The Other Side

Mirrors are doorways. We all know this, deep down. We know there’s something on the other side, watching back at us. 


Is it a duplicate universe, an alternate, or completely different? Do its residents mirror us truly, or is it the separating surface that causes the reflection? If they could cross over — if we could cross over — would we meet in peace? Learn from each other, perhaps visit, explore, enjoy?


Or are they just the flicker in the corner of our eye, the fear of looking in the mirror at night, the unnerving certainty that the image would move when we don’t, the sight of the first crack on the surface forming… 

snowqueen2bsMirrors are doorways. We all know this, deep down, and so do they.

The gown by lassitude & ennui and the accessories by aisling are available in the current round of The Secret Affair. I have to add a little yey-note on there now being ‘xs busty’ sizes in lassitude & ennui’s mesh. The sizes that differ from the five standards is always a squee moment for me and worth a celebration.

Scene: Mirror: Flash Friendly Poses – Coraline*

Body: Skin: +Nuuna+ Kati Skin Goth Cleavage | Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes Wight | Hair: MINA Hair – Selenia | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Odetta White* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands: Slink

Outfit: Gown: lassitude & ennui – Virtue dress white/silver xs busty* | Accessories: aisling – Savage Winter Crown (Snow), Circlet Delh Silver/Strings, Bherdrim necklace

Poses: Part of the mirror: Flash Friendly Poses – Coraline*

52 Colours: Astronaut Blue

The name of the colour really made this obvious: space girl look was inevitable for Miss Astronaut Blue. Granted, I don’t think our current space programs accept latex suits as astronaut gear, but that’s what imagination is for!

The shiny blue layers are by Sn@tch and I combined the prim parts of a cyber suit by VC Designs to it for extra spikiness. Sadly VC Designs has closed by now, but fortunately there’s still plenty of latexy goodness in Sn@tch!

The skin is one of the old hunt gifts by Mynerva, her drow skins are absolutely to-die-for gorgeous. The eyes are by Repulse, my go-to eye designer for when I want black-based eyes.

The location is the Vega Station, perfect for wandering around and gazing into space. Before leaving Miss Astronaut Blue to her exploration and wandering, I want to ask if anyone has any news about a hair shop called Mirror, previously also called Alpha and Paradox? This is from there and it’s always been my favourite scifi hair shop, but now I can’t find it anywhere… Sadness.

Credits – Body: Skin: Mynerva – Platinum Blue Lips Blue Eyeband | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes (Aqua) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 9 | Hair: Mirror – MIRROR C14 /  Cyber Light (Black) (R with C) | Tattoo: Ngel Vella – Twisted Cyber Tatt | Poses: LAP – BG1-Barbie9 PR4 / LAP – SU-HandsUp7 / Astalianda – Up 4

Credits – Outfit: Latex layers: Sn@tch – Wired Latex Blue | Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black | Collar, gloves, shoulderpads, side-helm: VC Designs – C-001

52 Colours: Electric Indigo

This colour made me happy: a strong, clear colour for bold characters! Fortunately I had also bought something that was a perfect match a while ago from the sale in Violent Seduction. So I give to you Miss Electric Indigo, a space princess of an alien world!

The sim is The Path, a collaborative surreal story by several artists. They recommend dark night windlight for it, but since I was taking pictures, I played around with various lightings a lot. This area that looked like the perfect ancient alien city is the beginning area. If you follow the notes and clues, you will be taken on a breathtaking trip into an inventor’s mind. I love art installation sims in SL, there is no way to do things like this in our real one. Go, see, enjoy!

I compiled the space princess out of a skin and eyes by The Plastik, prim lashes by Redgrave and two make-up tattoo layers: AstroGlam by Nuuna’s Skins and Dogma of Astaroth by Fallen Gods Inc. The latter is the black stripes, the former is the blue stripes~

The unedited full version of this picture is probably my favorite. It looks to my biased eyes like a fantasy poster. I simply cannot get over how surreally pretty this sim is. I liked using the present flowers as filters for this picture, as well. As for posing, Miss Electric Indigo’s poses are by Niqotine Poses (1&2), Di’s Opera (3), aDORKable Poses (4) and Diesel Works (5).

