The Spiral Dance

“Did I understand correctly that there’s some sort of special celebration taking place tonight, Miss Scapula?”

“Absolutely. It’s the biggest, grandest, and dare I say… steamiest party of the season. Most awaited one.”


“And it takes place in Club Gothika?”

“In its Mobile Unit, let’s be clear about that. The one within the Spiral, underground beneath the Station. There’s stairs leading down, see?”


“So I see. I understand the clubbing continues at even intervals during the Spiral’s turn. What makes this particular party so special?”

“They do keep up the parties according to their schedule the whole time, but this… this is the party we have all been waiting for. The big Spiral Dance of steamy looks, grinding gears and delightful musical orchestrations by Miss Lokii.”


“You keep returning to steamy…”

“But of course. What kind of party would it be if it wasn’t spiced with scandalous indulgences? A boring one, that’s what.”


“Thank you for your time, Miss Scapula. I’ll make certain to spread the word.”

“Oh, you do that. Nobody should miss the Spiral Dance: it defines the spin and turn, the twirl and burn of the next one, after all.”

A Clockwork Spiral will indeed have the official party tonight (Friday, 26th September). It starts 8PM SLT and is DJed by Lokii Violet. The theme is of course Best in Steampunk and there’s prizes from various ACS merchants.

The top and blouse by Greymoon are available in the Spiral. The accessories are all by lassitude & ennui: shoes and necklace available in The Secret Affair, earrings and armbands in Jewelry Fair. The skin was a squee-find from the retirement sale in Pink Fuel that is going on right now. Don’t panic, just some skin lines are being retired, nothing else.

Scene: A Clockwork Spiral
Armchair: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Chtuluh Armchair Black Leather Brocade | Lamp: Volstead – Vogue Lamp 001

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly Sugar Baby Doll dkbrow w cleavage 3 & Glam Lipstick Vamp | Hair: Magika – Shimmer | Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes Mesa | Hands & Feet: Slink | Nails: Beautiful Freak – Lucrezia*

Outfit: Top & Skirt: Greymoon – Shadowed Steamgirl Keyhole Blouse & Tiered Skirt* | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Nevermore heels black (slink high)* | Jewelry: lassitude & ennui – Lethe necklace silver, Boudica armbands black, Winged earrings silver*

Poses: Kirin – Athena Pose 6 & 2 | Part of the furniture. | Kirin – Hera Pose 8

The Clocktower of Creation

“Miss Anna, I cannot express how happy I am to finally be able to talk to one of you Prototypes, I have been hearing so much about you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you. I have been designed to feel comfortable and pleased when interacting with humans in a socially acceptable and friendly manner.”


“Feel? I am somewhat surprised to hear you use the word, I hope I do not offend… I was not expecting a… woman that has been designed to speak of feelings.”

“Do not many of the humans also believe they were designed? How is that different?”

“…ah, yes. But um… see, they believe they were designed by… well, not by another human. Speaking of, do you think it is possible for me to speak with him?”

“Find Marie, ask her. She knows such things. Climb on the roof by nightfall, she prefers to do her calculations in the dark.”


“Miss Marie, a word, please?”


“…ah. Um. I meant… could I ask you a question?”

“Rhetorical and redundant.”

“…quite right, I already did. I would like to meet and talk with your Maker. How may I achieve this?”

“Put these on to adjust your human sight to see the Clocktower. To the south. Knock on the door. Goodbye.”


“May I just state that it is an honor to finally meet you… I am not even certain what to call you, I have heard so many names. The Prototypes call you Maker, the townsfolk whisper of the Architect, the Scientist and there are even other words floating around…”

“Names do not matter, Miss Journalist. Only my work does.”

“…very well. I can see you are doing just that, working. Is she… I mean… does that hurt?”

“Greta is not sentient yet. No, it does not hurt, she has not been created to feel pain. The others have preliminary nervous systems to aid in self-preservation, but Greta and her partner will not be needing those.”


“…and why is that?”

“Because they are created to aid the Gaze. Captain Lupine sent me a very special and specific request. I am responding in kind.”

“…I see. Actually, I see far from here… the whole of the Spiral. But until Marie gave me these goggles, I did not even know there was a clocktower here.”

“There is always a tower of observation, Miss Journalist. Always.”

A Clockwork Spiral has been visibly inhabited by the Prototypes from Fallen Gods Inc. this year. One can meet Anna, Marie, Oscar and Nikola almost any time one visits the area. They are available as complete avatars, but also sold separately as outfits and skins (Rust appliers in the Materica HUD in the main store). It felt only fitting to have a story of the steam diesel scientist behind them, so Alia Baroque graciously agreed to play the part that is his by right.

In addition to the Prototypes themselves, you can also find Greta’s seat and one of the lamps by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] from the Spiral. The steam arm on the Scientist is by ImmateriA and also available in the event.

