The Shadows of the Trees

Do the tree-spirits change with the seasons, dryads drop their leaves, turn colourless and shiver in the snow? Or do they hibernate within the slumbering trees, awake only during the warmer seasons of growth?

shadowdryad1csPerhaps they turn into shadows of themselves, greens and browns shift to monochrome, bare branches offering no shelter, only a moment of rest to stubborn little wintering birds.

shadowdryad2csEven their spirits pale for the lack of sun: still tranquil, but now slower, more somber, quieter. Settling in for the cold months with dignity, trusting that eventually the sun will return and the spring draws colours out of them once more.

The Corvo gown with all the branches and tiny black birds is a new release by Zibska. The curlique Baroque earrings by LaGyo can be won at the Arcade.

Scene: Structure: Fallen Gods Inc. – Bloody Mess (old hunt prize) | Tree: Garden of Dreams – Relic Tree 1*

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Onyrica Mimic Black* | Hair: Zibska – Laerke Black* | Eyes: IKON – Witch Eyes Defeat | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious 

Outfit: Gown with Branches & Birds: Zibska – Corvo* | Earrings: LaGyo – Baroque Earrings Black

Poses: Kirin – Florence Pose 3 | Exposeur – Back to Black 3

Sky White, Snow Blue

Sometimes I think I’m pre-disposed to liking that combination just because I live in Finland and it’s so prevalent everywhere: snow covers everything for half a year, the second half the skies and the lakes turn blue, almost only additional mix is the green from the forests. Therefore this is a completely self-indulgent post of finding the combination beautiful.

skywhite1bsThere’s clarity in white: simplicity, purity, visibility. Nothing hidden. Blue is the colour of soothing calm, water’s touch, hue of melancholia, wistfulness. Together they are near-therapeutic to watch: serene, peaceful.

skywhite2bsThe stunningly beautiful near-white skin by Nuuna is available in the Skin Fair. The butterfly-resembling fans in a necklace by Zibska can be found in The Gallery Gift Shop (March 15th) and the delightfully decorated corset by lassitude & ennui will be in the Adore&Abhor Five Year Anniversary Event (March 16th). The barely discernible white lingerie-styled bodysuit by Pale Empress will soon be released as a group gift in Port Seraphine News, which will cover all the shops in the sim.

Scene: Studio Skye – Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Body: Skin: +Nuuna+ Kati Skin Cleavage | Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes Peak XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup & Brows: +Nuuna+ Kati Smokey & Eyebrows | Hair: Analog Dog – Wound Up Winter

Outfit: Corset: lassitude & ennui – Elena Corset blue/silver* | Bodysuit: Pale Empress – Elyria White* | Necklace: Zibska – Kiyomi* | Headpiece: LaGyo – Angelie headpiece bridal

Poses: Poise – Vogue 2* | Exposeur – Female of the Species 3

Hamster Band and Wagon

We’re all on it, the hamster bandwagon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s the dwarf hamster mesh avatars by Beetlebones in The Arcade. This is a new month-long event to be repeated four times a year, it started on 15th and will end on 15th October. The next round after that will be in December. And it’s all about gachas!

I knew I had to have one, because seriously: so much squee! The other must-have for me was the bunny spices. !Ohmai’s gacha is full of various spice jars with different animals on top and spice racks as rare prizes. There’s eighteen different spices so for those wanting a full spice rack that’s quite a job to collect! I don’t have a house, so I had no need to get them all, but obviously I had to have  both bunny-ones just because.

I had to provide my hamster with sufficient noms, so here’s gacha prizes from Love Soul and BCC. A delicious sandwich food tray and a paper bag full of macarons! On the background is a part of the rare prize from the hamster gacha: blue hamster home from an accessory pack. I got lucky and got that on my first try before I even had a hamster! From the same pack came the hamster wheel below.

Here Sway’s piggy bank and D-LAB’s brown skunk observe the running wheel training. Both of them are from the gachas as well. Everything in the surroundings that I didn’t name to be from The Arcade is a part of a birthday fest scene by Garden of Dreams. Tables and seating and noms, birthday cake with text-change, couple and single dances, balloons… it fit the hamster-life perfectly.

You can begin your attempts to weasel into the always-full Arcade here. If you want something very specific and seem to have a bad luck with the gachas, join their group for trading, it’s very handy.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Fest – Birthday* | Hamster house & wheel: Beetlebones – Hamster Accessories (gacha) | Spice jars: !Ohmai – Animal Spice Gacha (Mr. Giraffe, Mr&MsHare, Mr&MsRabbit, MsPanda) | Piggy: Sway’s – Piggy Bank Survivor Pastel Red | Skunk: D-LAB – Skunk head Brown 

Avatar: Hamster: Beetlebones – Dwarf Hamster Gacha Platinum | Hat: LaGyo – Noctum orchyds fascinator (not from the event) | Tray: Love Soul – Food Tray*Sandwich-1 | Bag: BCC – macaron Paper bag grapes

Poses: Part of furniture or the AO that comes with the hamster.




