Colours on Menu

Tasty, tasty colours. In a world where the colours are nourishment food is consumed through sight: the brighter the colours, the sweeter the experience. The Big Bad Bun definitely thinks so! Only the brightest, happiest meals for him!

coloureater3csThis particular restaurant has delivery butterflies as waiters to maximize the tastes. The rainbow-dressed woman is not a part of the staff, she’s a minion. The very best colour-hunter the Big Bad Bun employs.

coloureater2csNo pale pastels would survive her jewel tones and if she encounters anything especially dull, she might just have to dig up the neon gun.

coloureater1csRainbows and eyecandy can be serious business.

The building and the plants by Chic Buildings, the delivery butterfly by Studio Sidhe (really a hang glider) and the piercing by .:ellabella:. are from Taste the Rainbow Hunt. The colourful cocktail is the item you have to find in the hunt. The deliciously happy Gingy ice creams by !Ohmai are from Atelier Kreslo’s Festival. The peacocks by *MishMish* can be purchased in the current round of Collabor88. The dress by Adoness is a hunt gift in Colors of Summer Hunt and the hairdo by Adoness is from the new round of the Thrift Shop. The faux elf ears by Kahli Designs can be found in the current round of We Love Role-play and the neck corset by *Perception* is from Acid Lily.

Scene: House and Plants: Chic Buildings – Rainbow Cottage & Planters | Peacocks: *MishMish* – Blue Peacock The Razzle | Butterfly: Studio Sidhe – Franklin C. Flutterbye Rainbow Hang Glider | Ice Creams: !Ohmai – Atelier Kreslo Festival Gingy’s Neapolitan & Strawberry | Big Bad Bun: D-LAB – Rabbit-B-sit | Cocktail: Taste the Rainbow Hunt item

Body: Skin: .ploom. – Lea Vanilla DB Libra | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Summer Breeze | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Sarah Jane’s Bloody Lipcolor | Hairdo & Hair Base: Adoness – Myrina pitchblack/scarlet & shaved butterfly black shades* 

Outfit: Dress: Adoness – Colors of Summer Dress* | Neck Corset: *Perception* – Neck Corset Green Silk* | Piercing: .:ellabella:. Ballad of Stars Rainbow | Ear Decorations: Kahli Designs – Faux Elf Ears Silver* | Tights: *Sheer* Zebra | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Phoebe lace-up boots red/dark wood*

Poses: N/A | !bang – Carefree 2 | Exposeur – Call the Shots 2M

The Butterfly Dance

It is what they do: dance. They flitter in the air, carried by the tiniest breezes, practically weightless, just a shape of bright colours in the corner of your eye.

prettybutterfly3bsOnce in more solid humanoid form, they still dance. They still feel drawn to colours, flowers and growth. They still greet the sun like it was the main source of nourishment instead of the sweet nectar.

prettybutterfly1bsThey still live in the now of the current ray of light, the warmth, the sights, the tastes, the movement. Every dance could be the last, so they never cease embracing the sun.

The rainbow wings by Deviance are a part of the Taste the Rainbow Hunt, the fairy outfit by Evie’s Closet can be won in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, the hairdo with roses by D!va and the poses by Exposeur can be purchased in the current round of Collabor88, the skin by Essences from the Dressing Room Fusion and the lipstick by Pin Me Down from the Thrift Shop.

Body: Skin: Essences – Whisper *Forgive me* 02 Light Rose Brunette | Eyes: NoirOptix – Pale Violet Eyes | Hair with Roses: D!va – Layla Type A Onyx | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lipstick: Pin Me Down – Tiken* | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant 1 | Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet Medium | Nails: Orc Inc – Fruit Fatpack* | Wings: Deviance – Titania Fairy Wings Rainbow & Fairy Dust Particles

Outfit: Top & Skirt: Evie’s Closet – Minuet Yellow & Orange | Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Jewelled Butterfly Necklace Short 2 Gold | Butterfly Swarm: Balderdash – Flutterbye Swarm | Butterfly Crown: Evie’s Closet – Butterfly Crown

Poses: Exposeur – Back to Black 5 & 1

Unicorns and Rainbows

Not quite pink nor fluffy and not exactly dancing, but close enough! I also have my doubts on whether this particular unicorn will dance, frolic or prance. Seems like there’s a touch of a night mare in her eyes instead of mindless happiness.

pfudor3csBut frolicking or not, rainbows are where the unicorns graze, correct? If not graze, maybe at least lounge. Laze. Stretch and roll around in the clouds indulgently while watching down.

pfudor2csPerhaps even step through to other realms to cause mischief help innocents. That is what they do, right? If you’re not an innocent, you might as well be a walking target practice. Unicorns have high standards, after all!

pfudor4csThis moment of colourful cartoon attempt was brought to you by the Taste the Rainbow Hunt and of course Pink Fluffy Unicorns on Rainbows. You are all welcome.

The unicorn horn, tail and forehead stars by .aisling., the burlesque rainbow outfit by deviousMind, the lipstick by Pink Fuel and the rainbow with poses by WetCat are all from the Taste the Rainbow Hunt that started today. The skin by Pink Fuel is from the latest round of We Love Role-play and the eyes by Pin Me Down are from The Thrift Shop.

Scene: Rainbow and Poses: ::WetCat:: A Rainbow

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley Opaline Lid 01 dkbrow B | Hairdo: Alice Project – Victoria* | Eyes: Pin Me Down – Aniara* | Prim Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Tattoo Lashes: cheLLe – Anime Lashes (Pink) | Lipstick: Pink Fuel – Metallic Lipsticks Lt. Tones Red | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 | Feet: Slink – Womens Medium Barefeet | Horn, Tail, Forehead Stars: . a i s l i n g . Rainbow Candy, Sugar & Sugar Stars

Outfit: Corset & Necklace: deviousMind – Sweet Rose Valentina Rainbow Edition | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Opium Mules with Pompom purple & red (for slink feet)* 

Poses: Part of the rainbow by WetCat.