Living at The Rose

The statues at The Rose are alive. You wouldn’t know it at first glance as they stand on their pedestals, pose in their carefully selected spots, frozen in moments of activity. You wouldn’t — couldn’t — guess, but it is true. Their sculptor imbued them with life and spirit full of humor and mischief.

The moment you glance away, they end up giving merry buntoinettes unicorn rides and playing Fantasy Football with pigeons. When you glance back, they’re gone, only the sudden breeze revealing that something incredibly fast zoomed by. The breeze and a faint eeeeeee-sound in the wind.

When playing with their flesh-and-blood friends, they often pretend to freeze back to statues again. That way you might see statues where there wasn’t any yesterday, nor will there be tomorrow. When asked, the blame is always on the Magician tending to The Rose. The statues couldn’t move on their own, after all. Especially not in the Fairelands.

Pictures taken in Fantasy Faire: The Rose.
Statues by meadowWorks at The Rose.

Flutterpaws, the Dreamlings of Whimsy


Flutterpaws are dreamlings of whimsy. They flutter and pad and nose their ways through dreams with either endless curiosity or excessive feline indifference. When they find a dreamscape they like, they gather as indeed a flutter of paws, one after another.


Fish or other flickering moving things are often favored, but any dreamscape of shiny surreal things is sure to draw their attention. They don’t make friends often, the flutterpaws, but they do love chasing after zig-zag patterns and making a point to ignore anything they don’t comprehend. 


The yoga frogs inhabiting this particular dreamscape have fortunately endless zen patience toward their quirkier dream-kin. Perhaps the next time this dream will feature less butterflies and flying fish for less feline interruptions and therefore more meditation opportunities.

flutterpaws5bsSometimes when the flutterpaws feel especially whimsical, they invite a dreamer to join them: transform and transport, all for the sake of momentary amusement and an extremely puzzled dreamer with a story to tell when they wake up.

lassitude & ennui – Flutterpaws at the Gacha Garden*
meadowWorks – Lotus Wishing Lanterns at Home & Garden Expo*
meadowWorks – Yoga Frogs Gacha at Home & Garden Expo*
{anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterflies at The Chapter Four
{anc} I’m planet / wrapped melt moon, fish puddle & school, my bijou ring
Cole’s Corner – Oracle & Bokeh Particle Sets*

Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 <Vamp>
Mesh: Slink Hour Glass Body, Logo Alex Head
Hair: Magika – First Light
Nightie: Fallen Gods Inc. & [FAIDA] – Chaleur Court White, Camisole Hourglass*
Feline Bits: c(Two Cats) Fantasy Neko Ears & Somali Neko Tail

The Season of Whitecold

The few hours of warmer colours encourage frolicking in the snow, enjoying life in the downpour of glittering, fluttering stars. Just for those few moments before the approaching dark arrives. 


As the light wanes, darker creatures emerge from under the stairs, from the shadows, from the frozen spaces between the quick touches of sun.


They appear solid frozen as first, and you might have to glance at them from the corner of your eye to see them move at all, but as golden tones turn to blue, they are suddenly everywhere, skittering on the ice.


Cold cannot hurt them. They, and many other creatures of the night, indulge in the longdark, in the frost, in the starlight captured in small glints on the snow. It is their season, the season of whitecold.

Stairs: {anc} NO LIMITS. Stairs for moonlight 46Li RARE
Chapel: {anc} EDEN. chapel / old . 35Li
Snow: {anc} snow ground (mesh uneven ground) white 1Li
Doves: {anc} NO LIMITS // various different doves
Hound: meadowWorks – Greyhound Poser*
Imps: lassitude & ennui – Mischievous Imps Gacha*

Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 <Vamp>
Hair: !lamb. Bang Bang Ink
Eyes: IKON – Deadshine Eyes Paradise
Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious
Nails: Beautiful Freak – Dead of Winter*
Coat & Hat: Fallen Gods Inc. & FAIDA – Ekaterina White*
at Wayward Winter (event ends on 31st January)
Necklace: House of Rain – The Luxury of Tears*
Hands: Slink Casual

NanTra – Eternal Beauty 6M
:Picture This!: Jewelry Model 3 Mirror
NanTra – Requiem 1 mirror

Shared Wings of Hope

The Spirits of Hope live in the dark. They have wings: some stronger than others, some more battered and even torn. There are those who lost their ability to fly altogether.