From Harlem to Montmartre

By walking. In heels. Don’t try this in real life! The pictures are taken during a short trip from Virtual Harlem to Virtual Montmartre, both of which are gorgeous sims.

This Wiggle-dress by ~Sassy!~ was amongst my very first must-have-purchases from the Vintage Fair. There’s a great variety of eras and styles in there, but in all honesty this is what I always end up getting. Pencil skirts from the era and styling when classy and sexy still went hand in hand. These are system layer clothes with mesh part replacing old prim parts, perfect for those who struggle with standard sizes. I wish more designers realized that there is actual demand for these at the moment.

Lynn-hair by *Alice Project* was perfect for the lady in red with its sharp bangs and luscious curls. There will be hairflips galore, the attitude is a necessary part of the styling. As are the poses, both by D.Luxx from Vintage Fair.

Vintage Fair covers three sims that are probably rather full still. When you get in, you can find *Alice Project* in Classic and Sassy! and D.Luxx in Retro.

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lips: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Morado Otoro Makeover | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 6 | Hair: *Alice Project* – Lynn Infinity*

Outfit: Dress: Sassy! – Wiggle Dress Wine | Jewelry: Concrete Flowers – Cherry Set | Gloves: The Secret Store – Fine Gloves White | Stockings: Blacklace – Black Sheer Stockings | Hat: LaGyo – Splatter Roses Fascinator Red | Shoes: G Field – Flower Pumps Eve Red

Poses: D.Luxx Poses – The Vintage – Sugar Smacks 05 & Tootsie Roll 09



52 Colours: Aqua Island

Miss Aqua Island turned out to be a somewhat quirky-artsy summer girl with just a touch of vintage. The colour itself is paler-than-aqua blue-grey pastel that I had trouble nailing down from my inventory, so I turned to The Sea Hole to rescue. Once I located this cutesy romper, the character concept was pretty much clear.

I went to pose about in Ely’s sim, since her talents cover more than just pretty pictures: her landscaping is always ridiculously gorgeous. Absolutely perfect for summer pictures for someone like me, who is more about lakes and forests than beach.

The only thing I brought with me for the pictures was this exquisite Victorian sundial by Dark 7. It’s a new mesh release and there’s sundials also for those with more gothic or steampunk tastes, but this one just begged to go with this look so I used that instead.

I also have to squee about the hair — even when it’s mostly blonde — because finding a new (to me) shop that makes cute bobs is always a wonderful moment. The shop is LaViere and this particular bob is one of their new Hair Fair releases. The accessories are a mix of Zaara, Maxi Gossamer and LaGyo. I am completely addicted to all the big flower things by LaGyo and always delighted to get an excuse to wear any. Like now.

Credits – Scene: Sundial: Dark 7 – Garden Sundial Victorian S*

Credits – Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Giselle Light Kajira D | Eyes: The Plastik – Oni Cumulus Pond | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Oceans Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover & Clear Lipgloss | Hair: LaViere – Ambush/Creative Dye Blue tip | Poses: D.Luxx – Pencil 04 / D.Luxx – Pencil 06 / Frozen Panty Poses – HI5-BUNNY-07

Credits – Outfit: Romper: The Sea Hole – Nicosia Sun Suit sky | Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Ashanti Necklace 1 Disk turquoise | Bracelet: Zaara: Vyomini chained bracelet turquoise silver | Flowers: LaGyo – Peonies headband aqua 

The Importance of Coffee

I confess, I’m a coffee-holic. If I’m afk it is most likely because I’m making more of it. The sweet soothing nectar of the gods that doesn’t ever keep me awake against my will, but without which I’d be yawning constantly. What? I live in a country that is pretty much dark for half a year! We need our coffee!

Thus I’m sure no one is surprised about how much I squeed at the Cafe Hunt. Not only was it full of wonderful cafe setting furniture and noms, there was also maid and waitress outfits all over the place. This particular one by izm. was my favorite, though. The tights by Latte and boots by Lassitude & Ennui were not a part of the hunt, I just added them to complete the look for the awesomeness reasons. The vintage home cafe is by Greeny Beetle, the monkey purse by Epic and the pitcher and the furniture by Baffle!, all from the hunt.

“About that important meeting… there are sudden complications. Important complications. Delici- …details later.”

