The Wrench Hand

“Miss Abigail, a moment of your time?”

“Abby. By Gear and Gadget, do I look like a nob? ‘m a wrench hand, you can drop the blasted misses.”


“Abby. I was just wondering what exactly it is that the… wrench hands do in the Spiral?”

“What does it look like we do? Pick daisies? We make sure the bloody thing doesn’t blow up while you folks prance about in the fancy dances. ‘n it ain’t easy sometimes, let me tell you.”


“Ah. At least I am extremely grateful for that, let me assure you. But isn’t that dreadfully dangerous? Isn’t there some more… mechanical labor for such tasks?”

“Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much the Prototypes cost to create? They’re delicate machinations, the gearwork alone- …I mean, humans are always expendable, doesn’t cost much to make one of us, huh? Add a few implants for ocular accuracy and heat exhaustion and you have a new wrench hand.”


“…and how do you feel about that?”

“How do I feel about that? ‘m bloody- …oh, good day, Gazer, good day… grateful and happy to be able to keep us safe, naturally. What else?”

A Clockwork Spiral continues spinning, completely safe and stable, honest. The outfit by The Little Bat, necklace by AZE Jewelry Designs, goggles by Goth1c0, monocle by Souzou Eien, back exhaustion pipes by ~SongBird~, eyes by !Chop Shop! and the poses with the various wrenches by {Rook} are all available there.

Scene: A Clockwork Spiral

Body: Skin: !Imabee – Petal Florentien & Eyeliner/Lipstick | Dirt Tattoo Layer: Miss Shippe’s Studio – Digging in the Dirt | Eyes: !Chop Shop! – Gearhead Brass | Hair: !lamb – DIY Haircut Ink | Hands: Slink | Dirty Hands & Nails Applier: Izzie’s 

Outfit: Top & Pants: The Little Bat – Steam Outlaw Red* | Boots: The Little Bat – Abby Boots* | Necklace: AZE Jewelry Designs – Impedimenta Gear Necklace Gold* | Monocle: Souzou Eien – Archivist’s Monocle* | Goggles: Goth1c0 – Jasper Steampunk Goggles | Bracers: The Forge – Steamer Bracers | Back Augment: ~SongBird~ Smoke Stacks Augment*

Poses with Wrench: {Rook} – Wrenched Set


The Captain of the Gaze

“Captain Lupine, I’ve been told that you’re the one in charge of the Gaze, the local law enforcement unit. Is that correct?”

“Yes. You would be the recently arrived journalist, snooping around already.”

“Reporting, Captain. Reporting. Misinformation is a dreadful thing.”

“Granted. But so is rumor-mongering. You have five minutes. Speak.”


 “It seems to me that the Spiral is somewhat… distressed these days. In military fashion. What is going on?”

“That’s classified. The only thing you need to know is that the Gaze will keep all the law-abiding citizens of the Spiral safe.”


 “Ah. I couldn’t help but notice that little emphasis there. What about the …less law-abiding citizens?”

“There’s no such thing in the Spiral, Miss Journalist. No such thing. At least for long.”


 “…quite right, Captain. I see. However- …what’s that! The train is going off the rails, is there-“

“Your five minutes is up. You didn’t see a thing, citizen. If you did, you wish you hadn’t. Off you go, back to shopping, I have work to do.”

“My eyes! My old temporary blindness ailment has returned. Thank you for your time, Captain, I shall go now and write an article about um… knitting. Good day to you!”

A Clockwork Spiral continues turning and twisting and providing the visitors with both the surroundings and the creations to indulge in their own stories. Captain Lupine is wearing a coat by Senzafine, makeup by Pin Me Down, the eye implant, hand cannon and gun by Souzou Eien and the collar from the gacha of The Little Bat.

Scene: A Clockwork Spiral

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Margot Petal 02 Black | Eyes: !Chop Shop! – The Wolf | Hair: !lamb – Whoop Dee Doo Ink | Hand: Slink | Makeup: Pin Me Down – Tili in black lips & eyes*

Outfit: Jacket: Senzafine – Echelon Jacket Navy Gold* | Pants: Yasum – Space Steam Leggings | Eye Implant, Hand Implant, Gun: Souzou Eien – Serpentine Optics, Hand Cannon, Plasma Distorter Pistol* | Collar: The Little Bat – Abigail Choker Eye-Yellow RARE*

Poses: Exposeur – Back to Black 2 | {Imeka} – Katie-Pose 1 | Kirin – Athena Pose 4