Without wings their journey is harder, more challenging. In those moments it might seem all of the Hope is lost and can never find their way again.


But if one such creature with just one wing meets another of similar kind, they can learn to fly together. Two different wings creating enough of balance for them to move again.


In time their wings will grow back, in time they’ll sing and soar and light the darkness. But for those despairing moments in the dark it is enough to share their wounded wings and fly.

Sculpture: meadowWorks – Hope ~ A Fragment*

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Pure Ivory*
Hair: Clawtooth – Windswept
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes: Wight
Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings
(they are one rigged item, I used photoshop to remove one)
Mesh Body Parts: Slink Hourglass & Feet

The Night of Wonders

The night is always full of wonders. There’s a promise in the dark, a temptation for our eyes, the sensation of being able to see what lies beneath the shadows. The feeling that if you just blink, suddenly things will appear that weren’t there before. Like a pair of friendly greyhounds, politely inquiring what brought you to the beach at this hour.
greyhounds1bsPerhaps your mind runs through all the mundane excuses — couldn’t sleep, heard sounds, remembered you forgot something there during the day — but at night none of that matters. You can set the excuses aside and just tell them the truth: the moon called you. There are sights to see, truths to reveal, a journey to be had.


At night things are more meaningful. Small lit rocks become ancient artifacts, the sound of waves a symphony, sculptures begin to breathe. They wander, explore, show you things you would never notice during the dull daylight hours. They draw your gaze into the details that matter.


The night is full of truths, ancient truths buried deep within. It takes strength to see them, strength and the ability to breathe in the peace in the darkness. The courage to blink.


meadowWorks – Octopus Path Lights, Tablet & Jar at We Love Roleplay
meadowWorks – Greyhounds


The True Meaning of Nomfniti

“So it’s a party about fishies?” The smallest bunling was a tad confused and wiggled his whiskers questioningly.

“Yas! See, in fin…iti. Stuff. But who else has fins? Has to be a fish party!” The Bunling Who Knows Letters nodded.


“But what if it’s another of those tricksy hooman words that mean other things? Like mermaids that don’t really do any cleaning?” The smallest bunling was not convinced. He eyed the letters on the paper dubiously.

“Nonsense, they like fishies! Maybe it’s a shark! Grrrman must like sharks, so it’s a shark party!”

“Why is there all stars and sparkles, then? They’re not very fishy.”

“Sparkly space sharks! FLYING sparkly space sharks!” The Letter Knowing Bunling was now hopping up and down with excitement.


The smallest bunling never got to finish his next line, because it was at that exact moment that the squirrel dropped down from the tea zeppelin.


“It meeaaaans-” He started and twirled a flourish with a magnificent tail wave. “-all-time! In-fi-ni-ti. All-time. Ever and ever. No ends, no stops, just more time, always more time.”

Silence fell as the newly suggested translation was carefully considered. Heads tilted, ears rose and flopped, whiskers wiggled.

“It doesn’t sound like all-time. It still sounds fishy.”

“Why doesn’t it just say all-time, then?”

“What about the space sharks?”

“How can you be sure?”

“I’m sure it’s space sharks!”

“I asked the Ladybun!” The squirrel lay down the triumph card. There was no arguing with that, if the Ladybun had said so, then it must be true. All the critters knew this.


Another long moment of whisker-twitching took place. The smallest bunling rubbed his paws over his face for a moment, caught an ear and nosed it thoughtfully.

“So it’s an all-time party. Pretend-all-time party. Party like it has no stop?”

“Maybe it has no stop, Grrrman is magi.. matsi…matsish… he does magic!” The bunlings continued to have trouble with the word ‘magician’, but it never stopped them from thinking it’s a fun word.

More silent head tilting occurred until the smallest bunling tilted his head so much that he tumbled over. “…if he could do that, ‘m sure there’d be other things done with it, too.”

“Like stop winter?” The squirrel tapped his nose knowingly, then glanced around at the eternal summer meaningfully. A collective gasp rose from the critter pack, paws pressed to mouths in shock.


