Unlikely Eve

“If you consent, neither you nor any other human being shall ever see us again; I will go to the vast wilds of South America. My food is not that of man; I do not destroy the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite; acorns and berries afford me sufficient nourishment. My companion will be of the same nature as myself and will be content with the same fare. We shall make our bed of dried leaves; the sun will shine on us as on man and will ripen our food. The picture I present to you is peaceful and human, and you must feel that you could deny it only in the wantonness of power and cruelty.” – Frankenstein, chapter 17


The neverborn mate of the creature, the culmination of his plan to make peace with mankind, the symbol of hope and happiness that companionship brings to the lonely. What if she was not destroyed half-formed, what if Frankenstein kept his word and let his creature escape the civilization with his newborn mate into the warmer wilds than Europe can offer?


She would know nothing of the humans except the horror stories her mate bestows upon her to warn her away. To her eyes neither of them look monstrous for she’d have nothing to compare to nor any shocked reactions to prove such judgments correct. How long would she stay innocent, this unlikely Eve of crafted dead flesh brought to life again?


Perhaps it would all work out like the creature dreamed, perhaps they could have been happily lost in their own paradise. Unless, of course, one day her matured curiosity lured her out of the jungle and into the light…

A Tattered Page is a new in-store event that draws its inspiration from books. The first round focuses on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and you can find the shopping guide from the website. The creature skins with stitches are event exclusive by Fallen Gods Inc., sold for the event duration together with the non-exclusive unstitched cadaver skin, courtesy cadaver eyes and a mountain load of appliers for both genders.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Relic Tree 1* | Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Wisp Mushrooms Large Patch* | Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods 5 | HPMD* Happy Mood – Sweet Garden Grass

Creature: Skin & Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Cadaver Creature & Cadaver Eyes* | Hair: Alice Project – Clarissa* | Body Parts: Slink Physique, Slink Hands, Slink Feet

Poses: Olive Juice – The Thriller 1 | Picture this! – Artistic Nude 3 Mirror | !bang – Stand 131

Take a Bigger Axe

It would solve many problems. At least there are days when it feels like that, isn’t there? Perhaps that is one of the reasons why many roleplaying games feel so liberating: you can solve problems with an axe and not be thrown to jail. Or live with remorse the rest of your life. Most likely you will get a reward, possibly including half a kingdom and hand or some other body part of a royal person. Convenient!

biggeraxe1bsIt’s not a bad thing to at least get to emulate such solutions when in reality most of us have to daily just plaster a smile on our faces at people we fervently imagine getting a piece of axe-problemsolving instead. Logging into a virtual world where you can just run around, hack and slash and visibly defeat things is practically a form of therapy.

biggeraxe3bsSo truly: when things begin to annoy you the next time, try a game. After a few hours of killing virtual population in inventive ways and being praised for it, the edge of frustration is surely gone. Sometimes taking a bigger axe is the right choice: as long as it’s made of pixels.

The Razivia Valkyrie skin by Fallen Gods Inc., Vale Coat by The Muses and the face chain by .:ellabella:. are all available in the current round of We Love Role-play that has just started. The Axe of Retribution is by [EZ] Weaponry.

Scene: *~by Nacht – The Abbey

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Razivia Valkyrie* | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Aurora | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Alice Project – Willow Low Mirror* 

Outfit: Armour: The Muses – Vale Coat Blood* | Chain Mail Gloves & Pants : The Muses – Rainha Black* | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Edenion black/silver* | Face Chain: .:ellabella:. – Childlike red* | Axe: [EZ] Weaponry – Axe of Retribution (Great Axe)*

Poses: Exposeur – Call the Shots 3 | Olive Juice – True Blood: Sookie Promo 1

Zodiac: Taurus

Steady, reliable, practical and patient, that’s the bull of the Zodiac. Often called stubborn, they simply know their goals and work toward them one step at a time with a calm, pragmatic mindset. Once the goal is reached, Taurus will reap the benefits and enjoy them, for it is also the most materialistic of the signs.

taurus1bsTaureans know how to make money and they also know how to enjoy it. They work hard for the rewards and then spend in quality and comfort. These are the lovers of good wine and cuisine, soothing surroundings, fine furnishings and luxury. Considering how sensual this sign ruled by Venus is, one could also say that these are the lovers, period.

taurus2bsAlthough Taureans generally value harmony in their lives and are stable, calm people, if you do manage to anger one you can prepare yourself for getting your fair share of the horns. Being an earth sign the pragmatism tends to ground them fast enough, though, and the bull returns to its peacefully persistent path toward her goals.

taurus3bsStubborn, sensual, loyal, patient, romantic, pragmatic and even easily indulgent, Taureans work hard in their lives and then invest both in material wealth and personal harmony at home and in their relationships.

