52 Colours: Melon

Melon was an interesting thing to put together. Not only did it need to be funny and quirky and even silly, it was way too pastellish for me to have much anything in it. All ‘melon’ searches brought up bright watermelon entertainment. Fortunately Curious Kitties had their summer festival going on with plenty of freebies, including this skin. The blush on the cheeks was pretty much perfect for this.

I also realized that this dress by The Plastik had melon tones in it and so I had to use it again. The watermelon noming otter is by Risusipo. Hair by Lo*momo, eyes by Umedama Holic, earrings by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things and necklace by .( bewildebeest ).

The watermelon kitty vehicle in the background is also by Curious Kitties and the watermelon noming bat by Pink Fuel. Pose is by Olive Juice and as for all the honey things, they’re by Saturnine Dreams. The hangout is a prize in Waffle Fox Hunt and the bigger hive was dropped on me by Maddy just because I thought it was nifty. ❤ They worked pretty much perfectly for Miss Melon, who insisted on being Miss Honey Melon, thank you very much.

I felt bad because I had blogged so many of these things before that I madeds you a bonus picture out of the watermelon things. Nothing to do with melon as a colour, but plenty to do with the word!

The Torley-skin by The Plastik was absolutely perfect for this fun. It’s from the subscribo-gift. The outfit is by Sassy Kitty Designs (old hunt gift, originally a dress), the hair is a freebie by Curious Kitties and the fun waffle-shooting guns are by KUE!, from Waffle Fox Hunt as well. The little watermelon shooting chipmunk pirate is by Risusipo and the escape boat is by Kusshon (Seasons Hunt). The gun-toting pose is by Niqotine Poses, my go-to for combat posing.

The sisters Melon are obviously strange, but sweet, living in a honey house and performing waffle-abuse-robberies. With their minions. Of chipmunkish, battish and otterish variety.

Corny IV

The fourth Zombie Popcorn Hunt has started! There’s 76 wonderful shops involved and if you join the group you can grab the list of landmarks and hints from the past notices. Begin here. My favorites are from the more strange, dark and quirky offerings of the hunt, but there was plenty of wonderful normal things for everyday use as well!

Obviously you have to have a zombie in a Zombie Popcorn Hunt. This one even -has- the said popcorn although I fear for her coordination. Might be tricksy to get the popcorn out from the small bag, especially with the ickle zombie already noming…

I found the Madworld Park during the hunt and immediately landmarked it to come back for pictures. The zombie girl is wearing an outfit by Severed Garden: armwarmers, armlets, bra, skirt, boots, mouthie and the body scar. I was extremely impressed by it, not only because of the quality but because the resizer script had also stretch options so you can resize it to certain directions only. ❤ It was also delightful to notice that they offered both alpha layer and invisiprims for shoes and the tattoo in underwear and tattoo layers. The skin is by Glam Affair, hair by MINA Hair, face blood by V.E.L Cosmetics, zombie stomach wound by Repulse (a part of the first prize of the hunt) and the pose is one of the zombie poses by Captivity Co.

Where you have zombies you also have zombie hunters, it’s the great circle of um… unlife. This particular zombie hunter got an accidental ganguro feel, but I kinda like it.

The hair is not a part of the ZP hunt, it’s by SyDS from the Oh My Stars – April Showers Hunt. The outfit is my second favorite from the hunt, it’s a bloody kimono by Sassy Kitty Designs. Not that you could possibly call that a kimono, except in a very particular anime perhaps. It doesn’t even pretend to have a skirt part by adding a tiny prim. I sort of approve, I hate the teeny tiny prims that will not look good no matter how you set them to fake skirtness. Might as well skip them completely! The outfit comes with a clean version as well and includes shoes, ripped leggings and the chopstick hair pins. The huge three-bladed scythe is by J.I.N.X. and it’s absolutely necessary for a good zombie hunt. The skin is by Filthy and the body tattoo by Arnadi. The spider & web mouthie (what little you can see of it) is by EY:NO and the pose is by Diesel Works.