I wanted to also make a look for a customer, and she ended up being rather high vintage style. The Pizazzle mini dress is by {bilo} and the Exile hair and Atomic skin are both from the current Dressing Room Blue. The fascinator is from LaGyo’s sale — at this rate I will own the whole Mademoiselle line soon. The ridiculously delicious looking sweet strawberry pancake tray is by Poche, the coffee break picture by (meberry) and the cafe counter by Zacca.

The skin by Shiva and glasses by Air are from the hunt, but the hair by Love Soul isn’t. I was just in bobbish mood again, so both women ended up in one. Both of them also have Pulcino’s hunt prize eyes, just in different colours. The real star of this particular picture is the cheese cake tray by Nonino, though.

“Yes, I believe I shall be late… for ten… say twenty minutes…”

The gorgeous colour-change necktie by Lassitude & Ennui is a hunt prize as well. The earrings by Miel (subscribo-gift) and fine gloves by The Secret Store are not, but they completed the look so perfectly. The blue phone with the pose as well as the pose in the first picture are from Olive Juice’s closing sale. So much sadness. The hot chocolate fox by [D]oki that I’m pretending is coffee might help in cheering anyone up, though.

There’s always time for a coffee break…

Especially on these Cafe Gamma storage room seating and display by KUE!, I added only some kitchen tools by Bitter Vanilla into the scene. The barista is enjoying her coffee from a red bunny cup by Naminoke.

The Cafe Hunt starts here and the hints can be found here. If you get stuck, the numbers in front of the hints have slurl links to the shops. Enjoy!

52 Colours: Coral

Coral obviously cried for a mermaid. Unfortunately I had done one in nearish tones not long ago and didn’t want to repeat myself, so I went completely another way. The new Miss Coral went searching for corals, but found flamingos instead!

After frantic searching in my inventory, I ended up wearing this gorgeous dress by Broken Doll. It’s an old hunt gift that I just had to keep, despite its very non-sonya-colour. Once I was wearing it, I knew Miss Coral would end up being all sweet and innocent and just slightly curious. She would also end up wading in the sea barefooted, searching for corals. The fitting location was found after plenty of beach and reef check-ups, this is in Las Lagunas.

I was very amused by the matching flamingos, so I played with them a lot. The cute-but-curious look of Miss Coral was achieved with a skin and eyebrow tattoo by ^Re.Birth^, Poetic Colors eyes, Miamai’s tattoo lashes, lip gloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics and slight touch of eyeliner by Mynerva. The gorgeous flowers in the Elikatira hair are by LaGyo, the rings are by .( bewildebeest ). and all the poses are by aDORKable Poses.

Perhaps after Miss Coral gives up on the wading, she’ll retire back to the porch of a seaside manor to sip some ice tea… but for now she is modestly, amusingly wild and willful. Searching for corals, of all things!

52 Colours: Cream

So many jokes to resist, yegads. *coughs* Anyways! This week’s colour challenge is cream. Since I have zero urge to dress up as a wedding cake, I went the other route and ended up in a cream shower in lingerie.

The cream shower is a part of one of my favorite builds ever: caffeine addiction house by Firefly Fashions. I’ve had it for a long time and no doubt it was a hunt gift once upon a time, but there’s just something irresistible about a house concentrated around coffee. There’s practically a sea of coffee on top, with a huge coffee pot pouring more and — yes, you guessed it — also a creamer doing the same. Thus the shower!

Fortunately I also found this coffee cup by Slow Kitchen that is big enough for the creamer! Mmm, coffee. Rampant coffee cup snuggling occurring, yesyes. The lingerie set is by Nyte N Day. I loved how vintagey-modest it looked, giving the whole thing sort of fifties pin-up feel. The Mucha-earrings and Arabesque-ring are among the giftie-pile by Coyo and thus from .( bewildebeest ).

There had to be noms for cream-theme, obviously. The cake and bonbon cube in the mouth are both by KUE! and so delicious looking that they give me cravings. The yellow bow necklace type of thing is by LaGyo and the yellow candy eyes are by A.D.D. Andel. Eye make-up is by Miamai and the lipgloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics.

On second thought, perhaps I should nom the strawberry mousse by Poche myself instead of offering it away… the whipped cream on the nose is by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The perfect blondness moment has been achieved with hair by Sky Everett and cutesy skin by Pink Fuel, fittingly in milk-tone. The pose used in first and last picture is by Olive Juice, the others were a part of the coffee cup. Actually, I think the coffee cup might have been hot chocolate, but the two go together so wonderfully that who cares~

52 Colours: Brick Red

Another brick-related red, this time almost pink in tone. On my screen, at least. I felt particularly uninspired by it, I must say, so I tried to at least find a nifty bricksy place to take pictures in. This was no mean feat since I don’t actually save landmarks with ‘awesome brick build!’ comments. *coughs* However, I did succeed and find a pretty shopping sim with brick buildings! The Nest is a gorgeous wander-and-shop area with plenty of awesome furniture shops, sort of a joint effort on their part to have them all in the same place.

