52 Colours: Wenge

No, I didn’t know it’s a colour, either. Apparently it’s a dark wood type. The colour sample looked like dark grey with just a touch of brown in it to my eyes. I poked through my inventory for greys and browns, despairing. Eventually I found a skin that had tones that looked pretty much perfect — and then I went all a-squee with filters in photoshop. *coughs* So, although this particular picture doesn’t have the tone it’s supposed to, I loved it so much that I had to add it…

I took the pictures in a padded room by aDORKable Poses, all the poses are a part of it as well. As for the look, when I found that skin by Red Queen and added the cross make-up by Nuuna’s Skins (available in 4.44.444 Event) I knew I’d cyber it all up. Obviously Miss Wenge is one of those not-quite-sane kick-your-ass futuristic adventure girls.

The two other pictures have no filters so you can see that the skin does have softer, more brown tone to it when not photoshop-filtered for uber drama and squee funness. (Don’t ask me how many versions of these I made. The answer is something akin to ‘lots’.) The lovely strappy latex layers are from an outfit by Dare Designs, I just used a few of them instead of the full look. The point was the skin, I couldn’t go and cover it all up! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Oh, and the skull-and-crossbones pasties are by Cynful.

The eyes are by Repulse, tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and one of my favorite scifi hairs is by Mirror. Here’s to hoping that the next colour won’t send me into a padded room again, although it is sort of comfy here…

The Phoenix of Steam

Just a few more things from Steam Hunt still! It’s literally the last days of the hunt, many hunts, so if you haven’t yet picked up your favorites, now is definitely the time.

Since I grew up reading Marvel comics, I really couldn’t resist this steampunk-version of Phoenix by 22769 Casual Couture. It’s stunning, it’s fun, it plays with not only one fandom, but two. Much love. Mind you, the wings are by Top Katz and not a part of the outfit, I added them to the look since I was seriously lacking telekinetic phoenix-fire wing effects. Alas. The shiny pocket watch is by Amaranthus. Boots are by Addictia and not a part of the hunt.

I also had to photoshop these more than I usually do to remove hair glitching through her body, but I was so in love with this particular hair + cap combo by Red Queen (not a part of the hunt) that I was willing to compromise in photoshop. If the hair had been mod, I would’ve moved the locks around, but no can do. My apologies if the textures are flatter than they should be around her midriff and belt. As is obvious, I also used poster edges filter to aim for a more comic book look.

I also absolutely had to show this off: coffee-to-go pack by MadPea! Surely this is the source of all superpowers! The goggles on the cap are by MadPea as well, one of their bonus prizes. Pictures are taken in the Proteus Underwater House by Arkigrafx. Skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave, eyeliner by P.ArT, the golden mask by Evie’s Closet and all the poses by Niqotine Poses, none of which are a part of the hunt.

Oh, and guys? 22769 Casual Couture has a Cyclops outfit for you to go with the steamy Phoenix~

52 Colours: Liver

The moment I saw this week’s colour, I -knew- who and what Miss Liver would be. A colour that at first glance looks like very dark grey (with just a touch of warmth in it) and is named after an internal organ? It’s zombie-time!

Look, she even has a liver for you! Shh, no telling her that it’s actually a heart by Olive Juice, it’s not a good idea to try and teach zombies anatomy. She also has a macabre pretty heart necklace by Little Pricks. The axe lodged in her skull is by ~Sa-eela~, and don’t you worry, she doesn’t even notice it. Um. Maybe that -is- a cause to worry, actually. The pose is by Del May, all of these old hunt things.

The brain juice canister by Virtual Insanity is also from an old hunt. …why yes, yes I have a big zombie-folder in my inventory, don’t you? The pose is by Captivity Co, the creepy shack in the background is by Sugar.Snap.Me and the skin is an old group gift by Red Queen. I added a cracking tattoo layer by Frick to it and used eyes by REPULSE as final touches.

