Gothulon Travel

“Explore the dark reaches of the universe! Come see the space bunnies of Fluffzoid 8!” That’s what the ad said. Absolutely irresistible. There was an adventure to be had! Space bunnies to see! No one said a thing about waiting in line. At least there were comfy gear chairs.


“Excuse me, sir, I would like to book an adventure trip to Fluffzoid 8. Yes, I’ll pay extra for guaranteed space bunny observation. Yes, I’ll pay extra for the camouflage cloak to get really close to them. Yes, I’ll pay extra for… what life insurance? They’re fluffy bunnies! Lepus galaxicus pythonae! Why would I… oh alright, if it’s mandatory.”


“Holotickets securely marked on the genetic display, it’s time for an adventure! The trip seems to take place in adorably archaic saucers of beam transport, guess it involves close experiences of the star systems on the way.”


“Now to prepare these elderberries as bait and all will be absolutely perfect!”

Gothulon Travel at Futurewave might or might not be able to send you to interesting locations, it all depends on the amount of imagination in your genetic compilation. It is fun to visit, regardless! In case you find yourself confused: it is not a shop, it’s an amusement location for hanging out and taking photos in.

A lot of Gothulon Travel is made out of items for sale in Futurewave, like the usb2 tree by 22769 ~ [bauwerk], gear chairs by NeverWish and small flying saucers by Bliensen + MaiTai. As for the traveler look, the eyes and makeup by Pin Me Down, face tattoo and modules by Spyralle, dress by [ SAKIDE ], boots by NeverWish, necklace by Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! and the helmet by Anachron are also all available in Futurewave.

Scene: Gothulan Travel – Futurewave, includes for example furniture from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] (usb2 tree), NeverWish (gear chair) and Bliensen + MaiTai (ufo on table) available in Futurewave, the little green aliens landed over from MishMish.

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll v2 Crystal Pure BlkBrow | Eyes: Pin Me Down – Mecha 3* | Liner & Lips: Pin Me Down – Tri & Metallic* | Hair: LOQ – Caffe Latte Jet Black | Face Tattoo & Decor: Spyralle – Astra Tattoo Green & Sensory Enhancement Module Astra*

Outfit: Dress: [ SAKIDE ] – Leyana Dress White XS* | Boots: NeverWish – Teal/White Wheel Boots* | Necklace: Chaos Panic & Disorder! – Neptune Nights Necklace* | Helmet: Anachron – Harmonic Helmet Glow Bubble*

Poses: N/A | Part of the chair. | Kirin – Nina Pose 4

Bang in Blue

…what? I’m talking of Bangladesh DuPree, a chaotic evil incarnate pirate from Girl Genius, one of my favourite comics. Bang is usually wearing a red sweater and white-red sailor outfit, but this version came in blue, so!

The sweater, coat and cap are the Steam Hunt prize by Contraption. I showed them to a friend, who immediately went ‘It’s Bang!’. After I stopped squeeing, I began plotting this photoshoot, because yes, yes it is.

The magnificent ship is the Steam Hunt prize by The Epic Toy Factory, one of the most entertaining places to explore and hunt in ever. I warmly recommend visiting even if you weren’t interested in hunting.

I completed the pirate look with white pants from Somnia and the Wanderlust boots from Lassitude & Ennui. I even found the perfect skull bindi tattoo from the Marketplace! It’s important to look good when you run around doing horribly violent things on a whim, after all.


Steam the Hunt: Ship: The Epic Toy Factory – Jug-O-Nautalis AirShip | Coat, cap, sweater: Contraption – Maritime Division Uniform Coat & Sweater

Skin: Cupcakes – Dahlia Mocha Sanguine | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes Charcoal | Lashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious | Hair: LOQ Hairs – Mischa Onyx | Skull bindi tattoo: Black Eden – Skull Bindi | Pants: Somnia – Tweed Waders White* | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Wanderlust Boots Black* | Earring: +plus – Circles Earring in Dark Gold | Gun: Wretched Dollies – Steampunk Gun | Knife: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Dismemberment Tool | Poses: TeaSoup – Little Miss Sunshine / Olive Juice – True Blood: Lafayette Renolds (Girl) / Chanimations – (*cane2_kneel

