Space Bunny: Guardian of Fluffzoid 8

The thing about the space bunnies of Fluffzoid 8 that isn’t mentioned to the tourists is that their leaders are shapeshifters. One moment a fluffy hoppy thing of bright colours, the next a guardian female of telekinetic powers strong enough to toss trespassers into orbit.


They take their job of guarding their smaller kin seriously: the majority of the bunnies are unable to shapeshift and simply enjoy their curious lives on Fluffzoid 8 sniffing, nuzzling and flopping about to enjoy the suns in the turquoise grass.


What is widely known, however, is that not one single bunny has been taken off-planet in the known galactic history. There are continuous attempts of course, ranging from official zoo and research expeditions to downright pet poaching. They all fail.


Therefore the only way to pet a space bunny is to travel to Fluffzoid 8, follow the safety regulations, bring treats and behave yourself. You never know who is hiding underneath that teal fluff and wiggly nose.

The Legacy of Maul skin by Fallen Gods Inc. is available in We Love RP and the hair by Olive (Sweetpea) can be won in this round’s Arcade. The outfit by r2 is not made for mesh bodies and does not have any appliers, I simply wore it over Maitreya’s Lara and alphad a teeny tiny bit on top. It worked otherwise fine but the boots clipped slightly around thighs in most poses. The body suit and gloves are available in Collabor88 right now.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Space*

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Legacy of Maul Eclipse* | Eyes: IKON – Deadshine Eyes Quicksilver | Hair: .Olive. the Sweetpea Hair RARE | Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara | Hands & Feet: Slink Casual & High

Outfit: r2 A/D/E – Ayame body suit black, Ayame arm warmers black, Kagetsu boots Sheer | Face Implants: Spyralle – Sensory Enhancement Module Astra* | Bunny Ears: Remarkable Oblivion – Super Bass Rab8 Headphones Black 

Effects: Cole’s Corner – “We Are Groot” Aura, Mana Fae Halo, Powder Puff Hand Dancers (blue/white)*

Poses: {Rook} Galaxian 1 & Galaxian 2 Mirror | Eternal Dream Poses – Fata 07

Slithering in the White Nights

Sun is returning from its long sleep. These are the nights to be careful when it barely sets, lingering stubbornly around, threatening the night-dwellers with its radiance without a moment of rest.


We become bound indoors: draw heaviest of curtains, head to the basements, perhaps even journey to south where they still have proper nights even in the summer.


Unless one happens to be either extremely adventurous or inexcusably lazy, or a bit of both. Then you can rely on learning where and when the burning rays draw their blazing patterns and which parts of the terrace are safe for a few hours.


The white nights are warm, the light merely a soft haze instead of invading rays. The sensation — or perhaps the promise of danger in the silent air — makes even borrowed blood run faster in the cold veins, makes long cold limbs stretch and slither and bask in the shadow of the sun once more. Just for the summer.

The body suit is a part of an outfit by SAKIDE and the snake jewelry and shoes are by House of Rain, both available in World Goth Fair. The tattoo by Fallen Gods Inc. can be won in a gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Scene: Home (Private)

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Vamp | Hair: MINA Hair – Selenia Materials | Eyes: IKON – Deadshine Eyes Crimson | Hands & Feet: Slink | Mesh Body: Maitreya | Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Deathcall, Mark of the Ouroboros Black*

Outfit: Body Suit: [ SAKIDE ] Merula Outfit* | Jewelry & Shoes: House of Rain – Save Your Serpent Bracelets, Necklace & Shoes (Slink High)*

Poses: Part of the Justine divan by ~Libertine~

Spring Sparkles

Spring arrives with a flourish, with a sweep of her blossoming hems, with a dance in her step and a promise in her tone.

springsparkles2bsShe emerges overnight to seemingly barren spots, celebrating with every little peeking bud and shy leaf. She sees the truth behind the tiny marks of growth: the sparks flying, the magic happening, the nature’s energies courting each other.

springsparkles6bsEach flower grows toward the light, toward the sparkles dancing in the complicated web that is nature. It all breathes together, connected, like neurons flashing in response to the change.

springsparkles3bsThe trees speak in leaves, in blossoms, whispering their wisdom to the younger plantlife, finding their voice again after the silence of the winter. They speak of growth, of shared life, of sensations so full there’s no separation between where a small flower begins and a grand tree ends.

springsparkles4bsThe nature celebrates: it sparkles in lights and flashes, in blooms and grass, in the sweet scent of life. Human eyes might not grasp all the details, all the colours and sparkling scents, but the nature does. It plays the song of joy with the energies, influencing the mood of even the truth-blind people.

springsparkles5bsSpring has arrived, with a smile and an invitation to join the dance of nature. 

