But only two bears. Surely this was some sort of bizarro-day in story land, things definitely out of place and overlapping. Holidays mixing with fairytales, critters running from one story to another, no one sticking to the original plans anymore, absolute chaos! (And hijinks and shenanigans.)

gothilocks1csThere was no porridge nor beds, but a holiday feast and comfy pillows, even a small gingerbread house for noms. Gothilocks wasn’t quite certain why there was a snowshoe rabbit riding a small yak indoors, but surely there’d be an explanation for everything eventually.

gothilocks2csThe cocoa train kept puffing along steadily while the little arctic fox tried in vain to awaken the doggie that had unfortunately zoomed right through the Sleeping Beauty’s story before landing here. It was all so very peaceful and cosy that it was tempting to close one’s eyes, for just a moment.

gothilocks3csBut wait, maybe it wasn’t just the doggie… where did all this food come from if not a castle’s kitchen? Definitely not from this cottage, there’s not even a kitchen here! This amount of sleepiness all around cannot possibly be just from relaxed atmosphere… there’s trouble afoot!

Most of the look is from Gothmas by Gaslight. The outfit by Violent Seduction, the furniture by [noctis] and the nails by Pin Me Down are located in Cursed. The skin by Jalwa and shoes and jewelry by Eclectica can be found in Sium. The cocoa train by Lark and the sleepy doggie with pillows and the yak by +Half-Deer+ are from the current round of The Garden. The arctic animals are from a gacha in Beetlebones. The eyes by Adoness are a part of F R O S T and the gingerbread house by Poche is from the Christmas Mini Mall at Naminoke.

Scene: House: Trompe Loeil – Frostbite Cottage White | Rugs: ~Libertine~ Green Brocade Rugs | Train: Lark – Cocoa Express Large Track & Train | Center Pillow & Doggie: +Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound Black & Pillow | Yak: +Half-Deer+ Winter Yak Black (gacha) | Gingerbread House: Poche – Christmas Hexenhaus | Furniture & Tree: [noctis] – Von Scarlet Chairs and Dining Table, Baron Von Scarlet’s Secretary Desk, Gothmas Tree* | Critters: Beetlebones – Arctic Friends – Polar Bear Pals (Snow & Soot), Snowshoe Hare Pal (Snow), Fox (Soot), Snow Owl (snow) RARE

Body: Skin: Jalwa – Zahida Coven Salt Cleavage* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kylee Mesh Hair Licorice | Eyes: Adoness – Salina Eyes Starfish* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands & Feet: Slink | Nails: Pin Me Down – Gothmas Nails*

Outfit: Dress, Collar & Bow: Violent Seduction – Criminal Monochrome* | Necklace, Rings, Shoes: Eclectica – Catherine Ringsets in black, pendant in pale gold, Gothic shoes in dark* | Stockings: ~Cannibelle~ Bow Suspender Tights

Poses: aDORKable Poses – Sunny 2 | Part of the +Half-Deer+ pillow. | aDORKable Poses – Sunny 3m

Taste of Cherry

It sounds like a name of an anime series, doesn’t it? Especially with the cover picture like this. The heroine is clearly a supernatural alien princess in disguise, therefore the green hair with pink stripes, of course.

lolita1csThere’s no lollipops nor cherries or even sugar on her planet, therefore the lollipop addiction. The shades are necessary to cover the glittering pink non-human eyes. The loyal sidekick has to pose as a stuffed fluffy toy bunny and try not to move or speak when there’s humans nearby. Challenging task, but he gets bribed and rewarded with the said lollipops, too.

lolita3csThe reason why the said alien princess is on Earth is very simple: to research the miraculous variety of tastes in the local bakeries, of course. Or possibly to hunt down a villain who stole the royal cupcake recipe. Or to hide from space monsters who have heard she’s made of marzipan. (Lies and slander, she’s really more of a marshmellow.) Or maybe she just wanted a holiday, take your pick!

The glasses and lollipop by Culprit and the dress and headbow by Violent Seduction are all available in the current round of Genre. The hairstyle by Alice Project is one of her new Hair Fair releases, hop straight in the booth here. The skin by Essences can be found in Collabor88 and the materials ready earrings by [HAND]verk in The Boutique.