The only piece of garment with the right tones that I had was a mini dress by Acid & Mala. Miss Brick Red refused to wear the dress though and told me she was a pants-wearing girl, so I turned the dress into a top instead. I matched the hair to the boots for a darker tone to frame the top — boots from a pirate outfit by Little Heaven, the hair by Waka & Yuki. Pose by Olive Juice.

I used a skin by Ploom and played with tattoo layers for make-up: Mynerva eyeliner & shadow, Miamai lashes, Esk-Imo lipstick. Bright bangle by LaGyo, red eyes and black pants both by The Plastik. Now that Miss Brick Red is facing us, we can witness one of the not-so-nice side effects of shadows. What without shadows is a perfectly even sharp bangs turns into a notched look like your hairdresser had a vendetta against you. I was despairing about this, I assure you. In the end I decided I liked the hair so much that even that wouldn’t stop me wearing it for this and that actually it gave Miss Brick Red more edge and character. *nods*

The wonderful Bubbles-ring is by .( bewildebeest ). — I love big rings in SL. Too often small jewelry — no matter how delicately made in greatest detail simply goes unnoticed or even unrezed. Rather wear one or two big pieces that show! The cascade-earrings are Coyo’s handiwork as well, all of them review copy gifties~ ❤ The tattoo that is peeking from beneath the top is by Re.Birth, a part of an old hunt gift look.

Now if I could get Miss Brick Red away from the swings and playgrounds I might actually get some furniture shopping done…

Bad Sun: Study in Pixels

I’m not a huge fan of sunshine, more of the hiss-bright-melting variety. Not that I’m that big a fan of -30 Celsius frost either, mind you. But. This is about sun and how I suddenly knew exactly what kind of a post I’d make with the three hunts and some I’ve been meaning to blog. The hunts in question are: Seasons Hunt: Summer, Waffle Fox Hunt and Poupee Hunt, all full of awesome things that I’ll no doubt return to later.

Let’s start our story! Here’s our oblivious heroine on her way to the beach. She has a new summer dress by Paper.Doll (SH), hair covered by butterflies by Shag (SH) and a new bike by What Next (SH). What could possibly go wrong?

Skin is by AddiCt (SH) and the adorable waffle rings are by EY.NO (WFH). The house is by L2 Studio (SH), the paintings, deck chair and pillow by LISP Bazaar (SH) and the adorable puppy girl doll by Naminoke (PH).

Settling on the summer swing by Glitterati (SH) and indulging in a berry drink by Poche (RandoMuseum), lounging about in the sun, ignoring the worried looks that the lifeguard gives her, perhaps even dozing off…

Yes, I know, Gmok the Wise by Herbalys is an old hunt gift and has nothing to do with all these hunts, but he was so perfect to play the lifeguard part! The fun lifeguard tower is by Molto Bene (SH), the bikini by Doppelganger Inc. (SH), hair by Raw House (SH) and the sunglasses by Pididdle (SH). Skin is by The Plastik and it’s one of the many shades available in today’s 50L Fridays.

The next morning wasn’t so good, no. Even the bunny in the bed by Art Dummy! (PH) was listless and despairing and the nommy breakfast by Cluttered Flowey (SH) failed to cheer her up. The sunburn skin by My UglyDorothy (PH) was pretty much perfect for this, especially with the addition of extra sunburn and sun screen by Tres Blah.

The top is a part of Tres Blah’s prize and the shorts are by The Secret Store (SH). Hair is by Plume (SH) and I used Exile’s hairbase with it. The bangles are by LaGyo (SH) and the house is by Doremi (PH).

Having learned her lesson our heroine is recovered and remembers to have a parasol of some sort no matter where she goes. The adorable Totoro’s summer umbrellas are by duboo. (SH) and she shares one with a mini-Gmok who is obviously coming with her for a ride on her scooter by (pda) (SH).

Skin is by Belle Morte (WFH), top by Ingenue (SH), scarf skirt by graph* (PH) and the background is a part of the tropico skybox by Umwelt (SH). Hair with roses is a freebie by Plume and the hair decoration is by Clawtooth (SH), bangles still by LaGyo and same as earlier. Eyes in all the pictures have been by Insufferable Dastard (SH) in various tones.

What have we learned from this? Use sun screen if you’re lacking in magical parasols, sip your fruity drinks in the shade and always, always listen to strange magical creatures.