*complimentary copies

Obligatory Elves Are Obligatory~

They’re everywhere! Santa hats, reindeer horns, candy canes, red lingerie, shiny lights… the grid turns into red and green for December. There’s a lot of hunts, events and just straightforward wonderful gifts by designers to make sure your avatar is appropriately dressed. I swear, you could make full 24 looks out of everything that is out at the moment, but here’s just three random yule girls~

And then Santa Roo will appear in the night and bring lots of noms to all the good little roolings…  Of course I had to take pictures with roos, too! I got height-appropriate lil table tree for them from LISP Bazaar, as well as the rug, gingerbread cookies and the couch. There’s a big xmas market going on for all your decorating needs. The house is by Kukuvaya from Project Themeory. I couldn’t resist its multitude of wonderfully decorated and shadowplay-workable windows. ❤

who apparently refuse to go to bed and insist waiting up for the mythical Santa Roo, of course. The adorable hood with the lil horns and birdy and whatnot is from DP Yumyum. It’s so not Sonya, but it was so adorable that I just had to have it. For the roos! Or something. It comes with a blonde hair or without a hair, so of course I added one of my black bobs (this one by LOQ Hair) to it and just modded it to fit. So much love for modable things, resizers really do not cut it for things like this. The pants are by League from the Four Corners Event. Shoes by Lassitude & Ennui, ring by .( bewildebeest )., face tattoo by White Widow (With Love, Again Hunt).

Checking who has been naughty or ohwait. This is SL. Do we -have- anyone who is anything but that? Definitely not in this Gothmasbread House by Urban Forge! It’s a prize in Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt and very fitting for anyone with a sweet tooth and a dark sense of humour. The outdoorsy elf has a hat & hair combo by Zeus (group gift), a mesh sweater by Loulou&Co (Christmas Hunt prize), skirt from the pile of presents in Sn@tch, tights by Aoharu and boots by MiaSnow.

The make-up is by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, their prize in Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt. The coffee mug that the elfy is sharing with a squirrel is by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things, as is the sheep she is hiding behind her back in the first outdoorsy picture. The rings and the horns are also hunt prizes by them from  Where is… Hunt and Save the Animals Hunt. First outdoorsy pose by Striking Poses, the second by TeaSoup.

Anyone who makes a bad pun about tarts and Santa will get it in their face. The tart, I mean. The one on the bed. With strawberries.  This look is dedicated to Ely in defeat. She challenged me to find a sexy santa outfit of awesome and in the end I just put together things that weren’t really meant to be santa-ish at all. The body suit by {bilo} is awesome, though. It’s their Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt prize and I used it with the roos above as well, since it works perfectly as a modest top when need be! The foxy is by Ohmai from Collabor88. It’s gorgeous, it’s wonderfully textured, it looks like fur. Why, oh why are 90% of the fur-trimmed santa outfits in the grid still fullbright glowing time capsuled from 2006 style creations? Someone -please- make a current santa girl of awesome!

Fine, so it is a mistletoe on the bed, sue me. Now to wait for the Santa to arrive…  The bed is a gift from { Mole End } and the stocking and tart are from LISP Bazaar. You can catch a glimpse of stockings by Sn@tch and socks by Paradisis if you squint thataway. The hair is by Love Soul and the horniness is provided by Schadenfreude, one of their old gifts I had hoarded away. I kept Sonya’s default League-skin on in all the pictures, as well as the Redgrave lashes. I changed eye colour sometimes, but all the eyes are from Poetic Colors. (Psst, they have a sale going on at the moment, go shop!) The eye make-up is by Sorry.Asia and the luscious lipstick on the tart and the roo girl is by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics. First tart pose by Ploom, the second by Glitterati.

Enjoy your holidays, virtual and otherwise! ❤

Season of Hair

When I was brainstorming about seasons, which is the theme in the Hair Fair 2011 Flickr Contest I of course had the usual four seasons in mind. I wanted to make snow fairies and summer spirits, harvest maidens and spring fauns. While pondering I was busy cursing the Finnish summer for being too hot! Then it struck me. That’s the seasons as I know them: in the winter it’s too cold and in the summer it’s too hot and they sneak upon me like predators and always catch me wearing either too much or little!