Body: Skin: Essences – CHO skin light rose 02 brunette| Eyes: Poetic Colors – Cosmic Dream | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 | Hairstyle: Alice Project – Mika*

Outfit: Dress & Headband: Violent Seduction – Roseraie Dress (Mint) | Earrings: [HAND]verk – Enamel Elephant Earring.white* | Rings: Donna Flora – BACI ring | Bunny: Pink Fuel – Sad Bunny| Glasses & Lollipop: Culprit – lolihearts & LoliLolly Cherry*

Poses: Exposeur – Advent Gift 22 | aDORKable Poses – 22 of 25 2012

52 Colours: Electric Indigo

This colour made me happy: a strong, clear colour for bold characters! Fortunately I had also bought something that was a perfect match a while ago from the sale in Violent Seduction. So I give to you Miss Electric Indigo, a space princess of an alien world!

The sim is The Path, a collaborative surreal story by several artists. They recommend dark night windlight for it, but since I was taking pictures, I played around with various lightings a lot. This area that looked like the perfect ancient alien city is the beginning area. If you follow the notes and clues, you will be taken on a breathtaking trip into an inventor’s mind. I love art installation sims in SL, there is no way to do things like this in our real one. Go, see, enjoy!

I compiled the space princess out of a skin and eyes by The Plastik, prim lashes by Redgrave and two make-up tattoo layers: AstroGlam by Nuuna’s Skins and Dogma of Astaroth by Fallen Gods Inc. The latter is the black stripes, the former is the blue stripes~

The unedited full version of this picture is probably my favorite. It looks to my biased eyes like a fantasy poster. I simply cannot get over how surreally pretty this sim is. I liked using the present flowers as filters for this picture, as well. As for posing, Miss Electric Indigo’s poses are by Niqotine Poses (1&2), Di’s Opera (3), aDORKable Poses (4) and Diesel Works (5).

I wanted to give the alien space princess some edge to go with her surreal sexiness, and these bracelet, finger & claw combinations by Amorous were so perfect for this that it was like I had commissioned them. As for the hair, its strange twists and turns and almost banner like extensions, random spike through it, horn like shapes… I still remember finding it in Mirror and going all starry-eyed. It left with me right that day and it’s still one of my favorite fantasy hairs.

Daring, mysterious, regal adventuress in an ancient alien civilization… that’s Miss Electric Indigo. I encourage you all to follow in her footsteps!

52 Colours: Champagne

It’s started again! Round two of the colour challenge and another year full of colours I’ve never even heard of! This year begins with champagne, very appropriately. Unfortunately I posted champagne pictures yesterday, so I figured I’d do something else for this. As I was digging through my inventory for things in this colour — I always have trouble with yellowish tones — I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted. I hopped over to Violent Seduction to leak more lindens their way. I’ve been visiting them every now and then and grabbing things since they have a -50% sale going on until January 12th.

Miss Champagne is an extremely classy kind of girl and if she is intoxicating… well, that is a secret between you and her. She loves parties, but only the fancy kind — ballrooms, chandeliers, gowns — aristocracy as it only exists in fantasies.

I took Miss Champagne to my favorite fancy ballroom castle area in Japan Tempura Island and as I mentioned before, fancied her up with Muse-gown from Violent Seduction. I’m certain she’d inspire plenty of things in it. As for Miss Champagne herself, she’s made out of a skin by Pink Fuel, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by Sky Everett.

I couldn’t resist the drinkwater looking glass necklace by .( bewildebeest )., it was so perfectly classy and fitting. A monocle was a given, she is a traditionalist, after all. This touch of old-time class is by E&D Engineering. The pearls around her wrist are by Bonita’s. The first pose is by TeaSoup, the second by PurplePoses, the third is a part of Sonya’s AO — snapped the picture as I had just arrived.

Here’s to 51 more colours!

On the Edge

Or the Faun Who Wanted to Fly. It all started when I got a surprise review copy packet from Annabelle Couturier of ~Cannibelle~.  From all the things in it one thing immediately called to me: Efa-tattoo of birds. I love feathers, I love birds, I love flying. Yes, even the plane type. Most of all I love the -idea- of flying, real flying, having wings and soaring. But first the faun — and every little bird — has to take the step over the edge.

The faun legs, tail, horns and wings are by Favole from A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt. The claws are an old hunt gift by [ni.Ju] and I added bangles by Mandala to them. The white skin with the black mask is by Nuuna, as is the tattoo that crosses eyes and then goes down the face and body.