The whole outfit is a mix-match of Sn@tch items. Skirt, leggings and gloves are from voodoo lolli outfit that was in the lucky chair a bit ago and the top is from the current fishing outfit: Mary Potter. Who knew it’d end up on a zombie instead of Hogwarts? Hair is by DURA from Your Inner Bunny Hunt. The too-awesome-for-words scythe is by [OMFG] and I fear they’re not available anymore. Sadness. Pose by No Strings Attached.

So there, Miss Liver being nice and offering you a squishy present in the hopes that you’ll overlook the lack of red tint in her grey. Mind you, if it’s a red tint you want, you came to the right zombie…

52 Colours: Apricot

Meh at all the bland pastels. Meh, I say! Miss Apricot agreed with me. I told her that apricot was surely some sort of girly flowing romantic dress colour and she hissed at me. Then she locked herself in the attic and refused to come down so I had to take pictures of her in there, instead.

She has a cosy little reading corner arranged in the attic of the house by (TLND) from Poupee Hunt. The comfy pillows with the book are by The Family Jewels, the old notebooks are by POST and the coffee mug on them by Art Dummy! The hair with the hat by Red Queen is really what nailed Miss Apricot’s personality. I knew that exact moment who she was. No stilettos for her, espadrilles by Gos instead. I couldn’t resist the .( bewildebeest ). ring though, it matched so nicely.

After a long moment of wibbling, Miss Apricot deigned to stand up, but she was still reading a book by Slow Kitchen. The shirt that actually is the proper colour for this week is from a dress by PixelDolls… although by the time you read this I think it’s not available anymore, what with the big retirement sale having ended. Can’t wait to see what Neph comes up with now! The capris are by The Plastik. Yes, still going through that giant pile of gifts. Miss Apricot has several fun things on her walls: painting by Dreamscapes Art Gallery, medieval map by Oriolus Oliva, steampunk dragon by DragonLady Designs and the board covered with notes by Nordari. The yellow little purse in the pillow pile is by Ohmai.

I momentarily tempted her wrath and yoinked the book away just so we could have a closer look at the glasses by Amaranthus and the necklace by .( bewildebeest ). — the latter is a subscribo gift. In the background you can see a sideboard bookshelves by Kusshon, a DnD Player Handbook by *Boof. and a bamboo planter by Arctic Greenhouse. The cute little bamboo is a prize in a memory game there. Miss Apricot has a skin by The Plastik, eyes by Poetic Colors and eyeliner & tattoo lashes by Miamai. She also has a pose by Striking Poses that tells me I should hurry up and give her book back!

52 Colours: Teal

Miss Teal of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge turned out to be an elementalist. Who knows what she’s managed to summon there…

The picture is taken in a lovely waterfall-hidden cave by TOWA, full of shiny things~ The white foam is a part of the skin by Fallen Gods Inc, the black writing and feathers are a separate tattoo layer by The Plastik. Her eyes that are blackened by the summoning magic are by Damage Virtual Clothing. The conveniently teal hair that I dug up from my mermaid hair folder is by Red Queen. The adorable little Nautilus statue was fished up from Tekeli-li and the outfit and scepter are by Deviance. I adore her fantasy outfits. It’s rare for prim-skirts to settle on Sonya’s hips without any editing, but hers do. ❤ Oh, and the pose is by HopScotch.

As for next week… seriously? Electric Lime? O.o

Catching Up With Colours~

A year full of colours, perfect excuse to dig into your inventory and play dress-up, different colour every week. That’s more or less the nutshell of LunaJubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. She lists a new colour every week. I didn’t even know there were 52 colours, yegads. My colour perception is practically male: light brown, dark brown, what’s the difference? Fortunately she provides a colour sample every time so I can try and match that! And hey, it’ll be randomly educational, too! Not to mention fun. ^_^

It’s week fifteen of the challenge now, which meant I had fifteen looks to cover. To make the post less picture spammy I actually used a photo studio and then just snip-copy-pasted three in one. Since I was lacking in my usual environment creation fun, I challenged myself in another way: matched the styles of the colours per picture. Can’t make it too easy on myself, right?

