52 Colours: Dandelion

Miss Dandelion kept me guessing and browsing shops for a good while before her personality took form. I disregarded fairies and flowers after I realized that beside sort of eighties t-shirt colour, the colour also reminded me of superhero costumes. After a long search I realized that all the latex and spandex yellows were way too neon bright, so I had to come up with an alternative and then… this happened.

Bodysuit, tights and boots are practically a superhero costume, right? I imagine Miss Dandy Lioness is a magician in the same fashion as Zatanna. Not just tricks! …yes, that’s her name. A friend of mine asked if I was going to make a dandy lion and after the superhero idea occurred, it was obvious that that is -exactly- what I was making.

I cheated with the hair. I usually run around in blacks, so I most definitely did not have the exact cartoonish yellow hair in my inventory — if this tone even exists out there. I took an Exile hairdo and simply dyed it to rgb-tone of dandelion. I also edited it a little to make it work with the hat. So much love for modable hairs. ❤

I took Miss Dandy Lioness to Alexander Theater for the pictures and fell in love with the ceiling with all the colours and a handy trapeze. The reason why the hat stays on is that it’s a -magic- hat, of course. By Illusions, as is the wicked bad kitty mesh mask.

I decided that the magician would travel with a flying dandelion by No Strings Attached, a bit like Mary Poppins and the umbrella, except more fun! Her costume is mainly a mix of Peqe’s golden bodysuit and Lassitude & Ennui‘s Selene-boots in blaze.

Taking flight from the roof of the theater, new adventures await!

Skin: LAQ – Ebba [Ivory] (DB) Christmas Gift 2011 | Eyes: The Plastik – Frozen Soul Flame | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Discordia Makeover [eye/lip] & Bella Vetro Gloss  [Sante Fe]  [Lip 1] | Hair: Exile – Josie (dyed to dandelion) | Bodysuit: Peqe – Golden | Tights: Sn@tch – Ribbed Knit Tights Black | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Selene Blaze* | Hat: Illusions – Carrol | Mask: Illusions – Bad Kitty | Gloves: Sn@tch – Leather Gloves Black | Dandelion: No Strings Attached – Dandy | Poses: Olive Juice – Pony Prance / !bang – Stand 131

* complimentary copy

Treat or Treat?

We don’t have Halloween in Finland. Not really. We do have pyhäinpäivä, which has basically same roots, but it’s the day to visit graves, bring candles and such. Nothing to do with the witches, tricks or treats. These days there are Halloween-parties in Finland, but it’s a very late commercial, global addition to the culture and mostly just for kids to have an extra candy-day. This is one of the many reasons I absolutely love Halloween in SL, of course. ❤

To make a proper Halloween Feast I visited Poche and raided all their noms! If you’ve never been there, do go and check out -everything-. A lot of the freebies are just clickable objects around or sold in vendors in the side booth. I always get cravings when just -looking- at their stuff, yegads. The adorable autumn-appropriate collar is a subscribo gift by SoliDea FoliEs and the cutesy bunny-face tattoo layer is a hunt gift by JeSyLiLo. I was there to do another hunt and grabbed this one because I always find all the other hunt objects before the one I intend to. Sonya’s default-look of League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes and Redgrave lashes work as the base and the hair underneath the witch hat is by Elikatira, who is having a sale until Sunday!

The feast got overrun by roos! Fine, fine, I set it up just for them. The dryads will retire soon, after all. Figured they could nom their tummies full before running back to mythical forests of roodom somewhere out there. The pumpkin and candles decoration behind Pihlaja and Talvi is by LISP Bazaar from Zombie Popcorn Hunt. The table is an old hunt gift by Nonino and everything on it is either roos or noms by Poche. The fancy red ring on the Roo Witch is by .( bewildebeest )., because I’m apparently incapable of making a look without Coyo’s shinies. The nom-stealing pose is by No Strings Attached.

