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Parasols and Corsets

I have a soft spot for both and they go together oh so well. This particular character began with a corset, got a burlesque twist of ruffles and stockings and lacey little tophat and when I added the parasol, I knew she needed a crazy updo and by the point her hair took a bunny shape I knew she had to be some sort of anime character. Yes, again.

She’s clearly one of those not too sane characters that dance on the edge of good and evil depending on their moods, whims and personal likes. They might save the hero because he’s cute, but they might torture him because it’s entertaining. Who knows! I went to the Epic Toy Factory to run around, because it was the only suitably colour-crazy and mix-match-fest of imagination place I could think of. It has become even more gorgeous since I last visited.

The Giselle jewelry set is by Maxi Gossamer and the sky-reaching eyeliner with additional row of dots for cuteness is by Pin Me Down, at the moment available only in Zombie Popcorn Carnival. The mesh corset that trains your ribs to stop being so rude and getting in the way is by *Perception* and boy does it do its job well! The pinstripe doll outfit is from the closing sale going on in Vanilla C Designs, as is the parasol with AO.

 With the shopping instructions delivered, the anime princess shall depart the kingdom of magic toys and ignore the fact that she’s one, as well.

Credits: Mesh Corset: *Perception* – Underbust Corset Red* | Dress, stockings, gloves, hat: VC Designs – Pinstripe Doll | Shoes: G Field – Strap Shoes Alex Red | Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Giselle Opal Set Black | Parasol: VC Designs – Black Rose Parasol | Skin: Pink Fuel – Alena Sugar Classic | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes (charcoal) | Makeup: Pin Me Down – Darkside 3 | Hair: Milestone Creations – Bunneh III black 

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