Never because of rain, rain can be good. Sun, however… hiss. Besides, there’s something appealing in sun parasols, twirling them about. Umbrellas are practical, usually pulled and pushed by the wind, but parasols have a dainty flair to them, almost a coquette vibe.

gothbrella1bsTherefore every gothic lolita outfit really does need a gothbrella, preferably with lace and spiderwebs and perhaps tiny delicate skulls attached. No such thing as practicality when you aim to look like a Victorianesque doll, an extremely dark one, and all the more alluring for it.

gothbrella2bsThere’s a gacha of gothbrellas by ~ *Souzou Eien* ~ in Cursed in World Goth Fair: both sims have a separate gacha area of convenience for just-take-my-money moments. The makeup and eyes by Beautiful Freak and the outfit by Adoness can be found in Cursed. The skin by Jalwa is located in Port Seraphine.

Scene: World Goth Fair Cursed

Body: Skin: Jalwa Skins – Jezebel Vamp Black Brow Exclusive* | Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Chloral Eyes – wicked royal* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Nierika eye makeup – vicious violet* | Hair: Lamb – Whoop Dee Doo Ink

Outfit: Dress, tights, necklace: Adoness – Sophia* | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Selene mesh boots black* | Umbrella: ~*Souzou Eien.*~ Pretty Goth Umbrella [Black Widow]*

Poses: Exposeur – Female of the Species 5 & 2

Madame Guillotine

Only because “Their heads? Off with them.” felt slightly too long a title. Besides, Madame Guillotine is a perfect character to spawn from the current Twisted Hunt. She could easily be some sort of a spirit of the machine in a supernatural horror movie, hovering about and grinning as the blade keeps coming down, the last thing you’ll ever see.

The guillotine is by Culprit. It’s macabre, perfectly functional and morbidly hilarious at the same time with its leg twitching and kangaroo head in the bucket. The surroundings are the Church of Starry Wisdom by Souzou Eien, showing what happens to the heads afterwards: into the starry abyss gate of monsters!

The red vinyl dress by Sassy!, mesh eyes by -{The Attic}-, skin by Style by Kira and the chess board facial tattoo by Reila Skins are also from the hunt, but I did add a red lipstick by Izzie’s and blood tattoo layer by The Plastik to the mix. Boots, hair and poses are also not from the hunt.

Scene: Setting: Souzou Eien – Church of Starry Wisdom | Guillotine: Culprit – Guillotine

Body: Skin: Style by Kira – Dark Serenity Skin 01A opt.2 | Eyes: -{The Attic}- Mesh Eyes | Face tattoo: Reila Skins – Face Tattoo 3 | Lipstick: Izzie’s – Lipstick red | Hair: Sky Everett – Lady Saelenar (CAHH 2010) | Blood body tattoo: The Plastik – Macabre Tattoo Bloody Body

Outfit: Sassy! – Mandarin vinyl dress (blood) | Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy

Poses: WetCat – M3 & LAP – BG2-Barbie14 PR4



The Days of Our Loots

Stop the data deliverers, there’s a flash sale in Port Seraphine! This means PixelDolls, .( bewildebeest )., Gallactic, Romance and Bilo. Selected items for 10L for 48 hours that have been ticking away already, so you have time until Thursday morning to raid the place bare! To be precise: until 9 AM SLT Thursday. Since this involved both .( bewildebeest ). and Gallactic, I sort of went crazy. The result was a cyber magpie. …I mean a futuristic treasure hunter who has just scored lots of loot and decide to wear them all at the same time! =D

See, a cyber magpie! All the jewelry — rings, necklaces, bindi, hair ornaments — are from .( bewildebeest ). and I just kept adding and adding and adding while squeeing like a lunatic. Shinies sometimes do this to me. They bring out my inner xmas tree. *coughs* The make-up consists of lash-and-lines by Miamai, red fairy eyes by Souzou Eien and a dark lip stripe by The Plastik. The actual eyes are fittingly red tech eyes by The Eye Factory. The pose is one of mine~

The cat suit and the boots are by Gallactic and just one of the many slinky cat-, plug- and who-knows-what-suits I raided. The armwarmers are a part of the outfit, the boots were sold separate for that huge 10L price. Who knew future looked so colourful and skintight? Raid-pondering pose by Olive Juice.

The skin is my default android one by Oralune and I really don’t get enough excuses to wear it. The hair is another old scifi-look favorite of mine by Mirror, both shops handily under the same roof in Cyber Bunker. The pose is by Estetica. As for the sim where the cyber magpie ran around, that’s called Hangars Liquides and it’s definitely worth an exploration trip, loots or no!

