The Anemone Queen

There are creatures in the depths of the sea that care not for the frolicking ways of the mermaids, who call and lure others only to their doom, who leave the darkest trenches only to hunt lighter lifeforms.

anemonequeen1bsPerhaps they are the original sirens, perhaps the only thing they wanted from sailors was dinner — not in candlelight — perhaps they are still down in the depths, avoiding detection and waiting.

anemonequeen2csTo properly hunt near the surface they must create camouflage gardens, eerily beautiful flora to both hide the hunter and to entice the curious wanderers closer. Perhaps their plants are traps, giant clams holding pearls as bait, closing faster than anyone could imagine.

anemonequeen3csPerhaps there are other things they feel drawn to hunt, other reasons than just sustenance for surely that exists even in the eternal night of the trenches. Unfortunately if one finds out what it is, one never gets to tell the tale.

The Under the Sea Expo has opened today and will run until June 26th. The expo sim has been lovingly turned into the bottom of the sea and is worth a visit already on its own. There’s a hunt for mermaid pearls going on as well, so prepare your hunting fins! You can find more information about the expo here or hop right in by diving here.

All the sea scenery, the dress, eyes, makeup and jewelry are available in the Under the Sea Expo.

Scene: Botanical – Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama* | Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Hydra Anemone Indigo 20 Tentacles, Hydra Anemone Orange 8 Tentacles*, Jellyfish Weed Bladeleaf, Giant Clams (Young, Blue Adult, Blue Higher Balve) | Aquatics – AQP Jaelen Patch* | meadowWorks – Coral Mer Perch Tall, Fish School Circling Six Line Wrasse, UnderSea FX Seabed Sanctuary, Kelp Forest Fx Green + Plankton*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Arkasia Turqa Atlantic* | Hair: Nevermind – Anemone Twilight (old hunt gift) | Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Blind Eyes Ghost* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Beautiful Freak – Eldritch Purple (hunt prize) & Siren Lipstick Deepwater* 

Outfit: Dress: The Muses – Siren Purple* | Collar: House of Rain – Abyssal Collar Amethyst/Black* 

Poses: Orc Inc – Stand 27, 58, 13

Crazy hairs make the bunny squee~

But you all knew that already, hm? It’s no secret that strange, big hairdos are one of my shopping weaknesses in SL. I might run around mostly in one of Sky Everett’s updos or lamb.’s bob, but give me an excuse to go crazy with hair and you have my attention — and lindens.

So when I heard that there was a hunt coming up that was concentrating only on those, it was an instant child-waiting-for-christmas reaction. And now it’s finally here! The Crazy-Arse Hair Hunt begins in The U-neek, has 40 handpicked participating shops and lasts until the end of April. And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you my favorites!

I can’t speak of hair and not bring out — and begin — with Sky Everett. I’m so used to her big hairdos that I didn’t even consider this crazy by any means! Although it gave me an urge to get a moth-eaten ghostly greyscale ballgown to complete the look… Skin by Frick, eyes by Fan3 with the addition of Vision’s glow prims, background from MH Creations’ picture box.

Here we’re beginning to hit the crazy phase — Anemone hair from Nevermind included the feather ornament and was absolutely stunning and full of attitude. I completed the look with a skin from Red Queen and eyes from House of Ruin. Picture taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

Finally a hair to match this Foam skin! Griddie’s hair actually came in several different tones, but this teal cried out for a water elemental photoshoot, so I ported over to Fallen Gods Inc, went underwater and started taking pictures. Both the skin and the eyes are also from Fallen Gods Inc and no, the hair doesn’t really glow like that, there are fishies swimming and flickering through the textures, you know how it goes. I thought it was pretty, so I happily took advantage of SL’s bugs. *grins*

I climbed out of the water and into the nearest palm tree. Obviously the sim worked perfectly for my banana jungle shots, as well! The hair is from Bare Rose, and yes, it has bananas. The other possibility I considered was to do a Josephine Baker look, but my inventory failed to produce awesome banana pin-up outfits. Sadness. Skin is by Frick, eyes by Arondelle Ladybird for the Twisted Hunt with the glow effect prims from Vision. The leaf pasties are by Fallen Gods Inc.

I was really torn with this garden — on one hand I wanted to do exactly this: a crazy plant elemental blooming in the spring, but oh how it called for a Versailles look as well. This is not even hair anymore, this is a showpiece, a crazy combination of things carried on your head. It’s impressing, enchanting and would break women’s necks like snap in RL! It’s from a shop called 3636. Skin by Fallen Gods Inc, eyes by Poetic Colors, picture taken in our backyard~

Here we have a hairdo from one of my Squee Shops, Tekeli-li. They make fantasy hairdos, jewelry, clothes-made-of-jewelry and weapons-that-look-like-jewelry. It calls to the magpie in my heart. ❤ The hair was a Lovecraftian construction, and the moving eye in the bone headpiece was awesome, but the arrangement of the tentacle-like hair made me think of Egypt, perhaps some demented Egyptian sorceress and summoner… Skin by Red Queen, eyes by House of Ruin, Egyptian tattoos by Fallen Gods Inc, picture taken in an egyptian house by Atom Burma.

You can’t have crazy hair hunt without Curious Kitties. They constantly make wonderfully strange fantasy and anime hairdos that make me squee. This one isn’t an exception. In fact, it calls for a red/purple queen look with bloody axes and a lot of head-offing! Skin is by Sn@tch, eyes by Prim & Pixel Paradise with Vision’s glow prims and the picture is taken in a voodoo store by Tuft.

This was of course just a small sample of the strangeness and if you wish to see previews of the rest, I recommend visiting FabFree or Schnappi’s blogs (both listed in the Freebie Blogs on this page). Then get out there and enjoy the weirdness~