Falling through the dark skies required a bit more clothes, so I put on the rest of the Buckle Up outfit by Violent Seduction. Eyes are by Repulse and the hair is one of my all-time favorites from Deviant Kitties. I’m not sure if it’s available anymore or not. The poses are by Niqotine Poses (1&3) and PurplePoses (2).

Falling isn’t so scary once you make up your mind and dive, instead…

Bottled Goth

Creators Stamp Rally has started! When I looked at the prizes on the website I knew there was one thing I absolutely had to have: floating jar by Happy Mood. It’s a shiny glowy sparkly bottle for floating in! Everyone needs one of those, right? (Or several.)

Since I wanted to show off this bob by Love Soul and the squeeworthy peacock feather hair accessory by Tram, my styling slid immediately into the darker side of things. This dress by Violent Seduction is such a mix-match of vibes from darker Alice to gothic lolita and even to mime that it had enough edge and cute to accompany the hair and feathers. It’s on a lucky board at the moment.  The pose is by Thump, the other poses are a part of the bottle floating animations.

The shoes are by G Field and I must confess I’ve been an addict for his roses since pretty much the beginning of my SLife. Add them to anything and I’ll wear it! The thorns body tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc.

I added an unseelie necklace by Lolapop to the collar, it’s from the Twisted Hunt. Eyes are Sonya’s default Poetic Colors ones as well as Redgrave’s lashes, but the skin is — surprise surprise — by Pink Fuel. Yes, that’s the actual make-up on it, no extra tattoo layers. Pink Fuel gone goth! Actually this skin is a pre-release of a new skin in a completely new, ultra-pale tone. It’s for sale in the Atomic Bake Sale at the moment. I’m sensing shopping in my future when these skins are released, yes, I do. ❤

Chimera Sisters

This all began when I realized I had three pairs of faun legs I wanted to blog. So for a while the title was Three Little Fauns. Then I started dressing up the said fauns and realized I had no natural faun-appropriate modesty layers… but I did have scales. At this point the sisters turned into dragon-faun-chimeras. …shush, it’s SL, they can exist!

Here we have a pretty normal faun girl, despite the scales on her skin. They’re from a goldfish outfit by Fallen Gods Inc. The legs are in a lucky board in Violent Seduction and they’re mesh, so the usual mesh-disclaimers of needing a viewer that can see them applies. Sassy pose by Striking Poses.

The butterfly ring and necklace are group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The adorable curly horns are by Illusions and the hair is by Exile. Tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and the green eyeshadow (& pumpkins) from Elymode’s prize for Witch Hunt. Skin is by The Plastik, from Plundering Villages Hunt. Eyes by Poetic Colors and the blushing pose by Ploom.

This little chimera lives in a magical mushroom forest by Angelic Designs (from Twisted Hunt) and likes to practise her balance by walking on a barrel… tricksy if you have hooves, that’s all I say. The barrel is one of the Twisted extras by Epic Toys.

To balance the sweetness there of course needed to be the darker side and an evil chimera girl, like so~

I love these fiddler props by PRIME Furniture. They’re from Twisted Hunt, just like the mushroom scene by Lemons & Cream. I pretty much sign the idea that violins can be so tempting that wicked creatures might well use them in their deeds. This particular chimera’s faun legs, top and horns are by Deviant Designs, from Twisted Hunt.

But how to lure a dark chimera girl, then? Easy. Tea and noms! …of course it will work, stop looking at me like that. The tea tray is especially made for this, it’s the Twisted gift by The Fooding, after all. The bloody skin is by The Plastik, from the Macabre Hunt. The hair is another squee-do by Wasabi Pills. Both this pose and the one below are by No Strings Attached — from their zombie poses, actually.

See? Entranced by noms! The beholder jewelry set is by Amaranthus, the tattoo is by Imperio Designs — I love how the skeletal hands are reaching down on the front. Both are from the Twisted Hunt. As for the tattoo layers, I’m using Dragonet by Adam n Eve (Witch Hunt), but I’ve darkened the eye shadows with one of the layers that came with the skin. Eyes by Poetic Colors.

And then I got to indulge in my blatant favoritism toward silvery-white looks, yesyes.

The gorgeous faun legs and the strange hair are by Gilded (Twisted Hunt) and the hair looks almost like a collection of horns on its own, so I didn’t add any to it. The skin is also by The Plastik, but it’s from the Platinum Hunt that’s ended already. I just liked the idea of having all three chimeras be all Plastiky, so I used it anyway. The tree, tea setting and the grass are all by Zoe’s Garden (Twisted Hunt). Pose by KS2Cool.

