Early Shop Catches the Goth

So there I was, making creepy carnival characters for Bronxie when I got an urge to blog them, too. This is all about that urge. This is also all about why I was making the said looks. See, there will be World Goth Fair in May (15-31) and the sims are themed around dark carnival. The fair is about all things goth, not just carnival, but there was a need for creepy posters so I poked my inventory until these characters fell out.

This is obviously not any sort of official poster, just my own fiddling to have fun with the looks. For any official information, please keep an eye on the News from the Loft. As for the title of the post: I know this is too early a warning for shoppers, but this is prime time for the shops to sign up for the fair. The booths are running out fast, especially the bigger ones, so you might want to hurry! Your shop doesn’t have to be gothic to sign up, only the content you bring to the fair has to be appropriately dark. Oh, there’s also a related hunt for the whole of May and for that your shop should be gothic.

The poster is obviously photoshop filtered and since I was just having fun with character creation some items might not be available any more, but I’ll list the credits regardless.

Ringmaster: Hat: Squeek! – Kuroshitsuji hunt gift | Hair: lamb – Bang Bang Ink | Outfit: Crimson Shadow – Black Latex n Top Hat Set | Skin: The Plastik – Lionheart Pale Serial Killer | Lip stripe: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Red Makeup | Tights: Bad Juju – Burlesque Fishnets | Pose: !bang – Stand 135

Clown: Skin, hair, hat, nose: Djinn & Tonic – Killer Clown | Eyes:  Nuuna’s Skins – Creepy black eyes | Blood: The Plastik – Macabre tattoo bloody body | Outfit: Deviant Girls – Spa | Cleaver: Illusions – Halloween Cleaver 2011 | Pose: Olive Juice – True Blood Lafayette Renolds

Dolly: Skin: LAQ – Ebba Ivory | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Cherilyn Faded | Eyes: Kunstkammer – Button Eyes | Stitches – MiaSnow – Ragdoll Autopsy Stitches | Dress: Rotten Toe – Hypnotic Dress Bloody | Nail: Pinkmare’s House – Sweetmares Stomach Nail | Pose: Creative Insanity – Ballet Pose

The Evolution of Sonya

It’s Sonya’s rez day today! She logged onto the grid as a clueless newbie on April 19th, 2008. There’s been breaks from SL during that time — usually to give a new mmorpg a go — but somehow I always seem to return and find new things to squee about. Everything changes so fast and on the other hand, some things never do. Enough familiarity to return to, but enough novelty to intrigue.

I originally compiled these pictures for The Evolution of an Avatar thread in the SLUniverse Forums, but decided to wait with blogging them until now. They were so perfect for a rez day post.

This pretty much covers the first half a year, easily. The small top one on the left is the very first picture I took. Behold the noobness! I was roleplaying in a Vampire: the Requiem game at the time, so white skin was the obvious choice. When the game ended and I stuck around on the grid, I gradually shifted into an ooc-avatar with a human skin from the same maker (Bodies by Oh!).

I found Sky Everett and became addicted to the hairs. (The top right one is Curious Kitties, though.) I also found Evie’s Closet and added her fantasy outfits into my growing addiction list. I learned to use colours! Gothic colours, I admit, but colours nevertheless. This skin carried me from late 2008 to December 2009, after which I felt like I wanted to update it somehow…

Which I did when I found this skin by Djinn & Tonic. My SL style began mixing vintage and rock moments into the fantasy and goth. I also found bobs by various makers — Lamb’s top left and LOQ Hairs’ bottom left. LeeZu, Miamai and Aoharu got their shares of squees as well as Mandala, who continues to kill me with jewelgasms. The lotus chain bracelet combos are probably the most worn piece of jewelry I’ve worn, ever.

When the tattoo make-up layers became widely available, I began twitching about wanting a skin with less make-up. It took actually months of searching and eventually waiting before the skin I wanted was released. I bought League’s Sia almost precisely a month ago and it still astonishes me with its quality.

I thought that I’d wear more make-up with it even on daily basis, but instead I’m actually really happy with the fresher look. Combined with the bobs that are these days my favorite, it feels like Sonya has grown up.