There’s always some prizes that go into the crazy entertainment of popcorn, stripes and carnival. For this shot I left the park, set out an old hunt prize house by Zacca to work as the background and made a scene with some of the furniture gifts.

The beautiful posing chair is by Tableau Vivant, the black-and-white curtains are by MudHoney and the rest of the bloody couch set is by Noctis. The carnie doll herself has a skin by Nuuna’s Skins, tattoo by Para Designs, top by ANCAYI and socks, gloves and panties by MUKA. The sneakers are by BC322, voodoo doll backpack by Beauty Killer and the tiny tophat by LaGyo. She’s noming a brain munchie by Virtual Insanity and has dropped a movie freak doll by Pinkmare’s House on the floor, although I have a feeling that the doll might start shambling off on her own any moment now. The hair is an old group gift by Curious Kitties and not a part of the hunt. The eyes of all the three girls are by Repulse.

The last day of the hunt is June 15th so you have still a couple of weeks to hunt for popcorn. Get out there and have fun!

Darker Streak

Anna was a quiet girl
who through eyelashes
watched the world.

and though she appeared
to be quite meek,
inside she harboured
a darker streak.

If you haven’t yet visited Anna’s Many Murders by Bryn Oh, please do. You’ll do yourself a favor and if you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself later. When you land, take a moment to click the notes to get windlight settings and other graphic information to get most out of the experience. I took all the pictures with that windlight setting, but some of the pictures have local lights on and some not. I also did turn the angle of sunlight every now and then.

I don’t often ramble or mention what I’ve done in photoshop, but I feel this time I should. Every picture has a film grain filter on them and some of them got also a touch of curves to make them lighter — generally those taken without local lights on. This particular picture also got some sky fiddling because I managed to have the squares bug that often comes when taking huge pictures. Otherwise the pictures are untouched.

It seems our heroine manages to escape from the gigantic fox. It’s a miracle, considering what she’s wearing is hardly made for running. The dress, hat and shoes are all by Likka*House. She’s having a Rez Day Sale at the moment, so if you like kawaii dresses and lolita style — gothic or regular — hop over to shop today or tomorrow! It will be all over on Monday.

From fox to bees! Time to panic! The hair (colour-change scripted with colour-change bands as well) is from Waka & Yuki’s latest lucky chair. It felt so very gothic lolita appropriate that I had to wear it with this.

Why is it called Anna’s Many Murders, you may ask. Well. There were plenty of murders made by Anna. Mail man, grandpa, inspector, juror, judge, warden and more. This particular one is the warden. The whole experience is very surreal, slightly creepy and very jawdroppingly awesome.

Here is Anna, going through the final door. There’s a couple of wonderful videos made out of it all. Here’s the main one and this one you get a link to at this spot, in the end. For reasons you’ll understand.

As for the other credits, I added a make-up by Mynerva and cobweb face tattoo by Sassy Kitty Designs to Sonya’s usual League-skin. I also changed the normal grey Poetic Colors eyes into something slightly more surreal. The gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, but made by The Black Canary. The black heart ring is by Kosh. As for poses, the first picture’s pose is a part of the sim, but in order the rest are by: No Strings Attached, Niqotine, Poise, Croire and Olive Juice.

Take a break from expos, fairs and events, grab a cup of coffee and go stare in amazement while you wander. You’ll feel better afterwards!

Twisting Away~

Yes, it’s September again. Yes, that means there’s another Twisted Hunt going on. Yes, it’s almost October and I’m late with blogging. *coughs* I blame FFXIV beta. In fact, I foresee a lot of non-bloggingness in my future. <.<

But I simply -have- to post something about Twisted! So here, my favorites from this round…

This time the cubes are orange! Yes, that means a lot of orange in clothes and accessories and whatnot. And in this curiously enchanting skin from Leonine. It had tattoos on it and despite being orange it was strangely beautiful. The eyes are from MaXeyes. The hair is from Waka & Yuki and not a part of the hunt. The small dress with enough sheer option to let the body tattoos show through is from DragonLady’s Closet. The choker of skeletal hands is from Goth & Beautiful Designs (and a part of an another outfit). The monocle is from Tree House Treasures and the bone umbrella from Yellow JesteR. The picture is taken in a haunted house from A Netherworld.