As for make-up there’s silver eyeshadow by Sorry.Asia, lashes by Miamai and silvery crystal decorations by White Widow. The shaved stripes hair base is by DeeTaleZ and also a tattoo layer. The jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). and they’re review copy gifties from Coyo. ❤ I’m especially fond of this Naiad’s Tears bracelet, it worked so perfectly for the silver chimera. Pose by TeaSoup.

Lookit, I has hooves! This pose by TeaSoup was too funny to resist. The bloodless glowy eyes are by The Plastik and the silvery scales are from a freebie mermaid avatar by Lost in Starnight.

So there. Consider yourselves spammed with hooves~

Catching Up With Colours~

A year full of colours, perfect excuse to dig into your inventory and play dress-up, different colour every week. That’s more or less the nutshell of LunaJubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. She lists a new colour every week. I didn’t even know there were 52 colours, yegads. My colour perception is practically male: light brown, dark brown, what’s the difference? Fortunately she provides a colour sample every time so I can try and match that! And hey, it’ll be randomly educational, too! Not to mention fun. ^_^

It’s week fifteen of the challenge now, which meant I had fifteen looks to cover. To make the post less picture spammy I actually used a photo studio and then just snip-copy-pasted three in one. Since I was lacking in my usual environment creation fun, I challenged myself in another way: matched the styles of the colours per picture. Can’t make it too easy on myself, right?

The first three colours — grey, blue and goldenrod — turned out to be manga-ish school girl characters. Although I think Miss Blue might be a teacher. I started with flailing about if I’d find anything in goldenrod, going ‘That’s a colour? O.o’ a lot until I finally located that shirt. It called for school girlness, so Miss Grey and Miss Blue just had to live with it. All of their poses are from Ks2cool.

Grey: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair & scarf – Curious Kitties, tattoo – Moloko, gloves & top – The Loony Bin, leggings – Aoharu, lip piercing – Virtual Insanity, armlet – Zenith Fashion, coffin purse – DV8, belt – Gauze

Blue: skin – M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, eyes – Umedama Holic, hair – Wasabi Pills, dress – Miamai, tattoo – Schadenfreude, stockings & garters – Vinyl Cafe, butterflies – Minajunk, bird ring – KUE!

Goldenrod: skin – Imabee, hair – Red Queen, eyes – Poetic Colors, top – Paradisis, skirt & gloves – League, boom box – katat0nik, aether headphones – Belle Belle, socks – Rotten Toe

Plum was another tricksy one until I did a search for it and found this exact colour sample match hair from my anime hairs folder! Much rejoicing. ^_^ Then I poked around in my lolita folder and found a dress with exact same hue whales on it. Obviously Miss Sepia and Miss Yellow weren’t that difficult to dress up once I had the lolita style decided.

Plum: skin – Violent Seduction, eyes – Rita Eyes, hair – Little Heaven, dress & tattoos – katat0nik, necklace – Pink Fuel, pose – Lazy Places

Sepia: skin – Imabee, eyes – Sn@tch, hair – Curious Kitties, monocle – E&D Engineering, orchid – Orquidea, collar – Steam Powered Nuts, Inc., dress – Frick, pose – Estetica

Yellow: skin – Pink Fuel, eyes – Glam Affair, hair – Fatal Error, dress – Dilly Dolls, tattoo – Curious Kitties, cyber arm implants – Fatal Error, pose – Melancholia Lilliehook

Cerise was one of those ‘This is a colour? Yegads, it’s dark pink!’ moments. I did a search for ‘pink’ and tried everything on and much to my surprise found this vintage lingerie -and- shoes in exact colour sample tone! Who knew~ Miss Green and Miss Silver got to wear lingerie just to match lil Miss Cerise. You can’t really see the shoes on Miss Green and Miss Silver that well, but all three are wearing Grim Bros’s fantastic curlique filled wonders. There’s just something so delicate, decadent and debaucherous in those details. And other d-words.

