That’s the theme of this year’s Hair Fair Photo Contest. The rules are pretty flexible: only new pictures, hair can be any old thing or even self-made and the contest runs until June 30th. The Hair Fair itself will be in July, 14th to 29th.

I know it’s a cliche and an obvious association, but it’s such for a good reason. Flying is freedom, at least for me. Thus wings are the perfect symbol for it. I wanted a picture of flying, of long hair blowing in the wind and picked one of the Diva hairs from [ 69 ], probably not available anymore. There really should be much more editorial hairs on the grid, they’re wonderful for this kind of things.

Freedom is also about cutting ties and sailing wherever your imagination leads you. I originally wanted this one to be about cutting your hair — since sometimes it feels like I’m one of the few spokes-avatars for short hair on the grid — but what worked well as an idea looked like a beheading in the pictures. So symbolic pretty ribbon it is! The short hair is one of my favourite default ones from Waka & Yuki.

Freedom Wings: Hair: [ 69 ] DIVA – Dark Noir | Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Feathers xx Raven Carbon + PG Cover* | Eyes: Repulse – Callous Eyes (Grey) | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Smokey Licorice Kisses | Wings: [europa] Nyxus wings Magpie | Eyeliner: Pin Me Down – Darkside 2 (ZP Carnival) | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Pose: Astalianda – Freedom Wings

Freedom Cut: Hair: Waka & Yuki – AGATA Model 02 | Outfit: Mimikri – Patty Neptune | Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lips: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss | Liner: Sorry.Asia – Drama.Eyes (black/blue) | Jewelry: .( bewildebeest ). – Alma Set – Silver & Blue Spinel (not available anymore) | Scissors: *YEN* – Scissors | Ribbon: lassitude & ennui – Ophelia | Pose: Astalianda – Freedom Cut | Sim: The Epic Toy Factory 

Parasols and Corsets

I have a soft spot for both and they go together oh so well. This particular character began with a corset, got a burlesque twist of ruffles and stockings and lacey little tophat and when I added the parasol, I knew she needed a crazy updo and by the point her hair took a bunny shape I knew she had to be some sort of anime character. Yes, again.

She’s clearly one of those not too sane characters that dance on the edge of good and evil depending on their moods, whims and personal likes. They might save the hero because he’s cute, but they might torture him because it’s entertaining. Who knows! I went to the Epic Toy Factory to run around, because it was the only suitably colour-crazy and mix-match-fest of imagination place I could think of. It has become even more gorgeous since I last visited.

The Giselle jewelry set is by Maxi Gossamer and the sky-reaching eyeliner with additional row of dots for cuteness is by Pin Me Down, at the moment available only in Zombie Popcorn Carnival. The mesh corset that trains your ribs to stop being so rude and getting in the way is by *Perception* and boy does it do its job well! The pinstripe doll outfit is from the closing sale going on in Vanilla C Designs, as is the parasol with AO.

 With the shopping instructions delivered, the anime princess shall depart the kingdom of magic toys and ignore the fact that she’s one, as well.

Credits: Mesh Corset: *Perception* – Underbust Corset Red* | Dress, stockings, gloves, hat: VC Designs – Pinstripe Doll | Shoes: G Field – Strap Shoes Alex Red | Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Giselle Opal Set Black | Parasol: VC Designs – Black Rose Parasol | Skin: Pink Fuel – Alena Sugar Classic | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes (charcoal) | Makeup: Pin Me Down – Darkside 3 | Hair: Milestone Creations – Bunneh III black 

Bang in Blue

…what? I’m talking of Bangladesh DuPree, a chaotic evil incarnate pirate from Girl Genius, one of my favourite comics. Bang is usually wearing a red sweater and white-red sailor outfit, but this version came in blue, so!

The sweater, coat and cap are the Steam Hunt prize by Contraption. I showed them to a friend, who immediately went ‘It’s Bang!’. After I stopped squeeing, I began plotting this photoshoot, because yes, yes it is.

The magnificent ship is the Steam Hunt prize by The Epic Toy Factory, one of the most entertaining places to explore and hunt in ever. I warmly recommend visiting even if you weren’t interested in hunting.

