Day and Night

Blessed Sun, Bringer of Warmth, Governess of Growth, Ruler of Day. Give us energy to exist, to change, to move, to live. Bring fire to our endeavors, warmth to our homes, bravery to our steps forward. Allow your heat to kindle ours, your rays to light our world, your radiance to enlighten our thoughts.

sistersun1csBlessed Moon, Bringer of Peace, Caller of Dreams, Ruler of Night. Give us serenity to balance our daily struggles, visions to guide our paths, silence to soothe our souls. Allow us to see ourselves in your reflection, to glimpse our true-selves through you for just like your Sister is too bright to gaze upon, we can perceive ourselves only in our dream-selves.

sistermoon2csThat is our nature, divided between two heavenly bodies. Some favor one sister above the other, but we all need them both. Every day, every night, or we are lost.

The Shining Sun gowns by The Muses can be purchased in the current round of We Love Roleplay.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Desert* | T R I D E N T – Egyptian Tomb I

Sister Sun: Skin: Glam Affair – Renee My Gitana 03 RAV | Eyes: Adoness – Bestia Eyes Lion* | Liners: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Eyes Orange & Girl Poison Black* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Tekeli-li – Ashtoreth Black | Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1 | Hand&Arm Blender & Nails: Orc Inc* | Gown: The Muses – Shining Sun Gold/Ivory* | Collar & Bracelets: *~*Illusions*~* Khepra | Pose: Musa – Fantasy Pose 062

Sister Moon: Skin: Glam Affair – Renee Sinless 02 RAV | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Pale Glass | Liners: Beautiful Freak – Nierika Eye Makeup White & Odetta Eye Makeup Black* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Tekeli-li – Hathor Silver | Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1 | Hand&Arm Blender & Nails: Orc Inc* | Gown: The Muses – Shining Sun Silver/White* | Collar & Snake Headpiece: *~*Illusions*~* Semeret | Pose: Frozen Panty Poses – HI5-Bunny-07


In a world where the dark elves were created by the dragon god of tyranny and all the pale elves were simply mutations of them, adjusted by the other gods, the draconic elves lived on the desert continent of Qalia.

Vietella 2Their society was strictly hierarchical with a great emphasis on the legion and the ranks within it. Their leader was a queen, although otherwise they had gender equality: too busy to rank their citizens based on the purity of the blood to worry about genders. The respect that the strength of dragon-blood in one’s veins carried and the scandal for its thinness or lack was an elemental part of the culture.

Vietella 3Vietella Varayel was born and raised as the heiress of a noble house. She was taken care of and taught by slaves, her noble mother seeing her once a year, her esteemed father evaluating her worthiness and value when she turned ten and assigning a psionicist teacher to her at that point. Her talents in mindreading magic were only one part of her education though: there was history, tactics, diplomacy, plotting, scheming, etiquette, seduction and the fine art of smiling while backstabbing your enemies. True draconic virtues.

Vietella 1Her life took a sharp turn when her House was betrayed — another true draconic tradition — and destroyed by their rivals. The only reason why she managed to escape was that the leader of the mercenary House overseeing that no one escapes knew her and had a weakness for her. He hid her and in time introduced her as his sister. She put her talents in use to raise this fledgling House to power to one day claim her revenge.

That is how it started. After that it was roleplaying and co-leading a guild in a mmorpg called Vanguard. Vietella was a wonderful character to roleplay and I enjoyed the game immensely. The reason why I’m blogging about her suddenly is that Pancake from Renoobed set a blogger challenge about roleplay-characters: make one (old or new) and write a biography. In Vie’s case the problem was that there’s no way I can fill even basic information in this tiny space nor even dream of touching any of the actual roleplay that went on, but I had to try. So much nostalgia.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Desert & The Bedoin Tent*

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Roza The Arcade Gacha Events 05 | Eyes: NoirOptix – Pale Violet Eyes Large | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Tekeli-li – Wyrmling Silver | Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears*

Outfit: Dress & Choker: eXxEsS – Nocturna Blue | Gloves: Blacklace – Black Satin Gloves | Dragon: Isle of Wyrms – Shadow Dragon Familiar | Particle Magic: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ring Particle Makers (edited to purple)

Poses: Exposeur – Advent Gift 17 | Amacci – Male Stand11b | Amato – pose play 04


There are days when no amount of polite diplomacy will do. Rainha is experienced enough to know that any good queen needs both armour and a weapon sometimes.

rainha1bsShe did not get where she is by laying about in beds waiting for a random prince to come over to kiss her or losing her slippers. She might appreciate partnership and company, but no one needs to save her: she already saved herself.

rainha5bsThere’s no laws about warrior queens having to look manly: Rainha certainly doesn’t. Impeccable outer appearance has always been an important part of leadership, after all. Don’t believe the vile rumours coming from her fortress lair, all lies and slander! Just because she likes huge updos and the colour red doesn’t mean she’d be a villain. Stereotypical propaganda!

rainha2bsRainha is a combination of armour and leather dress and it’s a new release by The Muses. The dress and the cape are rigged, the armour is made out of garment layers and the rest of the attachments are non-rigged for re-sizing.