I wanted to give the alien space princess some edge to go with her surreal sexiness, and these bracelet, finger & claw combinations by Amorous were so perfect for this that it was like I had commissioned them. As for the hair, its strange twists and turns and almost banner like extensions, random spike through it, horn like shapes… I still remember finding it in Mirror and going all starry-eyed. It left with me right that day and it’s still one of my favorite fantasy hairs.

Daring, mysterious, regal adventuress in an ancient alien civilization… that’s Miss Electric Indigo. I encourage you all to follow in her footsteps!

S.I.C. Girls

It stands for Science Innovation Company and it’s a nifty scifi sim, in case you didn’t know~ The S.I.C. Girls here are Sonya and Ame Lefevre, who randomly suggested we’d do a fun scifi photoshoot together. I was obviously immediately game, or as immediately as one can be when you first have to dig through your inventory and ponder what to wear!

I put on one of the fantastic black-and-white skins by Nuuna and then located scanty leathers of Unit Bella by PixelDolls from my inventory. I added the mesh thigh-high boots by Slink and my favorite scifi hair by Mirror and was pretty much ready! The skin has the black mask in it, but the extra lines are by Fallen Gods Inc., and I added extra eyeliner by Chelle and lashes by Miamai to it.

I love this picture because it looks like Sonya got a random giggle fit and Ame is all ‘Shh, this is serious!’ Ame is wearing a cat suit by Graves, skin by *YS & YS*, hairbase by DeeTaleZ, hair by Tekeli-li and eyes by Ibanez. Sonya’s cyber arm implants are by Fatal Error and eyes by Repulse.

I couldn’t resist messing with filters, Ame’s kick-ass-attitude pose practically called for something more dramatic. Speaking of poses, Sonya’s using an Olive Juice in this particular one, but all the other pics and poses for both are from our respective AOs.

Thank you for the fun, Ame! ❤

Do You Dare?

I do! I went to Dark Eternity today to take pictures for The Daring Fashion Contest and now I can’t decide which picture to send, alas. The contest entry version won’t have the diffuse glow filter on it, since they prefer the shots with minimal or no photoshopping, but I went ahead and played around for the blog post. The look just called sort of… unnatural tones and sheen on the skin underneath the latex.

Obviously the latex outfit and spikes are by Dare Designs, but I added the boots made of sex mesh by SLink to them.

Hair is by Mirror and the cross-make-up is by Nuuna’s Skins — I’m obviously rather in love with them. The skin itself is by LAQ. I’m sort of leaning toward this picture, it shows more of the sim and is a close-up of the latex, hm…

This one isn’t even in the consideration, shows too little of the outfit and the fun cross-effect, but I wanted to take one from behind as well. What little you can see of the eyes are by Repulse and the poses in order are by Niqotine Poses (1&2) and Vain Inc. (3) Now I just have to decide…

52 Colours: Wenge

No, I didn’t know it’s a colour, either. Apparently it’s a dark wood type. The colour sample looked like dark grey with just a touch of brown in it to my eyes. I poked through my inventory for greys and browns, despairing. Eventually I found a skin that had tones that looked pretty much perfect — and then I went all a-squee with filters in photoshop. *coughs* So, although this particular picture doesn’t have the tone it’s supposed to, I loved it so much that I had to add it…

I took the pictures in a padded room by aDORKable Poses, all the poses are a part of it as well. As for the look, when I found that skin by Red Queen and added the cross make-up by Nuuna’s Skins (available in 4.44.444 Event) I knew I’d cyber it all up. Obviously Miss Wenge is one of those not-quite-sane kick-your-ass futuristic adventure girls.