The rest of the outfit is composed of a dress by Riddle (in the Knitting Circle Bake Sale), shoes by Romance, tights by Latte and an old witch hat by Grim Bros. The broom is by Little Heaven, and not available anymore. The hay cart by Kusshon and the tree by Glitterati are both from the Seasons Hunt. With Halloween drawing near, a lot of the hunts will end as well. Make sure you’ve grabbed everything you want to!

Chimera Sisters

This all began when I realized I had three pairs of faun legs I wanted to blog. So for a while the title was Three Little Fauns. Then I started dressing up the said fauns and realized I had no natural faun-appropriate modesty layers… but I did have scales. At this point the sisters turned into dragon-faun-chimeras. …shush, it’s SL, they can exist!

Here we have a pretty normal faun girl, despite the scales on her skin. They’re from a goldfish outfit by Fallen Gods Inc. The legs are in a lucky board in Violent Seduction and they’re mesh, so the usual mesh-disclaimers of needing a viewer that can see them applies. Sassy pose by Striking Poses.

The butterfly ring and necklace are group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The adorable curly horns are by Illusions and the hair is by Exile. Tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and the green eyeshadow (& pumpkins) from Elymode’s prize for Witch Hunt. Skin is by The Plastik, from Plundering Villages Hunt. Eyes by Poetic Colors and the blushing pose by Ploom.

This little chimera lives in a magical mushroom forest by Angelic Designs (from Twisted Hunt) and likes to practise her balance by walking on a barrel… tricksy if you have hooves, that’s all I say. The barrel is one of the Twisted extras by Epic Toys.

To balance the sweetness there of course needed to be the darker side and an evil chimera girl, like so~

I love these fiddler props by PRIME Furniture. They’re from Twisted Hunt, just like the mushroom scene by Lemons & Cream. I pretty much sign the idea that violins can be so tempting that wicked creatures might well use them in their deeds. This particular chimera’s faun legs, top and horns are by Deviant Designs, from Twisted Hunt.

But how to lure a dark chimera girl, then? Easy. Tea and noms! …of course it will work, stop looking at me like that. The tea tray is especially made for this, it’s the Twisted gift by The Fooding, after all. The bloody skin is by The Plastik, from the Macabre Hunt. The hair is another squee-do by Wasabi Pills. Both this pose and the one below are by No Strings Attached — from their zombie poses, actually.

See? Entranced by noms! The beholder jewelry set is by Amaranthus, the tattoo is by Imperio Designs — I love how the skeletal hands are reaching down on the front. Both are from the Twisted Hunt. As for the tattoo layers, I’m using Dragonet by Adam n Eve (Witch Hunt), but I’ve darkened the eye shadows with one of the layers that came with the skin. Eyes by Poetic Colors.

And then I got to indulge in my blatant favoritism toward silvery-white looks, yesyes.

The gorgeous faun legs and the strange hair are by Gilded (Twisted Hunt) and the hair looks almost like a collection of horns on its own, so I didn’t add any to it. The skin is also by The Plastik, but it’s from the Platinum Hunt that’s ended already. I just liked the idea of having all three chimeras be all Plastiky, so I used it anyway. The tree, tea setting and the grass are all by Zoe’s Garden (Twisted Hunt). Pose by KS2Cool.

As for make-up there’s silver eyeshadow by Sorry.Asia, lashes by Miamai and silvery crystal decorations by White Widow. The shaved stripes hair base is by DeeTaleZ and also a tattoo layer. The jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). and they’re review copy gifties from Coyo. ❤ I’m especially fond of this Naiad’s Tears bracelet, it worked so perfectly for the silver chimera. Pose by TeaSoup.

Lookit, I has hooves! This pose by TeaSoup was too funny to resist. The bloodless glowy eyes are by The Plastik and the silvery scales are from a freebie mermaid avatar by Lost in Starnight.

So there. Consider yourselves spammed with hooves~

52 Colours: Liver

The moment I saw this week’s colour, I -knew- who and what Miss Liver would be. A colour that at first glance looks like very dark grey (with just a touch of warmth in it) and is named after an internal organ? It’s zombie-time!