Scene: Annon

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Hair: Sky Everett – Sovereign Black | Eyes: IKON – Utopia Eyes Dark Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hearts Desire Makeover Daytime | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Eyes Red*

Outfit: The Muses – Rainha Black & Red* | Earrings: Finesmith – Noir | Sword: Tekeli-li – Bloodlight Twohander

Poses: aDORKable Poses – 19 of 25 2012 | PoseMonster – Behind 1 | Exposeur – Advent Gift 15

The Good, The Bad and The Lucky

There’s something about contrasts, opposites that makes both clearer. By defining what something is not is also defining what one is. For example, when you define something as ethereal, peaceful and slightly detached while still good, you might end up with this moonlit creature.

If you move to the opposite direction, you can find physical, intense and fully alive while possibly more bad. That seems to be the division between the two in classic fantasy: good is often more emotionally detached while bad is driven by their passions.

I personally favor the storytelling that turns this around and teaches the luminous beings how to breathe and how to feel, even if it would come with a price. On a less serious note: the dark side does have all the cookies. I’m not sure what Arachnos here puts in her cookies, but I’m quite convinced she has them.

The skin, loincloth, spider legs, eyes and the extra eyes on forehead and cleavage are all a part of the current fortune teller prize in Fallen Gods Inc. The teller will be joining hands until November 3rd, but the skins will be for sale later. The lighter counterpart, Anima, is one of his latest creations as well. Anima’s jewelry is by Tekeli-li, who is also having a Halloween sale at the moment. Hairs are by Alice Project, the colour change HUD with control over select parts of hair was perfect for contrasting. The web collar on Arachnos is by Scrub, from the latest round of Horror Haute.

As for the title, the Lucky is of course you.

Bodies: Skins: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anima & Arachnos* | Hairs: *Alice Project* – Bliss* | Eyes: The Plastik – Bloodless Silver (Anima) & Fallen Gods Inc. – Blood Eyes (Arachnos) | Makeup: Nuuna’s Skin – Azen White (Anima), M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Aos Si Winter White Masque (Anima) & Zibska – Ting Coal (Arachnos)

Outfits: Skirts: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Nymph Aerie (Anima) & Fallen Gods Inc. – Lava Loin Cloth (Arachnos) | Jewelry: Tekeli-li – Inanna Set (Anima) & Scrub – Webcollar (Arachnos)

Poses: LAP – BG1-Barbie9 PR4 | N/A | Olive Juice – Dramatically Sexy




52 Colours: Wales

Wales is a green that to me looks like a child drawing grass with crayons. I was initially rather worried about finding anything in the right tone, but then out of nowhere (read: the depths of my inventory) I found this mini-dress by The Plastik to save the day! Even when I wore it as a top with pants by Somnia instead of a dress.

Today is Bandana Day, so if you haven’t yet got your bandana, Hair Fair has a handy booth in every sim. This particular watermelon bandana is by Curious Kitties. I made sure to match it with a watermelon noming bat by Pink Fuel and delicious basket of noms by Poche. The latter is available in Okinawa Summer Festival.

The Nasreen-skin by bilo was fittingly innocent to go with the summery relaxation and it seems I’ve been unable to get these Nostalgia-boots by lassitude & ennui off of Sonya, since she’s still wearing them.

Remember that today is the last day of Hair Fair, so if you haven’t yet bought all the things, now’s the time!

Scene: Tree: New Trails – Mediterranean Tree Set | Basket: Poche – Watermelon Punch Basket | Bat: Pink Fuel – Watermelon Bat

Body: Skin: bilo – Nasreen-ATG* | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Parrottia Makeover | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious 

Outfit: Top: The Plastik – Carnival Dress Stem | Pants: Somnia – Tweed Waders Green* | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Nostalgia Boots Sepia* | Bandana: Curious Kitties – Hair Fair Bandana (watermelon) | Ring: .(bewildebeest). – Bubbles Ring Green Silver (not available) | Earrings: Tekeli-li – Chained Crystal Earrings

Poses: !bang – Stand 135 | aDORKable Poses – Swords Ground Sit I

Tekeli-li in Garden

Garden as in a sim of Hair Fair, of course, although now I am envisioning a garden created to fit his mindscape and am greatly entertained by this.  I spent today running around in Tekeli-li’s gorgeous sim and taking pictures of his new releases for the fair. If the inevitable first-day-of-fair lag makes you crash or all the fair sims are full, why not go and explore for a moment? There are rezable boats and hidden caves and wonderful twisted beauty all around!