The spring nymph by Fallen Gods Inc. is available in We Love RP event and the giant puffball mushrooms by Cerridwen’s Cauldron are a new main store release. The mushrooms shoot out spores on touch, react to each other and also have a HUD to trigger the reaction with. The result is an absolutely amazing fireworks show by nature.

Scene: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Giant Puffball v2 Set* | forest feast – plume grass blue

Avatar: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Wood Nymph Spring PG* | Hair Flower: Discord Designs – Flora (Flame) | Eyes: IKON – Deadshine Eyes Quicksilver | Body, Hands & Feet – Maitreya Mesh Body Lara | Butterfly Swarm: Balderdash – Flutterbye Swarm | Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears Blix

Poses: [LAP] Spice – She’s Lethal PR4 | N/A | Kirin – Athena Pose 2, Athena Pose 8, Hera Pose 3


Asleep in the draining heat of the sun the moonflower awakens when the night has fallen, turning toward the gentle light of the moon, relaxing in its soft glow.

moonflower1acsThe moon nourishes her with a soothing mix of light and shade, draws her out with luminescent touches that leave her petals glowing with quiet pleasure of existence.

moonflower3csWhat she sees in the shadows under the trees feeds her as much as the quiet calm of the sleeping world around her.

moonflower2csFor moonflowers grow out of silence, serenity and secrets.

The skin by Kooqla and the skirt by Maitreya (it’s a part of a full dress, I just chose to wore only the skirt part for this) are from Designers United 5. The hat and necklace by Zibska are available in the current round of L’accessoires.

Body: Skin: Kooqla – Queens Black w Brows | Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes Light Turquoise XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Alice Project – Tiffani* | Feet: Gos – Barefoot v2 Flat

Outfit: Hat & Necklace: Zibska – Siofra* | Skirt: Maitreya – Hera Skirt & Extension 

Poses: Exposeur – Back to Black 1 M | Kirin – Burlesque Poses Cane Pose 6 | Kirin – Burlesque Poses Cane Pose 4

Zodiac: Cancer

Cancer woman is one of the water signs: emotional, imaginative and creative. She is also the most shy of the three, named fittingly because of her tendency to shield herself under a hard shell, keeping the soft, romantic side well hidden and protected.

cancer1bsCancerians are home-builders, creating their own spaces, sanctuaries, worlds inside the four walls, not unlike they do with their personalities. They are easily sentimental and keep mementos from their childhood, of all the meaningful events, filling their homes with items so linked with their emotions that they are barely just items anymore.

cancer2bsAlthough they often like to dress in layers in a near extra-shell manner, when comfortable and dressed up, the Cancerian woman portrays classic feminine style with natural ease of simply knowing what looks good together. Getting her out of the house for anyone to see this is a completely different matter, though!

cancer3bsCancerians are ruled by the moon and their emotions flow and ebb like the tides. Sometimes they might be too much to handle even for themselves and learning to control and balance the highs and lows is one of their biggest challenges. Once they do, they can fully enjoy their life of creativity in the safety of the home that is an innate part of their personality and being.

The skin by Essences, hair by .ploom., crab plushie by Adore&Abhor and the mirror by The Loft are all available in the current round of Zodiac. The dress is from Maitreya’s sale that continues draining pixel wallets until July 17th. A word of warning on the bed and the two other plushies: they’re from the last round of The Arcade, so no guarantees on their availability anymore. Just fit too nicely not to use.

Scene: House: Kukuvaya – Whitaker Studio | Mirror: The Loft – Wrought Iron Mirror | Bed: Alouette – Tropical Getaway Bed | Plushie crab: Adore&Abhor – Cancer Crabbie Thyme | Other plushies: Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals Sammy the Sabertooth & Petunia the Pterodactyl

Body: Skin: Essences – Cancer Light Rose Brunette | Hair: .ploom. – Zumah Indecisive | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Spring Meadow | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1

Outfit: Dress: Maitreya – Mignon Evening Seashell | Jewelry: [HANDverk] – Burst Set ivory/gold*

Poses: Musa – Gown Pose 013 | Part of the bed. | Musa – Fantasy Pose 047

Greeting Dawn

I don’t often blog casuals, but this gorgeous Ashraya dress by Geometry has my most favourite blue ever: bright, strong and vibrant. Combined with gold and the  decorative textures it fits both humans and more exotic beings easily.

The dress was created for the Ashraya Project and is available there right now.  I couldn’t resist using henna all over, but fortunately bilo has plenty of them for sale. The hand ones are from a gatcha in the second bilo building. I didn’t wander far after getting them, the pictures are taken just a few steps away from the shops.

I adore this new hair by Exile, available in Culture Shock. I’m always drawn to sharp-cut bangs and the asymmetric cut with the wisp of a tail gives it a wonderful twist. The jewelry by Dark Mouse is from her retirement sale. Once the sale ends, the pieces won’t be for sale anymore.