Picture 1, Bodies by Oh! skin in white: (too long ago for proper credits, but let’s see what I remember) Hairs by Cake, Random and Gurl6 (top left, top right, bottom). Top right: ankh choker by Bastchild, stockings by LaPointe, hand jewelry Celtic Myst, no idea of the rest. Bottom: fur shawl thing by Crave, ankle pearls by Bonita’s and the couch by Relic! …yeah, no idea of the rest.

Picture 2, Bodies by Oh! skin in human pale: Top left: dress by Mimikri, gloves by Atsuki Kayo, pearls by Ztique, rose hat by G Field. Top right: dress & gloves by Discord, jewelry by Perturb/ation. Bottom left: outfit by Cynful. Bottom right: dress by Evie’s Closet, boots by J’s. All the hairs are by Sky Everett except the top right from Curious Kitties.

Picture 3, Djinn & Tonic skin: Top left: hair by Lamb, dress by Miamai, jewelry by Mandala. Top right: hair by Sky Everett, dress by Rotten Toe. Bottom left: hair by LOQ, roses by Sn@tch, fur coat by Aoharu. Bottom right: hair by Sky Everett, jacket & tights by LeeZu, mini skirt by League, hand jewelry by Mandala.

Picture 4, League skin: Hair by Waka & Yuki, eyes by Poetic Colors, dress by Miamai, hand jewelry by Mandala, butterflies with the pose by Lauria, orient express skybox by Blue Sky.

Pink Bunny Avenger Appears!

…I might have lost my mind. Yes, I’m aware that this is the second post in a row with pink in it. I apologize. See, I was dressing for a costume contest with theme Awesome Anime. I’ve watched a fair share of various animes and am a fan of several series, but for some reason actual virtual cosplay has never been my thing. I rather mix-match my own looks than wear a ready character. So, the thought process went something like this: ‘Hmm, something cute and kawaii, and then make it kick-ass! Innocent face, pink hair, oohh bunny ears! …and lolita dress and then… blood and ridiculously oversized weapons!’ Without further ado, I give you the Pink Bunny Avenger!

And this is only a minimum of weapons any self-respecting anime heroine should have! Battle fans from OMFG, the big demon sword on her back and the katanas on her side from Bare Rose. I haven’t quite figured out what she’ll be avenging, but I’m sure it’s a good cause! Possibly cruelty toward bunnies, like not giving them noms or petting them when they feel snuggly. The horror!

Obviously our heroine has a comfy throne where to lounge in and …waitwhat, are those tentacles? …perhaps I shouldn’t be so fast to use the h-word, maybe… ‘main character’ would work better… *coughs* The throne and the AO with the fitting poses for it is from Creative Insanity (Twisted Hunt prize). The house with obvious after-battle wallpapers is by Sugar.Snap.Me. The pose in the first picture is by Niqotine Poses. The Avenger is wearing a dress from Rotten Toe (only slightly blood-spattered!), socks by LeeZu, shoes by Grim Bros and gloves & bracelets combination from Loulou&Co (Twisted Hunt prize). Skin is the lovely Amaterasu skin from Pink Fuel, the same place the lil white minion bunnies are from, too. Eyes by Umedama Holic, hair by Curious Kitties and the bunny ears with a lovely little cherry blossom by Poetica (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser). Oh, and the cutesy ribbon around her neck is by Nightshade.

So you better be nice to bunnies, you never know who might hear about it if you don’t!

Catching Up With Colours~

A year full of colours, perfect excuse to dig into your inventory and play dress-up, different colour every week. That’s more or less the nutshell of LunaJubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. She lists a new colour every week. I didn’t even know there were 52 colours, yegads. My colour perception is practically male: light brown, dark brown, what’s the difference? Fortunately she provides a colour sample every time so I can try and match that! And hey, it’ll be randomly educational, too! Not to mention fun. ^_^

It’s week fifteen of the challenge now, which meant I had fifteen looks to cover. To make the post less picture spammy I actually used a photo studio and then just snip-copy-pasted three in one. Since I was lacking in my usual environment creation fun, I challenged myself in another way: matched the styles of the colours per picture. Can’t make it too easy on myself, right?

The first three colours — grey, blue and goldenrod — turned out to be manga-ish school girl characters. Although I think Miss Blue might be a teacher. I started with flailing about if I’d find anything in goldenrod, going ‘That’s a colour? O.o’ a lot until I finally located that shirt. It called for school girlness, so Miss Grey and Miss Blue just had to live with it. All of their poses are from Ks2cool.