Cerise: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – BettiePage Voyager, lingerie – Dominion Fashon District (creator: pisi Ruby), shoes – Grim Bros, stockings – Lapointe, gloves – Sn@tch, pose – Natasha Martov

Green: skin – Heartsick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Sky Everett, jewelry – Ganked, lingerie – Style by Kira, stockings – Dilly Dolls, gloves – The Black Canary, pose – Niqotine Poses

Silver: skin – Frick, eyes – Kosh, hair – lamb, nightie – A&A Fashion, shoes – Grim Bros, jewelry – Mandala, pose – CnS E-motion

Two browns in one picture! I divided them in order and when I realized that I’d have two separate browns in this one, I just knew it’d be steampunk. I mean… my inventory is sort of black, black, black, red, black, blue, black, green, lots of browns in the steampunk folder! black. I am so miffed I couldn’t use hya-blue (Silent Sparrow) for the middle girl, but I just could not match it to the colour sample with good conscience. Fortunately I had Sparrow in sienna!

Sienna: skin – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, dress – Silent Sparrow, goggles – Belle Belle, steampunk headset – Londinium Gearworks, hat – Illusions, pose – Olive Juice

Indigo: skin – Frick, hair – Waka & Yuki, eyes – Mynerva, hat – Perturb/ation, gloves – Atsuki Kayo, necklace – Mariposa, dress – Evie’s Closet, pose – Niqotine Poses

Taupe: skin – Sn@tch, make-up – Frick, eyes – Plastik, hair – Waka & Yuki, gloves, skirt & stockings – League, top & necklace – Sn@tch, pose – LAP

When I realized my last picture had emerald, black and red I more or less squeed. …and then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a fantasy picture or a ballet picture. So I made both! It’s like a joke: ‘A dryad, a drow and a demon walk into a ballet class…’ Obviously the demon is more interested in inviting others to dance and the drow claims she can’t dance without daggers, it’s apparently a part of her cultural heritage. The dryad was at least somewhat happy~

Emerald: skin – Sn@tch, eyes – Plastik, hair – Curious Kitties, dress – DV8, necklace – Fallen Gods Inc, pose – EverGlow

Black: skin – Ho Wear, eyes – Kosh, hair – Exxess Designs, dress – Mocha, ears – Illusions, necklace – Deviance, lip spider – EarthStones, knives – ODB, pose – Niqotine Poses

Red: skin – Red Queen, hair – Deviant Kitties, eyes – Plastik, tattoos – Fallen Gods Inc, dress – Evie’s Closet, horns – Trap, jewelry – Mandala, lip piercing – Nightshade, pose – Niqotine Poses

Whew. Next week I’ll start blogging colours one per week like everyone else… guess I have to come up with something else for extra challenge… maybe to match furniture or other props, too…

Telltale Ravens

The Macabre Hunt is going on again and this time the theme is the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The hunt is relatively short, only 52 shops (of which three are sort of awol and one apologized for being late and promised to send the gift later), so it’s really an evening run.

Annabel Lee was one of the popular inspirations and here we have a full-fledged sepulchre from Bambi’s. The dress is by A Netherworld, skin by Rasetsukoku, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing, necklace from AZE Designs and the hair and the earrings from Sky Everett (not a part of the hunt). The pose (by Essential Soul) is called Tiptoe, but it had this lovely eerie ghost-reaching-out quality to it when combined with the look.

This burlesque Lenore outfit set called for a very different style of macabre… it’s by Violent Seduction and absolutely gorgeous. The tophat is from Dead Designs, bloody knives from ODB (Ol’Dirty Bastards) and telltale heart attachment from Grim Bros. Skin is from Nightshade and the red glowing prim eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing. The hair is an old Starlust Valentine Hunt gift, since there were no hairs in this hunt at all. Sadness. ;_; The bed is from Tree House Treasures.

There were two different crypts to entomb Fortunato in, this one is by Saturnine Dreams. The strangely cute crow bone tophat has a birdie caught in it and is from Forsaken. Hair by Curious Kitties is not a part of the hunt. Skin and eyes from Not Button’s. Little Pricks provided several versions of this telltale heart necklace, pulsing and not. The dress is from Rotten Defiance.

The Oval Portrait received several interpretations as well, both in painting and otherwise. The strange building by Daallinii’s Creations was one of them. You are invited to walk around a room and as you walk, the story appears on the floor until you finally stand in front of a door. When you enter the story ends with this sentence on the floor and the painting facing you. The raven from MadPea is awesome and defaults to sit on your shoulder. Dress is from Gehenna, the mask from Othrive and the writing tattoo from Little Pricks. Skin from Tacky Star, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing and the hair is by Sky Everett and not a part of the hunt. I used an old full-perm ‘lay dead’ pose for this, the building itself has no poses.

There were plenty of interesting and quirky things in the hunt, now go out there and find your own favorites~