I completed the pirate look with white pants from Somnia and the Wanderlust boots from Lassitude & Ennui. I even found the perfect skull bindi tattoo from the Marketplace! It’s important to look good when you run around doing horribly violent things on a whim, after all.


Steam the Hunt: Ship: The Epic Toy Factory – Jug-O-Nautalis AirShip | Coat, cap, sweater: Contraption – Maritime Division Uniform Coat & Sweater

Skin: Cupcakes – Dahlia Mocha Sanguine | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes Charcoal | Lashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious | Hair: LOQ Hairs – Mischa Onyx | Skull bindi tattoo: Black Eden – Skull Bindi | Pants: Somnia – Tweed Waders White* | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Wanderlust Boots Black* | Earring: +plus – Circles Earring in Dark Gold | Gun: Wretched Dollies – Steampunk Gun | Knife: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Dismemberment Tool | Poses: TeaSoup – Little Miss Sunshine / Olive Juice – True Blood: Lafayette Renolds (Girl) / Chanimations – (*cane2_kneel

*complimentary copies

Steam Theater

Today I realized that September is ticking away day by day and I had barely posted anything about the Steam Hunt! Shame on me. So here’s more of my favorites~

Shh, don’t disturb them, they’re just about to start… The shushing pose is by TeaSoup, the tesla coil jewelry by Star Kindler and the mister mechano guy shoulder pet is by Grim Bros. The fancy hat is by Suki’s Silken Fashions. I used my default League-skin, Poetic Colors eyes and Redgrave lashes for this, and picked one of the Sky Everett hairs for the look.

My roos are watching movies! The film of the evening is obviously The Life and Works of the Great Roodini, what else? The projector is a part of the Steam loots from the Epic Toy Factory, everything else in the background in both pictures is a part of  Steam in the Park by Moxie. This dress by Orquidea is my favorite clothing item from the whole hunt and I’m not even a fan of brown! It’s just so exquisitely made, much love. The pose is by Olive Juice and the belt with a scope on Pihlaja is actually an arm belt for humans by Cogoo. I felt that since she was operating the projector, she needed gadgetry and tools. Let’s hope they’ll never find out about popcorn…

Chimera Sisters

This all began when I realized I had three pairs of faun legs I wanted to blog. So for a while the title was Three Little Fauns. Then I started dressing up the said fauns and realized I had no natural faun-appropriate modesty layers… but I did have scales. At this point the sisters turned into dragon-faun-chimeras. …shush, it’s SL, they can exist!

Here we have a pretty normal faun girl, despite the scales on her skin. They’re from a goldfish outfit by Fallen Gods Inc. The legs are in a lucky board in Violent Seduction and they’re mesh, so the usual mesh-disclaimers of needing a viewer that can see them applies. Sassy pose by Striking Poses.

The butterfly ring and necklace are group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The adorable curly horns are by Illusions and the hair is by Exile. Tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and the green eyeshadow (& pumpkins) from Elymode’s prize for Witch Hunt. Skin is by The Plastik, from Plundering Villages Hunt. Eyes by Poetic Colors and the blushing pose by Ploom.

This little chimera lives in a magical mushroom forest by Angelic Designs (from Twisted Hunt) and likes to practise her balance by walking on a barrel… tricksy if you have hooves, that’s all I say. The barrel is one of the Twisted extras by Epic Toys.

To balance the sweetness there of course needed to be the darker side and an evil chimera girl, like so~

I love these fiddler props by PRIME Furniture. They’re from Twisted Hunt, just like the mushroom scene by Lemons & Cream. I pretty much sign the idea that violins can be so tempting that wicked creatures might well use them in their deeds. This particular chimera’s faun legs, top and horns are by Deviant Designs, from Twisted Hunt.

But how to lure a dark chimera girl, then? Easy. Tea and noms! …of course it will work, stop looking at me like that. The tea tray is especially made for this, it’s the Twisted gift by The Fooding, after all. The bloody skin is by The Plastik, from the Macabre Hunt. The hair is another squee-do by Wasabi Pills. Both this pose and the one below are by No Strings Attached — from their zombie poses, actually.

