Starlet and the Space Trade

It is more than slightly alarming to be approached by tiny green men in a flying saucer in the middle of the shooting of your latest pre-historical film. What do they want? Where’s the security? Surely they’re not a part of the plot, the ancient records state there was no hover-technology yet at the time!

cyberstarlet1bsOhh, they are fans wanting a picture and an autograph! Very well, guess it’s alright this once, although the security is still getting fired afterwards, these perfectly historically accurate looks are expensive, cannot let just any-being fly in on the set.

cyberstarlet2bsThey are definitely forgiven since they brought a present: a special breed of space hedgehogs, mutated into ice cream. Now the question is whether to keep it around as a pet or to eat it… Thank you, tiny green fan, perhaps we could come to an agreement about more ice cream animals for more pictures?

cyberstarlet3bsThe aliens by *MishMish* flew in from The Garden, the buildings by L2 Studio can be found from The Gallery Gift Shop, the seat by Digs/Di’s Opera and the ice cream hedgehog can be purchased in the Atelier Kreslo’s Festival and the dress by :{MV}: is from the current round of Genre. The character-defining hairdo is a new release by Zibska.

Scene: Buildings: L2 Studio – Kowloon Memory | Seat with Poses: Digs/Di’s Opera – Read & Rest Seat Pearl | UFO & Alien Fan: *MishMish* – UFO & It’s Aliens Holding Photo | Hedgehog Ice Cream: Atelier Kreslo Festival: anc’s Bubble gum

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley Opaline Lid 03 dkbrow B | Eyes: Pin Me Down – Aniara* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eye Stripe: +Nuuna+ – Azen makeup Aqua | Lipstick: Zibska – Anya Nine* | Lip Stripe: Pin Me Down – Lip Markings 6* | Hairdo: Zibska – Bibi Black* | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant | Nails: Pin Me Down – Neons*

Outfit: Dress: :{MV}: Dragon Lady Teal | Tights: GALLACTIC – Sheer Circuit Cyan* | Boots: GALLACTIC – Circuit Knee Boots Cyan* | Jewelry: MetaTheodora – Rainbow Format Bracelets & Earrings* 

Poses: Part of the seat by Digs/Di’s Opera.

Summer Sailing

I was tempted to call this post Sailor Cute, but I actually never watched Sailor Moon so my ability to make connections would have ended at the names. Regardless, this bikini by katat0nik is seriously the cutest sailor outfit ever while also being the most standout bikini of this summer. So much love.

My magical familiar companion is played by my meepet Lumi, modelling various funny Hair Fair gifts. The colour-change-scripted sailor hair is by Tameless, also a fair gift. Hair Fair is one of the best events for freebie-hunters, almost every booth has gifts to spoil us. My favourites tend to be the silly ones, it’s like a mini Crazy Hair Hunt.

The shed is a freebie by L2 Studio from the hunt at The Gallery Gift Shop. The decor is a mix from those hunt loots, the temporary closing sale at Concrete Flowers and this delicious drink by Poche from Okinawa Summer Festival.

I think in the end Sailor Cute decided that magical familiars do not need wigs to perform their sidekick duties, but I’d like to remind you that children do. Hair Fair is of course about several sims worth of new hair releases and gifts, but it is also about Wigs for Kids. By now the lag should have calmed down on the sims, so go buy all the things!

Credits – Scene: Building: L2 Studio – Rustic Garden Shed (30 prims + 1 prim flower box) (TGGS Hunt) | Fish bowl purse: *MiuMin* – Kintoto Lovers (TGGS Hunt) | Vase: Concrete Flowers – Dandelion Love Vase | Drink: Poche – Tropical Drink (Okinawa Summer Festival) | Snuggle Birds: Concrete Flowers – Throwable Snuggle Birds

Credits – Sailor Cute: Skin: Pink Fuel – Alena <Sugar> Classic (dkbrow) | Eyes: Amacci – Hair Fair 2 big (HF Gift) | Hair: Tameless – Anita All Colors (HF Gift) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eye makeup: Tableau Vivant: Blue makeup (TGGS Hunt) | Bikini & Hat: katat0nik – Sailor Bikini (blue) | Necklace: Concrete Flowers – Cherry Necklace (freebie) | Poses: WetCat – Modeller 3 /Estetica – Down by the Bay / LAP – TC-Timid Girl PR4 (+ holding pose from bird tray)

Credits: Roo Hairs: 1) Hinako Hair – an&subomi Hair Fair 2012 Mocha | 2) +LALA Moon+ Dachs Hund | 3) Bliensen + MaiTai – Darjeeling Hair (All three Hair Fair gifts.)