The theme of this round’s was Spooky. There were plenty of haunted houses and some ghosts, but of course also witches. The skin from F’ed Up isn’t really that green, I admit having played with the light, but it just worked so perfectly with the look. The eyes are from Nightshade’s gift and the small cobweb tattoo on her cheek from Sassy Kitty Designs. The facial piercing is from Virtual Insanity, hair is from Waka & Yuki (not a part of the hunt) and the hat is from Federschneider. The wings are from Favole, the broom with the kitty from Deviant Designs and the outfit and the boots are from DV8.  The eyeball is a part of a Fleshcrafter’s Sentinel tree from Malfean Visions and the picture is taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

And this is of course the spookiest thing ever. We all know there’s nothing scarier than clowns. Absolutely wonderful avatar from Djinn & Tonic and .44 Caliber. Killer Clown avatars for both genders: skin, shape, eyes, hair, clothes and axe! I’m using Sonya’s own shape in the picture, though, she complains if I change it. <.< Oh, and the rings & nails combo is from Virtual Insanity, the pose from Del May and the picture is taken in a twisted cottage from XIII. On that note, I used lashes from Butterfly Kiss Boutique in all of the pictures. I think they were a part of the Endgame prize.

And that’s all, folks. For now. *grins* I’m not doing any hiatus announcements since knowing myself, I’d get a sudden irresistible urge to blog exactly one week after that, but… if I’m silent for a long time here, you know why!

La Vie Kawaii~

Also called ‘how we moved from a gothic manor into a garden cottage and squeed~’. Now, I’m going to try to pretend that this isn’t a completely self-indulgent post about home and hearth and bunnies, and all the avatars who run around in the said home, but… yeah. But hey. I am filling a gaping hole in the blog-verse by blogging about garden and yard items! There is so much awesome out there on the grid and no one ever blogs about it. I shall! Oh so reluctantly, yes. *coughs*

So let us start with the girl trio running amok on the grounds, here comfortably posing on top of the bubble chairs from Happy Mood~

The background scenery you see in every picture is this awesome megaprim with windy moors on it. It’s from Two Moon Studios and keeps up our immersion of not at all being situated near random shops or other people. Noes, we live in solitude (and cuteness) somewhere far, far away. The hills with big trees on them are also from Happy Mood. As for what we’re wearing… on the left is Sonya with Rotten Toe dress, Grim Bros shoes, C&D Benelli tights, Nightshade neck ribbon, Curious Kitties hair, Bastchild wrist corsage, Djinn & Tonic skin and an umbrella from Weather! or Not?. In the middle is Loki in Frick skin, Vixen hair, Brocade Tiger pants, Grendel tattoos, Phoenix Designs boots, Rag Dollz leg pistol & strap, CatniP bracers, Haven Designs top, Manna belt, Belle Belle goggles properly on her eyes and other pair of goggles from Hat Mechanic around her neck, because you can’t have too many goggles! Athelia on the right has Trap skin, Magika hair, Manticorp goggles, Rotten Toe dress & socks, Manna belt, Katat0nik shoes, Violet Voltaire necklace and Sweetest Good-bye armwarmers.

The yard is wonderful place for lounging about and having picnics. Who needs a kitchen table when you can do this?

That’s Loki and Sonya and a poor SL-bugged Happy Mood bunny. That or he’s getting into the Ozimals-mood and has decided he’s a mutant with black ears. <.< I’ll get into what we’re noming in just a moment, but first look at the scenery. How pretty is that? There’s mushrooms from New Trails, trees from Fox Labs, sparkly bubble chairs from Happy Mood, elven light tree branch thing from Forest Floor and of course the magically lit ground which is a mix from the products of Happy Mood and iTuTu. Sonya’s pose is from Ana_mations and Loki’s from Niqotine.