The Patience-dress by lassitude & ennui, Aphrodite hairstyle by Alice Project and Taurus skin by Essences are all available in the current round of Zodiac. The Janna Statement Necklace by Glam Affair is available in FaMESHed.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Dining Room* | ~Libertine~ Delicacy Tray: fruit and wine, Rubens Leucippus Goblet, Cushions red*

Body: Skin: Essences – Taurus 02 brunette | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Summer Breeze Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hairstyle: Alice Project – Aphrodite*

Outfit: Dress: lassitude & ennui – Patience brown* | Necklace: Glam Affair – Janna Statement Necklace Gold/Orange | Spoon: Illusory – Dessert Bunny Chocolate Mint

Poses: N/A | Olive Juice – Oh, these old things? | PoseMonster – Stand 34

Elyria and Explosion

Elyria is the name of this bodysuit set by Pale Empress: it’s slinky, shiny and sensually shaded. Obviously it could be a lingerie set, but when I saw the shading my mind went immediately to alien places and cyber-adventures.

Elyria and Explosion 1The explosion part is actually from a skybox by Garden of Dreams. They’ve released several new mesh skyboxes in Showcase line, mainly meant for variously coloured, lit and built picture settings.

elyria2bsThe alien adventuress is a mix of Beautiful Freak, Pin Me Down and Fallen Gods Inc. painted on the golden canvas of Glam Affair. The cyberlox are a hunt prize by Alice Project, available in the Sinister Goth Hunt.

elyria3bsTo launch a thousand spaceships, all you need is a sublime shading in your bodysuit. Now there just needs to be a futuristic version of the walls of Troy to gaze over…

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Showcase Explosion*

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Roza The Arcade Gacha Events 02 | Hair: Alice Project – Vicious* | Eyes: Repulse – Demonic v3 Eyes Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eye makeup: Beautiful Freak – Obake Red* | Lip stripe: Pin Me Down – Lip Markings 6* | Body stripes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Sanctum Full*

Outfit: Bodysuit Set: Pale Empress – Elyria Red*

Poses: PoseMonster – Jojo 4 | Olive Juice – Kickin’ it | Exposeur – Advent Gift 24

Zodiac: Capricorn

Capricorn’s symbol is the goat: surefooted climber heading to the top of the mountain. Capricorn people are similar in their ambitions, heading steadily toward the top. They tend to be work-orientated and this often shows in how they carefully consider and evaluate the career and if it is truly worth all their energy and devotion. They might change their jobs or end up in eccentric professions because they know exactly what they want and they systematically go after it.

Zodiac: Capricorn 1Capricorns are stereotypically stiff people, often accused of not having sense of humour at all. They dislike being ridiculed to the point of bearing grudge for such transgressions, but this does not mean they would not have their own type of humour: usually quirky and eccentric.

Zodiac: Capricorn 2The penchant for traditions also shows itself in appreciating quality and being classy. They’re one of the signs who expect high quality of everything: work, food, material possessions, time spent together. They also seem to have trouble getting into relationships, but once they do, they are extremely devoted, revealing surprising warmth from under the cool exterior.

Zodiac: Capricorn 4Capricorns rarely take time for play and are masters of multi-tasking. They are serious, responsible sign that will achieve whatever it is they set out to do. Since they are so business-like on the surface, they usually have only few friendships, but those that they have are deep and never forgotten.

The greenhouse by Apple Fall, the horns by lassitude & ennui, the skin by Ploom and the necklace by Perception are all available in the current round of Zodiac.

Scene: Z-Boutique – Cryogenia | Greenhouse: Apple Fall – Capricorn Greenhouse | Horns: lassitude & ennui – Capricornus mesh horns dark/silver*

Body: Skin: .ploom. – Harlowe Vanilla DB Capricorn | Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes Green | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: *Alice Project* – Rose*

Outfit: Jacket: Erratic – Vanity Leather Jacket Grey Open | Shirt: LeeZu – WoolPulli Red | Pants: Zaara – Classic Jeans Black | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Embroidered Boots Brown Gold* | Necklace: *Perception* – Capricorn Horn Necklace Gold*

Poses: Olive Juice – Pretend | aDORKable Poses – 5 of 25 2012 | aDORKable Poses – Confident Leo 1



Medusa’s Waltz

This is one of those combinations that just happened. I’ve had HANDverk’s Medusa hair for a while now, but hadn’t found just the right things to go with it. When I tried on Zibska’s Ouida collar, something simply clicked.