The first three colours — grey, blue and goldenrod — turned out to be manga-ish school girl characters. Although I think Miss Blue might be a teacher. I started with flailing about if I’d find anything in goldenrod, going ‘That’s a colour? O.o’ a lot until I finally located that shirt. It called for school girlness, so Miss Grey and Miss Blue just had to live with it. All of their poses are from Ks2cool.

Grey: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair & scarf – Curious Kitties, tattoo – Moloko, gloves & top – The Loony Bin, leggings – Aoharu, lip piercing – Virtual Insanity, armlet – Zenith Fashion, coffin purse – DV8, belt – Gauze

Blue: skin – M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, eyes – Umedama Holic, hair – Wasabi Pills, dress – Miamai, tattoo – Schadenfreude, stockings & garters – Vinyl Cafe, butterflies – Minajunk, bird ring – KUE!

Goldenrod: skin – Imabee, hair – Red Queen, eyes – Poetic Colors, top – Paradisis, skirt & gloves – League, boom box – katat0nik, aether headphones – Belle Belle, socks – Rotten Toe

Plum was another tricksy one until I did a search for it and found this exact colour sample match hair from my anime hairs folder! Much rejoicing. ^_^ Then I poked around in my lolita folder and found a dress with exact same hue whales on it. Obviously Miss Sepia and Miss Yellow weren’t that difficult to dress up once I had the lolita style decided.

Plum: skin – Violent Seduction, eyes – Rita Eyes, hair – Little Heaven, dress & tattoos – katat0nik, necklace – Pink Fuel, pose – Lazy Places

Sepia: skin – Imabee, eyes – Sn@tch, hair – Curious Kitties, monocle – E&D Engineering, orchid – Orquidea, collar – Steam Powered Nuts, Inc., dress – Frick, pose – Estetica

Yellow: skin – Pink Fuel, eyes – Glam Affair, hair – Fatal Error, dress – Dilly Dolls, tattoo – Curious Kitties, cyber arm implants – Fatal Error, pose – Melancholia Lilliehook

Cerise was one of those ‘This is a colour? Yegads, it’s dark pink!’ moments. I did a search for ‘pink’ and tried everything on and much to my surprise found this vintage lingerie -and- shoes in exact colour sample tone! Who knew~ Miss Green and Miss Silver got to wear lingerie just to match lil Miss Cerise. You can’t really see the shoes on Miss Green and Miss Silver that well, but all three are wearing Grim Bros’s fantastic curlique filled wonders. There’s just something so delicate, decadent and debaucherous in those details. And other d-words.

Cerise: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – BettiePage Voyager, lingerie – Dominion Fashon District (creator: pisi Ruby), shoes – Grim Bros, stockings – Lapointe, gloves – Sn@tch, pose – Natasha Martov

Green: skin – Heartsick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Sky Everett, jewelry – Ganked, lingerie – Style by Kira, stockings – Dilly Dolls, gloves – The Black Canary, pose – Niqotine Poses

Silver: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – lamb, nightie – A&A Fashion, shoes – Grim Bros, jewelry – Mandala, pose – CnS E-motion

Two browns in one picture! I divided them in order and when I realized that I’d have two separate browns in this one, I just knew it’d be steampunk. I mean… my inventory is sort of black, black, black, red, black, blue, black, green, lots of browns in the steampunk folder! black. I am so miffed I couldn’t use hya-blue (Silent Sparrow) for the middle girl, but I just could not match it to the colour sample with good conscience. Fortunately I had Sparrow in sienna!

