Critter Adventures in the Fairelands – Bunlings in Sanguinely Garden

“Do you think they eat paint?” Bunlings stared at the rainbow forming between the two elephants.

The smaller bunling shook his head. “Paint smells bad. Must be bad nom.” He perked his ears. “Maybe they eat colourful noms!”

“Strawberries ‘n kiwis ‘n blueberries ‘n-“ They stared at the rainbow’s colours for a long moment, trying to think of berries and fruit in all the colours.


“Yas! Hoomans make keiks in all colours, isgud.”

“So they eat noms, ‘n then they… breathe colours!”

Bunlings watched for a moment more, satisfied with this idea.

“Best magic show in the Fairelands.”


There are awesome critter-scribbled flags for anyone finding certain critters in the Fairelands. You can see all the absolutely srs critter-finding challenges on the Faire’s website, and whenever you find one of the critters in the picture, click them for a flag.

Absolutely SRS Critter Finding Challenge

PS: The bunlings are adventuring in the Faireland of Sanguinely Garden. Fantasy Faire is open April 18 – May 5, so visit them while they’re here!