52 Colours: Mauve

Miss Mauve was such a pain to put together. My internet has been wonky for about a week and every time I put something on her, old things kept appearing like magic on her. Guess that is what turned what was going to be a pin-up mauve lingerie shot into an evil sorceress. Hiss.

She’s obviously from my line of ‘pink is evil’, even when the colour isn’t pink per se. Close enough! I went back to the prettiness that is Japan Tempura Island just to have all the idyllic looks around her while she plots~

The outfit is an old hunt prize from Bare Rose. It’s probably not only the very first B@R hunt I did, it could very well be the very first hunt I did, period. Such a long, long time ago. The dress, necklace and the wonderful mock-medieval hairdress with curly horns and a veil are all a part of it. The Atlantean Mage Staff is by Tekeli-li, it was a freebie gift in the latest Fantasy Faire. The hair by Vive9 is also a freebie and is most likely still available.

Miss Mauve scoffed at all this modern photography magic and demanded a more painting looking end-result, so I played with filters a little to appease her…

The earrings and the bindi are complimentary copies by  .( bewildebeest )., the eyes and most of the make-up is by The Plastik, only the huge amount of colour around the eyes is from fairy eyes by Souzou Eien. Skin by League, as usual and the pose by Olive Juice.

Here’s to hoping Miss Mauve has magicked my internet back to normal by the time I return from my little Midsummer holiday trip…

52 Colours: Denim

For this week Sonya went and purchased what is probably the second pair of pants she has paid for. In three years. I find this endlessly amusing. Of course the said pants couldn’t be regular jeans, that would have been too easy, but they definitely matched Luna’s colour sample nicely.

Miss Denim is clearly a cowgirl in an anime of some sort. We can tell this by the incredibly impractical outfit and the fact she has four guns, just to look good. Well, blue hair might have something to do with it, too.

I could have done a rocker look with that mini dress from FlipSide, but I wanted something different this time. Not to mention a bit more clothes. The nets are a part of the outfit. The pants are by Trap and they’re sufficiently quirky to appease my odd shopping sense. The scarf is an old group gift by Curious Kitties. The horsie prop with poses is by [doll.], an old hunt gift. The guns and the thigh holsters are made by Coco Colonial, I remember I got them as a freebie from the Marketplace long before it was called the Marketplace.

I liked this angle so much that I had to add another picture. The cowgirl skin is an old serial killer hunt gift by The Plastik and I added fairy eyes blue make-up by Souzou Eien to it. The blue, blue eyes are also by The Plastik. The hair is by Wasabi Pills, also an old hunt gift and the cowboy hat is by Sn@tch. The cutesy skull tattoos are by Silent Sparrow. Oh, and I made my first ever windlight setting! None of the night ones I had lit her up enough while still being nightly so I put on default midnight and just poked the sliders randomly around until I liked the result. My approach to these things is oh so purely scientific, yesyes.

This whole thing gives me not-so-strange urge to listen to Ghostriders in the Sky. <.<

Future’s So Dark, I Gotta-

-wear cybernetic eye implants? Not such a good song title, I fear. I’ve been feeling like it’s October suddenly. The grid is so full of dark themed hunts that I was tempted to call this post Macabre May. There’s Dark Future Hunt, The Macabre Hunt, Zombie Killer Hunt and I saw several other posters for dark hunts while running about. I’ve also been meaning to poke at the Supernatural Hunt more.

The hunts brought me to absolutely delightful little skybox-pose-setting shop called Lievens. Below is their take on the Macabre Hunt’s theme: Pandora’s Box. I had so much fun playing with the little skybox-dressing rooms and props that for once I traded shadows for that. They were not modifiable so I couldn’t do my usual little cheat of turning parts transparent to let the sun and shadows in.

The cyber siren latex outfit is by Sassy!, the gearhouse hand implants by Malfean Visions, eye scanity implant by Grim Bros. and the bar code arm tattoos by Gaea Designs. All of these are from the Dark Future Hunt. The eyes and the slight cracks around them are a part of Souzou Eien’s Macabre gift that I was so fond of I used them in all of these pictures. Skin is Sonya’s usual League one and the hair is by Mirror. I worship their scifi hairs, yes I do. ❤