As you can see, I ported back to Alirium Garden for this. I shoved Waka & Yuki’s adorable little black bob with a colour-change wool hat on Sonya’s head, dressed her in Aoharu’s poncho cardigan and even added mittens by VC Designs (from Zombie Popcorn Hunt). No wonder she gained a blush (by Exile) with all that wool. Pose is by TERHO from the time they were still Lazy Places. The glower she’s giving me for this avatar-torture is accidental and I’m sure very genuine.

Then I dressed her in a bikini and hopped on the winter side of Alirium Garden. I’m sure she appreciated the cooling off after all that wool in the sun! …she’s going to kill me, isn’t she? The hair is by LoQ Hairs, flowers by LaGyo and the rose ring by December. Pose is by Striking Poses. Skin is by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave in both pictures.

Disclaimer: Hair Fair 2011 is not, I repeat NOT, open yet. It opens July 2nd.

Summer Blues

In my continuous efforts to battle my inventory in a valiant manner, I decided to put together a couple of summery blue looks from three things either going on at the moment or just about to end. Since I didn’t have new furniture things to show you I instead ported to Alirium Gardens to indulge in summer prettiness.

Summers have never been about beach to me, summer means green forests and blue sky and lakes. Beach is something that happens when you go on a winter holiday to Southern Europe!

As a self-admitted peqe-a-holic I of course had to pick up this little dress from CHIC Management’s first birthday event, CH1C. The astonishing jewelry set is actually a dollarbie by R.A. Crystal and available in the Accessory Fair that started today.  Oops, the bracelet doesn’t belong to the set, it’s a part of a Ganked! set that I picked up during their secret sale. Hair by Waka & Yuki, pose by LAP.

Then the thing everyone’s been talking about: the sale in Zaara. I’ve been running around in this shirt, shorts and bracelet pretty much ever since.Who said casuals need to be boring? The sale is marked as upto 13th June – 12 AM SLT so if you haven’t yet been there and the clock hasn’t yet struck midnight: run! Hair by LOQ, skin by League and eyes by Poetic Colors. Eyes and skin are the same in the upper picture as well. Pretty firefly prop by LAP. This time I’m not an evil sorceress capturing them, so they get to fly free instead~

Spring Shadows

The first week of every month is always such an inventory disaster in SL. All the new hunts and events begin and loots keep piling up! At the moment the big lagfest of a shopping spree is Culture Shock. I’ve managed to crawl through the lag a couple of times now, but no doubt I’ll return. Another squee-worthy thing is Where is… Hunt, which doesn’t seem to have a blog, but the starting point is in Cynful. Third thing I have to mention for this post is that LISP has set a little discount area where everything is 1-10L. Dollarbies were never this cute!

The top from Aoharu isn’t a part of any of those things, but I had to have it. Aoharu ❤ It really comes in two pieces, making it a longer tunic (or a short dress by SL standards), but I love the cropped top. The fruity necklace is by Sweet Leonard (Where is… Hunt) and the feathery hairdress is one of the older group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. (Still available, though.) The frame with the birdy and eggs is from the above-mentioned LISP sale. Pose is by LAP.

Sonya is such a skirt-girl that I swear I’ve -bought- maybe three pairs of pants in all her SL life. Of course I’ve kept more than that from hunts and whatnot, but… still. I don’t know what it says that this pair of high-waisted flared floral pants by Peqe is one of the rare few. I just couldn’t resist the texture and it was the first thing that I yoinked from Culture Shock. I added the necklace top by LeeZu to it and it really doesn’t need anything else to be stunning. The fun feather-decorated bag hanging from the frame on the wall is another of old (still available) group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The noms on the table are sweet rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves, a freebie from Nonino-Zacca for Kodomo-no-hi, Children’s Day. The rest of the furniture is from that LISP sale. The skybox is by Zacca, an old hunt prize. Sonya’s wearing her usual League skin, Poetic Colors eyes and Redgrave lashes in all the pictures, as well as a fun bob by LOQ Hairs.

