New Eggs, New Friends

“Have we opened them all?”

“You mean have we hidden them all?”

“Um. …yes. Hidden. That is absolutely what I meant.”

These fantastically festive Easter bunnies are hunt prizes in the Magic of Oz Easter hunt that ends this Sunday, so if you haven’t been to Oz yet, you better hurry! The egg with the small hedgie is also a hunt prize, the rest are gacha wins. Eggs and bunnies: perfect spring.

Ozimals – Primavera & Vistoso 2017 Elite Bunnies at Magic of Oz Easter Hunt
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 31 “The Magic of Spring 2017” at Magic of Oz Easter Hunt
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 48 “Romantic Rendezvous” gacha at Magic of Oz
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 36 “A New Friend” gacha at Magic of Oz
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 34 “Jardin du Roi” gacha at Magic of Oz
MishMish – Sweet Short Grass at Collabor88
JIAN Clover Patch at Collabor88

Spring Secrets


“But how do the eggs get into the hooman world?” Cheepy the Third inquired. “We work hard all year with the eggs and flowers and butterflies and the exact right tone of yellow, and then one morning they’re just gone!”

“It’s the Guardians of Spring Secrets,” chirped Squee the Fifth. “Once we’re aaalmost ready, they send out someone to check our work and when they approve they’ll magic the eggs away, just like that! One wiggle of whiskers and swoosh!”


“Not just a swoosh,” Goldiedots the Guardian spoke up, startling the chick workers. “It takes careful calibration of each bush and hiding spot and extremely patient channeling of spring energies. But that-” He paused for a moment, the official tone changing into an excited squee as he hopped next to the tiny bird and egg tree. “Whoooo did this one? This is brilliant!”

Cheepy the Third plopped down next to the Guardian, shamelessly proud. This year spring would be better than ever! The sun would be brighter, days warmer, birds more melodious and bunnies hoppier. It wasn’t easy to make the perfect spring, but by the Royal Tailfeathers of the Jazz Chicken, it was satisfying!


The spring in Second Life would not be a proper spring without the Easter Hunt in Magic of Oz. Go pick up your egg basket and collect your prizes in Magic of Oz! You can read about how the hunt works and preview the prizes here.

Ozimals: Bunny Elite: Spring Dot 2016 – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
~Libertine~ The Magic of Oz – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
~Libertine~ Spring Eggs Gacha 2016 available at Magic of Oz
{anc} happyendpark. color little chick (natural) 5Li at The Arcade (March 2016)
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Eggplant-Rainbow – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
~silentsparrow~ Sweetums – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
Schadenfreude – Sensio Meowlbit – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
+Half-Deer+ Egg of Jewels – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
Cole’s Corner – Moonbeam Aura, Glamour Glitter, Sakura Body Ambience*
The Looking Glass – Dream Fields

The Bunny Painter

“When will the Bunny Painter arrive, Uncle?”

“Nobunny knows, young Splatter. She comes on a whim and a wish, when the spring sounds grow to a melody, when the scents of newgrowth tickle your nose, when the sun warms your ears. You close your eyes for a moment and there she is!


“She paints everybunny colourful to celebrate the soon-summer, all the colours of the flowers and grass and sky and rainbows and birds and plants and stars and-“

“Stars aren’t colourful, Uncle. They’re just sparkly.”


“That’s only because you’re so young you haven’t been painted yet. Just you wait, young Splatter. Just you wait. When the Bunny Painter colours your life, even the stars will sparkle in brilliant glowing tones, alive and laughing!”


“I’ll stay up all night to see the colourful stars! All night! ‘n then I’ll wink at them and we’ll laugh together, the stars and I and the Bunny Painter.”

Magic of Oz Holi 2015 Hunt has started and lasts until April 16th. You can read about it in here or teleport to Magic of Oz, click the big poster to get the hunting platter and go figure it all out, it’s not difficult! The Holi Phalgun Purnima tattoo by Fallen Gods Inc. and the bunny masks by Ozimals are some of the prizes in the hunt. The elite Holi bunny is purchasable for as long as the hunt lasts. As always with the purchasable elites, the colouring is just a coat covering genetically a perfectly ordinary random bunny.