The Ashraya Project: Dress: <Geometry> – Ashraya Blue*

Culture Shock:  Hair: Exile – Groove Theory Raven

Other Credits: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Eye makeup: a.e.meth – Egyptian Glam II (dark blue) | Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Opal Lipcolor Matrix | Henna: bilo – Henna Necklace Swirl, Henna Legs, Henna Gatcha Mandala Top Hand | Shoes: Maitreya – Treaders Exclusive Groupgift Rosewood | Jewelry: Dark Mouse – Stain Glass Blues | Poses: DARE – Relaxed Hand over Head & Balance

Bilo for Beautiful

The word bilo in Punjabi means either cute or beautiful girl. This is more than fitting for {bilo}, which not only finally opened its doors, but is also having an opening sale!

This particular piece of beauty — Nadia dress in fern — is a group gift at the moment. The henna tattoos are -50% and are all based on her own RL henna designs. I grew especially fond of the idea of using leg henna as summer stocking-replacements.

Both dresses are partial mesh. What this means is that the top and pants are system layers and the additional skirt part is mesh. Just like we used to have with prim parts, but better. There’s demos available, give them a go. This is also pretty much the only way to have the stretchiness of mesh without editing your shape at all. For the moment, at least.

These partial mesh solutions finally give us own-shape fitting pencil skirts that work properly. So much love. The jewelry is by Amorous, which has the final day of their sale going on. Hint-hint, rush-rush. The hair by Exile is from My Attic, another last moment warning.

All the pictures are taken in {bilo}, go oggle at the prettiness and while there: get some colours for summer!

Green Credits: Dress: {bilo} – Nadia Dress Fern Group Gift | Leg Tattoo: {bilo} – Henna Legs | Necklace tattoo: {bilo} – Henna Necklace: Swirl | Shoes: Maitreya – Treaders Rosewood Exclusive Group Gift | Ring: je suis – voyante *gemstone* | Earring: Zaara – Anjami Chandelier Gold | Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy Medium | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Verde Otoro Makeover [eye/lip 2] | Hair: Waka & Yuki – Hair New 170 (old Hair Fair gift)

Red Credits: Dress: {bilo} Annaya Red* | Jewelry: Amorous – Antiquarian Chianti Set | Hair: Exile – She Loves You: Raven | Shoes: Nardcotix – Kurvy Ruby Slippers | Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Falu Red Glace Lipcolor [lip  2] | Poses: LAP – Miss Attitude / Diesel Works – PoE F3

*complimentary copy

52 Colours: Eggplant

I’m amused at how many people actually correctly called this week being eggplant in advance. I wonder if that means we’ll have something like… tomato next week? The spring of fruit and vegetables continues!

To my surprise the clothes that matched the colour swatch best (on my screen) were not lolita dresses or gowns like I assumed they’d be. No, Miss Eggplant turned out to be a casual girl! She obviously likes campfires and watching stars with a good cup of coffee and some cute company~

I meant the squirrels, of course. What else? They’re from Plod, which isn’t around anymore. The cuteness factor of the grid took a huge hit when they poofed. The adorable thermos and coffee cup are by KUE! and the star atlas is made by Chrystin Hathor. The sky, grass, campfire and logs are all a part of a sky sphere by A.D.D. Andel!, it was their prize in the Albero’s Kawaii Hunt.

The bunny bag where all the noms and other vital provisions are packed is from the same place as the eggplantish crow shirt: Tyranny Designs. The shop doesn’t exist under that name anymore and I doubt these items are in the new incarnation of the shop, but the designer is the same Tyr Rozenblum who owns Grixdale these days. Pants are by Cynful, hair with colour-change band by Maitreya (old subscribo-gift), necklace by Twinkleberry (also from Albero’s Kawaii Hunt), pose by Niqotine Poses, eyes by The Plastik, skin by League and the huckleberry nom by Evie’s Closet.

French Bird

I brake for birds! In this particular case, I paused my fervent running around the grid after red cubes of DOOM for these birdies~ After all, Twisted and Steam will be here for the whole March, but the birdies won’t.

I’m talking about the BUZZURL!! 49L$ event, full of awesome Japanese cuteness, all priced 49L each. It’s around only until March 7th, so hurry~ Another short-timed event that you might wanna poke at is The French Touch Hunt. It’s short and sweet and has some nifty things~

The birdie skybox and birdie lamp by Aju, strawberry mousse by Poche, all three from BUZZURL 49L event. The blue chaise by MaMia and the adorable mime outfit by Adoness are a part of the French Touch Hunt. Hair (Waka & Yuki), skin (Djinn & Tonic) and shoes (Maitreya) are not a part of either~

And now to hunt down more red cubes and resist the temptation to go back to shopping for cute things…