Medusa's Waltz 1This particular Medusa became a modern one, slithering about in a Take This Waltz gown of slinkiness by :{MV}:, available in Gothmas by Gaslight. Her hunting grounds are obviously a jungle bar by Garden of Dreams:  plentiful prey, excellent drinks and convenient comfort.  The skin is one of Glam Affair’s gacha ones from The Arcade.

Medusa's Waltz 2cNow to figure out how to engage in conversation without making the dinner freeze… perhaps investing in a mask would be a good idea?

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Jungle Bar*

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Renee Dreary Soul 03 RAV | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Cat Eyes Black Preview | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: HANDverk – Medusa Hair blue/black eyes 

Outfit: Dress: :{MV}: Take This Waltz Gown Teal* | Collar: Zibska – Ouida Collar*

Poses: aDORKable Poses – 6 of 25 2012 | Olive Juice – Sassy 3 (Curvy)


White Rose

It started with Zibska’s Amelie jewelry set, roses covering the skin, changed to white for the winter. The Mira makeup combined with the Giddy hairdo raising up into the heavens turned the whole thing into a fashion shoot, so I wrapped the rest into SAKIDE’s Fashion Skull Dress and looked for a wintry setting.

The clockwork music bear by Fairlock Industries can be found in Unhinged Festival. Same with the dress, the slipper bench by Senzafine and the pots with flowers by Deep Blue Sea Designs. I had to lie down to have any chance of showing off the whole of the hair. Or maybe I slipped on ice while trying to balance with heels. The sacrifices I make for photos, yes.

The Amelie jewelry set is available in The Gallery Gift Shop, the makeup is a new release and the hair the current gift in Zibska. The surroundings are a dream scene by Garden of Dreams, a frozen pool in front of a wintry cabin. The non-fir trees are their new mesh chill grove trees, currently available in their Christmas Market with the cabin and many other wintry products being on discount.

Once you do have your wintry environments arranged, I do recommend skates instead of heels and something warmer than this to traipsing through the snow. Don’t try this at home without sufficient amounts of hot coffee, mulled wine or campfire!

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Cabin Winter* | Trees: Garden of Dreams –  Chill Grove Trees* | Bench: Senzafine – Umbra et Lux Slipper Bench Winterstorm | Pots: DBS – blue & white pots fuzzy teal & white flowers

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors: Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Zibska – Mira Coal* | Hair: Zibska – Giddy Black*

Outfit: Dress & Stockings: SAKIDE – Fashion Skull Dress* | Shoes: Schadenfreude – Black Flitter Dreamlander Heels | Necklace & Earrings: Zibska – Amelie Set* | Bracelets: Mandala – Lotus Chain Bracelets | Bear: Fairlock Industries – Clockwork Music Bear Lullabear

Poses: HDL – Muack | Olive Juice – Oh, these old things? | Exposeur – She’s Crafty 1 M



The Good, The Bad and The Lucky

There’s something about contrasts, opposites that makes both clearer. By defining what something is not is also defining what one is. For example, when you define something as ethereal, peaceful and slightly detached while still good, you might end up with this moonlit creature.

If you move to the opposite direction, you can find physical, intense and fully alive while possibly more bad. That seems to be the division between the two in classic fantasy: good is often more emotionally detached while bad is driven by their passions.

I personally favor the storytelling that turns this around and teaches the luminous beings how to breathe and how to feel, even if it would come with a price. On a less serious note: the dark side does have all the cookies. I’m not sure what Arachnos here puts in her cookies, but I’m quite convinced she has them.

The skin, loincloth, spider legs, eyes and the extra eyes on forehead and cleavage are all a part of the current fortune teller prize in Fallen Gods Inc. The teller will be joining hands until November 3rd, but the skins will be for sale later. The lighter counterpart, Anima, is one of his latest creations as well. Anima’s jewelry is by Tekeli-li, who is also having a Halloween sale at the moment. Hairs are by Alice Project, the colour change HUD with control over select parts of hair was perfect for contrasting. The web collar on Arachnos is by Scrub, from the latest round of Horror Haute.