Here’s a close-up that drove us all into nom-craving. @.@

The lovely Japanese lunchbox setting is from Love Soul. It has two different caterings that you pick by touching it. The sushi roll mats (one open, one rolled) are from Sanu, the cookie jar is from Magic Nook and gives cookies when you click it, the tray is from Kinema no Tsuki, the coffee pot on it from Oblonski and the apple pie slices and cups on it from Falln. Sonya is wearing frilly shorts by LeeZu, top by Sn@tch, Waka & Yuki hair, Yabusaka sandals, Djinn & Tonic skin and a nom in her mouth is from Sanu. Loki is noming on a mousie mouth cupcake by Sanu and is wearing Maschienenwerk skin, Discord Designs hair, Peppermint Blue top, DV8 capris, Truth shoes, Ginza necklace and her practically trademark tattoos from Grendel’s Children.

Not everyone is happy with all this sparkly cuteness, of course. It is not, how shall we say this… very manly. *grins* Here we have Janos sulking at the fence, refusing to go to the guuuuuuurly area. Obviously the bubbles might give him cooties.

This from a guy with a panda cupcake on his shoulder… anyways! He’s sulking behind a fence from iTuTu, the inviting lanterns are from Zacca and they frame the path from Fox Labs. The flowers are from iTuTu and the trees in the distance are from Fox Labs. You all know by now that the bubbles are Happy Mood. ^_^ Janos is wearing an awesome sad panda tee from Before Sleep, panda cuppycake on his shoulder from Sanu, GQ Fashions pants, Discord boots, Kosh belt, Nosotr@s tattoos on his arms and Sassy Kitty Designs gloves. His skin is from Corrupted Innocence, pose from Snooky’s Poses and hair from Black Maria.

Even Aleksander, who has reluctantly set all this cuteness down for us, more or less escaped to the roof when requested to pose within it. Eventually he agreed to do sort of royal pose, especially after Vanis said he’d help the impression with a bodyguard pose! He’s obviously an elven assassin protecting the Black King. <.<

They’re on the roof of the cottage from Zacca, the background showing some Happy Mood birds, summer festival decorations from Nonino and flowers from MiaSofia. Aleksander is wearing The Abyss skin, Sadistic Hacker hair, Illusions ears, KWZ suit and Treads boots. Vanis is wearing Excess skin, Sadistic Hacker hair, Buried ears, LNL suit, pocket watch & gun and hoorenbeek boots.

Now, the only exception to the rule is of course Vanis. He doesn’t object to the sparkles, he thinks they accentuate him! This is why when Aleksander turns his back, Vanis sneaks off to woo his protegee. Or some such. Yesyes, we have way too much with all of this. *grins*

Athelia called this combination of looks ‘seducing angels down from heaven’. It was pretty appropriate, I must say. Athelia is all ethereal in a gown from Evie’s Closet, wearing Trap skin, ETD hair and Illusions ears. Vanis, on the other hand, is very much flesh and blood in his Excess skin, Calico Ingmann hair, Buried ears and DeLa armwarmers. He’s also wearing RFyre pants, Blitzed belt and tattoos. The snake one around his neck is from Demise, the arm ones are from Crimson Shadow.

Here’s the inevitable result of the dancing, of course. Athelia’s gown might have turned red, but it is still from Evie’s Closet! Not that we love Evie’s gowns or anything, noes. <.< Her now-black hair is from Sky Everett, but otherwise she’s the same. Vanis returned to his demented colour palette with the Excess hat hair and League gloves. The summer festival decorations are from Nonino, the tree and hill are from Happy Mood, lantern from Zacca, white flowers from iTuTu and red flowers from MiaSnow.

It’s needless to say that I’m of course having a blast with the surroundings and enjoying the looks, no matter what the boy avis say. Who knows, we might get some sort of steampunk gear factory or scifi ship the next time Aleksander rips the whole sim apart and builds anew, so better enjoy it while we can!

Butterfly on the nose (with the pose) from LAP (I adore it <3). LeeZu dress, Dark Eden wrist roses, Exxess Designs hair, Djinn & Tonic skin. Happy Mood treestump, bunny and birdies~

And why the title? Because most of the sim is a mix of Happy Mood, iTuTu, Zacca and Nonino — all Japanese designers. If you haven’t visited them, please do. It’ll make you squee, I promise~