This Alila-hair was irresistibly fantasy-oriental, speaking of sorceresses and women with lethal decorative pins in their hair. Oh, and also a knife! So convenient. If you are new to Tekeli-li’s hairs, the gems and all the decorations have an impressive variety of colours they can be and you control them with channel-commands. The hairs of course come with notecard details of all the possibilities.

Crystalic was clearly more refined, the classic fantasy lady. When I was playing around with her gem settings, I noticed something new. It’s now possible to set the gems (and only the gems) to fullbright for extra glow when taking fantasy pictures. It obviously can be set off as well for normal gliding about.

Pnom is one of the unisex tentacle-hairs fitting for aliens, demons or other creatures with various tentacles coming out of their head. It also has an eye lens in its decorations, giving it an immediate cyber vibe.

Eibon works for both genders as well, although I tattooed her rather girly here. I love the head tattoos that come with these, although obviously both would work perfectly well with a hairbase if shaved-bald is not your style.

Hsan is a part of the gift packet available in Hair Fair, along with ankh earrings, a tentacle mohawk hairdo and several decorative ankh chests. I’m using a hairbase with it, otherwise it would also reveal a part of the skull like the above unisex ones.

All the hairs are at least partially mesh, so do try the demos! Tekeli-li is located in Garden in Hair Fair. As for getting into the lag: detach all and wear a full body alpha (available in the Library). No prims, no scripts, easy invisible shopping!

First picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Alila black* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: IKON – Utopia Eyes Dark Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hairbase: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hairbase Modify | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 5 | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Basically Silver and Chelsea Makeover | Outfit: Bare@Rose – Arachne Red | Earrings: Amorous – Antiquarian Chianti

Second picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Crystalic Sapphire* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Moroccan Night Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hairbase: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hairbase Modify | Face tattoo: Adam n Eve – Eye Tattoo Dragonet c | Outfit & goblet with pose: ~Silent Sparrow~ Ritual 

Third picture: Hair & Eye Ornament: Tekeli-li – Pnom Silver* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes Green | Makeup: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Black | Outfit: VC Designs – C-003 Silver

Fourth picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Eibon Amethyst* | Skin: The Plastik – Aleria Elven-Wisteria Plain | Eyes: Adoness – Lady Butterfly Eyes Violet | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Body tattoo: Curious Kitties – Fairies Blessings Magical Body Overlay | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 6

Fifth picture: Hair: Tekeli-li – Hsan* | Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes Green | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Astrocool Makeover | Hairbase: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hairbase Modify

You’re No Good~

I refer of course to the song and to fairy tale villains in general, like Maleficent. Mal would like to ask in return when did being good ever get anyone anything except poisoned apples, lost slippers, curses galore and cookie cutter princes, hmm?

Sorceresses have to work hard for their power, they can’t frolic about on meadows with talking animals or bake pies, there’s magic to learn, minions to control, plans to make, worlds to conquer! Unfortunately the fairy tales set them up to fail, suffering from the worst case of idiocy in the Evil Overlord List ever.

It’s sad, really. They work so hard, fall for such obvious mistakes and then the airhead songstresses frolic into the only form of happiness possibly suitable for women: marriage to a wealthy man. On behalf of all the determined make-your-own-happiness wicked women ever: shame on the storytellers!

It’s not like they wouldn’t know how to let their hair down every once in a while and I’m sure various handsome males dragged into the prison could be dragged out occasionally, too. Perhaps even kicked out the door later into freedom if they behave!

Besides, who needs men when you can have dragons?

The pictures are a mix of awesome things from Fairy Tales event and also show off the latest release by lassitude & ennui: the gorgeous Nyrha sandals with mesh feet. The bracelet in the lower pictures is from Finesmith‘s rebranding sale: a lot of things for just 100L! The eyes with just enough of supernatural are one of the current gifts in the new IKON VIP group. There’s also a lot of old things from my fantasy folders, which are sort of like a bottomless pit of awesome. No guarantees of everything being still available!

Fairy Tales 2012: Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 01 A | Hair (lower pictures): Exile – Lost in Wonderland:Raven | Outfit: SAKIDE – Malefic

Scene: Stone Misery – Witch Temple | Throne: Nedria Cyr Designs – Necrotica Throne (limited item) | Couch: ~Libertine~ Marquis Set Couch III Valentine Ed. | Dragon: Bare@Rose – Mother Dragon Ride

Working Sorceress: Hair: Tekeli-li – Ashtoreth (black) |  Blue glow: Designs of Darkness – Water Hands | Staff: Nedria Cyr Designs – Staff of the Spider Queen v1.0 | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Pale Glass XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lips: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Opal Lipcolor Mocha | Collar: Rasetsukoku – Unseelie Collar | Necklace: Amorous – Triptych Bluesilver | Shoes: G Field – Flower Pumps Eve (black)  | Poses: Astalianda – Shinies 1 / throne

Relaxed Mal:  | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Nyrha Sandals black rigged mesh* | Body suit: COCO – Sheer Body Suit | Lips: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss | Bracelet: Finesmith – Yeriak inspiration | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Pale Glass XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Poses: Olive Juice – Oh, these old things? / aDORKable Poses – Love Gun II GroundSit2

Semeret and Bunny

Semeret is the name of this silk set by ~Illusions~, available in the Shifting Sands of Fantasy Faire. Since I’ve always loved ancient Egyptian myths, I simply had to create a fantasy look involving all of that.