The two other pictures have no filters so you can see that the skin does have softer, more brown tone to it when not photoshop-filtered for uber drama and squee funness. (Don’t ask me how many versions of these I made. The answer is something akin to ‘lots’.) The lovely strappy latex layers are from an outfit by Dare Designs, I just used a few of them instead of the full look. The point was the skin, I couldn’t go and cover it all up! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Oh, and the skull-and-crossbones pasties are by Cynful.

The eyes are by Repulse, tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and one of my favorite scifi hairs is by Mirror. Here’s to hoping that the next colour won’t send me into a padded room again, although it is sort of comfy here…

The Days of Our Loots

Stop the data deliverers, there’s a flash sale in Port Seraphine! This means PixelDolls, .( bewildebeest )., Gallactic, Romance and Bilo. Selected items for 10L for 48 hours that have been ticking away already, so you have time until Thursday morning to raid the place bare! To be precise: until 9 AM SLT Thursday. Since this involved both .( bewildebeest ). and Gallactic, I sort of went crazy. The result was a cyber magpie. …I mean a futuristic treasure hunter who has just scored lots of loot and decide to wear them all at the same time! =D

See, a cyber magpie! All the jewelry — rings, necklaces, bindi, hair ornaments — are from .( bewildebeest ). and I just kept adding and adding and adding while squeeing like a lunatic. Shinies sometimes do this to me. They bring out my inner xmas tree. *coughs* The make-up consists of lash-and-lines by Miamai, red fairy eyes by Souzou Eien and a dark lip stripe by The Plastik. The actual eyes are fittingly red tech eyes by The Eye Factory. The pose is one of mine~

The cat suit and the boots are by Gallactic and just one of the many slinky cat-, plug- and who-knows-what-suits I raided. The armwarmers are a part of the outfit, the boots were sold separate for that huge 10L price. Who knew future looked so colourful and skintight? Raid-pondering pose by Olive Juice.

The skin is my default android one by Oralune and I really don’t get enough excuses to wear it. The hair is another old scifi-look favorite of mine by Mirror, both shops handily under the same roof in Cyber Bunker. The pose is by Estetica. As for the sim where the cyber magpie ran around, that’s called Hangars Liquides and it’s definitely worth an exploration trip, loots or no!

52 Colours: Electric Blue

This week was a no-brainer for style, but required some shopping to finish. There’s absolutely no other look I could do for electric blue than futuristic cyber girl, potentially with some droid-parts. For once the colour was something I felt I could spend some money on, too. Not that I love my costumes-folder or anything, noes.

Miss Electric Blue visited Insilico for a proper setting. She’s showing off her tip-toe cyber boots by NeurolaB Inc., smirking in the cybernetically enhanced certainty of being able to run, jump, fight and dance on the balls of her feet. Don’t try this at home, mere humans!

The gorgeous body suit and the bracelets are by sYs, the doll scouter monocle is by *LPP*, the hair by Mirror and the skin by Oralune. The two last ones can be found handily in Cyber Bunker. The eyes are by The Plastik and the pose is by TeaSoup.

Future’s So Dark, I Gotta-

-wear cybernetic eye implants? Not such a good song title, I fear. I’ve been feeling like it’s October suddenly. The grid is so full of dark themed hunts that I was tempted to call this post Macabre May. There’s Dark Future Hunt, The Macabre Hunt, Zombie Killer Hunt and I saw several other posters for dark hunts while running about. I’ve also been meaning to poke at the Supernatural Hunt more.

The hunts brought me to absolutely delightful little skybox-pose-setting shop called Lievens. Below is their take on the Macabre Hunt’s theme: Pandora’s Box. I had so much fun playing with the little skybox-dressing rooms and props that for once I traded shadows for that. They were not modifiable so I couldn’t do my usual little cheat of turning parts transparent to let the sun and shadows in.

