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52 Colours: Banana Mania

Wot. This is a colour? An official, actual colour? Banana Mania? …aaalright then. Obviously it’s the banana -after- it’s been peeled, sort of soft beige-tan-nude in tone. Just as obviously I had to do something silly for a colour that’s named like that. Originally I had all kind of ideas of banana phones and whatnot, but… honestly, the softness of the colour itself was clashing badly with anything stronger, so I had to go with Plan B.

Here’s Miss Banana Mania, although she’s so much trouble that I think we’ll just call her Bania for short. We encounter her right after she’s been pressing her nose against the glass of the fish tank and has whirled around all innocent-looking. “What mermaid in my mouth? Oh, THIS mermaid? No idea how it got there! …I’ll put it back. Just turn your back first!”

The fish tank is from Dark N Crazy Furniture Designs, the fishies swimming in it are from 7 Seas Fishing (I placed their transparent fish tank inside the visible fish tank and then copied random fishies over). The background is from a cute skybox by Kis Kis (used to be NUT). Miss Bania is made out of a skin by Imabee, hair (& hat) by Curious Kitties, eyes by MaXeyes, lashes with colour splashies by Dimbula Rose and animal face tattoo of cuteness by JM:Mai. Oh, and adorable butterfly tattoo by Minajunk, nail polish by The Laughing Academy and geek finger tattoo by Soap. She’s wearing a top by Wretched Dollies and a skirt by Oyakin. The necklace is by Bombard and the poor mouthie nom mermaid is by Evie’s Closet. The pose is by Kristen Pick.

Luna warned us that there’ll be several strange colours in a row, so let’s see what the next week will bring…


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