Various Ways to Fall

The Seasons Hunt has started again and it’s full of fun and fabulous fall! I really call the season autumn, but fall is so much more fun to pun with. (Well, really I call the season syksy, but that’s even more difficult to pun with!)

The more casual way to fall is of course having piles and piles of colourful maple leaves to play with! The tree, pumpkins and the poses within it all are from Glitterati. The awwtastic bird house is by Molto Bene. The hat & hair combo is by, the warm sweater dress is by AddiCt and the colourful leggings by Magic Nook. I used brown eyes by Insufferable Dastard for both pictures and for this picture accompanied them with cute acorn necklace by Concrete Flowers. All of this from the hunt. The bubbles-rings by .( bewildebeest ). are really one of my goes-with-everything favorites and I used one in both pictures, as well as anjum-earrings in the lower one. Much ❤ to Coyo, yes~

If playing outside is not your thing, you can fall inside, too. I confess: I’ve wanted that fur stole by Mimikri since last winter. When it hit Dressing Room Blue, I owned it pretty much immediately. Obviously I had to make a vintagey look for it so I used a dress by Ingenue with it. The nifty cinnabun-hair called Leila by Milk Motion was just the right amount of sophistication with just a touch of quirk. The dress and the hair are also from the Seasons Hunt, as well as the house by L2 Studio, seat with books by Vespertine and the hand warmer by TOSL that I set on the seat. (I love it, it looks like there’s a marsupilami hiding in it!) The tights by Le Poppycock and the patchwork boots by Lassitude & Ennui are not a part of the hunt, but definitely squeetastic and fall-fitting. Pose by Olive Juice and skin by League, as usual~

Oh, and absolutely randomly: no post-processing whatsoever on either. Hurray for SL sometimes working like intended!

Bad Sun: Study in Pixels

I’m not a huge fan of sunshine, more of the hiss-bright-melting variety. Not that I’m that big a fan of -30 Celsius frost either, mind you. But. This is about sun and how I suddenly knew exactly what kind of a post I’d make with the three hunts and some I’ve been meaning to blog. The hunts in question are: Seasons Hunt: Summer, Waffle Fox Hunt and Poupee Hunt, all full of awesome things that I’ll no doubt return to later.

Let’s start our story! Here’s our oblivious heroine on her way to the beach. She has a new summer dress by Paper.Doll (SH), hair covered by butterflies by Shag (SH) and a new bike by What Next (SH). What could possibly go wrong?

Skin is by AddiCt (SH) and the adorable waffle rings are by EY.NO (WFH). The house is by L2 Studio (SH), the paintings, deck chair and pillow by LISP Bazaar (SH) and the adorable puppy girl doll by Naminoke (PH).

Settling on the summer swing by Glitterati (SH) and indulging in a berry drink by Poche (RandoMuseum), lounging about in the sun, ignoring the worried looks that the lifeguard gives her, perhaps even dozing off…

Yes, I know, Gmok the Wise by Herbalys is an old hunt gift and has nothing to do with all these hunts, but he was so perfect to play the lifeguard part! The fun lifeguard tower is by Molto Bene (SH), the bikini by Doppelganger Inc. (SH), hair by Raw House (SH) and the sunglasses by Pididdle (SH). Skin is by The Plastik and it’s one of the many shades available in today’s 50L Fridays.

The next morning wasn’t so good, no. Even the bunny in the bed by Art Dummy! (PH) was listless and despairing and the nommy breakfast by Cluttered Flowey (SH) failed to cheer her up. The sunburn skin by My UglyDorothy (PH) was pretty much perfect for this, especially with the addition of extra sunburn and sun screen by Tres Blah.

The top is a part of Tres Blah’s prize and the shorts are by The Secret Store (SH). Hair is by Plume (SH) and I used Exile’s hairbase with it. The bangles are by LaGyo (SH) and the house is by Doremi (PH).

