Spring Secrets


“But how do the eggs get into the hooman world?” Cheepy the Third inquired. “We work hard all year with the eggs and flowers and butterflies and the exact right tone of yellow, and then one morning they’re just gone!”

“It’s the Guardians of Spring Secrets,” chirped Squee the Fifth. “Once we’re aaalmost ready, they send out someone to check our work and when they approve they’ll magic the eggs away, just like that! One wiggle of whiskers and swoosh!”


“Not just a swoosh,” Goldiedots the Guardian spoke up, startling the chick workers. “It takes careful calibration of each bush and hiding spot and extremely patient channeling of spring energies. But that-” He paused for a moment, the official tone changing into an excited squee as he hopped next to the tiny bird and egg tree. “Whoooo did this one? This is brilliant!”

Cheepy the Third plopped down next to the Guardian, shamelessly proud. This year spring would be better than ever! The sun would be brighter, days warmer, birds more melodious and bunnies hoppier. It wasn’t easy to make the perfect spring, but by the Royal Tailfeathers of the Jazz Chicken, it was satisfying!


The spring in Second Life would not be a proper spring without the Easter Hunt in Magic of Oz. Go pick up your egg basket and collect your prizes in Magic of Oz! You can read about how the hunt works and preview the prizes here.

Ozimals: Bunny Elite: Spring Dot 2016 – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
~Libertine~ The Magic of Oz – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
~Libertine~ Spring Eggs Gacha 2016 available at Magic of Oz
{anc} happyendpark. color little chick (natural) 5Li at The Arcade (March 2016)
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Eggplant-Rainbow – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
~silentsparrow~ Sweetums – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
Schadenfreude – Sensio Meowlbit – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
+Half-Deer+ Egg of Jewels – Gift at Magic of Oz Easter 2016 Hunt
Cole’s Corner – Moonbeam Aura, Glamour Glitter, Sakura Body Ambience*
The Looking Glass – Dream Fields

Zodiac: Aquarius

Aquarians are famous for their humanitarian interests, open-minded intelligence and idealism. Being an air sign they love to communicate their ideas and talk, being more concentrated on intellectual level than emotional one.

Zodiac: Aquarius 1There’s a quirky, almost strange quality to the Aquarians that often comes with an excellent sense of humor. They are extremely opinionated and not afraid to express those opinions. They are always exactly who they are and don’t change for anyone or anything. They appreciate originality and indulge in moments of rebellion.

Zodiac: Aquarius 2The overall friendliness and caring for the world comes with a peculiar emotional detachment. Regardless, once committed to a relationship they are extremely loyal to their partner whom they consider to be their best friend as well as lover.

Zodiac: Aquarius 3Aquarius is an interesting mix of near-futuristic visions, world-encompassing ideals and eccentric intelligence.

The hairstyle by Alice Project, skin by Bilo, necklace by Perception, shoes by HANDverk and the poses by Exposeur are all available in the current round of Zodiac. The quirky octopus chair by 22769 [bauwerk] is a part of Four Walls Hunt.

Scene: Skybox: Garden of Dreams – Showcase Snake* | Chair: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Somewhere beyond the sea chair pink

Body: Skin: Bilo – Elysium (DBrow/Freckle)* | Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes Peak XL | Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands Casual | Hair: Alice Project – Aquarius Zephyra*

Outfit: Shirt: Riggle Room – Popculture Tank Icecream* | Pants: Silent Sparrow – Lupine Jeans | Shoes: HANDverk – Water Pumps* | Necklace: Perception – Aquarius Necklace Silver*

Poses: Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 2M | Part of furniture. | Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 1 M



Tekeli-li in Garden

Garden as in a sim of Hair Fair, of course, although now I am envisioning a garden created to fit his mindscape and am greatly entertained by this.  I spent today running around in Tekeli-li’s gorgeous sim and taking pictures of his new releases for the fair. If the inevitable first-day-of-fair lag makes you crash or all the fair sims are full, why not go and explore for a moment? There are rezable boats and hidden caves and wonderful twisted beauty all around!

