The Secrets of Fae Magic


“Let me tell you a secret,” the lavender fae whispered. “Let me tell you how we fae fly.” She paused, taking to air without as much as a flicker of her petal-covered wings. “The wings have nothing to do with it. Not anymore.”


“We fae can draw in ambient energies of imagination, we breathe it in, sense it in our surroundings like sunlight on skin. Just like daystar warms us, imagination and inspiration give us power.”


“We channel it and transform it into magic of another kind, of lights and music, of flight and sparkles, and most importantly; we channel it into dance. We laugh, dance, fly, live. They are the same.”


There’s no better place to learn to fly and dance than the Fairelands. Fantasy Faire invites you to indulge and experiment with transformations, with magic of inspiration and imagination.

Scene: Lucentia in Fantasy Faire

Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll v2 Crystal Pure (blkbrow)
Eyes: IKON – Immortal Eyes Passion
Hair: .Olive. the Sweetpea Hair RARE
Eyeshadow: Musa – Eyeshadow Wei Wisteria* at FF The Golden Delta
Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ammonite
Mesh: Maitreya Lara Body, Slink Hands & Feet

Dress: !dM deviousMind Arabesque Lilac FF2016* at FF The Golden Delta
Petals: NAMINOKE – Sakura Petal Dress* at FF Echtra
Headpiece Flowers: Belle Epoque { Prue } Headpiece* at FF Breeze
Headpiece Antlers: Spyralle – Lightbearer with headpiece* at FF Serenity
Necklace: Frippery~Spirit of Fantasy Faire* at FF The Golden Delta
Particles: Cole’s Corner – Sea Sorcery (Mage)* at FF Lucentia

Poses: *Eternal Dream* Free Spirits* at FF Breeze

The Year of the Bunny

Ozimals and Magic of Oz are organizing a new hunt to honour the starting year of the rabbit in Chinese calendar. The hunt system is similar to their previous ones: pick up a basket, click spawning things (this time gold coins) until your basket is full, then pick a shop from a blue menu and once you have gone through all of them (there are sixteen), you can start locating the shops on the sims. Some of them are in Magic of Oz, some in Ozimals. Once you have found the right shop, wear the Chinese Good Luck symbol that you got from the blue menu and click it to receive your prize.

And without further ado, here are some of my favorites~

There’s an adorable little bunny sales skyboxish thing from +mocha+, I took both pictures there. The I Love Bunnies photo prop is from Jolly Farm. The red lapine frock coat is from Silent Sparrow and the cute rabbit drawing that you can hold in your mouth is the result of Sanu’s calligraphy pen (another mouth item). You can click it to receive the drawing. Schadenfreude gifted two pairs of bunnyflake eyes, wearing the green ones in this one and brown ones in the lower one. Bodysuit (Sn@tch), leggings (COCO), skin (Djinn & Tonic) and hair (lamb.) are not a part of the hunt.

And then to something completely different! I had to even change the shape for it to work with this dress, it’s obviously designed for more lithe, girlish figures than what Sonya usually has. The dress, fun boots and the colourful bunny sleeve tattoos are all from katat0nik, who had two separate gifts in this hunt. The bracelet is from Frippery and the bunny bench is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations. Skin and hair are not a part of the hunt. The hair is from Curious Kitties, another funny Year of the Bunny gift. I’m foreseeing this to be a good bunny year, yesyes. <.< The skin is from Plastik and it’s just 75L for this weekend’s Lazy Sundays. Its price will hop back up after that.

Go forth, hunt and enjoy~