Having learned her lesson our heroine is recovered and remembers to have a parasol of some sort no matter where she goes. The adorable Totoro’s summer umbrellas are by duboo. (SH) and she shares one with a mini-Gmok who is obviously coming with her for a ride on her scooter by (pda) (SH).

Skin is by Belle Morte (WFH), top by Ingenue (SH), scarf skirt by graph* (PH) and the background is a part of the tropico skybox by Umwelt (SH). Hair with roses is a freebie by Plume and the hair decoration is by Clawtooth (SH), bangles still by LaGyo and same as earlier. Eyes in all the pictures have been by Insufferable Dastard (SH) in various tones.

What have we learned from this? Use sun screen if you’re lacking in magical parasols, sip your fruity drinks in the shade and always, always listen to strange magical creatures.


It’s time to peep! Alternatively, it’s time to see how much stuff I have in my ‘sort’ folder. So, here’s a combined post about Easter, spring, bunnies, chicks, peeps and apparently also of dubious substances!

We’ll begin the story with this demure look and peeps hiding in the corner…

Everything looks somewhat normal, right? The bunny-masked girl is about to give a kiss to the lil chick, her pet bunny is admiring the new bunny bag on the couch, birdies in the lamp chirp singsongs, peeps observe silently…

…and suddenly the peeps take over! Obviously during the spring days the peeps have magical powers of transformation and translocation and who knows what else!

They are also …curious little fellows who fully embrace their small size and point of view it offers. Normally such a little peep would get a heel on his nose, but I fear there’s only one creature left whispering in the bun-girl’s ear and it’s a cthulhu…

See what happens when you take advice from miniature Elder Gods! I’m of course referring to the tea growing green, duh. Sonya would like to point out that this last picture is a result of photo manipulation and she would surely never end up in a situation like that. I mean, come on now. The peep is -smoking-! Ick.

That said, have peeptastic and bunnific holiday!

Credits: Most of the things are from The Seasons Hunt and Stash Bash Hunt with some items from one of the Evil Bunny Hunts. All the peeps are by aDORKables (spring freebie) and are awesome fun to play with. The various bun-girls are all wearing skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and bunny face tattoo layer by YaYo (The Evil Bunny Hunt). When visible, the black fluffy bunny tail is by Eat Rice! and hand tattoos are by Pulcino (subscribo-gift). Latte is of course an Ozimals bunny.

Picture 1: Tucson house by L2 Studio, bench & shelf by Little Boxes, bird lamp by Sea Salt, spring hall table by Cheeky Pea, bunny bag by TokiD, bunny mask by (pda), chick & kissy pose by Exposeur and birdy ring by Magic Nook, all of these from the Seasons Hunt. Skirt & belt by The Sea Hole and earrings by Adore & Abhor are from Stash Bash Hunt. The top (worn only partially here) is a group gift by Lo*momo and the hair by Posh is from their 25L sale that continues until Sunday.

Picture 2: The bed growing in the background by Art Dummy, hair by Plume, flowers by Olive Juice and the long necklace by Concrete Flowers are all from the Seasons Hunt. The outfit by Blue Blood and the shorter necklace by Ducknipple are from Stash Bash Hunt. The wagon by Zacca is from an Easter Hunt in SwayLand. The lop ears are by Poetica and what little you can see from shoes by Dilly Dolls.

Picture 3: The hair by Tiny Bird, the table, chairs and flowers by The Loft, the sprout pet by Intrigue Co., the bucket and chipmunk by sur+ and of course the bee (the hunt item itself) are all from the Seasons Hunt. Chocolate bunnie ears and the hopping sakura bunny are group gifts from Curious Kitties. The Easter shoulder Cthulhu is by Avatar Bizarre, the outfit by The Plastik, shoes by Dilly Dolls, faberge egg necklace by WTG, the bun-in-egg next to Latte is by Toast and the rose balcony skybox is a group gift from Lo*momo.

Picture 4: Comodo lounge by MudHoney (Stash Bash Hunt), playboy-bunny outfit by Sassy (The Evil Bunny Hunt) and the tea cup by Flowey (Seasons Hunt).