Grey: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair & scarf – Curious Kitties, tattoo – Moloko, gloves & top – The Loony Bin, leggings – Aoharu, lip piercing – Virtual Insanity, armlet – Zenith Fashion, coffin purse – DV8, belt – Gauze

Blue: skin – M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, eyes – Umedama Holic, hair – Wasabi Pills, dress – Miamai, tattoo – Schadenfreude, stockings & garters – Vinyl Cafe, butterflies – Minajunk, bird ring – KUE!

Goldenrod: skin – Imabee, hair – Red Queen, eyes – Poetic Colors, top – Paradisis, skirt & gloves – League, boom box – katat0nik, aether headphones – Belle Belle, socks – Rotten Toe

Plum was another tricksy one until I did a search for it and found this exact colour sample match hair from my anime hairs folder! Much rejoicing. ^_^ Then I poked around in my lolita folder and found a dress with exact same hue whales on it. Obviously Miss Sepia and Miss Yellow weren’t that difficult to dress up once I had the lolita style decided.

Plum: skin – Violent Seduction, eyes – Rita Eyes, hair – Little Heaven, dress & tattoos – katat0nik, necklace – Pink Fuel, pose – Lazy Places

Sepia: skin – Imabee, eyes – Sn@tch, hair – Curious Kitties, monocle – E&D Engineering, orchid – Orquidea, collar – Steam Powered Nuts, Inc., dress – Frick, pose – Estetica

Yellow: skin – Pink Fuel, eyes – Glam Affair, hair – Fatal Error, dress – Dilly Dolls, tattoo – Curious Kitties, cyber arm implants – Fatal Error, pose – Melancholia Lilliehook

Cerise was one of those ‘This is a colour? Yegads, it’s dark pink!’ moments. I did a search for ‘pink’ and tried everything on and much to my surprise found this vintage lingerie -and- shoes in exact colour sample tone! Who knew~ Miss Green and Miss Silver got to wear lingerie just to match lil Miss Cerise. You can’t really see the shoes on Miss Green and Miss Silver that well, but all three are wearing Grim Bros’s fantastic curlique filled wonders. There’s just something so delicate, decadent and debaucherous in those details. And other d-words.

Cerise: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – BettiePage Voyager, lingerie – Dominion Fashon District (creator: pisi Ruby), shoes – Grim Bros, stockings – Lapointe, gloves – Sn@tch, pose – Natasha Martov

Green: skin – Heartsick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Sky Everett, jewelry – Ganked, lingerie – Style by Kira, stockings – Dilly Dolls, gloves – The Black Canary, pose – Niqotine Poses

Silver: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – lamb, nightie – A&A Fashion, shoes – Grim Bros, jewelry – Mandala, pose – CnS E-motion

Two browns in one picture! I divided them in order and when I realized that I’d have two separate browns in this one, I just knew it’d be steampunk. I mean… my inventory is sort of black, black, black, red, black, blue, black, green, lots of browns in the steampunk folder! black. I am so miffed I couldn’t use hya-blue (Silent Sparrow) for the middle girl, but I just could not match it to the colour sample with good conscience. Fortunately I had Sparrow in sienna!

Sienna: skin – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, dress – Silent Sparrow, goggles – Belle Belle, steampunk headset – Londinium Gearworks, hat – Illusions, pose – Olive Juice

Indigo: skin – Frick, hair – Waka & Yuki, eyes – Mynerva, hat – Perturb/ation, gloves – Atsuki Kayo, necklace – Mariposa, dress – Evie’s Closet, pose – Niqotine Poses

Taupe: skin – Sn@tch, make-up – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, gloves, skirt & stockings – League, top & necklace – Sn@tch, pose – LAP

When I realized my last picture had emerald, black and red I more or less squeed. …and then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a fantasy picture or a ballet picture. So I made both! It’s like a joke: ‘A dryad, a drow and a demon walk into a ballet class…’ Obviously the demon is more interested in inviting others to dance and the drow claims she can’t dance without daggers, it’s apparently a part of her cultural heritage. The dryad was at least somewhat happy~

Emerald: skin – Sn@tch, eyes – Plastik, hair – Curious Kitties, dress – DV8, necklace – Fallen Gods Inc, pose – EverGlow

Black: skin – Ho Wear, eyes – Kosh, hair – Exxess Designs, dress – Mocha, ears – Illusions, necklace – Deviance, lip spider – EarthStones, knives – ODB, pose – Niqotine Poses