Sienna: skin – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, dress – Silent Sparrow, goggles – Belle Belle, steampunk headset – Londinium Gearworks, hat – Illusions, pose – Olive Juice

Indigo: skin – Frick, hair – Waka & Yuki, eyes – Mynerva, hat – Perturb/ation, gloves – Atsuki Kayo, necklace – Mariposa, dress – Evie’s Closet, pose – Niqotine Poses

Taupe: skin – Sn@tch, make-up – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, gloves, skirt & stockings – League, top & necklace – Sn@tch, pose – LAP

When I realized my last picture had emerald, black and red I more or less squeed. …and then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a fantasy picture or a ballet picture. So I made both! It’s like a joke: ‘A dryad, a drow and a demon walk into a ballet class…’ Obviously the demon is more interested in inviting others to dance and the drow claims she can’t dance without daggers, it’s apparently a part of her cultural heritage. The dryad was at least somewhat happy~

Emerald: skin – Sn@tch, eyes – Plastik, hair – Curious Kitties, dress – DV8, necklace – Fallen Gods Inc, pose – EverGlow

Black: skin – Ho Wear, eyes – Kosh, hair – Exxess Designs, dress – Mocha, ears – Illusions, necklace – Deviance, lip spider – EarthStones, knives – ODB, pose – Niqotine Poses

Red: skin – Red Queen, hair – Deviant Kitties, eyes – Plastik, tattoos – Fallen Gods Inc, dress – Evie’s Closet, horns – Trap, jewelry – Mandala, lip piercing – Nightshade, pose – Niqotine Poses

Whew. Next week I’ll start blogging colours one per week like everyone else… guess I have to come up with something else for extra challenge… maybe to match furniture or other props, too…

Shameless Plug for Niceness~

I love lucky chairs. Who wouldn’t? If there’s things I’d wear — and I am horribly picky, I admit this — I often stand in front of one for hours while handling other things at the same time, leaving just the chair bit and the chatbox visible on the screen. Yesterday Athelia had informed me of the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles and after I had picked them up and hit the shop’s subscribo, I looked around, blinked at the awesomeness and quality and set myself in front of the lucky chair while handling the bunny records.

Then, out of the blue, the shop’s owner IMs me and asks if I’m after something specific in the lucky chair. I had barely looked since I knew by the general quality of the store that whatever I’d manage to get would be great. I quickly checked what the chair had eaten and mentioned something that sounded cute. She gave me a fatpack of them. I blinked and boggled and tried to recover and we chatted on. While we talked, she gave me several more things out of the blue. She said that to some it might seem like a bad business move to give out freebies like that, but she thinks it’s all fine and good if people see other people wearing her jewelry.

I am still so shocked (in a good way) by this that I decided that instead of only wearing her jewelry — which I so will, squee! — I shall make a blog post about the pretties. Not only because they are awesome, but because niceness should be rewarded and encouraged and there is never enough of it in the world. ❤

The shop is called Mariposa and here are some of my favorites…

This set of necklace, bracelet and earrings is very summery and can also be worn with more native looks.  I make various fantasy / historical looks all the time, these things are important! The necklace came with both chest and spine attach versions and immediately sat well without zillion twists and turns in edit mode. Too many necklaces are made for shoulders so wide that no matter how you set it, there’s extra space. This was just perfect at one go.

None of my girl bunnies were awake for a casual jewelry picture and thus poor Frappe had to pose. He’s trying to hide his horror, but his ears were twitching. The dress is from Salire and if you’ve never visited, I warmly recommend. Cutesy little dresses in ridiculous low prices. Hair Sky Everett, skin Djinn & Tonic, eyes Poetic Colors.

This is the fatpack of jewelry (plus bracelet that is not in the picture). Oh so many different gems and colours in either bronze or silver. I used to wear a necklace like this in red in RL a lot at one point in my life and I squeed when I unpacked all of this, I assure you. The silver-blue combo will become a staple. *nods* Just wanted to show the bronze-orange one because it matched the background so well. Hair is from Waka & Yuki (old lucky board), eyes from Poetic Colors and for once the Djinn & Tonic skin is without the lipstick!

I have to show the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles as well, right? They are awesome and spiky and punksy. Thus I couldn’t really take casual shots out of them either. …and as I was building a look around them, I sort of went overboard. You know how I am. *grins*

Awesome freebie bangles are awesome, hmm? Oh, and the lip piercing is from the lucky chair! Hair is from eXceSs (Hybrid Hunt gift, going on until 1st July), skin from Red Queen, eyes from Urban Dare and the vest from Aoharu. Pose by Niqotine (closed down).