“…if he can do that, he could also make it nom-time forever!” Addler, the otter butler, flailed his short paws in sudden divinely delighted revelation.

All the ears suddenly pointed upwards like a forest of fresh saplings.



“This is the best party ever!”

“Let’s serve noms!”

“‘n flags! Must share nomyeys!”


As crayons were rolled out and excited critter chatter filled the meadow, only the Bunling Who Knew Letters stayed sitting down. He had really wished to see a sparkly flying space shark. It took several strawberries and a whole banana to get him back in the mood, but when he did, he declared the whole party to be a complete Nomfniti and a new celebration was born.

When the critters heard that Alia would feature his friends at the Fallen Gods Inc. 8th Anniversary Festival, they immediately decided it meant they were going to feature, too. You can find them serving noms (just click to receive a piece) and peddling yeyflags on the rooftop garden in Selidor. They’re surrounded by an amazing amount of creativity, wares from over 40 creators. Come join the fun and take a spin in the balloons nearby!

Critters: !Ohmai – Mochi Bunnies, Steampunk Chestnut Squirrel, Sea Otter Pet

Eternal Market Wares:
meadowWorks – Anubis ~ The Embalmer
Unrepentant – Spirit of the Wind Statue – Bronze
The Looking Glass – Dream Fields Circle

Yeyflag Drawing Aids:
{vespertine}artistic mess.
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Palette (dark)
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Colored Pencils
Sari-Sari – Art Class – DIY Spray Paint

Shared Nom:
Poche – Sweet Strawberry Pancake

Various Home Background Details:
Happy Mood & D-LAB

Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny

“Do try these eggs,” the nixie boy said. “They’re from creatures that live only here in the Blackwater Glenn. The snail is especially tasty.”


“…things look swirly,” the rainbow fairy exhaled after having a nibble. “‘n funny coloured. Oh look, there’s glowing spirals dancing in the air!”


“Just you wait… a few moments more and things are even brighter,” the nixie boy smirked. The helper hare raised his lantern in acknowledgment and agreement.


And then… and then everything went really swirly and colourful and strange. Blackwater Glenn had a new mushroom growing within it.


Take heed when traveling in the Glenn, don’t touch glowing mushrooms and never, ever eat snacks offered by tricksy nixies!

There’s only few more days to go of this year’s Fantasy Faire, so I decided to do one of the challenges. Slightly embarrassing if I wouldn’t, since I set them all. All of my posts are pretty much Faire Folk, but this one is about new shinies: shops that are new to the blogger or thought to be new to the reader. As my genuine new shiny I present to you Polenth’s Mushporium, a shop that sells only mushrooms! Tiny avatars for the silly ones and beautiful landscaping ones for the serious people. You can find the shop in Wiggenstead Mooring. I’d also like to point out Gwen’s Hearth that sells noms of many kinds and many sizes and AnkleBiter that sells wonderful wares for the petites, both can be found in Sanctum.

The rainbow fairy petite by Fallen Gods Inc., the petite accessories and wings by AnkleBiter and the dubious nixie-offered nom by Gwen’s Hearth are all available in Sanctum. The nixie boy statue and the helper hare by meadowWorks are in Blackwater Glenn and the tiny shroomie avatar and the big purple shrooms in the last picture are from Polenth’s Mushporium in Wiggenstead Mooring. The rest of the scene and mushrooms are by The Looking Glass. The pictures were taken in Blackwater Glenn, but they also do sell the glowy mushrooms in their store in Blackwater Glenn.

Scene: Blackwater Glenn | Nixie & Hare: meadowWorks – Nixie Boy Statue & Bunny Path Light | Noms: Gwen’s Hearth – Fairy Robin Eggs and Snails | Purple Shrooms in Last Picture: Polenth’s Mushporium – Twilight Glow Mushrooms | Everything Else in the Scene: The Looking Glass

Rainbow Fairy: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anima* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Brigitte Crystal violet | Wings, antenna, accessories: AnkleBiter – Stardust Outfit 

Shroomie: Polenth’s Mushporium – Tiny Avatar Shroomie Purple Art

Poses: Kirin – Florence Pose 7 | Musa – Gown Pose 10 | aDORKable Poses – Sunny 3m