52 Colours: Periwinkle

Periwinkle was problematic. As usual, I had the colour swatch Luna had posted visible while checking my inventory. Some of the light blues were close match, but nothing really clicked. So I went colour-shopping for the first time since the skirt for Miss Ecru. Periwinkle continued to be problematic. The colours that seemed to match ranged from baby blue to pale lilac. In the end I made the decision based on ‘I’ll actually wear this later on’ principle. *grins*

Miss Periwinkle is a mix of spring casual and sophistication. I’d imagine she walks around in the gardens with that hat on while handsome gardeners tend to the actual plant life. There’d be ice tea with a mint leaf in it and fresh strawberries. Chirpy birds and flittery butterflies don’t even have to be mentioned.

Miss Periwinkle is made out of skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by LOQ Hairs. She’s wearing a summery blouse and shorts by LeeZu and a wonderful summer hat by G Field. The cute tiny branch with a butterfly in her mouth is from a lucky chair in Love Soul.  The pose is by Boxed Heroes, one of their freebie Jean Grey ones. The background has parts of the curtains by North West and the bench by LISP visible, both from the Seasons Hunt.

The Evolution of Sonya

It’s Sonya’s rez day today! She logged onto the grid as a clueless newbie on April 19th, 2008. There’s been breaks from SL during that time — usually to give a new mmorpg a go — but somehow I always seem to return and find new things to squee about. Everything changes so fast and on the other hand, some things never do. Enough familiarity to return to, but enough novelty to intrigue.

I originally compiled these pictures for The Evolution of an Avatar thread in the SLUniverse Forums, but decided to wait with blogging them until now. They were so perfect for a rez day post.

This pretty much covers the first half a year, easily. The small top one on the left is the very first picture I took. Behold the noobness! I was roleplaying in a Vampire: the Requiem game at the time, so white skin was the obvious choice. When the game ended and I stuck around on the grid, I gradually shifted into an ooc-avatar with a human skin from the same maker (Bodies by Oh!).

I found Sky Everett and became addicted to the hairs. (The top right one is Curious Kitties, though.) I also found Evie’s Closet and added her fantasy outfits into my growing addiction list. I learned to use colours! Gothic colours, I admit, but colours nevertheless. This skin carried me from late 2008 to December 2009, after which I felt like I wanted to update it somehow…

Which I did when I found this skin by Djinn & Tonic. My SL style began mixing vintage and rock moments into the fantasy and goth. I also found bobs by various makers — Lamb’s top left and LOQ Hairs’ bottom left. LeeZu, Miamai and Aoharu got their shares of squees as well as Mandala, who continues to kill me with jewelgasms. The lotus chain bracelet combos are probably the most worn piece of jewelry I’ve worn, ever.

When the tattoo make-up layers became widely available, I began twitching about wanting a skin with less make-up. It took actually months of searching and eventually waiting before the skin I wanted was released. I bought League’s Sia almost precisely a month ago and it still astonishes me with its quality.

I thought that I’d wear more make-up with it even on daily basis, but instead I’m actually really happy with the fresher look. Combined with the bobs that are these days my favorite, it feels like Sonya has grown up.

Picture 1, Bodies by Oh! skin in white: (too long ago for proper credits, but let’s see what I remember) Hairs by Cake, Random and Gurl6 (top left, top right, bottom). Top right: ankh choker by Bastchild, stockings by LaPointe, hand jewelry Celtic Myst, no idea of the rest. Bottom: fur shawl thing by Crave, ankle pearls by Bonita’s and the couch by Relic! …yeah, no idea of the rest.

Picture 2, Bodies by Oh! skin in human pale: Top left: dress by Mimikri, gloves by Atsuki Kayo, pearls by Ztique, rose hat by G Field. Top right: dress & gloves by Discord, jewelry by Perturb/ation. Bottom left: outfit by Cynful. Bottom right: dress by Evie’s Closet, boots by J’s. All the hairs are by Sky Everett except the top right from Curious Kitties.

Picture 3, Djinn & Tonic skin: Top left: hair by Lamb, dress by Miamai, jewelry by Mandala. Top right: hair by Sky Everett, dress by Rotten Toe. Bottom left: hair by LOQ, roses by Sn@tch, fur coat by Aoharu. Bottom right: hair by Sky Everett, jacket & tights by LeeZu, mini skirt by League, hand jewelry by Mandala.