Red: skin – Red Queen, hair – Deviant Kitties, eyes – Plastik, tattoos – Fallen Gods Inc, dress – Evie’s Closet, horns – Trap, jewelry – Mandala, lip piercing – Nightshade, pose – Niqotine Poses

Whew. Next week I’ll start blogging colours one per week like everyone else… guess I have to come up with something else for extra challenge… maybe to match furniture or other props, too…

Less than Three

Yes, it’s the V-day tomorrow and so you get less than three pictures: two, in fact. As you all know, the grid is full of Valentine things, from several hunts to group gifts to new releases. There’s also a delightful amount of anti-valentine’s things going on, starting from CHIC Limited’s new event to dark, dark Tainted Love Hunt (not for the faint of heart).

I didn’t grow up with Valentine’s culture since it was launched rather late in Finland, and when it was, it got translated into Friend’s Day. The commercial target group and plan was to guilt teenage girls into sending each other postcards instead of hoping to guilt Finnish men into the roses, chocolate and diamonds trap. So therefore, in that spirit, here’s a picture for a friend of mine who’s of the opinion that tentacles need love, too!

At least it knows how to be a gentleman! Um. Gentle… thing? Gentlecritter? Gentlemonster? Whatever, noms are always appreciated~ The Narcissist pond where it lives is from Virtual Alchemy Photography. The background is composed of a goth sky box by Morigi Steam and a vampires gothic rose garden by Moon’s Howling Creations. All three are Tainted Love Hunt prizes. The delicious chocolatey outfit is from Ruru@Pino and the noms the gentlecritter is offering are from Slow Kitchen and Love Soul. All of them, as well as the oh so heartful eyes by Umedama Holic are a part of the cutest Valentine hunt on the grid: Cupid Heart Hunt full of kawaii quality things. The skin is by Heartsick (lucky board prize) and the fancy make-up is by Miamai (February group gift). Hair is by Sky Everett and has nothing to do with Valentine, except for the fact that I love-love her hairs~

I am a very anti-pink person, despite the fact that cute things make me squee~ Red, however, that’s something different. Especially properly dark, gothic, passionate red. So that tends to be what I pick up and keep during the virtual valentine times: noms and red lingerie. It isn’t SL Valentine without Blacklace lingerie, right?

As you can of course guess, the lingerie set is by Blacklace — a hunt prize in the Iconically Sexy Shopping District’s birthday hunt. The skin is Rotten Toe’s valentine group gift and full of her typical doll-style charm with a decadent flair. The tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc, their hunt prize for the When Roses Turn Black Hunt. The tattoo does not reach the face, the heart around the eye is a part of the skin. The butterfly hair decoration is a freebie from SugarCoat and the ring is KOSH’s prize for the Tainted Love Hunt. The house is by Zacca, their prize for SwayLand’s Butterfly Hunt and the rug, pillow, couch and the love thoughts scroll (click to change the quote) are all by Fallen Gods Inc. They had a delightful little extra hunt of their own for Valentine’s. I love hunting in there, so many secret areas and mysteries to uncover~ Eyes are still Umedama Holic’s and hair (although different one) still by Sky Everett. And the goggles? Belle Belle. Had to add them. Just because ❤

Time for More Popcorn!

“Did you hear? The second Zombie Popcorn Hunt has started! Oh, I finished it already, it’s full of awesome stuff. 84 shops, hints provided on the website as well as more sneak peeks and there’s a helpful in-world group to guide your shuffling steps, too!”

The amusing brick cell phone that I’m calling from is from Soap. The couch is from Kosh and the fun photo box is from Slash Me Poses. I used it for all the pictures in this post. This particular gossiping zombie girl is made of skin by Garage, eyes by Glam Affair, hair by Exile and rings & nails combos by Virtual Insanity. She’s wearing a dress and gloves by Acid & Mala, leggings by Leaks and necklace by Loulou&Co.

“Hunting? But I barely just managed to find my heart! I’m not leaving this room until I get it stitched back! Every morning same damn thing and I’m not even dressed yet! …oh, and have you seen my eye anywhere? No? Dammit.”

