Find the Colours

Life can easily feel black and white sometimes. Not only in the clarity within your mind about how things are, without a doubt or a second thought, but in that there’s no colours anymore.

feathers1dsEvery day routines turn dull, force blinders on you, keep you treading the same path, staring straight ahead — or at your feet so you won’t slip — preventing you from seeing any other paths around you.

feathers2dsIf something makes you raise your head to look around, you might realize there’s other paths, countless roads leading to different destinations and that some of them are still brightly coloured and alive. That something is usually a question, a doubt, that second thought about if things truly are meant to be this way.

feathers3dsThe trick is to find those colours, to follow them to find more, to paint your life alive again.

The piano by Alouette, peacock by MishMish, dress by the Secret Store, jewelry by HANDverk, headband and feather fan by Volstead, poses by Exposeur and Kirin and hair by [monso] are all available in the birthday round of Collabor88.

Scene: Room: Garden of Dreams – The Piano Bar* | Piano: Alouette – Evelyn Piano Worn Black Wood | Peacock: *MishMish* – White Peacock The Dazzle stand1

Body: Skin: Essences – Clover 01 Pale Dust Brunette* | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Dark Turquoise | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Odetta Forest* | Hair: [monso] – Daisy | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant | Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet Medium | Nails: Orc Inc – Pastel Shimmer*

Outfit: Dress: The Secret Store – Sequined Flapper Dress v1 Vanilla | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Opium mules black for slink feet* | Headband & Fan: Volstead – Peacock Headband & Fan Gold/Green* | Jewelry: [HANDverk] Zelda Necklace & Earrings Green*

Poses: Exposeur – Back to Black 3 | Part of the piano. | Kirin – Florence Pose 4