Look, she even has a liver for you! Shh, no telling her that it’s actually a heart by Olive Juice, it’s not a good idea to try and teach zombies anatomy. She also has a macabre pretty heart necklace by Little Pricks. The axe lodged in her skull is by ~Sa-eela~, and don’t you worry, she doesn’t even notice it. Um. Maybe that -is- a cause to worry, actually. The pose is by Del May, all of these old hunt things.

The brain juice canister by Virtual Insanity is also from an old hunt. …why yes, yes I have a big zombie-folder in my inventory, don’t you? The pose is by Captivity Co, the creepy shack in the background is by Sugar.Snap.Me and the skin is an old group gift by Red Queen. I added a cracking tattoo layer by Frick to it and used eyes by REPULSE as final touches.

The whole outfit is a mix-match of Sn@tch items. Skirt, leggings and gloves are from voodoo lolli outfit that was in the lucky chair a bit ago and the top is from the current fishing outfit: Mary Potter. Who knew it’d end up on a zombie instead of Hogwarts? Hair is by DURA from Your Inner Bunny Hunt. The too-awesome-for-words scythe is by [OMFG] and I fear they’re not available anymore. Sadness. Pose by No Strings Attached.

So there, Miss Liver being nice and offering you a squishy present in the hopes that you’ll overlook the lack of red tint in her grey. Mind you, if it’s a red tint you want, you came to the right zombie…

Darker Streak

Anna was a quiet girl
who through eyelashes
watched the world.

and though she appeared
to be quite meek,
inside she harboured
a darker streak.

If you haven’t yet visited Anna’s Many Murders by Bryn Oh, please do. You’ll do yourself a favor and if you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself later. When you land, take a moment to click the notes to get windlight settings and other graphic information to get most out of the experience. I took all the pictures with that windlight setting, but some of the pictures have local lights on and some not. I also did turn the angle of sunlight every now and then.

I don’t often ramble or mention what I’ve done in photoshop, but I feel this time I should. Every picture has a film grain filter on them and some of them got also a touch of curves to make them lighter — generally those taken without local lights on. This particular picture also got some sky fiddling because I managed to have the squares bug that often comes when taking huge pictures. Otherwise the pictures are untouched.

It seems our heroine manages to escape from the gigantic fox. It’s a miracle, considering what she’s wearing is hardly made for running. The dress, hat and shoes are all by Likka*House. She’s having a Rez Day Sale at the moment, so if you like kawaii dresses and lolita style — gothic or regular — hop over to shop today or tomorrow! It will be all over on Monday.

From fox to bees! Time to panic! The hair (colour-change scripted with colour-change bands as well) is from Waka & Yuki’s latest lucky chair. It felt so very gothic lolita appropriate that I had to wear it with this.

Why is it called Anna’s Many Murders, you may ask. Well. There were plenty of murders made by Anna. Mail man, grandpa, inspector, juror, judge, warden and more. This particular one is the warden. The whole experience is very surreal, slightly creepy and very jawdroppingly awesome.

Here is Anna, going through the final door. There’s a couple of wonderful videos made out of it all. Here’s the main one and this one you get a link to at this spot, in the end. For reasons you’ll understand.

As for the other credits, I added a make-up by Mynerva and cobweb face tattoo by Sassy Kitty Designs to Sonya’s usual League-skin. I also changed the normal grey Poetic Colors eyes into something slightly more surreal. The gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, but made by The Black Canary. The black heart ring is by Kosh. As for poses, the first picture’s pose is a part of the sim, but in order the rest are by: No Strings Attached, Niqotine, Poise, Croire and Olive Juice.

Take a break from expos, fairs and events, grab a cup of coffee and go stare in amazement while you wander. You’ll feel better afterwards!

Cute, Cuter, Albero

Disclaimer: This amount of cuteness might give you diabetes from just viewing it! Proceed with caution.

