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Do You Dare?

I do! I went to Dark Eternity today to take pictures for The Daring Fashion Contest and now I can’t decide which picture to send, alas. The contest entry version won’t have the diffuse glow filter on it, since they prefer the shots with minimal or no photoshopping, but I went ahead and played around for the blog post. The look just called sort of… unnatural tones and sheen on the skin underneath the latex.

Obviously the latex outfit and spikes are by Dare Designs, but I added the boots made of sex mesh by SLink to them.

Hair is by Mirror and the cross-make-up is by Nuuna’s Skins — I’m obviously rather in love with them. The skin itself is by LAQ. I’m sort of leaning toward this picture, it shows more of the sim and is a close-up of the latex, hm…

This one isn’t even in the consideration, shows too little of the outfit and the fun cross-effect, but I wanted to take one from behind as well. What little you can see of the eyes are by Repulse and the poses in order are by Niqotine Poses (1&2) and Vain Inc. (3) Now I just have to decide…

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