See? Entranced by noms! The beholder jewelry set is by Amaranthus, the tattoo is by Imperio Designs — I love how the skeletal hands are reaching down on the front. Both are from the Twisted Hunt. As for the tattoo layers, I’m using Dragonet by Adam n Eve (Witch Hunt), but I’ve darkened the eye shadows with one of the layers that came with the skin. Eyes by Poetic Colors.

And then I got to indulge in my blatant favoritism toward silvery-white looks, yesyes.

The gorgeous faun legs and the strange hair are by Gilded (Twisted Hunt) and the hair looks almost like a collection of horns on its own, so I didn’t add any to it. The skin is also by The Plastik, but it’s from the Platinum Hunt that’s ended already. I just liked the idea of having all three chimeras be all Plastiky, so I used it anyway. The tree, tea setting and the grass are all by Zoe’s Garden (Twisted Hunt). Pose by KS2Cool.

As for make-up there’s silver eyeshadow by Sorry.Asia, lashes by Miamai and silvery crystal decorations by White Widow. The shaved stripes hair base is by DeeTaleZ and also a tattoo layer. The jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). and they’re review copy gifties from Coyo. ❤ I’m especially fond of this Naiad’s Tears bracelet, it worked so perfectly for the silver chimera. Pose by TeaSoup.

Lookit, I has hooves! This pose by TeaSoup was too funny to resist. The bloodless glowy eyes are by The Plastik and the silvery scales are from a freebie mermaid avatar by Lost in Starnight.

So there. Consider yourselves spammed with hooves~

Crazy Colours

In case I haven’t mentioned this in the last months: I love crazy hairs. I usually wear a bob or an updo, but I go into complete squee-mode at the sight of a huge hairdo full of random things stuck into it. Hair Fair is normally a good place to spot new fanciness, but this year there was nowhere near enough weird-fun involved. Make more craziness, hair designers!

Ashtoreth by Tekeli-li is my absolute favorite from the whole fair and the one I knew I’d buy the second I put on the demo. I’m tempted to go and get their Hathor, too. ❤

Her divineness demanded crazy colours for the look, so I went sort of windlight-happy. I took the first two pictures in the Epic Toy Factory, which is always a pleasure to adventure in: at the moment you can even ride a dragon while locating the hunt prizes! Clothes worthy of a goddess were located in Bare Rose, skin is by Imabee, pose by LAP and the face tattoo is by [sYs], their prize in the Touch of Sensuality Hunt. All the eyes in this post are by The Plastik and lashes (when worn) by Redgrave.

Speaking of windlight-happy, this skin by Imabee (latest group gift) isn’t green except for the teal make-up. I just played the windlight up for the sea feel. The picture is taken in the pirate playground after all. Or mermaid playground, considering it is under the sea. The hair by Griddie is as huge and crazy as their hairs tend to be and it’s free in a fatpack of colours in the Hair Fair. The swim suit is by Miamai and it’s a Truth District Opening gift: available still today, go grab it! Speaking of available still today: today (July 8th) is the last day of Kozmetika’s Summer Event, too. The mergirl is wearing a combination of a freebie make-up by M.O.C.K. (in the said event only) and a fairy glamour mask by Random-Onics & Pink Wolf (Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt prize). Pose is Mela’s and the bracelet is the latest subscribo-gift by Miel.

Of course I find these things way after pink and cerise colour challenges are over already! *shakes fist* The lingerie set is by Seldom Blue, their prize in the Touch of Sensuality Hunt. (The prizes are 10L, not freebies.) The hair is a freebie by BC322 from Hair Fair and if you like pigtailed lolita-style, they’re selling this in more normal colours there as well! Adorable. The skin is by [sYs], a Modavia group gift available only in their Modavia location. Additional eye make-up by M.O.C.K. (freebie available still in Kozmetika). As for the pose, it’s a part of the singing tree by World’s End Garden, their latest group gift. Three poses, one couple pose, birdies and butterflies = happiness. As for the background: home, sweet home.

52 Colours: Mahogany

Now this would have been the perfect spot to whip out a mahogany dryad, but instead I turned to my go-to for browns: steampunk. I knew the dress I wanted to use, but it had only brown accents, so I decided to make two looks. While working on them the character pretty much wrote herself.