Albero has Kawaii Hunt going on. Port in here, pick up a HUD for free and locate sixteen lil treestumps based on picture hints and after the HUD is full, port all over the sim to pick up your prizes~ Oh, and try not to bankrupt yourself while at it. Damn you, irresistibly adorable things! *shakes fist* I shall resist you! …some year. Right after one more round of D-Lab gacha. Honest. …anyway!

I know. There’s colours, and there’s colours, and then there’s this. Where to even begin? Oh, I know. First note of the post: the shape is different than the usual default Sonya-shape. Not only was she giving me a Look about the pink, all the clothing was made for lithe, girly figures with empire waistlines and midriff prims which… yeah. Don’t work with the default shape’s curves. On another note: all the hairs are from Curious Kitties (not a part of the hunt) and only one of the skins was a part of the hunt.

The dandelion pulling our pink-haired heroine after it is from No Strings Attached. The house is by Modest House, sofa by Cleo Design, table by True Love Never Dies, chairs by Second Spaces and Pinku there wondering who would turn a poor, defenseless penguin pink is by D-Lab. Not a hunt prize, but a gacha. Flowers by Still Life GARDEN. The cardigan is by FIR & MNA, the pearls by DECO and the feathery earring by Willow. The skin by Al Vulo and skirt and socks by Silent Sparrow are not a part of the hunt~

These panda dolls by Naminoke are probably LETHAL in their cuteness. Death by Cute. Playing there and ignoring the quirky tv by Tasty completely. The rest of the nicknacks on the desk are a part of it, it’s by Cheeky Pea and so adorable. I mean, who wouldn’t want a laptop with chibis? I know I do! The shelves are by Cleo Design and the cupcake seats that I piled into a Tower of Nom are by Saturnine Dreams. The shirt is by Cat’s Eye and the skin is by Les Petits Details (the only skin in the hunt prizes). Oh, and check out the owl patch by Croire on the shirt. Every shirt needs random owls added to it, yesyes.

Pingu and I are flying to the moon! ^_^ The rocket is by Sway’s and it has three possible colours with different smilie faces. The grass is by Zigana and Pingu is another gacha-result from D-Lab. Dress is by Mocha and decorated with one of those owl patches from Croire. Skin is one of Sanu’s.

After a refreshing trip to the moon and back it’s time to go to sleep. The bed is by Cool Beans and has been taken over by the Naminoke pandalettes for vitally important play purposes. The wall decal is a part of the house (Modest House). The dress (and the huggable vegetable? thing) are by Tiny Bird. The rings are by Awesome Blossom. The skin (Pink Fuel) is not a part of the hunt.

Although on that note I must say that the Pink Fuel and Al Vulo skins are a part of A hunt, more specifically Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2, which lasts until April 11.

Nutshell credits: 1) all the pictures were taken in a house by Modest House (a part of this hunt) 2) all the hairs are by Curious Kitties (not a part of the hunt) 3) all the eyes are by Poetic Colors (not a part of the hunt).

The Kawaii Hunt lasts until April 2, so hop over and enjoy the cuteness~

Twisted Rebirth

“The note is heavy in your hands, heavier than a piece of paper should be. You stare down at the words, wondering just who might be waiting for you in this unfamiliar place. You turn it over, hoping for any other hints, any other help. In small writing you find scrawled on the back,

Near a place reserved for woe,
in a place that’s high but low,
Watch which way the raven doth go.

You ponder the mysterious passage’s meaning. Reserved for woe…wasn’t there a mausoleum nearby? On the other hand…in a place that’s high, this house is so high, could she mean the attic?”