This little zombie didn’t go to market, but she has an awesome heart and ripping wound on her chest by Olive Juice. The pose is a part of the photo box, though. She has skin by Djinn & Tonic, eyes by Repulse and super fun zombie hair by CriCri. It has bloody bandages! She’s wearing a classy lingerie set by Glam Affair — once you clean away the blood layer it’s practically pin-up! She also has a lip piercing by Plastic Flowers and a mouthie chain by Calypso Giano. It has a script to change the letter on it so you can make a mental note on who to nom next~

“I’d love to hunt, but I’m sort of pinned down right now… gimme a moment to wiggle through this voodoo pin and I’ll be right over!”

I know, I know, I have a strange liking to demented ballerina doll looks. This little golden zombie dolly is made of skin by !Imabee, eyes by MADesigns and hair by Zanda. I really like that hair, despite it leaving most of her skull bald — something that I usually run screaming away from. It has awesome vintage feather hairpiece and it’s just so quirky combination that it’s practically irresistible. She’s wearing a dress by Rotten Toe, jewelry set (earrings & necklace) by Caroline’s Jewelry and mouthie thingie by Acide. The y-stitch on her chest is by Love Zombie and the voodoo pin with the pose is a part of Del May’s voodoo pin collection.

“Bloody excuses! I’m getting us out of here and then you’re all coming with me. Then we hunt. …oh, and maybe pick up some of those prizes, too.”

No box can keep a determined zombie down! …I mean in. Anyways! The chair and the pose with it are also a part of the Slash Me Poses hunt prize. Oh, and see the crack in the glass? Also a part of it. You can choose between the broken glass and a screen. She’s made of skin by Djinn & Tonic, eyes by Repulse, tattoos by Para Designs and hair by MADesigns. She’s wearing a dress by Bubble, but the socks are by Rotten Toe and not a part of the hunt. I just had to add them since they matched so well. Her shoes are by hoorenbeek, bracelet by Blitzed, necklace by Loulou&Co and piercings by Acide (more or less all over the face). Oh, and she has a brain kabob by Concrete Flowers as a future snack with her, holding it in her mouth.

Zombies have escaped! Your turn to hunt them down now~

La Vie Kawaii~

Also called ‘how we moved from a gothic manor into a garden cottage and squeed~’. Now, I’m going to try to pretend that this isn’t a completely self-indulgent post about home and hearth and bunnies, and all the avatars who run around in the said home, but… yeah. But hey. I am filling a gaping hole in the blog-verse by blogging about garden and yard items! There is so much awesome out there on the grid and no one ever blogs about it. I shall! Oh so reluctantly, yes. *coughs*

So let us start with the girl trio running amok on the grounds, here comfortably posing on top of the bubble chairs from Happy Mood~

The background scenery you see in every picture is this awesome megaprim with windy moors on it. It’s from Two Moon Studios and keeps up our immersion of not at all being situated near random shops or other people. Noes, we live in solitude (and cuteness) somewhere far, far away. The hills with big trees on them are also from Happy Mood. As for what we’re wearing… on the left is Sonya with Rotten Toe dress, Grim Bros shoes, C&D Benelli tights, Nightshade neck ribbon, Curious Kitties hair, Bastchild wrist corsage, Djinn & Tonic skin and an umbrella from Weather! or Not?. In the middle is Loki in Frick skin, Vixen hair, Brocade Tiger pants, Grendel tattoos, Phoenix Designs boots, Rag Dollz leg pistol & strap, CatniP bracers, Haven Designs top, Manna belt, Belle Belle goggles properly on her eyes and other pair of goggles from Hat Mechanic around her neck, because you can’t have too many goggles! Athelia on the right has Trap skin, Magika hair, Manticorp goggles, Rotten Toe dress & socks, Manna belt, Katat0nik shoes, Violet Voltaire necklace and Sweetest Good-bye armwarmers.

The yard is wonderful place for lounging about and having picnics. Who needs a kitchen table when you can do this?

That’s Loki and Sonya and a poor SL-bugged Happy Mood bunny. That or he’s getting into the Ozimals-mood and has decided he’s a mutant with black ears. <.< I’ll get into what we’re noming in just a moment, but first look at the scenery. How pretty is that? There’s mushrooms from New Trails, trees from Fox Labs, sparkly bubble chairs from Happy Mood, elven light tree branch thing from Forest Floor and of course the magically lit ground which is a mix from the products of Happy Mood and iTuTu. Sonya’s pose is from Ana_mations and Loki’s from Niqotine.