Picture 4, League skin: Hair by Waka & Yuki, eyes by Poetic Colors, dress by Miamai, hand jewelry by Mandala, butterflies with the pose by Lauria, orient express skybox by Blue Sky.

Dragons in Vegas

More loots! The setting is The Hollinger Vegas Skybox by La Flat, a gift from The Wild Man Hunt. I must say it’s the first skybox I’ve seen that has been clearly designed for men — there’s even pin-up pictures on the walls and some magazines on the window sill, a fireplace and absolutely no cutesy stuff. The city view was awesome, too. I was so amused that I had to take a couple of pictures there.

The cactus is by Clutter (Plant This Hunt) and most of the look is by Void. There’s a closing sale going on there, no idea for how long, but everything is just one linden per item/outfit. There was a lot of interesting stuff that I had to grab, despite grunge being very, very far from my usual styles. I’d especially like to draw your attention to the kamikaze dynamite belt and the bag with pirate symbols. Oh, and skull boots. And headphones. The hat-hair is by Waka & Yuki, from their latest lucky chair and both hat and hair are colour-change-scripted. What little you can see of socks is an old freebie/cheapie by Edge Grafica. The skin, eyes, lip stripe and armwarmers are by The Plastik. Pose by Olive Juice. The dragon face tattoo is one of the two prizes by Fallen Gods Inc. in Forces of Nature Hunt. (The HUD to hunt with costs 150L and goes to Japan Benefit.)

Here’s the lighter dragon tattoo, obviously worn with less clothes. That’s how you know it’s light. Right? …actually I just needed stiletto-heel and mini-dress therapy after the shorts and stompy boots. Skin, eyes, non-dragon tattoos and the mini-dress are by The Plastik — a part of that huge pile of Fantasy Faire freebies Aikea was giving to visitors during the weekend. Hair is by LOQ Hairs, boots are by Addictia and the pillow with poses is by Olive Juice, a freebie in the Pose Fair. The ring and the bracelet by Kosh are from Project Fur Japan.

So there you have it, dragons in Vegas. One to have fun there, the other to blow up the place to cover their tracks~

Summer Is All About Strawberries~

At least here in Finland. We have a strawberry season for about two months, if we’re lucky. Foreign strawberries don’t taste as good and are a poor substitute, thus no amount of importing will fix this matter. Summer is about strawberries and Finns are like kids in a candy store, buying boxes of strawberries and just noming them as they are. ^_^ …because who could -wait- to make something out of them, seriously? <.<

Anyways! Magic of OzOzimals have a Strawberry Festival going on! It’s not really a hunt since all you need to do is pick up your strawberry basket from Magic of Oz sim, go to for example the little mall area in the same sim and click the strawberries that keep respawning. After every six strawberries you get a blue menu asking which shop’s fork you want. There’s 16 shops involved altogether. When you have a fork (although I’d recommend getting all the ones you want first), you visit their shops in either of the sims, wear the fork and click it when standing near a cake in their booth. Then you get the prize. All of course strawberry themed.

The super cutesy strawberry outfit is from katat0nik, except for the socks and wristlettes from Silent Sparrow. The barrettes are from Blackberry Jam and the cute tag with a red ribbon is from Scribble. The tree with a strawberry light on the left is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations, the barrels from veLveteen and the flower arrangement from ~Houses For You~. Hair from LOQ and skin from Djinn & Tonic are not a part of the hunt~

Random close-up is random! Sanu had provided adorable earrings (and a necklace and a crayon ^^) and Evie had this wonderful wreath. Eyes from Poetic Colors ❤ (not a part of the festival)

There’s cute and there’s cute and then there’s Risusipo. ^.^ They had this bunny tiny with a strawberry dress, a chipmunk tiny with a strawberry dress -and- a normal human woman sized strawberry dress as well! Kahlua is balancing a finch from Schadenfreude on top of her head. They’re really shoulder-pet-birdies, but the dress was rather busy as it was! Cute non-festival related Happy Mood things on the background! (Stump, bunny, birdies~)

I didn’t show off everything, but these are my favorites. Remember, all the shops are in either Magic of Oz or Ozimals sims. Easy and fun — as long as lag doesn’t hit you~