That is how it all begins. A small note in the fireplace, a mysterious hint and off you go, following its trail, making decisions as you go along and dying horribly in several imaginative ways! Although if you’re thorough enough there is still hope… I’m speaking of the mini-hunt ^Re.Birth^ has in addition to their regular Twisted Hunt prize. It’s like those books where you choose your own path and fate. Once you’ve met your fate in one dreadful fashion, go back and try another option! The prizes are skins, eyes, tattoo layers of twistedness and poses, not to mention random props like a map of Innsmouth and Necronomicon…

“After what seems like ages in the winding, dark and sometimes suffocatingly tight tunnels, you come to a chamber. All along the arching stone walls, are faint scratches, you run your fingertips across the slick cavern wall. Unable to make anything out, you turn your attention to the large, sickly green colored statue. It almost looks as if it was carved from the back wall of the stone chamber, as it seems to be almost…growing out of it. However the near luminescent quality of the statue makes that impossible, the stone looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen. At it’s base lies a peculiar book, you kneel down and pick it up. The moment you crack it open, a loud roaring fills the cave, the walls flaring to life, revealing thick, glowing red lettering. The language is foreign though, you shake, clutching the open book to your chest as you turn round and round, trying to take in all the writing at once.

Oh god, they’re real. It’s real…all the horrors that the book in the library described, the unfathomable Elder Gods. A sharp warmth floods your chest and you gasp in pain, dropping the book to the ground. Tearing open your shirt, you see the same glowing, foreign letters that adorn the chamber walls being torn into your flesh. The warm pain sweeps out to your fingers, to your toes and you collapse as it ascends into your face. Laughing hysterically, you reach a now rune riddled hand towards the book, clutching it to your chest once again as you rock back and forth on the cavern floor. As that foreign, now wonderful pain washes over your mind, you smile maniacally. The voices, the beautiful, horrible whispering voices telling you all you need to know, need to do. Yes, yes…there will be blood, and horror, and endless screaming. This world will once again be theirs.”

Here’s one of the endings! Fun, hmm? All the quotes are of course from the game and I took the pictures within it, so for once there’s no skybox-furniture-prop set-ups, but actual in-world photos. A hunter wandered in while I was taking this one, thought I was a prop and clicked me. I was most amused and of course apologized and explained what I was doing there. The dress, glasses and hat are all from the Twisted prize of Dare Designs and just said ‘Victorian Detective of Supernatural Phenomena’ to me. The pose is by Niqotine Poses.

“Out of the corner of your eye, you spy a sliver of white peeking out from the underbrush. You lean down amidst the graves, brushing leaves and dirt away from a discarded book. Only too late do you notice the blood spattered pages, you stand up, a cold chill running down your spine as an unholy chorus of groans rises to your ears. A hand rips forth from the earth, gripping your ankle, you start to run…jerking your body free only to stumble into a cold body. The smell of earth and rotten flesh fills your nostrils, searing pain radiating from your shoulder as the zombie tears into you…it’s too late. You sob, looking up into the sky…hoping just maybe they’ll eat enough of you so you return as they have…return as an abomination.”

Of course you have to have death by zombies! This particular zombie girl has overgrown nail-claws, the Twisted Hunt prize from U&R Dogs. The knife in her chest is by Virtual Insanity, also a Twisted prize. The outfit is a mix of older things, body suit by Ilaya and kilt by DV8. Pose is by No Strings Attached.

“Rowena: Thank you, your kind heart has released me from my torment at their hands. I have no way to repay you, but please take comfort in the knowledge that I am moving on to a better place. You must take great care on your way out, for SHE still awaits in the depths of the house.

It’s not all hopeless, though! If you’re persistent enough you’ll be able to free the tormented soul of a young innocent girl. And who is SHE, you ask? The one who awaits. Go ahead and play to find out! *grins* I dressed Rowena in the cuteness that is Wretched Dollies, modeling in a fairy pose by Creative Insanity.

All the skins, eyes and the red runes tattoo layer in the first picture are by ^Re.Birth^. All the hairs are by Sky Everett. And as said, all the pictures are taken while doing this mini hunt, quotes are straight from it. There are six dreadful deaths and the redemption of Rowena waiting for you, if you just dare to try…