Saving Siluri: Quirk & Co. Adventure

“This is it,” Al-Epzi whispered, although the blindfold kept the Messtic from actually seeing anything. Perhaps he felt his surroundings from the yarn.

“Ye sure?” Duncan MacTavish asked, more out of reflex than doubt. He was already busy figuring out how to cut the damn thing down.


“Yes, this is the Amulet of Shiny Things. It is needed to liberate Siluri from the confines of the Dread Fish Tank.” The Messtic kneaded the ball of yarn in his paws, forming cryptic patterns with the yarn.

“You’d think that she’d be more careful after that business with the damn tuna net,” Symeon muttered, keeping his one good eye on the surroundings.


If the Fiji Purrmaid had heard her companions, she would have surely commented on how it is not her fault that her beauty is irresistible and captivating to the degree that she finds herself as the captive more often than not. As it was, she was fluttering with the white fish of extravagant fan tails of feminine wiles in the bejewelled tank behind the Oracle Rise.


“I could drop the weight in too, you know,” suggested Bruce, the Brisbanian Barbarian. “My Siluri’s a full-grown Purrmaid, all curves and tail. That little fish can’t replace her.”

“Now now, Bruce, you know very well what Al-Epzi said: a tail for a tail, fair exchange.” Ringmaster Quirk poked a hole in the fish bag to let the small creature into the tank. “Issymbolic or some such.”


“A spiced mouse, Miss Siluri?” Vinny offered a snack to the rescued Purrmaid. “I hope the water’s nice. Bastet insisted on the flowers. It’ll all be alright now, see Bill and Steve are keeping watch. ‘n the little monster’s trying to row. We also-”

“Shh, Vinny. Everything’s fine. We’ll be soon out. Just… just hold onto those mice still for a bit?” Siluri splashed in the scented water bowl restlessly. No matter how fierce and primal the tamed cat really was, she doubted it could actually row a boat. She crossed her soft paws and wished Al-Epzi and the Ringmaster had an escape plan.


There was a crash of breaking glass, a splash of something big and the boat shook as the giant fish raised it up. Al-Epzi held the Amulet of Shiny Things for it to see, the sparkles luring the giant forward. The last sound floating in the still summer air was Clawed Maude’s. “You call that big? We had bigger fish for snacks back in Texas…”

The feline heroes of The Quirk & Co. Travelling Sideshow have been adventuring in my mind since the Tag! Gacha, and they can still be won in lassitude & ennui’s main store (except the exclusive mystery prize). The mystical amulet is also by lassitude & ennui, available in the current round of We Love Roleplay. The fitting scenery hails back to this spring’s Fantasy Faire: the miniature oracle and the rowboat were hunt prizes, but the temple will be for sale in Fallen Gods Inc. main store later. The particle effects by Cole’s Corner are actually auras and supposed to be worn by an avatar, but they worked beautifully as rezed magic, too.

Feline Heroes: lassitude & ennui – The Quirk & Co. Travelling Sideshow*

Fishies: Anc Ltd. – Frilledfish mistwhite, fish shop daughters: antique tank & symbiosisfish albino rezpet | !Ohmai – Bloopie Goldfish Bag (white)

Scene: Fallen Gods Inc. – Odyssey~ Pearl Submerged Temple & Odyssey’s Fate Oracle Miniature*

Mystical Amulet of Shiny Things: lassitude & ennui – Sunna Necklace gold/black*

Boat: FF2015 Wildehaven Rowboat | Bowl: Pixel Mode – Flower Bowl

Magic Effects: Cole’s Corner – “We are Groot” Aura & Pixie Dust (in fish tank)*

The Clocktower of Creation

“Miss Anna, I cannot express how happy I am to finally be able to talk to one of you Prototypes, I have been hearing so much about you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you. I have been designed to feel comfortable and pleased when interacting with humans in a socially acceptable and friendly manner.”


“Feel? I am somewhat surprised to hear you use the word, I hope I do not offend… I was not expecting a… woman that has been designed to speak of feelings.”

“Do not many of the humans also believe they were designed? How is that different?”

“…ah, yes. But um… see, they believe they were designed by… well, not by another human. Speaking of, do you think it is possible for me to speak with him?”

“Find Marie, ask her. She knows such things. Climb on the roof by nightfall, she prefers to do her calculations in the dark.”


“Miss Marie, a word, please?”


“…ah. Um. I meant… could I ask you a question?”

“Rhetorical and redundant.”

“…quite right, I already did. I would like to meet and talk with your Maker. How may I achieve this?”

“Put these on to adjust your human sight to see the Clocktower. To the south. Knock on the door. Goodbye.”


“May I just state that it is an honor to finally meet you… I am not even certain what to call you, I have heard so many names. The Prototypes call you Maker, the townsfolk whisper of the Architect, the Scientist and there are even other words floating around…”

“Names do not matter, Miss Journalist. Only my work does.”

“…very well. I can see you are doing just that, working. Is she… I mean… does that hurt?”