This Alila-hair was irresistibly fantasy-oriental, speaking of sorceresses and women with lethal decorative pins in their hair. Oh, and also a knife! So convenient. If you are new to Tekeli-li’s hairs, the gems and all the decorations have an impressive variety of colours they can be and you control them with channel-commands. The hairs of course come with notecard details of all the possibilities.

Crystalic was clearly more refined, the classic fantasy lady. When I was playing around with her gem settings, I noticed something new. It’s now possible to set the gems (and only the gems) to fullbright for extra glow when taking fantasy pictures. It obviously can be set off as well for normal gliding about.

Pnom is one of the unisex tentacle-hairs fitting for aliens, demons or other creatures with various tentacles coming out of their head. It also has an eye lens in its decorations, giving it an immediate cyber vibe.

Eibon works for both genders as well, although I tattooed her rather girly here. I love the head tattoos that come with these, although obviously both would work perfectly well with a hairbase if shaved-bald is not your style.

Hsan is a part of the gift packet available in Hair Fair, along with ankh earrings, a tentacle mohawk hairdo and several decorative ankh chests. I’m using a hairbase with it, otherwise it would also reveal a part of the skull like the above unisex ones.

All the hairs are at least partially mesh, so do try the demos! Tekeli-li is located in Garden in Hair Fair. As for getting into the lag: detach all and wear a full body alpha (available in the Library). No prims, no scripts, easy invisible shopping!

First picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Alila black* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: IKON – Utopia Eyes Dark Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hairbase: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hairbase Modify | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 5 | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Basically Silver and Chelsea Makeover | Outfit: Bare@Rose – Arachne Red | Earrings: Amorous – Antiquarian Chianti

Second picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Crystalic Sapphire* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Moroccan Night Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hairbase: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hairbase Modify | Face tattoo: Adam n Eve – Eye Tattoo Dragonet c | Outfit & goblet with pose: ~Silent Sparrow~ Ritual 

Third picture: Hair & Eye Ornament: Tekeli-li – Pnom Silver* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes Green | Makeup: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Black | Outfit: VC Designs – C-003 Silver

Fourth picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Eibon Amethyst* | Skin: The Plastik – Aleria Elven-Wisteria Plain | Eyes: Adoness – Lady Butterfly Eyes Violet | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Body tattoo: Curious Kitties – Fairies Blessings Magical Body Overlay | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 6

Fifth picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Hsan* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes Green | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Astrocool Makeover | Hairbase: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hairbase Modify

52 Colours: St. Patrick’s Blue

With such a lovely, strong blue I went immediately back to my roots and dove into the Silent Sparrow folder. Miss St. Patrick’s Blue — boy is that a mouthful — turned out to be a mix of period classy with a touch of goth and steampunk. Just the way I like it.

I chose the setting from the numerous steampunk builds you can get from Steam Hunt. This one is a sub-house by Fort Weka. The parasol by Julia Collection is from the hunt as well. I have a definite weakness for parasols, they mix whimsy with class and are always fun.

I swear I’ve worn these Selene-boots by Lassitude & Ennui in every possible colour by now, but I can’t help it. They go with everything! All the things!

I also want to point out the breathtaking clockwork collar by Hebenon Vial. There’s a closing sale going on at the moment, so I’m warmly recommending visiting before it’s too late.

Steam Hunt: Steampunk sub-house: Fort Weka | Parasol: Julia Collection – Victorian Parasol

Skin: *YS & YS* – Ginevra Winter | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Aurora | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Memories of Mardi Gras Makeover & Opal Lipcolor Matrix | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Dedrick Sapphire | Hat with butterflies: Heartsick – Twisted Topper Unseelie (fall 2011) | Outfit: Silent Sparrow – Helena swimsuit top & grimly skirt (lolita) | Wrist tattoo: Silent Sparrow – belladonna: lepidoptera | Tights: C&D Benelli – Pantyhouse Full Deko | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Selene black/brown* | Collar: Hebenon Vial – Clockwork Collar Burlesque | Poses: !SyDS! – CH2012 pose#3 / TeaSoup – blossoming / aDORKable Poses – Chill 7m

*complimentary copy

Suddenly, Podlings

It is podling invasion time! Podlings are teeny tiny aliens of um, podish nature and come in a variety of colours that might or might not reflect their personalities. In my mind, at least. Their round little bodies are made of mesh, so if you do not view the world in an advanced enough method, the podlings will be invisible to you! High tech for high tech critters, yesyes.