In the event of a zombie attack: be sure you’re carrying a big sword. Having a bike with dual machine guns and retractable blades won’t hurt, either. At least it won’t hurt you. <.< The bike is by M&M Celtic Designs and the sword is called Grim Punisher Broad Sword and was given in the same prize as the first fifty slurls for the Zombie Killer Hunt. The bike is obviously from that hunt as well. The shelter is by Snow Bound and the skybox used as the base setting is by Lievens, both of them from the Dark Future Hunt. The Apocalyptic Annie Leather Outfit is by Evil Bunneh and comes with the hair/helm/goggles combo. The shop was new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outfit and the shape of the prim clothes. Usually putting a prim top on Sonya is painful, but this one fit snug very easily. I added several tattoo layers to the look: Rasetsukoku’s from Macabre Hunt and two by Souzou Eien. I mentioned the cracking one earlier and I added Fairy Eyes – Flame from the Supernatural Hunt as well. Necklace is by Blaspheme, also from Zombie Killer Hunt. As for old, non-hunt things: skin by League, boots by COCO, lip piercing by Mariposa, pose by Niqotine and the burning rolled-up mock-cigar money by Djinn & Tonic. That’s all money’s good for when the zombie apocalypse comes!

Some future folks welcome the dark, though. Here’s the obvious and obligatory villainness lounging about. The helm, collar, bracelet and hand implants with the nifty circular saw are all by Bad Juju. The red latex outfit is by DV8, all of this from Dark Future Hunt. Much to my surprise the red boots by Beauty Killer (from an old hunt) fit with them perfectly. I mentioned this shelter by Snow Bound earlier, just showing it from another angle now. I changed into the Djinn & Tonic skin just for the matching, luscious lipstick. Pose is by Poise. Do not try this at home, children! Posing with circular saw is better left to virtual pixel professionals. (And villains. It’s in their 101.)

Twisting (N)evermore

Another year, another March, another Twisted Hunt — this time the cubes are red and the theme is Nevermore. This means a lot of squee for red, black and feathers~ As usual, the prizes were full of awesome and too plentiful to fit into one blog post, so I present only some of my favorites in the form of the Raven Sisters.

“Tell us, wise grandmother, how do we free our sister? She’s been lured into a trap by humans; betrayed, caught and caged.”

The Eldest of the Raven Sisters is asking for guidance, hovering in the air in the pose included in the chair by Lemons & Cream. The rug and the plant are also a part of the set. The Hellraiser pedestal with a non-red cube is from Archaic. The skull on the chair (to hide the poseball) is by Tay’s and the red cube & raven are one of the extras from Lemons & Cream. The Nevermore Mansion (the frame is a part of it) is from Malfean Visions.

Look at the frame again. See the shadow of the murdered woman? That’s not a shadow nor a part of the painting, it’s a prim shadow by Likka*House attached to the back of the Eldest. She’s wearing an outfit from Bad Juju, gloves & bracelets by Loulou&Co, hat by Delaney’s, hair corsage by Bliensen + MaiTai and necklace by CoLLisions. The awesome crow feet are by Gilded, skin by ^Re.Birth^, face tattoo by Bubble and hair by Souzou Eien.

“Grandmother said only this, dear sister: ‘No shame in getting caught, only in not getting out. She is a Raven.'”

The middle one of the Raven Sisters brought the word to the youngest. There is no lock to keep a raven in. If you don’t believe me, read this. The crow in a cage is by DV8, a part of the Evil End Game prizes. The crystal ball with a red cube on the mantlepiece is by Lemons & Cream, one of the extra prizes. Everything else in the house, including the house itself, is a part of Raven’s Chamber, a wonderful prize from Michigan’s Shack.

This particular Raven Sister is wearing an outfit by Blue Blood, a raven mask by Souzou Eien, cameo necklace by Sacred Roses, skin by ^Re.Birth^and hair by Bad Juju. The hair wasn’t a hunt prize, but an extra for sale for 10 lindens. I couldn’t resist. The pose is Mela’s.

“And now that I’m out, it’s time for revenge! I’ve memorized their faces, their habits, their addresses, their very souls.”

Here’s the Youngest of the Raven Sisters fleeing her gilded cage. The little garden is built inside the Parliament of Rooks by Curvasive Designs. It consists of the gilded cage by Trident, a bench and curtain by Dolome Designs and extra flowers (there were some with the cage) by Oddment.

The Youngest is wearing… not much, what with recent shapechange to freedom, but there’s a very sharp knife between her lips by Virtual Insanity! Surely that counts? No? Well, there’s also a necklace by DV8 and bracelets by Mia’s Gems. The feather pasties are a part of the skin by b[ELLE]issima, the rest of the scribblings on her skin are a separate tattoo layer from CoLLisions. Her hair is by DV8, wings are by Favole and the circling flock of accompanying ravens of doom are by ImmateriA. She has the same crow feet as the Eldest (by Gilded), although they’re not much visible. Pose is by Niqotine Poses.

What do we learn from all this? Be nice to ravens. You might forget what you did, but they will not. Ever.