On the Edge

Or the Faun Who Wanted to Fly. It all started when I got a surprise review copy packet from Annabelle Couturier of ~Cannibelle~.  From all the things in it one thing immediately called to me: Efa-tattoo of birds. I love feathers, I love birds, I love flying. Yes, even the plane type. Most of all I love the -idea- of flying, real flying, having wings and soaring. But first the faun — and every little bird — has to take the step over the edge.

The faun legs, tail, horns and wings are by Favole from A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt. The claws are an old hunt gift by [ni.Ju] and I added bangles by Mandala to them. The white skin with the black mask is by Nuuna, as is the tattoo that crosses eyes and then goes down the face and body.

Falling through the dark skies required a bit more clothes, so I put on the rest of the Buckle Up outfit by Violent Seduction. Eyes are by Repulse and the hair is one of my all-time favorites from Deviant Kitties. I’m not sure if it’s available anymore or not. The poses are by Niqotine Poses (1&3) and PurplePoses (2).

Falling isn’t so scary once you make up your mind and dive, instead…

Twisting (N)evermore

Another year, another March, another Twisted Hunt — this time the cubes are red and the theme is Nevermore. This means a lot of squee for red, black and feathers~ As usual, the prizes were full of awesome and too plentiful to fit into one blog post, so I present only some of my favorites in the form of the Raven Sisters.

“Tell us, wise grandmother, how do we free our sister? She’s been lured into a trap by humans; betrayed, caught and caged.”

The Eldest of the Raven Sisters is asking for guidance, hovering in the air in the pose included in the chair by Lemons & Cream. The rug and the plant are also a part of the set. The Hellraiser pedestal with a non-red cube is from Archaic. The skull on the chair (to hide the poseball) is by Tay’s and the red cube & raven are one of the extras from Lemons & Cream. The Nevermore Mansion (the frame is a part of it) is from Malfean Visions.

Look at the frame again. See the shadow of the murdered woman? That’s not a shadow nor a part of the painting, it’s a prim shadow by Likka*House attached to the back of the Eldest. She’s wearing an outfit from Bad Juju, gloves & bracelets by Loulou&Co, hat by Delaney’s, hair corsage by Bliensen + MaiTai and necklace by CoLLisions. The awesome crow feet are by Gilded, skin by ^Re.Birth^, face tattoo by Bubble and hair by Souzou Eien.

“Grandmother said only this, dear sister: ‘No shame in getting caught, only in not getting out. She is a Raven.'”

The middle one of the Raven Sisters brought the word to the youngest. There is no lock to keep a raven in. If you don’t believe me, read this. The crow in a cage is by DV8, a part of the Evil End Game prizes. The crystal ball with a red cube on the mantlepiece is by Lemons & Cream, one of the extra prizes. Everything else in the house, including the house itself, is a part of Raven’s Chamber, a wonderful prize from Michigan’s Shack.

This particular Raven Sister is wearing an outfit by Blue Blood, a raven mask by Souzou Eien, cameo necklace by Sacred Roses, skin by ^Re.Birth^and hair by Bad Juju. The hair wasn’t a hunt prize, but an extra for sale for 10 lindens. I couldn’t resist. The pose is Mela’s.

“And now that I’m out, it’s time for revenge! I’ve memorized their faces, their habits, their addresses, their very souls.”

Here’s the Youngest of the Raven Sisters fleeing her gilded cage. The little garden is built inside the Parliament of Rooks by Curvasive Designs. It consists of the gilded cage by Trident, a bench and curtain by Dolome Designs and extra flowers (there were some with the cage) by Oddment.

The Youngest is wearing… not much, what with recent shapechange to freedom, but there’s a very sharp knife between her lips by Virtual Insanity! Surely that counts? No? Well, there’s also a necklace by DV8 and bracelets by Mia’s Gems. The feather pasties are a part of the skin by b[ELLE]issima, the rest of the scribblings on her skin are a separate tattoo layer from CoLLisions. Her hair is by DV8, wings are by Favole and the circling flock of accompanying ravens of doom are by ImmateriA. She has the same crow feet as the Eldest (by Gilded), although they’re not much visible. Pose is by Niqotine Poses.

What do we learn from all this? Be nice to ravens. You might forget what you did, but they will not. Ever.

Twisting Away~

Yes, it’s September again. Yes, that means there’s another Twisted Hunt going on. Yes, it’s almost October and I’m late with blogging. *coughs* I blame FFXIV beta. In fact, I foresee a lot of non-bloggingness in my future. <.<

But I simply -have- to post something about Twisted! So here, my favorites from this round…

This time the cubes are orange! Yes, that means a lot of orange in clothes and accessories and whatnot. And in this curiously enchanting skin from Leonine. It had tattoos on it and despite being orange it was strangely beautiful. The eyes are from MaXeyes. The hair is from Waka & Yuki and not a part of the hunt. The small dress with enough sheer option to let the body tattoos show through is from DragonLady’s Closet. The choker of skeletal hands is from Goth & Beautiful Designs (and a part of an another outfit). The monocle is from Tree House Treasures and the bone umbrella from Yellow JesteR. The picture is taken in a haunted house from A Netherworld.

The theme of this round’s was Spooky. There were plenty of haunted houses and some ghosts, but of course also witches. The skin from F’ed Up isn’t really that green, I admit having played with the light, but it just worked so perfectly with the look. The eyes are from Nightshade’s gift and the small cobweb tattoo on her cheek from Sassy Kitty Designs. The facial piercing is from Virtual Insanity, hair is from Waka & Yuki (not a part of the hunt) and the hat is from Federschneider. The wings are from Favole, the broom with the kitty from Deviant Designs and the outfit and the boots are from DV8.  The eyeball is a part of a Fleshcrafter’s Sentinel tree from Malfean Visions and the picture is taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

And this is of course the spookiest thing ever. We all know there’s nothing scarier than clowns. Absolutely wonderful avatar from Djinn & Tonic and .44 Caliber. Killer Clown avatars for both genders: skin, shape, eyes, hair, clothes and axe! I’m using Sonya’s own shape in the picture, though, she complains if I change it. <.< Oh, and the rings & nails combo is from Virtual Insanity, the pose from Del May and the picture is taken in a twisted cottage from XIII. On that note, I used lashes from Butterfly Kiss Boutique in all of the pictures. I think they were a part of the Endgame prize.

And that’s all, folks. For now. *grins* I’m not doing any hiatus announcements since knowing myself, I’d get a sudden irresistible urge to blog exactly one week after that, but… if I’m silent for a long time here, you know why!