled on volcanic islands, home of the mysterious firegems… and the mechano-elephant!

Shifting Sands (Kayle Matzerath): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

The Sands of Time are spilling, there’s limited time to shop in the bazaar… I mean, save the world!

Jungle Bungle (Mayah Parx): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Chocolate lake, candy paths, dancing trees — everything fun and whimsical.

Meandervale (Sharni Azalee & Marcus Inkpen): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Meadow of giant butterfly windmills and relaxing wandering.

Ruins of Nu Orne (Elicio Ember): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Lost stone city of an ancient civilization, now covered by a forest even more ancient.

Shadow’s Claw (Laufey Markstein): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Mountainous pine forest of more medieval fashion with a name strongly hinting at dragons…

The Fairlands Junction (Saiyge Lotus): Bigger Picture | SLURL

The pathways to all the other areas as well as location for events and auctions.

All the bigger pictures are raws from in-world, I didn’t touch them at all. They are also current screen-size, so they are rather big. The maps list where you can find your favourite designers to transform yourself sim-appropriately and slurls are rather self-explanatory.

I also want to point out that to battle the inevitable faire-lag, Fallen Gods Inc. and Wasabi Pills have set out these wonderful PG-skin & hair combinations at every port-in. For free. For both genders. Go naked in style! Convenient parchment covering is where it’s at.

“Lag is someone else’s problem,” said the adventurer while lounging on the mechano-elephant. “Now what is this I keep hearing about a quest…”


The Good, The Bad and the Tiny

It sounded better than Various Butterfly Ladies, don’t judge! All the said ladies are wearing dresses by Evie’s Closet and all of the said pretties are available tomorrow (April 21) when Fantasy Faire opens its doors at noon SLT. You can spoil yourself all but rotten with fantasy and help American Cancer Society at the same time!

I took all the pictures in the faire sims: the red gowned lady posed in The Tides, the wicked lady in Shadow’s Claw and the tiny fairy princess in Meandervale. I am warmly recommending taking your time and exploring the sims, all of them are gorgeous, representing various sides of fantasy extremely well.

The hair with all the butterflies is by Yasyn’s Odds and Ends from the Crazy Hair Hunt, which is still going on for the whole of April. I loved its casual updo style with all the glowy regal butterflies, perfect for the Greco-Roman lady in red. The red Elora II gown is a pre-release and the other colours will be released on a later date. At the moment this is the only colour out and conveniently available in one of Evie’s RFL vendors.

The golden little fairy princess flittered about admiring the gigantic butterflies and fruit, glad of her wings (one version flaps only when you fly, brilliant!) since that way she can never trip in the hem of her gown… not that she would! I added Monique by Wasabi Pills’ petite hairdos to the look, goldielocks with an ickle braid. Perfect.

I obviously had way too much fun with the wicked butterfly lady. The Lenka dress is a new release, the other colours are for sale in the faire as well, but this darker Henbane-version is in a RFL vendor. The hair is Evie’s as well, her prize from the Crazy Hair Hunt. Since this lady obviously needed more butterflies, I added Evie’s new butterfly crown to it as well. I’d also like to point out the Thassa-necklace — better visible in the triptych — by T R I D E N T Jewelry. Such delightfully coincidental matching with the thorned mask! The horns by ~Illusions~ are an old hunt gift, but fortunately Siyu has placed several other curly horns for sale in the faire so you’re not left wanting! Last but not least — I spied with my sim-oggling eyes that [ni.Ju] had these claws available in the faire as well. Go forth and enjoy the stories: others’ and the ones you create!

– Greco-Roman Lady in Red in the role of Good: 

Fantasy Faire: Dress: Evie’s Closet – Elora II Ruby 

Crazy Hair Hunt: Hair: Yasyn’s Odds and Ends – Effervescent Chrysalis

Other Credits: Skin: Pink Fuel – Ember <Milk> – New Blood | Eyes: The Plastik – Aleria Fool-Flare | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Mardi Gras Elegant (eyeshadow) & Falu Red Glace Lipcolor | Pose: Glitterati – Drink 4

– Petite Princess in Gold in the role of Tiny: 

Fantasy Faire: Dress & Wings: Evie’s Closet – Elizabeth Golden

Other Credits: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Pale Natural | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique Golden | Pose: aDORKable Poses – Chill 2

– Wicked Butterfly Lady in the role of Bad: 

Fantasy Faire: Dress: Evie’s Closet – Lenka Henbane | Butterfly Crown: Evie’s Closet | Necklace: T R I D E N T Jewelry – Thassa Necklace IV Black

Crazy Hair Hunt: Hair: Evie’s Closet – Butterfly Effect Hair

Other Credits: Skin: The Plastik – Lionheart Pale Serial Killer | Eyes: Repulse – Demonic v3 Eyes (Red) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Tattoo mask: Sn@tch – Thorns Makeup Red | Lips: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Bella Vetro Gloss [Guardsman Red] & Clear Lipgloss | Claws: [ni.Ju] – Black Tipped Claws | Horns: ~Illusions~ Cylindriculus Horns | Pose: D.Luxx – Pencil 06