The collar and bracelets are sold separately and the earrings are actually from a Faire freebie by Tekeli-li. Speaking of which, the Hathor hair is by them as well. You can find Tekeli-li in The Tides during the Faire. Both the ~Illusions~ and Tekeli-li use colour-change scripts, so you can create pretty much any look you wish and make them match each other.

I started by taking pictures in the Shifting Sands, exploring the sands of time and the surrounding bazaar, but then I allowed Semeret to return to her tomb to rest.  Of course she has a tomb, what else? Does she look like an ordinary woman to you? No, didn’t think so.

This particular tomb is by T R I D E N T and it is one of their RFL-vendor items. I fully admit that I squeed when I saw it. All the hieroglyphs! You can get your very own tomb from their place in Shadow’s Claw.

Here we have the second part of the title: a bunny hieroglyph! Let me repeat this in case it didn’t sink in properly: BUNNY HIEROGLYPH. I do not have the words to describe the amount of awesomeness this entails. I want to move in and live in a tomb now. It’s a sign!

Fantasy Faire: Tomb: T R I D E N T – Egyptian Tomb II | Silks: ~Illusions~ Black Semeret Silks | Jewelry: ~Illusions~ Khepra Necklace & Bracelets | Hair: Tekeli-li – Hathor Black | Earrings: Tekeli-li – Mesh Ankh Earrings

Other Credits: Skin: The Plastik – Ataciara Elven Valah Dark Void | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Summer Wheat Special Hunt Freebie | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Poses: aDORKable Poses – 21 of 25 / TeaSoup – and without it I fall / E.inK – fwee3 / Diesel Works – PoE F3

Crystalline Ice

I had been planning to make a snow elemental post eventually, but when Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. dropped a review packet on me, that ‘eventually’ turned into ‘immediately’. Because seriously, how gorgeous are these?

Meet the Ice addition to the Crystals skin line: the perfect winter fairy! There’s even matching outfits in existence! This is extremely vital and important for Fallen Gods Inc.’s skins, because Alia’s work tends to look best on its own. I’ve had so many muttering moments when trying to match -anything- for modesty on them. I swear the skins laugh and mock and insist on staying nude and stunning. They are too gorgeous to hide and the texture work is always so amazing that covering them up with anything that wasn’t designed for them is practically a sin.

I had trouble deciding on the hair as you can see, so just imagine the fairy magically changed her hair before she began to dance! The first one is by Curious Kitties, the lower one is by Tekeli-li. The eyes are ghost ice eyes by n-creation. The first pose is one of the advent calendar ones by aDORKable Poses, but the two lower pictures are taken while dancing. The dance is Nina 6 by Akeyo, one of the wonderful ballet-styled ones.

As for the surroundings, that’s A Dark and Frosty Ride by The Fooding. Yes, it’s an ice carousel of spiders! You can get this marvelously glittery gothic plaything from the Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt.

S.I.C. Girls

It stands for Science Innovation Company and it’s a nifty scifi sim, in case you didn’t know~ The S.I.C. Girls here are Sonya and Ame Lefevre, who randomly suggested we’d do a fun scifi photoshoot together. I was obviously immediately game, or as immediately as one can be when you first have to dig through your inventory and ponder what to wear!

I put on one of the fantastic black-and-white skins by Nuuna and then located scanty leathers of Unit Bella by PixelDolls from my inventory. I added the mesh thigh-high boots by Slink and my favorite scifi hair by Mirror and was pretty much ready! The skin has the black mask in it, but the extra lines are by Fallen Gods Inc., and I added extra eyeliner by Chelle and lashes by Miamai to it.

I love this picture because it looks like Sonya got a random giggle fit and Ame is all ‘Shh, this is serious!’ Ame is wearing a cat suit by Graves, skin by *YS & YS*, hairbase by DeeTaleZ, hair by Tekeli-li and eyes by Ibanez. Sonya’s cyber arm implants are by Fatal Error and eyes by Repulse.

I couldn’t resist messing with filters, Ame’s kick-ass-attitude pose practically called for something more dramatic. Speaking of poses, Sonya’s using an Olive Juice in this particular one, but all the other pics and poses for both are from our respective AOs.

Thank you for the fun, Ame! ❤