The Bunny Painter has horns and brushes by +Half-Deer+ and hair by .Olive., both available in the Xiasumi School Festival that last until April 21st. The bottle lamps by Happy Mood can be purchased in until April 18th.

The bunlings are enjoying their colourful life on the giant clovers by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, complete with the usual fantastic fantasy-colour options.

Scene: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Giant Clover Set* | HPMD Happy Mood – Lamp Bottles | Ozimals Bunnies, including Holi 2015 Elite and masks on the other bunnies

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll v2 Vamp Pure Black Brow | Hair: .Olive. – the Elisa II Hair Streaks Faded Colors | Eyes: IKON – Immortal Eyes Passion & Sage | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands: Slink

Outfit: Dress: [FAIDA] & Fallen Gods Inc. – Circe Gluttony* | Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Holi Phalgun Purnima* | Horns & Brush: +Half-Deer+ Artist’s Antlers Pastels & Paintbrush

Poses: Kirin – Athena Pose 1, Athena Pose 2, Hera Pose 3

Rabbit Day

It happens every spring: bunny girls appear out of nowhere, wandering around with mysterious baskets with eggs. Are they planting or are they harvesting, one might wonder. Which was first, the bun or the egg? Do they plant the eggs in spring to be harvested as baby bunlings later? Are they responsible for bun-population’s growth like the squirrels tend to trees: by forgetting where they hid their treasures?

rabbitday1bsPerhaps it’s for the best that we do not know, that we get to simply enjoy the sudden appearance of birdies and eggs, flowers and bunlings, signs of life returning.

rabbitday2bsAfter all, it’s better to be completely oblivious in case there’s cunning plots of bunnobility going on. What better time to be crowned as the Leader of All Bunkind than when the population is the largest?

rabbitday3bsThat said: do indulge your bunnies that like to hold odd things on their heads. You never know who you might be talking to!

Ozimals is hosting a wonderfully entertaining Easter-Egg Hunt in Magic of Oz. Port over here, click the poster to receive your egg basket and instructions and start hunting! You can read more about the hunt here. The dress by katat0nik, bangle by +Half-Deer+, sniffing nose by Fallen Gods Inc., burdies by Silent Sparrow and burd-fitting eggs by Schadenfreude are all hunt prizes. The bunnies in the pictures are also hunt prizes: special Easter Elites. As all Ozimals elites, the colouring is just a coat and not a gene: they won’t pass to the new bunlings and underneath the coat is a completely regular random bun.

Scene: First Picture: Magic of Oz | Rabbit Setting: Eggs: Schadenfreude – Burd’s Breakfast < 3 & @, Easter Eggs | Birdies: Silent Sparrow: Lady Burd Dovey, Boi Burd Sunny | Easter Bunnies & Cake: Ozimals – Elite Pysanka Magic & Elite Faith 2014 | Bangle-Crown: +Half-Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle (Bunny) | Strawberry Feasting: Gumi’s Flower Shop – Table Strawberry Server, Ohmai Steampunk Squirrels & Bunnies

Body: Skin: Essences – Clover 01 Pale Dust Brunette | Hair: Analog Dog – Schnapp Natural Black | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 1 | Blush: Zibska – YesNo Two | Hands: Slink – Casual | Nose: Fallen Gods Inc. – Just Sniffing

Outfit: *katat0nik* Cheeky Bunny Dress Black | Bangle: +Half-Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle (Bunny) | Ears: +Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Angelbloom) RARE | Basket: Ozimals Hunt Basket

52 Colours: Jade

My inventory failed to present me awesome jade statues and oriental luxury props. Sadness. Jade really sounds like it should be all that: ancient statues, lost cities, exquisitely carved long pipes (I drooled at the ones in Rozoregalia for a bit, but managed to run before I bought it just for this one picture), hairdos and ornaments reaching for heavens and slinky qipaos with a lot of attitude.

This is as close as I got. Miss Jade told me she demanded at least some sort of gigantic green crystals so I ported to the Emerald City in Magic of Oz. Who knows, maybe the yellow brick road leads to everywhere magical, like a counterpart to roads leading to Rome.