Scene for Anna and Marie: A Clockwork Spiral

Clock Tower Scene: Pixel Mode – Clock Tower Sky Box | Volstead – Savoy Table & Vogue Lamp 001* | 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Steam Powered Pouf & Industrial Floor Lamp* | ~Libertine~ Marquis Master Chair* | E&D Engineering – Thinker’s Work Table & Stool | Hat & Gearbuckle on Greta’s seat from Nikoka Hrdja avatar by Fallen Gods Inc.

Prototypes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anna & Marie Complete Avatars, Greta’s skin with The Fatal Familial Insomniac head attachment by [ContraptioN]

The Scientist: ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ Steamarm from Arcane Finery outfit, the rest of the look a part of the mystery.

Poses: {Imeka} – Reika-Pose 1 | Kirin – Athena Pose 2 | Diesel Works – Adam 7 | Sitting poses part of the furniture.

Find the Colours

Life can easily feel black and white sometimes. Not only in the clarity within your mind about how things are, without a doubt or a second thought, but in that there’s no colours anymore.

feathers1dsEvery day routines turn dull, force blinders on you, keep you treading the same path, staring straight ahead — or at your feet so you won’t slip — preventing you from seeing any other paths around you.

feathers2dsIf something makes you raise your head to look around, you might realize there’s other paths, countless roads leading to different destinations and that some of them are still brightly coloured and alive. That something is usually a question, a doubt, that second thought about if things truly are meant to be this way.

feathers3dsThe trick is to find those colours, to follow them to find more, to paint your life alive again.

The piano by Alouette, peacock by MishMish, dress by the Secret Store, jewelry by HANDverk, headband and feather fan by Volstead, poses by Exposeur and Kirin and hair by [monso] are all available in the birthday round of Collabor88.

Scene: Room: Garden of Dreams – The Piano Bar* | Piano: Alouette – Evelyn Piano Worn Black Wood | Peacock: *MishMish* – White Peacock The Dazzle stand1

Body: Skin: Essences – Clover 01 Pale Dust Brunette* | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Dark Turquoise | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Odetta Forest* | Hair: [monso] – Daisy | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Elegant | Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet Medium | Nails: Orc Inc – Pastel Shimmer*

Outfit: Dress: The Secret Store – Sequined Flapper Dress v1 Vanilla | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Opium mules black for slink feet* | Headband & Fan: Volstead – Peacock Headband & Fan Gold/Green* | Jewelry: [HANDverk] Zelda Necklace & Earrings Green*

Poses: Exposeur – Back to Black 3 | Part of the piano. | Kirin – Florence Pose 4

Gothmas by Gaslight

I’ve always loved that word, Gothmas, ever since I heard Bronxie use it the first time. Gothmas by Gaslight has existed as an event for a few years now, although this year it has changed from a hunt to a gacha festival. Less camming, more addictive playing! Gothmas Red 1The Anais gown by Volstead is perfect for those who like their holidays strong red while still gliding about in style. It also goes fantastically together with the Horror Holiday necklace by House of Rain, like the two were meant to be worn together. I added some blood red lipstick from Pin Me Down’s gacha and stiletto-slid all around the area, admiring the ice sculptures and carousel. Horror Holiday 1 SmallSpeaking of the necklace, it truly is one of my new favourite things ever. Enough for me to drop all the clothes and start taking pictures the moment I got my grabby hands on it. I cannot wait to see all the separate combinations and colours possible. Or the accompanying pieces in earrings, bracelets and rings…

You can find more information about Gothmas by Gaslight here and your wintry sleigh ride to the event is here.

Scene: Gothmas by Gaslight

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Sky Everett – Kiera Black | Lipstick (in first picture): Pin Me Down – The countesses’s kiss Blood*

Outfit: Dress: Volstead – Anais Red* | Shoes: G Field – Flower Pumps Eve Red | Necklace: House of Rain – Horror Holiday*

Pose: Exposeur – Spinning 2 (advent calendar)

52 Colours: Cotton Candy

I managed to avoid the first idea of something super cutesy, actual cotton candy and silliness overboard and instead almost took the colour seriously. What? You know I have issues with pink. Colours: Cotton Candy 2The skin is Pink Fuel’s prize in the With Love ❤ Hunt that just started. The vanilla pudding colouring of Wasabi Pills’ Kylee hair was just out in the 50L Fridays and the wreath is the latest group gift by World’s End Garden. It’s in the celebration of renewing the sim and I took the pictures in the new landing area just for that. Colours: Cotton Candy 1The Society dress by Volstead was the exact cotton candy tone and worked perfectly for the whole rose-filled scenery. Speaking of, the fading and rose layers and such are all from in-world, I liked the effect of shooting through them.

Scene: World’s End Garden

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx <Ivory> Pony Dkbrow | Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes Green XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kylee Vanilla Pudding 

Outfit: Dress: Volstead – Society blush* | Wreath – World’s End Garden – Le jardin de la fille hair wreath

Poses: N/A | BENT! – ONE. Simply Stillness Appears*

Twice the Libertine

I have wanted to make this post since Volstead released the Libertine lingerie. I knew the vintage lace would match perfectly with the decadence of the Marquis furniture set by ~Libertine~ and the name match was just too entertaining to pass up.