“Take me to your leader! …ah-ha, the ones in the big orange thrones must be those… firm and precise address is in order for the betterment of Podling Nation!”

“The locals have obvious podling-prejudices, what is it with all the tail-swishing?” 

“That’s right, kneel before the Superior Lifeform! Mutter-grumble-incomprehensible chitter-based language, no information in the galactic database…”

The Podlings, their clever human-like camouflage shirts, pants and sneakers are available in here. The hat is by Silent Sparrow, but it just made my podling’s day. No messing with this podling! Poses (yes, you can use normal poses and AOs with them) are by Niqotine Poses (1&2) and Olive Juice (3). The obvious leader council in the first picture is in Sium, the other two pictures I took home.

PS. After some confused questions, lemme rephrase and explain: these are tiny avatars. Not pets, not attachments, but actual avatars. You will be a teeny tiny podling alien and zooming around all curious-like.

Time to Tweet~

No, not in the social media way, but ~twittery bird~ way! Hyasynth updated the lucky birds in Silent Sparrow and so I spent a good while lounging about there yesterday while playing Dragon Age at the same time. Multi-tasking makes the world go round, yesyes.

The fledermaus tattoo comes with the dress and is both cute and quirky. Speaking of, I want to draw your attention to Lord Byron’s Writing Desk ring by .( bewildebeest )., it felt sufficiently gothic and squee to go well with it all. I love all the eccentric awesomeness Coyo drops my way, yes I do. ❤

The dress comes in two lengths, full of gorgeous hya-blue tones. The bird cage with a birdy and a butterfly and a chair are a group gift by World’s End Garden and fit perfectly with the gothic twitteriness. The skybox is by Zacca.

The hair is from Magika’s retirement sale and I added a flowery hattish thing by Natural and butterflies by Minajunk to it. The bright make-up is by M.O.C.K.  Cosmetics, eyes by Umedama Holic, lashes by Redgrave and skin by League. Poses in order DARE, Olive Juice and AnaLu.

Go forth and camp for tweets!

52 Colours: Mahogany

Now this would have been the perfect spot to whip out a mahogany dryad, but instead I turned to my go-to for browns: steampunk. I knew the dress I wanted to use, but it had only brown accents, so I decided to make two looks. While working on them the character pretty much wrote herself.

Miss Mahogany is obviously a sort of Jekyll/Hyde type of a character. At daytime she’s all innocent little steampunk-universe girl with leaves in her hair…

I’ve wanted to use this dress by Silent Sparrow for ages, obviously I need more steampunk events in my Slife. It’s a group joining gift (not free to join) and absolutely gorgeous. I’m especially fond of the lace on the front. The furniture in the background is by The Epic Toy Factory except the coffee pot by Oblonski. The wonderfully mahogany-shaded steampunk house is by Primwynly. Cutesy innocent pose by Diesel Works.

When the night arrives, little Miss Mahogany sneaks into the drawing room to sketch her plans for world domination!

I have this outfit by Bare Rose in three colours, apparently. I’m amused. What can you do, it’s awesome! The Visions of Flight hat is by The Mad Hattery. The villainness is holding an emotional monitor by Grim Bros. and her goggles are from the same place. Pose is by Olive Juice — can’t you practically hear her cackle? Thinker’s worktable and kyberneticist’s dictation apparatus in the background are by E&D Engineering. The hair is by Curious Kitties, eyes by The Plastik and skin by League in both pictures. A lot of the steampunk things are from old STEAM Hunts, which just goes to prove that they are worth checking out every time!