I admit that this might have just been an excuse to go and buy another Tukinowaguma hair, but she needed huge hair ornaments! I turned the whole thing green with the included colour-change scripts. The Miamai dress (old group gift) was such a wonderful metallic sheen of jade that it was the first thing I decided on for Miss Jade. I got her new eyes from the Poetic Colors sale (ends on June 12th) and added make-up by The Plastik. Earrings are by Bliensen + MaiTai, skin by League and pose by Poise.

The Year of the Bunny

Ozimals and Magic of Oz are organizing a new hunt to honour the starting year of the rabbit in Chinese calendar. The hunt system is similar to their previous ones: pick up a basket, click spawning things (this time gold coins) until your basket is full, then pick a shop from a blue menu and once you have gone through all of them (there are sixteen), you can start locating the shops on the sims. Some of them are in Magic of Oz, some in Ozimals. Once you have found the right shop, wear the Chinese Good Luck symbol that you got from the blue menu and click it to receive your prize.

And without further ado, here are some of my favorites~

There’s an adorable little bunny sales skyboxish thing from +mocha+, I took both pictures there. The I Love Bunnies photo prop is from Jolly Farm. The red lapine frock coat is from Silent Sparrow and the cute rabbit drawing that you can hold in your mouth is the result of Sanu’s calligraphy pen (another mouth item). You can click it to receive the drawing. Schadenfreude gifted two pairs of bunnyflake eyes, wearing the green ones in this one and brown ones in the lower one. Bodysuit (Sn@tch), leggings (COCO), skin (Djinn & Tonic) and hair (lamb.) are not a part of the hunt.

And then to something completely different! I had to even change the shape for it to work with this dress, it’s obviously designed for more lithe, girlish figures than what Sonya usually has. The dress, fun boots and the colourful bunny sleeve tattoos are all from katat0nik, who had two separate gifts in this hunt. The bracelet is from Frippery and the bunny bench is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations. Skin and hair are not a part of the hunt. The hair is from Curious Kitties, another funny Year of the Bunny gift. I’m foreseeing this to be a good bunny year, yesyes. <.< The skin is from Plastik and it’s just 75L for this weekend’s Lazy Sundays. Its price will hop back up after that.

Go forth, hunt and enjoy~

Summer Is All About Strawberries~

At least here in Finland. We have a strawberry season for about two months, if we’re lucky. Foreign strawberries don’t taste as good and are a poor substitute, thus no amount of importing will fix this matter. Summer is about strawberries and Finns are like kids in a candy store, buying boxes of strawberries and just noming them as they are. ^_^ …because who could -wait- to make something out of them, seriously? <.<

Anyways! Magic of OzOzimals have a Strawberry Festival going on! It’s not really a hunt since all you need to do is pick up your strawberry basket from Magic of Oz sim, go to for example the little mall area in the same sim and click the strawberries that keep respawning. After every six strawberries you get a blue menu asking which shop’s fork you want. There’s 16 shops involved altogether. When you have a fork (although I’d recommend getting all the ones you want first), you visit their shops in either of the sims, wear the fork and click it when standing near a cake in their booth. Then you get the prize. All of course strawberry themed.

The super cutesy strawberry outfit is from katat0nik, except for the socks and wristlettes from Silent Sparrow. The barrettes are from Blackberry Jam and the cute tag with a red ribbon is from Scribble. The tree with a strawberry light on the left is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations, the barrels from veLveteen and the flower arrangement from ~Houses For You~. Hair from LOQ and skin from Djinn & Tonic are not a part of the hunt~

Random close-up is random! Sanu had provided adorable earrings (and a necklace and a crayon ^^) and Evie had this wonderful wreath. Eyes from Poetic Colors ❤ (not a part of the festival)

There’s cute and there’s cute and then there’s Risusipo. ^.^ They had this bunny tiny with a strawberry dress, a chipmunk tiny with a strawberry dress -and- a normal human woman sized strawberry dress as well! Kahlua is balancing a finch from Schadenfreude on top of her head. They’re really shoulder-pet-birdies, but the dress was rather busy as it was! Cute non-festival related Happy Mood things on the background! (Stump, bunny, birdies~)

I didn’t show off everything, but these are my favorites. Remember, all the shops are in either Magic of Oz or Ozimals sims. Easy and fun — as long as lag doesn’t hit you~