Critter Adventures in the Fairelands: Squirrels on the Celestial Plain

“I think they’re treasures! Falling treasures. ‘s why they’re shiny!” The first stargazing squirrel nodded decisively.

The second squirrel shook his head. “Nuh uh. Nuts. A big sky creature is dropping nuts on hooman heads.”

The first squirrel tilted his head, peering up at the shooting stars. This theory did make quite a bit of sense to him.

“Then why are they glowing?”

A moment of silence as both squirrels scratched their heads. Then the second one nodded again. “Sky magics. The nuts in the sky are glowy, see! There must be a huge forest up there, ‘n we can see just the glowy nuts!”

“Ooooooo.” The first squirrel tilted his head, pondering this. “Maybe there’s a harvest going on and they’re shaking the trees!”

“Yes! ‘n maybe, mayyybe if we find one sky nut, it’ll be a feast for whole family tree!”


There are awesome critter-scribbled flags for anyone finding certain critters in the Fairelands. You can see all the absolutely srs critter-finding challenges on the Faire’s website, and whenever you find one of the critters in the picture, click them for a flag.

Absolutely SRS Critter Finding Challenge

PS: The squirrels are adventuring in the Faireland of The Celestial Plain. Fantasy Faire is open April 18 – May 5, so visit them while they’re here!