Miss Mahogany is obviously a sort of Jekyll/Hyde type of a character. At daytime she’s all innocent little steampunk-universe girl with leaves in her hair…

I’ve wanted to use this dress by Silent Sparrow for ages, obviously I need more steampunk events in my Slife. It’s a group joining gift (not free to join) and absolutely gorgeous. I’m especially fond of the lace on the front. The furniture in the background is by The Epic Toy Factory except the coffee pot by Oblonski. The wonderfully mahogany-shaded steampunk house is by Primwynly. Cutesy innocent pose by Diesel Works.

When the night arrives, little Miss Mahogany sneaks into the drawing room to sketch her plans for world domination!

I have this outfit by Bare Rose in three colours, apparently. I’m amused. What can you do, it’s awesome! The Visions of Flight hat is by The Mad Hattery. The villainness is holding an emotional monitor by Grim Bros. and her goggles are from the same place. Pose is by Olive Juice — can’t you practically hear her cackle? Thinker’s worktable and kyberneticist’s dictation apparatus in the background are by E&D Engineering. The hair is by Curious Kitties, eyes by The Plastik and skin by League in both pictures. A lot of the steampunk things are from old STEAM Hunts, which just goes to prove that they are worth checking out every time!

So Steamy~

As usual, after I train my caming skills to extreme with Twisted, I assault Steam Hunt. They’re always during the same months, after all. Steam Hunts are mostly about furniture, gadgets, strange machinations and textures with some top hats tossed into the mix, but this round there were some excellent clothing choices as well! I used Sky Everett’s hairs in all the pictures as well as lovely golden eyes from Poetic Colors. Skins changed, but none of these were a part of the hunt.

Here’s a random noble lady, concerned over something, perchance a theft of something valuable. The matter disturbed her so greatly that she forgot her after-masquarade bath for the moment.

That half-mask with the elegant face piercing made me squee. It’s by Orquidea and absolutely breathtaking. The outfit is by Rag Dollz and matching gold-painted skin by Imabee. She’s sitting on a steampunk throne by Julia Collection while the bathtub by Damned Good Design is momentarily forgotten in the background. The holdable mask (a part of the outfit) lies on the edge of the bath. All the pictures except the last were taken in a steampunk loft by D&M Dream Furniture.

Perhaps this has something to do with her worries: an airship pirate obviously feeling way too smug for being innocent. Of anything. She’s been up to no good, that’s clear.

The whole outfit is by Dare Designs and perfect for daring pirate girls. It comes with a skirt option, but those just get in the way! The crates she’s sitting on are a part of a fun celebratory prop combination from Lemons & Cream, it came complete with champagne and a booty chest! In the background you can see a work table by E&D Engineering and outlander’s sideboard with accessories by Noctis. Skin is by Nightshade.

The pirate girl has reason to celebrate because she’s hidden her loot so cleverly that even the best detective in town has been driven to drink. Or at least to consider one, while fiddling with her trusted gun on the table.

This outfit is beyond awesome. I love Wretched Dollies as is, but when they turn into western steampunk complete with guns, it’s time to break out that champagne! The goggles are by Grim Bros, the hat is by The Mad Hattery and the skin one of the latest group gifts by Mynerva. The table with everything on it is a part of POST’s metropol set and there’s a fainting couch by The Naughty Victorian on the background. The sketches on the wall are a part of the loft.

Now, where did the pirate girl hide the treasure? In the magical gear forest guarded by steampunk fairies of course! …of course there are such things, stop looking at me like that. If there weren’t, there wouldn’t have been several pairs of wings as prizes, nor magical plants, flowers and awesome things as well!

See? A steampunk fairy! Wings by Wildz Creations and dress by Ezura. The skin was a 50L Friday purchase from The Plastik a while ago and I felt that the curliques on it worked with the wings~ Trees and shiny things on the background are by The Epic Toy Factory and I warmly recommend visiting them to see all the nifty things. It was impossible to capture the entertainment of teaching daisies to dance or hopping up and down on shrooms or wandering in the magical airship where the prize was hidden, you have to go and see for yourself! I set my own little magical gear garden in the conservatory by Primwynly.

I feel like I cut the story into a cliffhanger. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a colour-post about what it was that the pirate girl stole… one of these days. We’ll see~