The Blue, Blue Sea

It isn’t always, of course. Just like the sky is not all the time exactly blue. But that is what we think they are, and if we humans see them blue, how much more vivid would a magical creature perceive them?

bluemermaid1bsMaybe everything is so blue that mermaids long for the surface colours, lighter tones, more forget-me-not than deep azure, perhaps even rare sand beige of the beaches! After all, it’s the uncommon and rare that we learn to value, no matter where we grow up: on the surface or under the sea.

bluemermaid2bsEven magical ruins of ancient sunken cities with their strangely still operational fountains can become dull after you’ve marvelled at it for a few hundred years. It doesn’t matter anymore that one cannot figure out how the waterflow still behaves as on land and twirling about in the tickling bubbles can entertain one only for a few decades.

bluemermaid3bsEventually there is only one way to go to trigger imagination and feed curiosity: up.

All of the sea scenery, the mesh mermaid tail and the jewelry are all available in the Under the Sea Expo. Most of the items are prizes in the hunt there (I’ve marked which ones in the credits). Dive in and enjoy slightly cooler moment of the summer!

Scene: Aquatics – Emerald Mermaid Scenario (hunt prize) | Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Seahorse Fountain (hunt prize) | Fantasy Flora – Bubble Plant Blue & Sea Grass Light Blue (hunt prize) | meadowWorks – Fish School Orange Fairy Rare (hunt prize)

Body: Skin: Essences – Clover 01 Pale Dust Brunette* | Eyes: IKON – Kaleido Eyes Night XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hairdo: Alice Project – Bells II* | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant | Nails: Orc Inc

Outfit: Mermaid Tail & Top: =LunaSea= Azure Mesh Tail | Necklace: House of Rain – Bring On the Dancing Horses necklace sapphire/silver* | Rings: House of Rain – Bring On the Dancing Horses silver (hunt prize)

Poses: Exposeur – Female of the Species 1 | Part of the mermaid scenario. | !bang – Carefree 5

The Anemone Queen

There are creatures in the depths of the sea that care not for the frolicking ways of the mermaids, who call and lure others only to their doom, who leave the darkest trenches only to hunt lighter lifeforms.

anemonequeen1bsPerhaps they are the original sirens, perhaps the only thing they wanted from sailors was dinner — not in candlelight — perhaps they are still down in the depths, avoiding detection and waiting.

anemonequeen2csTo properly hunt near the surface they must create camouflage gardens, eerily beautiful flora to both hide the hunter and to entice the curious wanderers closer. Perhaps their plants are traps, giant clams holding pearls as bait, closing faster than anyone could imagine.

anemonequeen3csPerhaps there are other things they feel drawn to hunt, other reasons than just sustenance for surely that exists even in the eternal night of the trenches. Unfortunately if one finds out what it is, one never gets to tell the tale.

The Under the Sea Expo has opened today and will run until June 26th. The expo sim has been lovingly turned into the bottom of the sea and is worth a visit already on its own. There’s a hunt for mermaid pearls going on as well, so prepare your hunting fins! You can find more information about the expo here or hop right in by diving here.

All the sea scenery, the dress, eyes, makeup and jewelry are available in the Under the Sea Expo.

Scene: Botanical – Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama* | Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Hydra Anemone Indigo 20 Tentacles, Hydra Anemone Orange 8 Tentacles*, Jellyfish Weed Bladeleaf, Giant Clams (Young, Blue Adult, Blue Higher Balve) | Aquatics – AQP Jaelen Patch* | meadowWorks – Coral Mer Perch Tall, Fish School Circling Six Line Wrasse, UnderSea FX Seabed Sanctuary, Kelp Forest Fx Green + Plankton*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Arkasia Turqa Atlantic* | Hair: Nevermind – Anemone Twilight (old hunt gift) | Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Blind Eyes Ghost* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Beautiful Freak – Eldritch Purple (hunt prize) & Siren Lipstick Deepwater* 

Outfit: Dress: The Muses – Siren Purple* | Collar: House of Rain – Abyssal Collar Amethyst/Black* 

Poses: Orc Inc – Stand 27, 58, 13