There are also more girlier pretty freebies, but these were simply breathtaking in the awesome level. Now go and visit, check out the rest of the things and enjoy the shinies!

Crazy hairs make the bunny squee~

But you all knew that already, hm? It’s no secret that strange, big hairdos are one of my shopping weaknesses in SL. I might run around mostly in one of Sky Everett’s updos or lamb.’s bob, but give me an excuse to go crazy with hair and you have my attention — and lindens.

So when I heard that there was a hunt coming up that was concentrating only on those, it was an instant child-waiting-for-christmas reaction. And now it’s finally here! The Crazy-Arse Hair Hunt begins in The U-neek, has 40 handpicked participating shops and lasts until the end of April. And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you my favorites!

I can’t speak of hair and not bring out — and begin — with Sky Everett. I’m so used to her big hairdos that I didn’t even consider this crazy by any means! Although it gave me an urge to get a moth-eaten ghostly greyscale ballgown to complete the look… Skin by Frick, eyes by Fan3 with the addition of Vision’s glow prims, background from MH Creations’ picture box.

Here we’re beginning to hit the crazy phase — Anemone hair from Nevermind included the feather ornament and was absolutely stunning and full of attitude. I completed the look with a skin from Red Queen and eyes from House of Ruin. Picture taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

Finally a hair to match this Foam skin! Griddie’s hair actually came in several different tones, but this teal cried out for a water elemental photoshoot, so I ported over to Fallen Gods Inc, went underwater and started taking pictures. Both the skin and the eyes are also from Fallen Gods Inc and no, the hair doesn’t really glow like that, there are fishies swimming and flickering through the textures, you know how it goes. I thought it was pretty, so I happily took advantage of SL’s bugs. *grins*

I climbed out of the water and into the nearest palm tree. Obviously the sim worked perfectly for my banana jungle shots, as well! The hair is from Bare Rose, and yes, it has bananas. The other possibility I considered was to do a Josephine Baker look, but my inventory failed to produce awesome banana pin-up outfits. Sadness. Skin is by Frick, eyes by Arondelle Ladybird for the Twisted Hunt with the glow effect prims from Vision. The leaf pasties are by Fallen Gods Inc.

I was really torn with this garden — on one hand I wanted to do exactly this: a crazy plant elemental blooming in the spring, but oh how it called for a Versailles look as well. This is not even hair anymore, this is a showpiece, a crazy combination of things carried on your head. It’s impressing, enchanting and would break women’s necks like snap in RL! It’s from a shop called 3636. Skin by Fallen Gods Inc, eyes by Poetic Colors, picture taken in our backyard~

Here we have a hairdo from one of my Squee Shops, Tekeli-li. They make fantasy hairdos, jewelry, clothes-made-of-jewelry and weapons-that-look-like-jewelry. It calls to the magpie in my heart. ❤ The hair was a Lovecraftian construction, and the moving eye in the bone headpiece was awesome, but the arrangement of the tentacle-like hair made me think of Egypt, perhaps some demented Egyptian sorceress and summoner… Skin by Red Queen, eyes by House of Ruin, Egyptian tattoos by Fallen Gods Inc, picture taken in an egyptian house by Atom Burma.

You can’t have crazy hair hunt without Curious Kitties. They constantly make wonderfully strange fantasy and anime hairdos that make me squee. This one isn’t an exception. In fact, it calls for a red/purple queen look with bloody axes and a lot of head-offing! Skin is by Sn@tch, eyes by Prim & Pixel Paradise with Vision’s glow prims and the picture is taken in a voodoo store by Tuft.

This was of course just a small sample of the strangeness and if you wish to see previews of the rest, I recommend visiting FabFree or Schnappi’s blogs (both listed in the Freebie Blogs on this page). Then get out there and enjoy the weirdness~