The cyber siren latex outfit is by Sassy!, the gearhouse hand implants by Malfean Visions, eye scanity implant by Grim Bros. and the bar code arm tattoos by Gaea Designs. All of these are from the Dark Future Hunt. The eyes and the slight cracks around them are a part of Souzou Eien’s Macabre gift that I was so fond of I used them in all of these pictures. Skin is Sonya’s usual League one and the hair is by Mirror. I worship their scifi hairs, yes I do. ❤

In the event of a zombie attack: be sure you’re carrying a big sword. Having a bike with dual machine guns and retractable blades won’t hurt, either. At least it won’t hurt you. <.< The bike is by M&M Celtic Designs and the sword is called Grim Punisher Broad Sword and was given in the same prize as the first fifty slurls for the Zombie Killer Hunt. The bike is obviously from that hunt as well. The shelter is by Snow Bound and the skybox used as the base setting is by Lievens, both of them from the Dark Future Hunt. The Apocalyptic Annie Leather Outfit is by Evil Bunneh and comes with the hair/helm/goggles combo. The shop was new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outfit and the shape of the prim clothes. Usually putting a prim top on Sonya is painful, but this one fit snug very easily. I added several tattoo layers to the look: Rasetsukoku’s from Macabre Hunt and two by Souzou Eien. I mentioned the cracking one earlier and I added Fairy Eyes – Flame from the Supernatural Hunt as well. Necklace is by Blaspheme, also from Zombie Killer Hunt. As for old, non-hunt things: skin by League, boots by COCO, lip piercing by Mariposa, pose by Niqotine and the burning rolled-up mock-cigar money by Djinn & Tonic. That’s all money’s good for when the zombie apocalypse comes!

Some future folks welcome the dark, though. Here’s the obvious and obligatory villainness lounging about. The helm, collar, bracelet and hand implants with the nifty circular saw are all by Bad Juju. The red latex outfit is by DV8, all of this from Dark Future Hunt. Much to my surprise the red boots by Beauty Killer (from an old hunt) fit with them perfectly. I mentioned this shelter by Snow Bound earlier, just showing it from another angle now. I changed into the Djinn & Tonic skin just for the matching, luscious lipstick. Pose is by Poise. Do not try this at home, children! Posing with circular saw is better left to virtual pixel professionals. (And villains. It’s in their 101.)

Strawberry Noir

I couldn’t decide whether I should call this Strawberry Tart or Playing with Balls, but for oh so very obvious reasons decided to use something else! I’ve been a good girl and avoiding shopping and cleaning my inventory instead. After a couple of days of that the twitching begins. Surely there are awesome deals, new things, hunts and events going on out there, calling your name? So you open a blog… (dun dun dun)

I sort of blame Luna Jubilee for this. Without her colour challenges there’s no way that anything this pink would survive in the inventory longer than it takes to try it on. But I do love Seldom Blue’s lingerie, even in pink. In fact I’m tempted to go and get this in some more sonya-friendly colour. This particular version was just 10L and a Touch of Sensuality Easter Hunt prize. The lavender hair is the latest freebie by Curious Kitties. The lingerie matching popsicle is by TOSL and from Albero’s Gacha Festival. It came with the matching lip colour, but I rather used the teeth layer by Mynerva for this. Omnomnom~

There’s more noms on the bed — strawberry shortcake set by Poche (lucky board). The lanterns are by Vespertine, red flower vase by UrbanizeD (both freebies) and the bed is by Awesome Blossom (Seasons Hunt prize). The skybox is a group gift from Lo*momo and the pose is by Ks2cool. Since noms were obviously the theme for this, I added the delicious freebie rings by Donna Flora as a back-up reserve for when the popsicle runs out.

After all this pink and sugar I absolutely needed something dark to balance. Pixelated diabetes is a srs matter, oyes.

Immediately feeling better! The light box setting with poses and the glowing ball props is by Glitterati, from Best Selling Creations Hunt. Hair is from my favorite scifi hair shop, Mirror. (Used to be Alpha. You know, the one in Cyber Bunker.) Outfit is by Dare Designs and I think I used one of the hunt-prize gift cards for it… latex and spikes so fun together. The skins in both pictures are by ^Re.Birth^, a part of their prize in the Best Selling Creations Hunt. The eyes in both pictures are by Umedama Holic.

…and now back to sorting the inventory, honest. <.<