“Greta is not sentient yet. No, it does not hurt, she has not been created to feel pain. The others have preliminary nervous systems to aid in self-preservation, but Greta and her partner will not be needing those.”


“…and why is that?”

“Because they are created to aid the Gaze. Captain Lupine sent me a very special and specific request. I am responding in kind.”

“…I see. Actually, I see far from here… the whole of the Spiral. But until Marie gave me these goggles, I did not even know there was a clocktower here.”

“There is always a tower of observation, Miss Journalist. Always.”

A Clockwork Spiral has been visibly inhabited by the Prototypes from Fallen Gods Inc. this year. One can meet Anna, Marie, Oscar and Nikola almost any time one visits the area. They are available as complete avatars, but also sold separately as outfits and skins (Rust appliers in the Materica HUD in the main store). It felt only fitting to have a story of the steam diesel scientist behind them, so Alia Baroque graciously agreed to play the part that is his by right.

In addition to the Prototypes themselves, you can also find Greta’s seat and one of the lamps by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] from the Spiral. The steam arm on the Scientist is by ImmateriA and also available in the event.

Scene for Anna and Marie: A Clockwork Spiral

Clock Tower Scene: Pixel Mode – Clock Tower Sky Box | Volstead – Savoy Table & Vogue Lamp 001* | 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Steam Powered Pouf & Industrial Floor Lamp* | ~Libertine~ Marquis Master Chair* | E&D Engineering – Thinker’s Work Table & Stool | Hat & Gearbuckle on Greta’s seat from Nikoka Hrdja avatar by Fallen Gods Inc.

Prototypes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anna & Marie Complete Avatars, Greta’s skin with The Fatal Familial Insomniac head attachment by [ContraptioN]

The Scientist: ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ Steamarm from Arcane Finery outfit, the rest of the look a part of the mystery.

Poses: {Imeka} – Reika-Pose 1 | Kirin – Athena Pose 2 | Diesel Works – Adam 7 | Sitting poses part of the furniture.

The Great Roodini!

I’ve -tried- to keep all my rooness in my roo blog, but this was just too squee to resist. I’ve been busy lately with hammering my computer into working order, getting a mesh-enabled viewer running with shadows and playing roo roulette. I’ve in fact been so busy that when I got a subscribo-gift from Pixel Mode today I realized that it was the first mesh-item I have! So obviously I had to try it on and take some pictures. Then I remembered Coyo teasing me about having made a new hat, so I hopped to .( bewildebeest ). to have a look, laughed and came home with it. Now behold: the Great Roodini!

He even has a tiny evil moustache! It’s a freebie from .( bewildebeest ). and it pretty much sealed this concept. The hat is called Portable Butterfly Garden and has tiny flutterbies flittering around the flowers, too. I had to match the throne chair to them, fortunately LISP Bazaar has these chairs out as opening freebies. Re-modeling opening freebies. Some such. The shop has changed layout, there’s fun furniture things to be gained, go see! I also tried to match the moustache without actually wearing one — Sonya absolutely refused, no matter what I tried — so I added a stripey tattoo layer by Fallen Gods Inc. instead. Pose by Mela’s.

Here the Great Roodini is manipulating the young and impressionable entertaining the cublings! Sonya is obviously trying very hard not to laugh and is instead pretending to gaze into the fun puddle pool by Olive Juice. I had considered taking splashy rain pictures, but naturally the Great Roodini trumped that for obvious awesomeness reasons. Hair by Lamb, gloves and fishnets by Sn@tch, skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.

Oh, and obvious mesh disclaimer is obvious: you have to have a viewer able to see mesh and please try demos before purchasing.

Summer Lingerie

It’s not even the beginning of July and there’s randomly tons of events and sales and hunts again! Let’s see if I can catch up a little…

There’s the Taste of SL Hunt that promises to be full of goodness. I took both pictures in the gorgeous little house by LeeZu. It has a small yard, three rooms, gorgeous wall paintings… my only moment of sighing was when I realized it was no-mod so I couldn’t do my house-mutilation to let sunlight in for shadows. I loved the wall paintings so much that for once I didn’t care!

The rest of the furniture above is all by Dreamscapes Art Gallery and the gorgeous lingerie is by Blacklace, both from the same hunt as the house. The cute little monocle is a freebie from December. Pose by Olive Juice. The Elikatira hair and the League jewelry set are a part of the 50L Fridays today, so if you want them you better hurry!

Much to my surprise Blacklace had still their One Night in SL Hunt prize out and available. The hunt is over, so no guarantees how long it’ll stay there, but I did pick it up today. Two free Blacklace lingerie sets on one day? That’s a good day, that. The shoes are by Pixel Mode, a subscriber gift. (Not attainable afterwards, you have to be a part of the subscribo before she sends the gift.) Both chairs and the stack of cups with strawberries are from the Strawberry Hunt at Where It Begins Fleamarket. (It ends June 19th.) The yellow chair is by Zigana, the chair with a chipmunk (^.^) is by sur+ and the cups are by Art Dummy. Using the default Sonya combo of League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes and Redgrave-lashes. Pose is randomly by yours truly.