The lingerie consists of system layer garments for panties and top and an additional sheer lace mesh top to give it a more realistic shape. If you’re feeling daring, try leaving the glitch layer out. The matching Charleston slippers are also by Volstead.

All of the furniture and decor are from the Marquis set, most of the pieces also sold separately. The furniture has mature (cuddles) and adult versions with even a completely safe lounger if you just want to pose with red velvet and golden curves.

Be careful of all the drinks though, you never know what might happen if you indulge too much. All of it is called Libertine for a reason.

Scene: Surroundings: Fallen Gods Inc. – Bloody Mess | Furniture & Decor: ~Libertine~ Marquis Complete Set

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Waka & Yuki – Agata Model 02 | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Strawberry Jam on Ice Makeover

Outfit: Lingerie: Volstead – Libertine Nightie Chess* | Shoes: Volstead – Charleston Slippers Chess* | Ring: Mandala – Milky Nails White | Bracelet: lassitude & ennui – Opulence Pearls Bracelet* 

Poses: A part of the furniture.



52 Colours: Cosmic

For once I did not go straight to scifi even though the name of the colour practically demanded it. Guess Miss Cosmic is an aspiring starlet artist name instead!

The hair was in one of the past 50L Fridays by Wasabi Pills, but you can still get it in their normal colour selections for normal price, of course. The dress is actually the Liaison-chemise by Volstead, available in Cinema that just opened today. Sheer mesh is a wonderful thing, providing allure to less slinky shapes.

The Charleston slippers are also by Volstead, but the Dauphine socks are by Sn@tch. As is obvious by the purple hair, I was not even trying to make a historically accurate look, more like the new coming of the twenties far in the future.

The surroundings are one of the dream scenes by Garden of Dreams, this one called The Piano Bar. The perfect place for scandalously dressed starlets for career-starting! When you go to Cinema, you can find Volstead here. It’s also good to remember to prune down your scripts before going: easier for everyone shopping, yourself included.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Piano Bar*

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Umedama Holic – GemStone eye G04 | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eye makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Glitter Pop Eshadow in Plums at Midnight | Lips: Izzie’s – Lipstick plum | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Alice Mesh Hair Licorice

Outfit: Dress: Volstead – Liaison Chemise Plum* | Socks: Sn@tch – Dauphine Socks Black | Shoes: Volstead – Charleston Slippers Plum* | Ring: KOSH – Auna Ring | Hat: World’s End Garden – Romance Le Noir Hat

Poses: Bilo – Ode to Antidote Four | Poise – Burlesque 1 | Bilo – Ode to Antidote Five (Bilo-poses not available yet.)

Zodiac: Libra

The new round for Zodiac is in full swing, focusing on Libra this month. Libras are traditionally the diplomats of the zodiac, the balance-keepers, the fair ones. They are often called indecisive, but that comes with the ability and desire to see all the points of view thoroughly before any decisions. The problem is of course in choosing when all the options seem fair and reasonable.

Libras radiate an air of sophistication while still managing to stay approachable. Classy, never uptight. They are often social butterflies, able to find something to talk about with everyone, reading the subtle cues of conversation like it was their native tongue that no one else comprehends. This often makes them excellent flirts, sometimes without even realizing it themselves.

They are also associated with the pursuit of beauty and harmony. Not just balance in their relationships, but in their actual surroundings. Traditionally Libras are known to have an impeccable taste in interior design, making their homes a pleasure to both eye and spirit. It is probably not a coincidence that the one Libra in my close friends is actually an artist.

As one of the air signs, they are also extremely intelligent. This is not necessarily factual science style, but instead smartness about people. If you ever need a mastermind to handle volatile situations, call a Libra!

I dressed my Libra girl in a twenties styled Society-dress by Volstead, because it looked sophisticated while still relaxed and practically comfortable. The Abbey-hair by Elikatira continued the theme of classy, but not uptight perfectly. I wanted to add some artistic quirk, a slight edge to make sure the Libra wasn’t too natural and subdued. The makeup in Ploom’s Lea-skin made sure she can stand in the spotlight if she chooses to. Some extra jewelry by Zaara and The Muses and I could set her painting at her easel.

The skin by Ploom, the scales and easel prop by Conspiracy Theory and the poses within the easel by Exposeur are all from Zodiac. I’d also like to mention that Elikatira is having a sale that ends on Monday, so if you haven’t visited yet: hurry!

Scene: Building: *ionic* – four walls (old hunt gift) | Scales: Conspiracy Theory – DeLillo Scales | Easel: Conspiracy Theory – Painting Pictures

Body: Skin: .ploom. – Lea Vanilla DB Libra | Eyes: IKON – Kaleido Eyes Night L | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Elikatira – Abbey Blonde 07 

Outfit: Dress: Volstead – Society Mist (mesh)* | Earrings: The Muses – Bathory Gold Black Pearl | Bracelet: Zaara – Vyomini chained bracelet turquoise gold | Ring: Zaara – Raga oyster ring paua gold 

Poses: Exposeur – A part of the easel.