Here’s a close-up that drove us all into nom-craving. @.@

The lovely Japanese lunchbox setting is from Love Soul. It has two different caterings that you pick by touching it. The sushi roll mats (one open, one rolled) are from Sanu, the cookie jar is from Magic Nook and gives cookies when you click it, the tray is from Kinema no Tsuki, the coffee pot on it from Oblonski and the apple pie slices and cups on it from Falln. Sonya is wearing frilly shorts by LeeZu, top by Sn@tch, Waka & Yuki hair, Yabusaka sandals, Djinn & Tonic skin and a nom in her mouth is from Sanu. Loki is noming on a mousie mouth cupcake by Sanu and is wearing Maschienenwerk skin, Discord Designs hair, Peppermint Blue top, DV8 capris, Truth shoes, Ginza necklace and her practically trademark tattoos from Grendel’s Children.

Not everyone is happy with all this sparkly cuteness, of course. It is not, how shall we say this… very manly. *grins* Here we have Janos sulking at the fence, refusing to go to the guuuuuuurly area. Obviously the bubbles might give him cooties.

This from a guy with a panda cupcake on his shoulder… anyways! He’s sulking behind a fence from iTuTu, the inviting lanterns are from Zacca and they frame the path from Fox Labs. The flowers are from iTuTu and the trees in the distance are from Fox Labs. You all know by now that the bubbles are Happy Mood. ^_^ Janos is wearing an awesome sad panda tee from Before Sleep, panda cuppycake on his shoulder from Sanu, GQ Fashions pants, Discord boots, Kosh belt, Nosotr@s tattoos on his arms and Sassy Kitty Designs gloves. His skin is from Corrupted Innocence, pose from Snooky’s Poses and hair from Black Maria.

Even Aleksander, who has reluctantly set all this cuteness down for us, more or less escaped to the roof when requested to pose within it. Eventually he agreed to do sort of royal pose, especially after Vanis said he’d help the impression with a bodyguard pose! He’s obviously an elven assassin protecting the Black King. <.<

They’re on the roof of the cottage from Zacca, the background showing some Happy Mood birds, summer festival decorations from Nonino and flowers from MiaSofia. Aleksander is wearing The Abyss skin, Sadistic Hacker hair, Illusions ears, KWZ suit and Treads boots. Vanis is wearing Excess skin, Sadistic Hacker hair, Buried ears, LNL suit, pocket watch & gun and hoorenbeek boots.

Now, the only exception to the rule is of course Vanis. He doesn’t object to the sparkles, he thinks they accentuate him! This is why when Aleksander turns his back, Vanis sneaks off to woo his protegee. Or some such. Yesyes, we have way too much with all of this. *grins*

Athelia called this combination of looks ‘seducing angels down from heaven’. It was pretty appropriate, I must say. Athelia is all ethereal in a gown from Evie’s Closet, wearing Trap skin, ETD hair and Illusions ears. Vanis, on the other hand, is very much flesh and blood in his Excess skin, Calico Ingmann hair, Buried ears and DeLa armwarmers. He’s also wearing RFyre pants, Blitzed belt and tattoos. The snake one around his neck is from Demise, the arm ones are from Crimson Shadow.

Here’s the inevitable result of the dancing, of course. Athelia’s gown might have turned red, but it is still from Evie’s Closet! Not that we love Evie’s gowns or anything, noes. <.< Her now-black hair is from Sky Everett, but otherwise she’s the same. Vanis returned to his demented colour palette with the Excess hat hair and League gloves. The summer festival decorations are from Nonino, the tree and hill are from Happy Mood, lantern from Zacca, white flowers from iTuTu and red flowers from MiaSnow.

It’s needless to say that I’m of course having a blast with the surroundings and enjoying the looks, no matter what the boy avis say. Who knows, we might get some sort of steampunk gear factory or scifi ship the next time Aleksander rips the whole sim apart and builds anew, so better enjoy it while we can!

Butterfly on the nose (with the pose) from LAP (I adore it <3). LeeZu dress, Dark Eden wrist roses, Exxess Designs hair, Djinn & Tonic skin. Happy Mood treestump, bunny and birdies~

And why the title? Because most of the sim is a mix of Happy Mood, iTuTu, Zacca and Nonino — all Japanese designers. If you haven’t visited them, please do. It’ll make you squee, I promise~