As for the title, the Lucky is of course you.

Bodies: Skins: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anima & Arachnos* | Hairs: *Alice Project* – Bliss* | Eyes: The Plastik – Bloodless Silver (Anima) & Fallen Gods Inc. – Blood Eyes (Arachnos) | Makeup: Nuuna’s Skin – Azen White (Anima), M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Aos Si Winter White Masque (Anima) & Zibska – Ting Coal (Arachnos)

Outfits: Skirts: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Nymph Aerie (Anima) & Fallen Gods Inc. – Lava Loin Cloth (Arachnos) | Jewelry: Tekeli-li – Inanna Set (Anima) & Scrub – Webcollar (Arachnos)

Poses: LAP – BG1-Barbie9 PR4 | N/A | Olive Juice – Dramatically Sexy




Zodiac: Virgo

There’s another round of the Zodiac event going on, this month obviously themed around Virgo. I am highly partial to these logical, analytical and practical people. They make sense. They communicate in ways I can understand, exchanging facts and information back and forth in an organized, interested manner.

If you want to imagine nutshell stereotypes for them, there’s librarians, archivists, secretaries, scientists, I’d even put detectives in here. They have highly analytical minds, perseverance nearing stubbornness and great attention to detail. If you want a job done in a professional, organized, thorough manner, you call a Virgo.

All this logic and using their brains for detail analysis does have a side effect of being somewhat oblivious to feelings, including their own. There’s so much more interesting things distracting them in the world that introspection doesn’t occur to them and over-emotional people feel like a headache. Combined with the Virgo trait of perfectionism this usually heralds some problems in romantic relationships.

As friends Virgos are reliable, kind and helpful. They prefer to show their friendship with actual deeds instead of words, practicality over emotions. If you like logic and rationality, if you like it when things make sense, there’s no better people to hang out with than Virgos. Being down to earth yields a bountiful harvest of results, after all.

I had to dress my Virgo girl in a practical manner and set her in a library, there was no way around it. The skin by Essences, the satchel by Casa del Shai and the clock by Conspiracy Theory are all from the Zodiac event. The shirt that is practical while dancing at the edge of quirky is by *Perception* and the boots that several of my Virgo friends love to bits are by lassitude & ennui. The library of awesome is by Garden of Dreams: 423 prims, 40×40 footprint, poses for all your research needs!

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Library* | Clock: Conspiracy Theory – Maxwell – Astrological Clock – Postal | Books: BP* antique books/Drowsy

Body: Skin: {.essences.} – Virgo Brunette | Hair: Love Soul – Hair*055*Jet Black | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eyeliner: {.essences.} Eyeliner V2.0

Outfit: Shirt: *Perception* – Flutter-Sleeve Top — Earth & Sea Damask* | Pants: Sn@tch – Community College Capris (black) | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust Brown Duotone* | Bag: Casa del Shai – Virgo Satchel Chestnut | Glasses: Air – Cresta

Poses: D.Luxx – Secrets 03 / Del May – Brain Ache / Olive Juice – Here Comes the Sun (+ book pose)



Queen Mab

No, not the Shakespearean one, but much more primal creature of the wilds. The name is really a play on the body tattoo Warrior Queen by Mabinogion, because really, it’s not like she’s wearing much else.

I did dress her in leather bikini by Sn@tch and gave her a Raven Sage Staff (old hunt gift by Bad Juju) to complete the look, but there’s really no need to dress up at all in the Hidden Cove. The location is actually a dream scene by Garden of Dreams, consisting of 270 prims worth of cuddles, poses, more intimate couple animations and sounds to match the waves.

When you remove the few scanty leather bits, she’s still almost as dressed as she was with them and ready to step into the jungle, perfectly camouflaged and gorgeous.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Hidden Cove*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Aleria Nightbringer’s Breath Stained | Body Tattoo: Mabinogion – Warrior Queen Tattoo* | Hair: LeLutka – Inverted Hair (CoalMine) | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Dark Turquoise | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Ears: ~Illusions~ Seelie Ears*

Outfit: Bikini: Sn@tch – Leather Bikini (brown)* | Staff: Bad Juju – The Raven Sage Staff

Poses: aDORKable Poses – Confident Leo 1 & Olive Juice – Sassy 4